I seriously loved it - all of it

SUMMER FINALE 7x10 finally a good finale

My recap on 7x10 The Darkest Knight

Noel is no A.D. the blood test wasn’t a match

Jenna is still working with Sydney - last seen before the 5year time jump

Haleb is back together

Ezra has now Nicole and Aria - that will be a huge twist for their relationship in 7B

We had some Emison scences! And Ali is pregnant. Poor thing. She is carrying a psychopath baby..

Toby is leaving with Yvonne but is secretly still in love with Spencer - you can see that! And Spencer is still in love with him! They will be together, I’m sure with that! Team Spoby ftw.

So they all got trapped by Jenna and Noel to get kill off one by one! .. yeah.. how could they think that would work out for them? Seriously I thought they were smarter.. Noels head rolling on the floor geeeez If Marlene brings him back the show must be supernatural haha. No way - Noel is dead for sure.. this was really the most spectacular death on PLL !

But by the way what were their intentions? Why did Noel help Charlotte? How is he related to the girls that made him hate them so badly? Charlotte had issues alright. She was family related and crazy as shit. Jenna was her friend ok. But they just THOUGHT the liars hurt/killed Charlotte. They had no evidence, no serious evidence.

And Spencer is Marys second child. I knew it! They had so many scences together and they look alike. Now the storyline with Spencer in the dollhouse makes so much sense when she said she felt familiar with BigA/Charles.. Her dream about being in Radley. Everything sums up FINALLY!

The last scene was Toby and Yvonne having a car crash. I don’t think any of them will die. But I could imagine Toby loses all his memories about Yvonne nor Spencer. What makes it harder for Team Spoby. But I still have hope for them!

And A.D. took Jenna.

So A.D. is not the second child! But I’m pretty sure HE SHE IT is someone familiar!


these 3 people are my MAIN SUSPECTS! They were always around in former seasons and they still have dirt on their hands! They were all connected to Charlotte!

Spread the word PLLeeks if you agree. Feel free to reblogg to add some clues or even your opinion! I will read every single thought of my followers!

I love you guys! That was a great episode! Let’s celebrate the day ! Happy PLL Day !


Buying a car is seriously beyond stressful, I do not recommend it. Instead, I would advise you to all just plant a tiny toy car in your backyard, make sure to water it and give it lots of love and affection, and one day you will wake up to have a beautiful (maybe a little dirty - it was grown in the ground, after all) car waiting for you that will love you and drive you wherever you need to go.

The Darkest Knight Thoughts & Theories.

So I’m guessing the girls all filled Caleb in on the fact that they killed Rollins. I love the Mona just assumes that Caleb can track Hanna down. But seriously do we believe that Caleb gave her a phone that even he could not hack?

Why was Hanna expecting Noel to answer her when he was clearly unconscious? Like how much talking can he do right after you whacked him in the head? I get that she’s fed up but damn Hanna you are smarter than this.

So Toby being the one dying is kind of super obvious at this point with Marco telling him goodbye and thanking him for her service etc. I know Toby is moving away but c’mon. And Toby totally wanted to stay longer to work on this case because it’s so obvious that he’s scared of what may happen to Spencer. 

What in the hell is Ashley Marin Doing in London? A conference? for work? At the Radley? HMMM. We still don’t know WHO, bought the Radley but whoever it was looked passed Ashley’s past and gave her a management job. Makes me wonder if the person who owns the Radley lives in London. The obvious would be Wren, doctors are typically wealthy after a few years (cus you know they’re broke at first thanks to paying for school) BUUUUUT…. Melissa would be the real “kicker” She comes from a wealthy family. Her whole family has an issue with Radley and were part of the reason it was shut down to begin with. After this episode Melissa is look super guilty as an A.D. suspect and we know A.D. has a lot of info on Radley, maybe that’s because as owner they had plenty of time to get what they wanted from Radley’s files before they shipped off or destroyed. 

So Hanna takes a vial of Noel’s blood to the lab to be tested. But what in the hell did this girl test it against? She would need Mary Drake or Charlotte’s DNA. Charlotte is dead and Mary has been MIA too so how did Hanna get a sample to test against Noel’s blood?

