I sleep early okay

Me: I’m so tired I should go to sleep early

Me at 4am: Okay so in twd the apocalypse started in 2010 right? but at what month tho?? because if it started before july that means that 1d never got put together. Are the twd characters living in a 1dless world?? thats so tragic. Not that they could listen to music anyway but

Jeff's Proclamation of Going To Sleep
  • Jeff: Okay guys
  • Jeff: I'm going to
  • Jeff: Go To Sleep.
  • LJ: Ahah.
  • Jeff: I know it's early
  • Jeff: Okay, it's literally 3 in the afternoon
  • Jeff: But
  • Sally: He said butt.
  • Jeff: No matter how beautiful I may be
  • Jeff: And that is very
  • Jeff: I still needs my beauty sleep to keep up with such extensively extensive levels of beautifulness.
  • EJ: He said beautifulness.
  • Jeff: So I bid you good afternoon.
  • Jeff: *Slides a blinder on his eyes and trips over the stairs as he goes to his room*

Part 1


I’m in love with Simon but recently things changed. Not with me, with him. He’s still the same gamer who stays up all night editing and playing games, but now he’s cold and quiet. Too quiet and I’m no longer having to shout at him to be quiet so I can sleep because he’s already in bed and turned towards the wall.

He’s distanced himself.

But then he snapped back and I didn’t know how to react. I was happy to see him being back to himself but I didn’t know how to feel because I still wasn’t close to him.

“Si I’m getting up really early tomorrow.” I whisper as I stand in the doorway to the bathroom in only a sleep shirt and my pants.


“I mean I’m getting up early and wanted to know if you would join me?”

“I don’t know. I mean I have to edit and won’t be in bed for about another three hours.”

“Okay well I don’t wanna interrupt so I’m gonna go stay in the guest room. Night Si.” I walk over to the bed and grab my phone and pillow.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He calls after me and feel nauseous as the words leave his mouth. No affection or emotion.

Just apathy.

“So why on earth is there a suitcase, a girly one thats yours, by the door downstairs?”

“JJ not now.” I whisper as he follows me into the other room.

“No we’re doing this now because you’re dating Simon and he didn’t say you were leaving.”

“Cause he doesn’t know. I’m going to go stay with some friends in Brighton. I just want to be by the beach. He’ll figure out soon enough.”

“Why don’t you just tell him?”

“Because have you seen him? He doesn’t kiss me anymore and he doesn’t touch me. He doesn’t act like he’s mine JJ. He’s been like this since the New Years party and I’m trying but I can’t keep grasping onto the little bit he gives me. I told him I’d be in the guest room and he just said okay see you tomorrow.”

“Jide, I know you know. I know that you know the girl he’s been seeing and it’s nice that you’re trying to salvage my relationship, but he’s bored of me. Six years too many.”

Six years and he was bored. How could I mix it up like that new girl could? Simon and I were old news and nobody wants old news after a certain point.

“My stuff is all out of here and I have more of my suitcases in the car. So when I’m gone tomorrow morning don’t say anything. Please.”

“No that’s not what you’re doing.”

“JJ I’ve known you and Simon for years. We’ve been the best of friends for years and maybe it’s just time Simon and I aren’t. Just please do me a favor and please don’t tell him what I’m up to. I already blocked him on social media and I’m changing my number. I just need time and I have none when I’m constantly worrying about what he’s doing. You kept his secret so please repay me by keeping mine.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“It’s what I need.”


I soon put the pieces together when I had time to myself. Simon because distant and quiet when it first happened. He was guilty and he felt bad for now liking someone else. Then he stopped feeling guilty and I think that’s when I needed to go. And that’s why I did go. That’s why I’m in Brighton in my own flat near my friends who support me and make me feel wanted.

But all good things must come to an end.

“You know JJ can’t keep a secret.”

Words like knives.

“He kept yours for pretty long. Probably wouldn’t have told me if I didn’t figure it out myself.” I uncross my arms over my chest while hastily going to walk away.

“Karen can you handle the store if I head home for the day.” I shout to the back of the cafe and she nods.

Who the fuck let him come down to my place of work.

“Simon I’m not gonna spend my time talking to you so walk and talk. I have other places to be and other people to see.” I motion for him to get on with it once I have my keys and bag.

“You left without notice.”

“And you cheated on me and then continued seeing her.” I snap and he looks shocked.

“Six years of dating. I was waiting for the ring Simon. I was the idiot thinking soon you’d propose to me and boy was I wrong. Simon I’ve known you for years and been by your side for so long and you cheated on me. You didn’t even just do it once, you kept seeing her and you thought I wouldn’t know or that our friend wouldn’t tell me. You had your mates keeping it a secret. That’s low Simon. Now I go home and my parents ask where you are? I tell them that you can’t make it because if I told them we were over I don’t know if I’d be able to see their faces. They’d ask questions and I’d have to tell them that you cheated on me. So instead I lie and I tell them that you’re busy with work and can’t wait to see them.”

