I sleep early okay

So I’m exhausted and decided to rearrange my bedtime for tonight (yes, I am in my 20s and have a self-imposed bedtime on work nights).

Is 10:30 too early to go to sleep? Because if it is….I don’t care. It’s my new bedtime for tonight.

6 A.M and plotting how I can use 4 hours of sleep to my advantage.

me: guys i really need to fix my sleeping schedule so i gotta sleep early okay!! no more waking up past noon it’s time to get serious.
me: *goes to bed at like 11pm. wakes up at 2am. fucks around on the internet and on my tablet until about 5am. wakes up at 3pm.*

when I noticed (again) that I have a procrastination problem
  • monday:okay I have to work on wednesday so I'll take a shower tomorrow
  • tuesday morning:just this episode
  • tuesday evening:"sure I'll hang out with you until midnight!"
  • tuesday night:well, too late now but I'll shower in the morning before I go to work
  • wednesday morning:way too early, I'll sleep some more. shower after work...
  • after work:okay you know what it's late and I'm exhausted, tomorrow is the day
  • thursday:you know what on fridays I'll shower anyway so I can just wait for tomorrow
  • friday:aaahh so nice and clean! next wek I won't let this happen again
  • next week:LIES!!!!!!!

so i slept for 12 hours. which isn’t good when 12 hours means you wake up at 1pm. i had a counselling appointment at 11 this morning and i woke up to my 8am alarm but continuously turned it off because my brain didn’t comprehend that it was going off. i wasn’t even awake really. and i heard my mum talking to her boyfriend about the cars and then i was out like a light, again. i’ve not slept that deeply in so long. i didn’t get a call from the woman of anything but i suppose it’s okay. i have another next week and she’ll probably ask me why i missed this one. dang it.

Merlin had been having a tough week at work, that much Arthur knew all too well, both from how much Merlin had been complaining about it and from the tension and stress Arthur could feel coming off him every day after he came in the door. And Arthur, being the good husband that he very much was, wanted nothing more than to help him relax. There was nothing worse than a stressed, cranky husband, after all—especially when that stressed, cranky husband was named Merlin. It would truly be better for the both of them if Arthur could find a way to help him relax.

It took a bit of research—and a few conversations with his sister and Gwen that he never wanted to experience ever again—but Arthur, after no more than a few hours, decided on something he very much could at least attempt. There was no harm, after all, in at least trying to help Merlin relax.

As the time drew near for Merlin to come walking in the door, Arthur went to work, rose petals trailing from the front door to the bathroom, a vase of roses sitting well within sight of the doorway as well for good measure, and at the end of the trail, Arthur was waiting with a bottle of champagne, a bowl of strawberries, and a nice, warm bath drawn just for Merlin, complete with some odd concoction of  oils and bubbles that Morgana and Gwen both swore would help the stress melt off Merlin. Perhaps if he’d had a touch more time to throw something together, he could have done better than just strawberries and champagne, but, well, it was better than nothing, and it was plenty romantic, so hopefully Merlin would appreciate the gesture just fine.

All he could do now was sit on the edge of the tub, champagne, glasses, and strawberries on a tray on the counter, and wait, and hope that Merlin wouldn’t be late, of all things.

I keep telling myself I’m going to get to work on actually writing the list and setting it up and all that,

and then I end up doing stuff like messing around with the blog’s theme code.


The good thing is I found the bit for the search bar and now it doesn’t stick out from the rest of the page so much

Tomorrow. Setting up the list.

Okay, enough mooping. I’m going to sleep early (it’s before 1, okay? This is progress), and then I’m having the cold brew coffee and key lime yogurt I bought for myself when I wake up. And then I am going to work, and I’m listening to my positive day playlist, and I’m going to not read the comments on Facebook during my breakfast break. Then, and here’s the second most important moment of tomorrow: I’m going to give my all in tap class. I’m going to remind myself that just because I am not immediately good at something, it doesn’t mean I incompetent or that I’ll never get it. I will persevere. Then, after a good day of tap class, I will have an orange and a granola bar and some water out of my dinosaur water bottle and go back to work. I’ll finish at 4, drop off the application to be on lease at my new apartment, and head to ikea with my friends/new roommates to get new plates and dinner! And I’ll end the day with an episode of a show I enjoy with my dear friend Aaron, who I am very proud of for all that he’s getting accomplished and how much he is willing to work with his antidepressants, even when he gets pulled back into the awful vibes the world is throwing at him, and how happy I am that he’s doing better! I am so proud!

Then I will go to sleep. Like I’m doing now.

  • Me before a test day:Okay I'm going to sleep early!
  • Me at 1 am:Okay, what Taylor song next?
  • Me the next day at school:*Blabbering to my friends about how Taylor's cats are so cute while they study*
  • On the test:"What are the three main habitats?"
  • Me:*I got this!* Forest (Out of the woods), Grassland (Wildest Dreams), and Desert (Also Wildest Dreams)!
  • Receives test few days later:*100*