Obviously Jenna doesn’t know where Noel is since Hanna kidnapped him.

So Ezra tells Aria he’s going to come home. Then he doesn’t come home, but doesn’t think to call and tell her that he’s going back? Like instead he just lets her get her heart shattered by seeing him rubbing and kissing all over Nicole. I get it they were happy to see each other, he thought she was dead. But how could he forget that he has a fiance at home who ‘s been keeping up with the story. Why did he not call her to at least ask why she needs to have an officer sleeping outside their place. smh. screw you ezra #jaria 

So Mona showing up to the hotel was shady. Not that Hanna called her but that A) Mona was desperately looking for that flash drive yet we didn’t hear Spencer tell her about it at all. *but maybe she did* B) Then Mona talks Hanna into leaving Noel unattended? WTF.  C) Then Noel somehow escapes. If I had to put money on it. Mona loosened his ties before she left to make it easier for him to escape

So I still couldn’t tell if Ali was pregnant or just disgusted by Paige. I swear IDK why the writers just sent the Ali/Paige story line back 5/6 years but it was annoying throughout the whole episodes. 

Why did Mona want to make Jenna a deal. Was she scared Jenna would bring up Mona? Also more proof that Mona let Noel escape, she practically tells Jenna that the cops will be picking Noel up at anytime. I think she let him go in hopes the cops would catch him and release him. But she had ulterior motive because Mona is not dumb enough to leave that camera there knowing she is on it too. Helping Hanna. 

I’m gonna skip through most of the other Shipp-y stuff and just say. Toby loves Spencer and if one of them doesn’t survive the other is going to be devastated. Haleb’s back together yaaay (sarcasm) I like them together I do. but did they have to hook up now.. can’t they give it some time. like he just broke up with Spencer like last week in PLL time. c’mon now that could have waited for 7b… OH and I’m sure Lucas will love the show later when he see’s it on his security cameras lol Ezra is an ass. Paige is shady and sketchy and I almost think she’s up to no good when it comes to A.D. but as far as Em and Ali.. I just wish they could connect for once when there isn’t a shit storm of drama around. like ugh. Also what was up with Toby giving Marco some Spencer tips.. I guess he’s just glad it’s someone other than Caleb..

Moving on…

I am dumbfounded by the whole Sydney thing… like I get Jenna was being followed. I get she needed a decoy who looked like her. but wtf does Sydney just sit around waiting for the phone to ring so she can go play Jenna lol. I don’t get it. so Of course what I’m struggling to come to terms with is the fact that like half of “Mona’s Army” recently made a return to Rosewood. If that ain’t shady Idk what is, and add that in to the fact the Mona was original A and is still heavily involved in this mess. I wouldn’t out it past her to be behind some of the A.D. shenanigans. 

So during the ending aka the best part of the episode when the girls are in the old blind school. Noel and Jenna both mention a connection with Charlotte. Noel says that Jenna taught him and Charlotte how to smell fear. Jenna tells Spencer that shooting her would be as much for her as Charlotte. So if we’re gonna believe them then they both were friends with Charlotte. Noel helped her in the dollhouse, Jenna and Noel both helped her the night she dug up Ali’s grave. etc. And Mary was in the school too and we know her connection to Charlotte. Yet none of these people are A.D. We still don’t know who killed Charlotte. We still don’t know who’s avenging Charlotte although you would think Mary, Noel, & Jenna. We also still have no confirmation that Spencer even is Mary’s child. But if she is Mary’s child then why would Mary allow Jenna or Noel to go after Spencer at all. And who in the hell shot Spencer. It seems like Jenna did since she was holding the gun. But at the end she’s like did you shoot spencer… like how are you trying to ask that. Was is 

DID you shoot Spencer? Like did you do your job…


Did YOU shoot Spencer? Like I didn’t shoot the bitch did YOU?

So now we can def rule several people out for being A.D.












But we can also add new suspects so on top of 







we now have to add



Plus we still aren’t 100% that Charlotte isn’t still alive?!?!

