I should've stayed!


fun exercise since I never actually draw her canon appearance for the sake of easy recognition, but now it’s painfully obvious I can’t convey aging. Basically she cuts and grows her hair, loses a little muscle tone when she’s rich, discovers the joy of intimidating make up, stops taking care of herself/drops a ton of weight (somewhere under all the armour) after Leandra dies and gets hella rekt/given some nice scars by the Arishok, but makes it out of Kirkwall mostly in one piece and bounces back in time to terrorise Cullen again. Still featuring inexplicably durable Arishok blood smear.

One of my friends really likes Rose and thinks Nicki Minaj should voice her and I’m all for that because this would probably happen - it should happen!

Also, Rose’s hair is super fun to draw. I’m gonna find more excuses to draw that cotton candy mane.


Arthur Pendragon Appreciation Meme -  Final Days

↳ “A war has begun.”


little doodles on the envelopes i sent out today - for ciel-crossing, dripstraction, and animauxing 

also the day i learned i can’t center things for shit w o w


Rest in peace Dante Gabriel Rossetti (9.04.1882): Dante Gabriel Rossetti was an English artist and poet. He founded the famous Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in 1848. He was often described as “self-possessed, articulate, passionate and charismatic”. His downfall began in 1872 when, due to the critics reaction to his book of poems, led to a mental breakdown. Rossetti turned to alcohol and developed a severe drug and alcohol addiction. In 1882, he died of Bright’s Disease, a disease in the kidneys from which he’d been suffering for quite some time. He was fifty-four.

Stay Out Of It (Ch. 3)

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Delphine has settled on telling her in two weeks – sixteen days, to be exact, if she can work out all the details by then, if there’s no improvement in the scans, if she can find a way to actually explain this mad idea…

Sixteen days, because Cosima has exams until then, and they both have more than enough to deal with in the meantime.


“Cosima! I’m so sorry I’m late.” She throws a quick smile to the girl perched on the table, door swinging shut behind her, and rummages through her purse. “Lunch, you know, it ran long, but I wanted to show you something. Yesterday I found the most interesting paper on-”

“Could we not do the whole science talk today?”

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