I stand corrected

Pros of Jeremy Knox having shit eyesight:

  • Every time he breaks he accidentally breaks his glasses because he lost his contacts Jean has to take him to the store and loses him all the time because Jeremy keeps walking off with anyone who’s taller than him
  • Walks around the house blind every morning because he just doesn’t care and when he bumps into Jean he has to feel for his face so he can make sure he’s there and Jean just kind of sighs and lets Jeremy press his thumbs into his cheekbones
  • Eventually Jeremy doesn’t actually have to do it anymore because he knows by instinct but he pretends he still has to just so he can touch his boyfriend’s face.
  • Jean: [takes jeremy’s reading glasses off to kiss him]
    Jeremy: [takes his face in his hands]
    Jeremy: [leans in]
    Jeremy: [squints]
    Jeremy: You look like a smudge.
    Jean: [shoves him off the couch]

Cons of Jeremy Knox having shit eyesight:

  • There was a list for this but an anon proved me wrong there is no con to Jeremy Knox not having good eyesight

@drstanakatic: Me. And my hair. Trying to find our chill (obviously not succeeding)… after winning a PCA last night.
GLOBAL GROUP HUG!! 🌏🌍🌎 You’re an amazing audience. I love your wit, loyalty, sass, intelligence & kindness. We are so lucky. You guys have shown your love for all of us at #Castle time & time again.

i see so many people lamenting that korra’s character “got lost” by the end of book 4. besides the fact that you can totally still see fierce, loyal, and strong korra in all four books, it’s almost like traumatic events…and ptsd…and the passage of 3 years…and the transition from childhood to adulthood…changes a person