So I personally think A.D. is Mona or Melissa and I’m going to write separate in depth theories for each of them when I get the time :)

Who do you think is A.D?

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Jikook has been rising high et than the sun this year or like ever since jungkook became an adult you know like he's not holding back anymore. And if you take their bestfriend (Tae) or their chaperon off the equation look what you got, several hours of teasing skinship hearteyes hugging wandering hands... like what is going on seriously

I guess Jungkook truly had his “Adult Ceremony” when theyear turned to 2016  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But honestly, you literally spoke my mind. As with any couple, they’d be tactful with the PDA and tone down the flirting around friends.  It’s just common sense to share all the love amongst friendss, so this is in regardsnot only to their best friend Taex2, but with all the other members as well. I was told they were literally left alone for the most part this time so that’s why all this fluffiness occurred. It’s a good correlation, because we saw similar behaviours in the V LIVE–also the last time they were alone together–so let’s just say our theories aren’t that much of a stretch? :P

Or, maybe it’s not romantic at all. Maybe they’re just two guys who like to…touch each other a lot.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

…yup. ._. always stay open minded, folks. it’s the key to a good life 

Anyways, whatever it is. It warms my heart to see them both like this, especially Jungkook. The days when it was jokingly speculated whether or not he even likes Jimin must be so far behind at this point. :P

Heyo!  It may or may not be my birthday and I may or may not be craving some smutty headcanons.  I may or may not be hinting that all of you should come say hi, it would seriously make my day!  :))  

edit:  snapchat me @archyd123 ((for the anon who wanted it))

thoughts on the episode

i dont really do this but i really wanted to 

  • Emison was cute af
  • i cried during the Emison scenes
  • i’m ignoring the baby thing
  • Emily wiping away Alis tear
  • The Hand™
  • i’m glad Nicole’s alive and i hope that it fucks up ezria
  • but did he seriously have to kiss Nicole 
  • why does this show advocate cheating
  • pissed that haleb got a full on porn video scene
  • im sick of Emison getting basically half scenes because of ezria
  • if i think about Spoby i’m going to cry
  • all they kinda did was run up and downstairs for 10 minutes trying not to get killed
  • jenna has good aim for someone who is blind
  • I’m gonna miss Noel he was cute
  • Emison
  • the fandom predicted Spencer being Mary Drakes daughter weeks ago so it wasn’t really suprising
  • it was obvious
  • but i’m happy about it anyway
  • i really hoped it was gonna be Jenna who was going to die
  • when will paige die 
  • the set was awesome 
  • overall i liked the episode

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Don't you think your fandom is extremely misogynistic to all of Klaus love interests? Muffin, "backstabbing halfbreed baby mama", crab? You don't care about women, you care about Klaus and self insert into Caroline.

[bob belcher voice] oh my god. 

How did you possibly write this message, decide it was concise, and or with even remote accuracy, and then send it in? Please do tell, because this a straight up m e s s. I was sitting in my Women in Media class this morning when I got this, which I thought was kinda funny, but that’s neither here nor there. 

Kay but seriously, what is this?

No, I do not think my fandom is extremely misogynistic. I wouldn’t even say I think that of any of the fandom’s, what is severely misogynistic—and embarrassingly so, at that—is the writing. Now, I do truly love how you’ve shown your ass here, like halfway through the message. Kind of feels like you were just waiting around till you had enough descriptions of other female characters that have/had places in Klaus’ life, and then ran in here to like finger point and shout ‘misogynists!’ even though if you like took a second, and read something from the portion of the fandom, you’d be able to nullify this rather general claim. Oh, pero of course not, we’re the anti whatever the hell it is you ship, so clearly we just spout garbage, and what, that’s not all? Oh, it’s apparently misogynistic garbage, splendid. 

