I still look like a fifteen year old


(( Lol!!!! Um… how about some old high school pics? XD These were from my senior year (god, it’s been five years. :| )

I was in drama… hence the newsies gettup on the bottom left. XP ))

Anonyme a demandé:

Due to aftereffects of Zaheer's poison, it's only twenty years until Korra dies. Fifteen years later, Asami meets the new Avatar: an earth kingdom girl, who takes one look at her and "...I know you, right?" Because Korra loved her, and wasn't going to let a silly thing like death stop her reminding Asami of that. And old Asami watches the new Avatar work miracles, have lovers of their own, all the while knowing a sliver of Korra is still in them. HAPPY KORRASAMI DAY

no stop that’s so feel-y omg


These two pictures mark very difficult times in my past. I remember these pictures specifically, because they represent a specific time in my life when I was the most miserable I have ever been. An abusive relationship is torture at any age, but I did not deserve to go through something like that at fourteen and fifteen years old. Every time I look at these pictures, I want to cry. I did not take the first one, but the second one I intentionally took on what I still consider to be one of my lowest moments. I wanted to remember. I wanted to remember that day, remember how it felt, and remind myself that I no longer have to deal with that, deal with her, and that I am stronger than I was at the the time this photo was taken. Seeing these pictures is always a little bit painful.

But then I see pictures like this one, and I can recognize just how much has changed. I think it’s incredibly symbolic that the top two photos are gray scale and the last photo is absolutely littered with color. The difference between these two periods of my life is remarkable. I have overcome so much. Four years later, and I feel like the hole she dug inside of me has been filled, and the fog has been lifted.