I shouldn't have procrastinated

  • me:wow i have a lot of homework looks like i'm gonna have to stay up all night
  • 11pm:*writes 20 shit poems*
  • 12pm:*listens to music for an hour*
  • 1am:*watches tv*
  • 2am:*writes a 1,000 word fanfiction*
  • 3am:*watches 2 hours of music videos*
  • 5am:*roleplays with friend across the country*
  • 6am:*watches the sun slowly rise in the east*
  • 7am:fuck

One Piece 30 Day Challenge, Day 4: Fav Male Character.

heh heh… yeeeeeeeeeah it’s kind of obvious my favourite male character is zerpity-do-da. No competition.
However, I already doodled him for the first day… sooo… you get my 2nd fav male character along with my 1st.
Who doesn’t adore Chopper? No one, that’s who. If you think you don’t like that fluffy little ball of caribou doctor, you’re lying to yourself and you should be ashamed.

Toxic Will Pay For Your Art Giveaway!

I’ve hit another mark in followers recently so its time to do another giveaway! I was going to make a fancy post with pretty banners and stuff but I’m running super behind on my errands today. 

The Rules
-Reblog with your FR Username (and number if you know it)
-Likes and multiple reblogs DO NOT COUNT
-You do NOT have to be following me
-But followers will get a second entry
-Winners must be respectful of the artists, artists were asked to notify me of any problems and I will pick a new winner
-First place gets first choice, second place gets second choice, etc. etc.

The Prizes
Up to $30 of art by somaticsilence
Examples and other information here (Some NSFW) and here

Up to $30 of art by fr-ari
Examples and other information here and here.

Up to $30 of art by nightlessnightdragons
Examples and other information here and here

Up to $30 of art by herborealis
Examples and other information here and here

End Time
This giveaway will end on July 15th when I’m back from vacation. (aka I’m totally behind on packing and getting things ready to go today and that’s why this post looks so bland)

Papa Kenny Ackerman

RivaMika Week

June 18, Day 4 | Daffodils/Narcissus (Levi’s Birth Flower)

Prosperity: Drowning in wealth

AU in which Kenny is filthy rich and spoils his children, Levi and Mikasa. Levi’s literally drowning in wealth. The last panel didn’t fit on the page so I had to cut it into two parts.