I still look like a fifteen year old


(( Lol!!!! Um… how about some old high school pics? XD These were from my senior year (god, it’s been five years. :| )

I was in drama… hence the newsies gettup on the bottom left. XP ))


crescent girl is Wrathia’s daughter and greed… why? 





and in this panel we see all these dolls with the exact same horns as the crescent girl and she’s laying on a blanket that has SURPRISE crescents on it 

and another reason why she is probably her daughter is because she looks like a little girl, i mean what kind of fifteen year old girl would wear pigtails and if you look on the cast page her picture seems to be bigger then everyone else for some reason(this might be my imagination but still) 

and now we get to the complicated part… 

so my theory is that, on the cast page, the hosts and demons are represented in order from when they are introduced. i say this because Ava is the first on the cast page then Maggie then Odin and Gil 

the order they were introduced 

same thing with the demons, Wrathia first then Nevy, Tuls and Predri

order they were introduced 

we can use this same science to conclude that she is greed because 

this guy is greed and if you look at the cast page he is introduced at the same time as crescent girl is(I’m not gonna go through the details of why this guys greed OK just take my word for it) and besides, the spawn of fucking Wrathia and Pedri being anything else would just be disappointing 

 we can also guess that star-dude is sloth because

according to my theory, he is introduced the same time as the mushroom demon

who is theorized to be the sloth demon because someone once asked in a form spring about the sloth demon and Michelle sent a picture of mushrooms, witch she has as horns on her head 

and of coarse that leaves gluttony

i can just feel the disappointment 

but common what did you expect?? a probably 1-year-old little girl smoking?? 

i mean i admit that it would be cool if star-boy was greed and heart girl was sloth and Wrathia’s daughter, but lets just face the facts that that is probably not the case. And besides heart girl might look pretty cool, but crescent girl is gonna be fuckin ADORABLE as Wrathia’s little baby demon warrior 

sorry this is so long and hard to understand but i just thought i should share my theory 

STEVE: It…it came out and…for a split second I meant it.

JAMES: *silence* 

STEVE: Which James and I talked about with a therapist on multiple occasions.

JAMES: *sigh* our problem…the main part of our problem, is that Pops still sees me as a kid, he still sees me as his sidekick and…I’m not. I haven’t been for nearly a decade…and he has to stop treating me like I’m that wise-cracking fifteen-year-old. I’m a decorated soldier, I’ve killed people, I’ve defended the Earth and I’m an Avenger. I’m…Dad sees that, and he might worry like I still am a kid, but he doesn’t look at me like I am.

STEVE: You were my sidekick for eight years, James, and I trained you for ten. Just…give me a little more time.

JAMES: *sigh* fine.

please god, can my life just stop being insane for a week or two? please.

i remember that night better than i like. i often wonder what happened to you. you looked older, but you were still only fifteen years old. as we packed your bags, i was overwhelmed with something unnameable. how quickly your life shifted from one place to the next. how carelessly it seemed you were thrown from place to place, as if you were alone in the world and there was no one who loved you. i didn’t think that i would ever see you again, but i was wrong. nevertheless, the last i remember of you was you walking out the door. 

it was different after that. he loved me so completely and unconditionally but in the moment that he looked at me, unable to do anything, i suddenly hated him. “dans un orange, ton père ne pouvait rien faire.”

ça voulait dire quoi? je me souviens toujours ce moment d’injustice. elle était si jeune. elle ne l’a mérité pas. bien sur que non. j’étais si fachée contre toi, comme c’était vraiment ta faute. mais dans cet instant, je ne voulais que tu la protèges contre les mals du monde, y compris sa mère. il y avait pleine des choses que je n’arrivais pas à comprendre dans ce pays-là. meme après que je l’ai quitté, meme deux ans plus tard, je ne sais pas si je t’ai pardonné. it was as if, childlike, i really thought that his love for me had imbued him with the superhuman ability to save her. of course, even then i knew i was being irrational and more than a little unfair.

Meet Macbethany

so I’m sitting here in computer art class on my tumblr because whatever art is boring (tho I still need to make that art thing for English class ugh) and my friend Jonny sees my on tumblr. He’s like Bethany Withers you shouldn’t be using your real name on tumblr there are creepy people out there pretending to be fifteen year old girls you gotta be careful. so I was like whatever ugh but then inspiration hit.

My name and Macbeth have “beth” in them, so I whipped up a clever portmantoo or whatev their called and came up with Macbethany.

buttttttt it seems that macbethany.tumblr.com was already taken, but just look at that blog! It only has one post and the most boring tumblr theme everrr! I contacted tumblr customer support and they are like “we can’t suspend dormant blogs sorry lol” so I was like #ughhh. 3 out of 5 hs.

Sooooooo I guess I need to make my url macbethany2.tumblr.com. owellll…

It’s been so long, all of my best years were given to you. You gave me light and life. You taught me what it feels like to love. You gave me my first butterflies and sleepless nights. You made me feel so elated yet, so terrified to love you. You made me feel loved and you made me feel lost. You put me through so much and I put you through worse but I wouldn’t change a single second of this whirlwind love because after so many years, I still feel like that fifteen year old girl who melts everything you look into her eyes and kiss her.

To the several asswipes who decided it would be a good idea to catcall a fifteen-year-old as she got on and off the bus today, I don’t give a single fuck if I look like I’m seventeen. I don’t give a fuck if you don’t know my age. I don’t give a fuck if my leggings and leather vest seemed to say “I’m available and dtf” to you. I don’t care what your justification is, you are still a miserable puddle of ass blood.