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Choose Your Guard

He was working those long hours again. You were still in bed, fully awake but with no energy to get up. It was lonely without him, and you were left with your thoughts again. It was getting harder to stand being alone in your own house, but even harder to get dressed and go out to wait until he texted or called. You didn’t want to be so clingy and selfish, you knew he was working and he always made time to check up on you during the day. It hurt to lie to him, but you didn’t want to add more stress onto him than his job already did. Tears fell as you sobbed again, at least this time you knew why you were crying. You were left alone with your mind, it was one of those days that just seemed to tighten your chest to the point where you thought you were going to get a heart attack. Why could you always comfort people but not yourself? It was frustrating to have these irrational thoughts slowly eat away at you.

If you lived together, it wouldn’t be as bad since he’d come home to you, sleep in the same bed. But you lived apart and you wanted him to get his rest after work, so you hardly got to see each other when he had to stay overtime. You wanted to call and hear his voice , at least for a minute. It always seemed to ease you and help you through the day, but you didn’t wanna bother him. You didn’t have the energy to reach for your phone either, or even shift your position, or eve wipe away the tears. You were tired. You just wanted to sleep most of the time, but when you tried you just got those migraines again. Your phone rang once, then again, then one more time before it finally indicated you had a text message.

You never checked who it was, you just stared at the wall through. At least you stopped crying, but even getting comfortable in bed was starting to be a hassle.

It wasn’t until later that you heard your front door shut, a familiar voice calling your name and quick footsteps make their way to your bedroom door. It couldn’t be! The door swung open and you gasped softly. He was supposed to be at work, what was he doing here?
“You didn’t pick up the phone. I thought something bad happened.” His tone was so gentle, it eased your pain and you smiled, tears falling again. At least they were happy tears. He sat down next to you and helped you shift so your head rested on his lap. “I’m here.” He cooed.

“I love you.”

Those simple words were enough, they were what you needed right now. Every bad thought just went away.


Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