I shouldn't have...but I do what I want.

what if the mini-genos gang all represented different parts of big genos?

so like, one is super emotional and fragile, representing his human emotions, and another is his robotic side, and is super pragmatic and unfeeling about everything. another wants to destroy and burn stuff down, bites literally anything he can at every possible opportunity. another just steadfast follows saitama around 24/7, copies him down to matching his footsteps and breathing pattern exactly.

Imagine all the possibilities…



1am thoughts: I think it’s time to tell my friends to cut back some on joking about the fact that I like transformers


It’s funny how parents say ‘be yourself’ but then when you are yourself, they don’t like it & try to mold & shape you to how you’re supposed to act.

So, I got my Internet back tonight.

But I didn’t like what I got down for GET CROOKED so I chose to rewrite everything and I think I screwed up on doing that because I’m barely into the middle of the plot and I can’t even see Riddick elements in this anymore. And this fic was supposed to be loosely based on that lmfaaaaao 😂😂

I suck at writing. I fail at life. Now I got 10 subscribers looking forward to the space au loosely based off Chronicles of Riddick wonkyun fic who are going to sorely disappointed.

I’m honestly only concerned about one person’s disappointment tho bc it was her that got this fic going lmao

Words are actually about 3800+ tbh. I ranted in the warning section a bit…

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So I'm a really creepy/morbid person and i relish in others fear of me. Like 10/10 best compliment anyone could give me is "I'm scared of you/you're scary" so I finally scared a fuckboy into admitting that he was genuinely scared of me and I was so proud of myself I told everyone. And u kno what some ppl asked??? Do i like him??? Like no?? I am aro this is not a possibility even if I wanted it to be.

i totally feel you. i have a thing for guys being scared of me and i have no idea why. maybe because men get to have the power all the time.

people will find every opportunity and excuse to get romance in the relationship somewhere, sadly :(

alright so this is one of my least favourite things to do on here but I’m going to have to drop a few threads. Unfortunately some of them are rather old and while I do love them and the direction they could’ve gone, I have completely lost my muse for them. 

- Also, all of the threads listed here are what I have in my drafts. If you have something in your drafts by all means continue it or if I’ve missed your reply please link me to it! -

 I’m thinking of posting a plotted starter call soon and hopefully that will create threads that I can fully invest myself into. So keep an eye out for that!! Under the cut will be the breakdown on threads I’m keeping, threads I’m dropping, and threads I’m not sure about. 

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I just spent the last three hours trying to move my illustrator work into indesign like i should have been working in to start with but i wasn’t bc i like illustrator set up for what i’m doing better but now i am weepy and behind on work and stressed bc it didn’t move stuff right and i want someone to pet my hair and tell me it looks okay so i’m gonna watch b99 and new girl and drink hot chocolate and then do replies <3

consider this a starter call for when I get back


no long review for this one. just some unnecessary wants but don’t need. the want is strong on this one. Asics Gel Lyte III - Rose Gold in off-white or black. 1, I work in an office which have banned casual Fridays. 2, these are not ideal use for gym and definitely all for the “cool” factor. i want though… i want so bad.

Still does not want to be here…have an idea as to why but can’t change it so see what I can do with drafts.  I don’t think I have that many (six or seven), see what I might accomplish before I just give up.

The future is coming...

How are you even supposed to figure out which university that is the best to attend, when you have to look at all parameters such as quality of education, student life, living arrangements etc and simultaneously wonder if you really want to go to university right away or take a sabbath year, but then I have no idea what to do during that year… I have no idea what to do!!! And then you start thinking about the idea of studying abroad and the decission is even harder…