The story behind why we call Cami ‘muffin’ is, oh and get this, I’m sure you’ll love it anon, because it’s essentially designed to call out the writing. Jenn @jonsnowbitch came up with it when she was watching an episode of TO, and decided to see if you could replace Cami’s presence in the narrative with an inanimate object, and have everything remain the same. It was her experiment, if you will, to see if the writing on TO holds up—it doesn’t. The name is highlighting the incredibly misogynistic way in which the writers both created, and utilized the character for. Her entire purpose, and place in the show, was to basically enact shit out of Klaus whenever the narrative needed to. 

As for Hayley, I mean, if you wanna get technical with it, she has backstabbed people. Depends on how you look at it, imo. I personally don’t think that’s the right word, not so much with Klaus and other TO characters, I think it’s fitting to Hayley and Tyler though. However, calling her a half-breed is more of a jab, cause she called Tyler one, when she previously befriended an entire pack of em (just to betray em, btw), was carrying one, and now is one. I’m not seeing the misogyny there. As for the baby mama bit, it’s a term that’s not always meant with insult, it’s a rather common phrase. An observatory description, if you will. One that would occur far less, had the writers dignified themselves to have built the character of Hayley, amongst other factors. You do realize that the only way the managed to create as an idea to thrust her into this world with all these previously established characters, was to have this ridiculous ooc, OUT OF THE SKY, hook-up in 4x16, just so they could knock her up. That was their big idea to add Hayley to the spin-off.

Never mind that they had introduced a family plot with her already, and instead of that being the sole motivation, as it should’ve been since it was based on her, it ended up amounting to nothing. Long-lost family that might be from NOLA is how they got here there, but she got to stay because they knocked her up with the lead character’s kid, thus it became her primary storyline, and sadly, her primary purpose. Then there was 1x02 where she acted on her right to choose [abortion, or keep] and Klaus choked her against the wall for trying ~take~ the decision from him. But sure, waste time in my inbox calling me a lady-hater, and not the people who genuinely write shit that set’s female representation in media back years

Who tf is crab, who’s ever said that, what is that in reference to? Enlighten me with more bullshit so I can have all the details of this message, cause you lost me there at the end. 

This fandom has advocated for the female characters quite a bit, you’re @-ing the wrong fandom, honestly. I found myself doing so for TO quite a few times, even for characters I couldn’t stand. Did it in S1 when Cami slut-shamed Genevieve, in S2 when like half the Hayley fandom started calling her a whore bc she was banging Elijah even though ~she has a child~, and last season when even though I wanted Cami gone, the way they wrote her death was disgusting. I’ve also spent the last like two-years fighting for better treatment, and writing for Caroline, not Klaus, so miss me with that. 

Also if I was going to self-insert into anyone, it’d be to a random truck driver in charge of an 18-wheeler, and I’d make the driver a woman, and then run over every single male character in the narrative’s minus like two, because they’re all tragic messes who treat the women like crap. Now,

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Only One - Ch. 2

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Summary: After deciding it’s better to keep Amra on the base, Kylo takes her in as his new tiny roommate. Trying to understand this child and how to care for her Kylo struggles, but is determined. (Y/N) helps as much as she can, but cannot help when Kylo takes his new little shadow to be approved by the Supreme Leader.

A/N: I love this story idea so much, I can’t thank that original anon enough haha seriously! They should take at least 50% credit for the story. I hope you all enjoy! It’s not that long of a chapter (I think?). If you want more (I only have one part after this planned thus far), let me know and don’t be shy! Feedback is always welcomed :)

“Daddy! No!”

Looking in front of him Kylo saw the small girl screaming, tears streaming down her round face as her skin grew incredibly red. Sobs racked through her tiny frame as she released another blood curling scream.


Turning behind him Kylo saw nothing at first, just open space all blazing with crackling flames. The girls eyes had been looking towards Kylo, yet he was sure she would be crying for a man standing behind him. Peering down to the ground in front of him, Kylo also saw nothing, just dusty soil beneath his heavy boots. What could this girl be screaming for?

Bringing his gaze up once again, Kylo’s heart nearly stopped entirely. The girl standing before him, was now him, or more accurately, a small Ben Solo. The same head of fluffy raven hair, the small stature trembling in fear with watery brown eyes. With his bottom lip quivering now as he took in the sight of his once youthful self, he heard a similar cry.