“Simon I waited thinking you’d propose to me this year. That after New Years we’d be engaged but instead I’m single. But you’re not because you cheated and decided to still see that home wrecker. The bitch who stayed with you and slept with you knowing you had a devoted girlfriend of six years at home waiting for you. I’m sorry but I’m sick of waiting for you. So go Simon, you got to see what you wanted. You saw the girl fawning over you and begging for you to have just been better. However I’m done being that for you because I’m happier now than I was with you because now I don’t have to worry if my famous boyfriend is gonna go fuck another girl.” I finally silence myself after putting on quite the show for the people of Brighton.

“And tell JJ that he could’ve kept his mouth shut. That I didn’t need this because I was just settling in to my new home.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You’re not sorry Simon. You’re just sorry you got caught. There’s a difference.”

“And Gia or whatever her name is can have you because I guess she had something you wanted that I didn’t have.”

“She wasn’t looking for a ring. That’s what she had.”

“Oh so after six years you don’t think she’ll also want one? She will and I’m assuming she’ll want a much bigger one and one much sooner. All I wanted was the confirmation that you did love me and that you did want to have a family with me. That’s what the ring meant for me. It meant confirming those six years and confirming that we’d be together forever. You just couldn’t do that. Now you’re here and I don’t know why.” I take a huge breath while holding my hands at my side.

“Just… Why are you here Simon?” I ask as tears start to well up.

“I don’t know. Everyone is asking for you. You stopped social media and changed your number. The only person who knew where you were, was JJ and everyone wanted to know where you where.”

“But did you?” I ask and he looks down while avoiding eye contact.

“I don’t know why I’m here. Just forget that I came here.”

“No I want to know why you’re here? Six years together Simon. Why are you here?”

“She’s pregnant and I don’t know what to do. With every issue that came up, I came to you and I’m used to going to you. I’m panicking. I can’t be a dad. I can’t, especially now.”

And that’s when it stopped.

The world stopped when he said she was pregnant.

“Simon I’m sorry I can’t help you with that. You want your ex girlfriend to help you become a dad? When you were supposed to be my husband and the father of my kids?”

anonymous asked:

do you have any advice for overcoming your apprehension and posting your work? I write a lot of non-smut stuff and I have so many nasty ideas that I know I should write about just to get out of my system, but I get so shy when I start typing I get really flustered and then I just stop but I feel like if I don't post about them I'll just be even more sexually frustrated I'm so close to just making a separate blog, writing under a fake name and being as nasty as I want but I'm still kinda hesitant

Honestly, the first time you write smut or anything explicit, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who have somehow escaped the ingrained shame of mentioning or writing about sex, this is the only way it’s gonna get done. You won’t get over the embarrassment immediately (and you may have to always deal with some semblance of it). I still find myself feeling apprehensive when writing sex scenes; I just got used to writing through internally screaming, LOL!

Hitting post is the next hardest part, but once you do… well, if you’re like me, you only stay long enough to tag the work nsfw and run for the damn hills.

You’re right though, if you keep it repressed then it’s likely that your muse will tear you apart like an alien erupting from your stomach just like the movie, HAHA! And we can’t have that. Look at how thirsty this fandom is! And if what you’re writing isn’t for FFXV, trust me that there are a lot of people ghosting about that will thank all the gods ever that you had the courage to write stuff that they have yet to put to paper but will eagerly consume as if they found an oasis in the desert of thirst. A lot of them may be too shy to come forward, but they will be reading.

I definitely encourage creating a side blog for your writings and the freedom that comes with operating under a pseudonym when foraying into smut. It works very well for people who feel they cannot fully let their hair down otherwise. And there are so many actual published authors who do the same thing, so it’s not shameful or abnormal!

I always encourage more filth in fandoms. I will always be supportive of people getting out there, making their debut, eventually getting their own following no matter how small, and spreading their thotty wings. So… I shall now leave you with this wise parting gif.


