I still look like a fifteen year old


(( Lol!!!! Um… how about some old high school pics? XD These were from my senior year (god, it’s been five years. :| )

I was in drama… hence the newsies gettup on the bottom left. XP ))

look, my favorite thing about bloods is the characters okay. like, the aster quartet has my VERY FAVORITES (brightsword, loreleaf, doli lin, jademoon, jat) amongst a fair-sized cast who of course i love but not love love love. in bloods it’s like…….every single character is my child my precious sweet child.

  • beacán jayne the a fifteen-year-old intercultural communications prodigy who starts out dreaming of greatness, convinced that he’s doing the right thing by sticking with his family’s side of the government, then gradually begins to see that his mentor’s side of things is actually right, but then discovers that NO ONE IS ACTUALLY RIGHT and that people are hurting no matter which ‘side’ he’s on, and that he’s never going to win the kind of validation he wants by actually helping those people.
  • dara jones, later dara iliad, the normal girl who has a bunch of crap shoved on her, from her infancy up to now, who shrinks up and dies a little but then reaches out and grabs onto the hands offered to her. she goes through so much shit and she’s as scared of the limelight as beacán is greedy for it but she puts herself out there and fights and learns that all the claws that magical experimentation gave her aren’t just for scaring kids but for defending them and bringing hidden problems to light
  • JUDAH D’ARVILLE, BABE OF ALL BABES, the woman who was an abomination, shunned and hidden away, pawned off onto a man who left her for dead, rose from her own ashes and taught herself how to survive and do it with more style and chutzpah than anyone around her. she can chase down a criminal in high heels and she can summon fire from hell, and she can also take dara’s hand and never let go. she’s terrifying and beautiful and she finds killing too easy, but she’ll hold back for her family’s sake.
  • (the whole d’arville family, though. i don’t have space/breath for them, but the d’arvilles. avalon, draco, scott, REECE. dear dead jordan. even bitchy journey. but we don’t talk about prime douchecanoe nathan.)
  • SAMMY LIGHTNESS. SAMMY, beacán’s mentor, the woman who struck out to show the coven what’s what and ended up creating her own issues. supreme leader of “think you’re doing it for the right reasons, are actually doing it for yourself.” and yet she still gets more crap done than most of the others, though it could be because of her near death wish. she just wants to solve mysteries and nurse her miseries, come on guys, stop digging up weird kids who have weird health issues from all five blood species–
  • kris chamber! kris! sammy’s golden-hearted partner in crime/assistant/person who tells their boss when to cool their shit. kris is such a good person and yet such a bad person at the same time. he doesn’t actually give a crap about the greater good. the bloods could be discovered by humans and get blown up as long as kris’s family are safe. mostly his family is sammy now, but he takes to both beacán and, later, dara so quickly and he is the consummate big brother, complete with bed-tucking, hot-chocolate-making, head-smacking fun. is it okay that he doesn’t give a flip about justice, about helping people he doesn’t personally love? no, but who’s saying no to his hot chocolate?
  • MERRY SCARLET, america the fairy, merry who is never merry, who hates the hundred and one puns you can make out of her name, the girl who watched her mother go to shit and let her little sister die, the girl who let her mother die in turn and never looked back. merry took the first job title the coven gave her, “detective,” without really knowing the connotations, and now the only thing she has more of than questions about her magnifying glass and hat is her seething, silent resentment of the entire world. but she does a damn good job of detecting, which is why she’s been doing it for three decades. judah is the only one who can get to her. she wears her hair in braids and reads shakespeare to feel less alone and guilty.
  • the original cast besides beacán and sammy and kris! leander burn, the asshole with a heart of, like, silver, if not gold, who was sammy’s partner before he screwed her over (he put her in jail and she put him in the hospital). that one other girl!! the one that kris liked whose name i can’t remember!! 
  • the hippie elves who were going to start out another part of the war! addisyn and alvyn (twins) and stew (who is a girl)!! they lived out in the forest, the sketchiest of loners. i think they found dara when she was a baby!
  • THEODORE PALAMARA AKA THE ACTUAL DEVIL. the boy who convinced a lonely shut-up girl that he loved her, the man who stabbed judah d’arville in the gut and left her for dead in the church (and left behind her twin brother’s corpse to boot). the Worst. conversely, the child who had an evil person’s mind wrapped around his own from a pretty young age, who let himself rot for a good long century or so after his botched attempt at judah’s murder. …still the actual devil tho

and there are like!! others!!! that i can’t remember! and don’t forget that jack frost and holly and the gang drop in from the other reality pretty often! and they bring some of the cool manipulators with them, aka VELVET aka THE PHILOSOPHER WHO FOUND AND USED THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE aka THE COOLEST LADY EVER. also hermes! and, when they were alive, archer bradbury and brian durham! AND AND AND! in the au which may or may not be canon, loreleaf and brightsword and doli lin have been to the d’arvilles, and ashleah’s (one of the mcs from the aster quartet) mom is well-known at the d’arville house!! i just!!! I LOVE BLOODS AND THE MULTIVERSE IN GENERAL I LOVE THAT THE D’ARVILLE HOUSE IS BASICALLY THE CENTER OF MY STORYTELLING UNIVERSE AND I LOVE THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN/NEAR IT

so tomorrow my sister and This Guy are going to the mall, but because they’re minors I have to go with them because you can’t be an unaccompanied minor in the mall after 6 for “safety reasons”. Which is fine because I need to look for a dress for the valentines day dance my friends and I are going to, so I mean whatever. BUT THEN they want to come back to my house and hang out so I have to like babysit? A fifteen year old? And her boy toy? On a Friday night? I feel like the LAMEST person on earth