“Daddy!! No!!”

Suddenly shaking from the anticipation, Kylo slowly turned his gaze behind him only to have his heart sink deep into his gut. Behind him was the same face that had haunted him for months now, the face that he was sure would be etched into his mind for the rest of his life. Han Solo, only in his last moments, the saber ignited through him. 

In a surge of overwhelming sorrow and regret Kylo lunged towards Han.

“Wait no!”

The instant he reached for his fathers hand as he fell back, the figure disappeared entirely as if he had been a plume of smoke. Seeing nothing but his shaking hands before him, Kylo fell to his knees as the flames around him grew closer. 

“The Supreme Leader is wise.”

He heard his voice echo throughout the area.

“It’s too late.”

Jolting up from his slumber, Kylo sat up in his bed, his body still shaking as he took heavy breaths. Trying to even his breathing Kylo shut his eyes once again, attempting to breath in and out. As his chest rose and fell, slowly bringing his heart rate back to normal, he looked to his right. To his relief, Amra was still curled up under his robe on the small cot soundly sleeping.

Running a hand through his hair, Kylo slumped into the covers once again, feeling practically lifeless. Nightmares had plagued him his whole life, thanks to Snoke, as he grew older however, it appeared that they wore him down even more. The more he realized the weight of his decision to be on the Dark side, the more these nightmares ripped at his already aching and torn heart. 

Looking back over to Amra, Kylo released a sigh. Though he was providing her a sort of safe haven, Kylo couldn’t help but fret and stress over his impending meeting with the Supreme Leader. (Y/N) was right that it should be no feat for him to simply lie and save Amra from a worse fate, yet he couldn’t help but worry that the worst possible scenario would unfold. The Supreme Leader may not have been a Sith, or an avid force user, but he was surely a dormant force to be reckoned with. One wrong move and Kylo would be finished, along with anyone who may have assisted him.

Keep reading

I seriously love the way Ben and Martin aged together. All the comparisons of the first promo pics and the new one is so so beautiful. They’ve come so far. I love them so much, omg

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I finally decided to break up with my boyfriend of nine months who's been emotionally abusing me and controlling me for months and I'm alternating between being really sad and excited to be out of this unhealthy relationship. I'm doing it tonight and I can't back out because I already told my sister who won't let me because she had a seriously abusive boyfriend and is all about female empowerment!! figured you'd be proud of me :))

I am SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU And I’m so fucking happy you thought of me and I’m so sorry I’m only seeing this now but Man. You are strong and brave and beautiful and I’m so not ever gonna be over this message !!! I love u a whole lot

reasons why you should never rewatch haikyuu season 1 episode 24 w/ me:

- there’s a lot of kunimi in it
- seriously theres sO MUCH KUNIMI & i didnt notice the first time i watched it bc i didnt use to love him //this much
- but now i do
- so it results in a LOT of screeching and screaming and wailing
- every few seconds i screech once
- basically you will have no peace
- at all
- i will pause it repeatedly and replay the same scenes over and over again because they contain kunimi 
- & because they contain kunimi there will be even more screaming 
- at times its likely u wont even be able to hear the actual dialogue over my wailing
- i am dying
- save me
- actually dont save me if i have to pick a way to go this is it
- death by overexposure to Favourite Character
- wonderful
- im crying

O shit

I seriously thank you all for putting up with my garbage, or maybe you even enjoy it, I dunno! In any case, I love you all and hope your days go beautifully as mine will after I woke up to this stunning fact!

i know everyone in the Voltron fandom loves to make jokes about Shiro’s big brother tendencies when it comes to Pidge specifically. (and i do love them too), but in all seriousness this is likely a presentation of Survivor’s Guilt which is a symptom of pstd, which we all know Shiro suffers from. 

