I should buy a boat


If anyone hasn’t seen this video they really need to yesterday.


Such an under-appreciated movie.

“I should buy a boat!”


favorite movie scene from “Corky Romano”


Oh righty, MASSIVE (well sort of) update time!
So what has been up?

First of all: I hit 200 followers, so THANK YOU people! It feels pretty cool and keeps me motivated to keep building this.

But okay, on to the build. The pics are in reverse chronical order.

First of all, I had to figure out, what to do with the valley between the uptown and the downstairs area, so I started to build a sort of older and more rural looking area. the story here is that these houses belong to the first inhabitants of this settlement and the village started to grow thanks to a rich mine located right under the cliff (havent started the underground yet though :D) I really like the style i came up with. Now I just have to finish the houses, add a couple more and then fill the area with some trees.

After that I built a church. Churches have been a sort of curse for me so far. I have started building them so many times, but everytime I get somewhere with it, the world corrupts/the server resets or whatever :D This time i managed to almost finish it and DAMN son, I impressed myself with it.

After getting the church somewhat complete, I found out that with the placement of it, I kinda a dug a hole for myself, cause I somehow have to blend it to the rest of the build. So I started figuring out, what to do with the other side of the build. And then it struck me: I want an airship (I-should-buy-a-boat-cat.jpg) As this is a mining settlement transport is vital so I planning on some docks for airships and a bit more industrial looking area next to it.

Anyhow, I am growing more and more fond of this project and as it seems, you people enjoy it too, so this makes it even more fun for me.
Thank you for your time!

- Mikey