нιвarι ĸyoya ✧ lιттle anιмalѕ

↳ Requested by @badkerville

Me: This is gonna be a good year, I can feel it

[John]: cheated on Mary

[Mary]: died

̣̣[Molly]: “He said that he’d rather have anyone but you”

[Mary]: “Go to hell Sherlock”

Me: I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

My Favorite Songs By Different Bands!! (as of 7/11/17)
  • My Chemical Romance: Na Na Na, Sleep, Helena, Early Sunsets Over Monroeville, Summertime, I'm Not Okay, Dead!, Vampires Will Never Hurt You, SING, Disenchanted
  • Fall Out Boy: This Aint A Scene It's An Arms Race, The Phoenix, Sugar We're Going Down, Save Rock And Roll, Dead on Arrival, Miss Missing You, Champion
  • Panic! at the Disco: Camisado, Northern Downpour, Golden Days, Girls/Girls/Boys, This Is Gospel, Collar Full, There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered, Nails For Breakfast Tacks For Snacks, Time To Dance, Crazy = Genius
  • Twenty One Pilots: March To The Sea, Addict With A Pen, Holding On To You, We Don't Believe What's On TV, Forest, Goner, Kitchen Sink, Migraine, Guns For Hands, Fake You Out
  • All Time Low: Reckless and the Brave, Weightless, If These Sheets Were The States, So Long Soldier, Dear Maria Count Me In, Love Like War, For Baltimore, Backseat Serenade
  • Black Veil Brides: Savior, Fallen Angels, Nobody's Hero, In The End, Wretched and Divine, New Religion, Last Rites
  • Green Day: Basketcase, Holiday, Jesus of Suburbia, Whatsername, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, American Idiot
  • Gerard Way: Maya The Psychic, Brother, Zero Zero
  • Pierce the Veil: A Match Into Water, The Divine Zero, Caraphernelia, Besitos, The Great Escape, Hell Above
  • Sleeping With Sirens: The Strays, Better Off Dead, Feel, These Things I've Done, November, Kick Me, Alone

There was a trick to it. To feeling horrible without alerting Sportacus. 
It was all about walking that fine line between numbness and complete despair. 


THERESE is roused from sleep with the sound of an approaching
car. She opens her eyes, taking in her surroundings - the
comfortable guest room at CAROL’S. She hears voices from
outside and turns to look out her window.
A fresh layer of snow has fallen and ABBY’S car has pulled up
the drive, top-down as usual. CAROL can be seen outside, with
a coat thrown over her robe.
CAROL: Are you on your way to bed or just getting up?
ABBY: Both.
ABBY tries to stifle a laugh, doesn’t quite. CAROL puts a
finger to her lips: “shhh.”
ABBY (CONT’D): Go for a ride?
CAROL: You nitwit.
ABBY: Well, I had to come see you off, didn’t I?
CAROL: I’m not alone.
ABBY: Uh-oh…
CAROL: (laughs, then) Come in. There’s coffee.
ABBY hops out of the car.

ABBY and CAROL enter the house.
ABBY: This place is gloomy as a coal pit in the mornings.
They see THERESE sitting at the top of the stairs in her
CAROL: We woke you. Go back to sleep, it’s early…
THERESE: That’s okay. Can I - come down?
ABBY stifles a snort. CAROL ribs her, good-naturedly. THERESE
guardedly watches the way the two interact.
CAROL: Of course. There’s a robe in the closet.
THERESE stands, and ABBY sizes her up.
CAROL (CONT’D): This is Abby Gerhard.
ABBY: I have no manners.
CAROL: Absolutely none.
ABBY: But it’s nice to meet you, Therese, all the same.
THERESE nods, smiling, then slips back down the hall.

ABBY is finishing preparing sandwiches which THERESE is
wrapping up.
THERESE: Have you known Carol for a long time?
ABBY: Uh-huh.
A pause while they work.
THERESE: Did you ever take a trip? With Carol, I mean?
ABBY: Two or three.
THERESE can’t quite cover her slight frown. ABBY clocks this.
ABBY (CONT’D): We had a furniture shop for a couple years, outside Elizabeth. So we were always on the prowl for antiques or second-hand stuff.
She grabs a pack of cigarettes from the counter, lights one.
THERESE watches her. ABBY offers her a cigarette and a light.
ABBY (CONT’D): You old enough to smoke?
A beat, before ABBY breaks a smile, and THERESE decides to
smile along.
A beat, then:
ABBY: You know she’s got a lot of worries right now. You know that, don’t you?
THERESE: I know.
ABBY: And she’s lonely.
THERESE: Is that why she wants me to go with her?
ABBY looks out a kitchen window, smokes.
ABBY (CONT’D): Just - don’t want to see her getting hurt. That’s it.
THERESE: I’d never hurt Carol. You think I would?
ABBY: No. (she looks frankly at THERESE)I don’t.
THERESE starts putting the food and drinks into a large picnic basket.
THERESE: What happened to the furniture store?
ABBY sighs. She suddenly looks a little sad to THERESE.
ABBY: It was… (resuming her chores): Some things don’t work out, no
matter how much you want them to.

So my plan for today is to not leave my house at all because fuck that. I’m writing and finally reading the first of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series, and that’s that. 

Really excited for this three hours of nothing between my exam and going to see my friend that I’m gonna get to play oxenfree