I stand corrected

I’ve seen many people defending pewdiepie and saying things like #istandwithpewdiepie so I’d like to send a message to those people.

How can you be so ignorant? Is the fact that there are many people who truly do want to kill Jews not enough to convince you that maybe joking about such things is wrong? Are you that insensitive to the history of the Nazis who killed 5-6 million Jews? Have you forgotten what has happened when people let anti semitism go ignored?

While it may be all a joke to you, it is far too real to others who face the possibility of being killed for being a Jew. So while you’re laughing and brushing it off, someone else is facing oppression.

You shouldn’t be so surprised the media reacted this way. You shouldn’t be surprised that they called him out for it. This is, after all, not the first time he has done something like this.

Image it as something like this: 

Your classmate is allergic to peanut butter. Even just touching it will cause an allergic reaction. You are fully aware of this. 

You decide to one day bring a PB&J sandwich to lunch. If that wasn’t enough, you also decide to deliberately bring it near them. And when they point out how insensitive this is, you throw a fit claiming that “you don’t deserve this harassment” and “you’ve done so many nice things in the past”.

If you truly cared about your classmate, you would have respected their allergy. 

So go ahead and keep supporting him. But do understand that by supporting him, you are also supporting the harassment of millions of people who face real threats by real Nazis.

Pros of Jeremy Knox having shit eyesight:

  • Every time he breaks he accidentally breaks his glasses because he lost his contacts Jean has to take him to the store and loses him all the time because Jeremy keeps walking off with anyone who’s taller than him
  • Walks around the house blind every morning because he just doesn’t care and when he bumps into Jean he has to feel for his face so he can make sure he’s there and Jean just kind of sighs and lets Jeremy press his thumbs into his cheekbones
  • Eventually Jeremy doesn’t actually have to do it anymore because he knows by instinct but he pretends he still has to just so he can touch his boyfriend’s face.
  • Jean: [takes jeremy’s reading glasses off to kiss him]
    Jeremy: [takes his face in his hands]
    Jeremy: [leans in]
    Jeremy: [squints]
    Jeremy: You look like a smudge.
    Jean: [shoves him off the couch]

Cons of Jeremy Knox having shit eyesight:

  • There was a list for this but an anon proved me wrong there is no con to Jeremy Knox not having good eyesight
Skype calls
  • Grandpa: Oh, look at this! The only picture I have of my own grandmother. The baby is me, see? She had a soft spot for me. Made the best lemon cakes.
  • Me: Sounds nice.
  • Grandpa: She also threw vitriol on grandfather's face when she caught him cheating on her and blinded him in one eye.
  • Me: Aww, that's-- wait, what
  • Grandpa: The best lemon cakes.
  • Me: WHAT