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๐Ÿ‘€ do you still have that rec list for pillow humping porn? (asking for a friend)

LOL surprisingly, I do… it’s on my old blog though http://kareverie.tumblr.com/post/141985992944/do-you-have-any-video-recs-such-as-that-pillow

ikon really don’t deserve the excessive hate they receive… I get that sometimes they fuck up but damn people are so vicious and unforgiving like do people even think about what they’re saying and that they’re saying it about actual people who aren’t robots that have no thoughts or feelings ??? People out here acting like they’re better than ikon and that they’ve never messed up ?? ikon are just trying to do what they love (like honestly ikon have been getting hated on for following their dreams alone and I’ll never get over that type of disrespect) and are being put down over and over again… with the whole momo mocking thing… I’m upset bc he shouldn’t have made it overly like stereotypical I guess when he did the impression(s) but I ain’t gonna act like he just committed murder 😒

I hate the way my heart hurts
I hate the way my dad looks at me these days
like he expects me to fall apart at any second
like he wants to say,
clear the dining room table
and clear the fucking hallways
Cause I might burst at any second

I hate the way my mom keeps telling me
that Iโ€™ll find someone new
Because every time she does I smile but
I really want to shake her
and tell her that I would rather meet you
a thousand times over
instead of some boy
Who laughs differently
Who holds my hand wrong
And only ever tells me he likes my body
with the lights off

Because your laugh is so infectious
that all your friends love you for it

you rubbed your thumb across the tops of my knuckles even when your mind was in
a thousand other places

You liked me better with the lights on.

I hate the way my heart hurts
and God I hate how happy you made me
I donโ€™t know how to handle myself
I donโ€™t know how to handle my heart
And how it hurts so much
it makes my teeth chatter
like Iโ€™ve been cold since you left
like ice has made its way through my heart and into my veins

So I guess
Clear the dining room table
clear the fucking hallways
check the x rays for ice in my bloodstream
Iโ€™ve been ready to burst ever since you left me


Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡

  • Sirius and Remus in the common room, lying on the couch, next to the fireplace, relaxing after finishing doing their homework️️️️

  •  Sirius leaning against Remus’ legs while Remus is reading a book️️ ️️

  • Remus unconsciously stroking Sirius’s hair because damn it’s so soft️️️️️

  •  His hand involuntary slipping behind Sirius’ ear ️️

  •  Sirius (half asleep) doing the you-just-touched-my-ear-i-have-to-scratch hysterical, canine-like leg movement️️️️ ️️️️

  •  Remus being fascinated by it and continuing stroking️️️️ ️️

  •  Sirius wriggling and kicking so badly, he falls off the couch️️️️ ️️

  •  Remus laughing his ass off so much his face turns blue️️

  •   Sirius giving Remus The Face Of Betrayal™
    (“how could you offend my pride in such brutal way you heartless bastard”)️️️️ ️️

  •  Sirius probably being mad at Remus for the next two days️️️ ️️

  •  Remus bursting into laugh every. fucking. time he recalls it ️️️ ️️

  •  James (after hearing the story from Remus) mocking Sirius at every opportunity, trying to scratch his ears during transfiguration class and calls him little pups casually️️️ ️️

  • And Sirius just being sincerely done with these two️️ ️️

  •  But he loves them both sO MUCH, GOD DAMMIT he can’t do nothing but just accepting it

I Hate Nick Robinson I hate his streams where he just Sits There and listens to music and plays games with the video over his Own Face

                                                                                   I hate him