I spent ages on it

TaeKey; fluff; Those three words

Prompt:  could you please write taekey (already dating) where tae wants to say ‘ily’ to kibum but doesn’t know how, so he tries a whole bunch of ways to convey his feelings?

A/N: i really hope you like this, i spent ages working on this and i’m actually very proud of this!! uwu

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Listen…I love Psychonauts and I love Mob, so here’s some crossover doodles and concept ideas for a level inside Mob’s mind that I put way too much thought into.

I could talk about this concept all day.


Ben & Sophie high five each other & hold hands at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016


ever since you disappeared into that portal, we’ve been living in a mistake—in a future that should never have come to pass. we’ve died, and suffered, and lost everything. but if you can fix this, if you can take us back… we need you, Herald.


i made this from a quality discord meme time………….dedicated to all the lucio mains…..ur doing the good stuff