I shouldn't have procrastinated

Tanaka Ryuunosuke Procrastination Headcanons

Guess what I’ve been doing… NOT MY ESSAY (I have, like, two pages written). xD

My boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to go work on the website he’s making so that I can work on my paper without distraction. HE SHOULD KNOW ME BETTER BY KNOW. Lol, but enjoy what I have produced instead of a research paper.

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  • Literally, I guarantee you that this boy puts everything - unless it’s volleyball - off until the very last minute. This includes all homework and studying, shopping for gifts, and even planning get togethers. This kid just cannot do things in a timely manner
  • But he complains about it all the time. Probably multiple times a day, so it’s not like he forgets. He’s constantly reminding himself and yet still waits to do it until it’s almost too late.
    • “Shit, I still gotta get my sister a gift for her birthday” or “I still haven’t done any of my summer homework and I only have a week left!” I’m sure Ennoshita gets sick and tired of hearing about it on nearly a daily basis, like GO GET  YOUR SHIT DONE, TANAKA.
  • I am 246 percent sure that Noya is Tanaka’s enabler in this field - because he’s probably just as bad - and is always like, “nah bro, you got time. Wanna go see who can throw these rocks the farthest?!” (legit that was a competition my brother and boyfriend just had).
  • And then when he actually starts working on it he just stares and stares and STARES. Because where in the world am I supposed to get the motivation to actually do this??? He didn’t want to do it when he got the assignment and he still doesn’t want to do it even though it’s almost due!
    • Ennoshita has given one too many angry tantrums about Tanaka’s work production - he’s like a strict father, lol. Saeko is always greatly amused and tends to listen outside the door.
  • Shopping. Omg, shopping for someone else is a nightmare. Christmas has been approaching all freaking year long and chances are he’ll wait until two days before to go out and try to find that PERFECT gift, because he cannot give them anything less than perfect!
    • He fucking always does too. This kid is the procrastination miracle worker.
  • Even though he stayed up all night long doing it, he got the homework done. It may not be right or the essay may not be that good to get him an A, but damnit, he turned it in completed so he deserves SOMETHING for all his hard work! (Treat yo’self, bae!)
  • me: wow i have a lot of homework looks like i'm gonna have to stay up all night
  • 11pm: *writes 20 shit poems*
  • 12pm: *listens to music for an hour*
  • 1am: *watches tv*
  • 2am: *writes a 1,000 word fanfiction*
  • 3am: *watches 2 hours of music videos*
  • 5am: *roleplays with friend across the country*
  • 6am: *watches the sun slowly rise in the east*
  • 7am: fuck
Disney Princesses and Emojis

Snow White : 🕊⛏🍎😵❤️

Cinderella : 🐭👠🕛🏰👸

Aurora : 💤🛌🌳🐿💭👑

Ariel : 🐚🐠💧⚓️🛁

Belle : 🌹🍽📖💛🇫🇷

Jasmine : 🐯🐅🌌✈️⌛️

Pocahontas : 🍂🌻👁🌎☀️

Mulan : 🌸💇🏻🐉🍚⚔️⛩

Tiana : 🐸🐊🍴💵🔨

Rapunzel : ✨🎂🎨🔭🖌

Merida : 🐻🍮🏹🏇💪

Anna : 🐤💍💐🍫💙

Elsa : ❄️😱☃️❗️👗

Moana : 🐔🌊⛵️🏝🌀

Sweet Pea [Hogwarts!Jungkook]

Summary: It wasn’t a good idea at all to tease Jungkook. Not good at all when he turns you into a cat, and when you accidentally give him a boner. 

Gryffindor!Jungkook, featuring other BTS members.

Genre: Fluff (I think)

Words: 1.9 k

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Some warm up sketches of young Elrond

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So I shouldn't encourage procrastinating buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut here is a prompt for malec: Alec having been up and about for like 3 days straight and the moment he steps inside Magnus' loft he just falls asleep pretty much the moment the door closes behind him. Magnus finds him is worried and baffled but mostly just hella confused, because Alec didn't even reach the couch.

Alec hadn’t been overworking himself or anything like that, he just hadn’t exactly been getting his eight hours while he was staying at the Institute. He rarely got enough sleep anyway but the Institute just wasn’t a comfortable space. At all. The Institute just wasn’t the haven for Alec in the way it used to be. It reminded him of the whole ‘Jace is lost. You’re his parabatai. Find him’ thing and he didn’t really enjoy that he wasn’t the same Alec who thought marrying Lydia was a good idea.

Don’t get it twisted, Alec loved the Institute, but not because it offered him any comfort or support. He went there to train, he went there to prepare him for whatever Valentine decided to throw at him. He liked the Institute because it was some sort of family structure. It gave him some semblance of a routine; something that he could focus on instead of completely focusing on Magnus and what he was doing.

The Institute was a lot of things. But it wasn’t home.

Magnus. The loft. Magnus and the loft was his home. Alec loved coming home to see Magnus fully involved in a book with Chairman Meow curled up in his lap. Magnus would be so involved with the book, that he wouldn’t hear Alec walk over to him but when he did eventually look up at Alec, Magnus would smile and that one, tiny smile would brighten up everything. Some days Alec would come home and Magnus would be sleeping on the sofa, probably exhausted from whatever client decided to dominate his time with, curled up and snoring gently. On those days, Alec would always, always, find the softest blanket and drape it over him.

The loft and Magnus were Alec’s safety blanket.


The second Alec walks into Magnus’ loft, he can feel every single ache in his body. Magnus is curled on the sofa, book sitting atop his lap. The picture before him makes something within Alec snap. He doesn’t stop his body from collapsing in on itself. He can hear Magnus’ distant shout of confusion, but he’s just so tired. But before he feels the carpet beneath him, Magnus is there, scooping Alec up in his arms. Alec can feel his mouth open and he knows that he wants to tell Magnus to leave him be, but Magnus is very quick to shush him.

Just before Alec loses himself to the siren call of sleep, he thinks of Magnus. He thinks of home.

So like, this is short but I thought let’s just get it done. You like? 

Papa Kenny Ackerman

RivaMika Week

June 18, Day 4 | Daffodils/Narcissus (Levi’s Birth Flower)

Prosperity: Drowning in wealth

AU in which Kenny is filthy rich and spoils his children, Levi and Mikasa. Levi’s literally drowning in wealth. The last panel didn’t fit on the page so I had to cut it into two parts.