Survivor’s Guilt, as the name implies, is when a person who survives a traumatic experience, at the expense of others or when others did not make it out, causes the person to experience guilt over not being able to save them as well. 

in some cases the survivor might even pick up certain traits from the party left behind, as a way of feeling that they are with them or as a way of making condolences and easing the guilt. this could be dressing in a similar fashion, going into the same field of work, mimicking certain personality traits etc… or in the case of Shiro–being an older brother to Pidge since Matt can’t. 

and even before Shiro found out that Pidge was in fact Katie, Shiro instead acts similarly to Sam Holt to Pidge, who coincidentally looks exactly like Matt, quoting Sam saying “if you get too worried about what could go wrong, you might miss a chance to do something great.”

now i might be reaching with that last one, but it still important to remember that Shiro has severe and untreated ptsd and the way he acts around the others relfex that, even in subtle little ways.

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Can we just talk for a minute about "All the players in an unfinished game"? Elena and Gavin ended up together. I don't give a (what!) about Rowan and Aelin marrying or being mates, because in the one leaked scene Dorian calls Rowan her consort "just her consort." Yea yea yea, I've read all the spoilers to date, and I love Manon and Dorian together, but skakdjfnsbslajfnajd Aelin and Dorian = Gavin and Elena?! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Seriously Maeve knew Rowan and Aelin were mates for 400 FUCKING YEARS and there are still people who believe that Doraelin could exist!!!!!???

That ship is as sunk as the Titanic. Ain’t happening. Never ever in the history of the world meant to happen.

Positively Innocent

This is a Spencer x Reader requested by one lovely anon where you’re a suspect (but not the actual unsub) and Reid has to investigate you but you’re really submissive and nervous so it’s difficult for you to talk and Spencer starts to fall for you. Alright, I hope you guys like it! I know I have seriously been lagging behind on posting, but here’s a little something, so I really do hope you like it! Ok, that’s all, buds! Enjoy!

“I don’t think she fits the profile, Hotch,” Spencer told his boss, watching you nervously fidget from beyond the glass, “We profiled a confident, dominant personality. She seems soft, quiet, submissive. We did something wrong,”

“No,” Hotch barked back,  his eyes staying on you every second, “I want you to go in there and interrogate her. If we were wrong, we were wrong, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go in there and ask her some questions,”

Spencer sighed, nodding quickly in agreement, “On it, boss,” before stalking over to the door and into the cold metal room where you were held captive by the police.

“Hello, Miss y/l/n,” Spencer said sternly, his voice stoic and straight, masking the offset of unease flooding his throat, “My name is Agent Spencer Reid. I just need to ask you a couple of questions,”

“Okay,” You agreed nervously, gulping anxiously, “Ask away, agent,”

Spencer drilled off question after question, which you answered with ease (modified by the slight anxiety of being in such a situation) due to the fact that you were indeed innocent. Over the course of the interview, Spencer began to notice the way your quiet smile and anxious twiddling shined louder than the reticent words you muttered practically under your breath.

Finally, when all the questions had been asked, Spencer regretfully stood from his seat, reaching his hand out to offer to you, shaking your own, “That’s all, Miss y/l/n. Thank you for your cooperation,” And after a small smile of his own, Spencer left the room, leaving you alone once again.

It was a little while later when Spencer stepped out of the precinct break room, coffee in hand, and watched as you slunk down low into a chair hidden in the corner of the bustling bull pen. Cops and agents moved past you, all in their own world. You were invisible to them, but Spencer couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. Without a moment’s thought, Spencer moved across the room, and it was if a path made itself to you for him, the parting of the seas.

“Miss y/l/n?” He said tentatively

You looked up, apprehension and anxiety scratching through the torn edges of your expression, “Please, call me y/n,”

Y/n,” Spencer said, making sure to emphasis the odd sound of your name on his tongue, “Are you alright?”

You nodded unconvincingly for a moment before falling into the shake of your head, “No, not really,” You admitted finally, “Being under all this attention, being asked all these questions, it’s been a lot,” You paused for a moment, finally taking the deep breath your lungs craved, “I’ll be fine. Really. Thanks for asking, agent,”

Spencer stared at you, examining the sad way your sparkling eyes moved down to your feet as you spoke, studying the confused curve of your lips that followed the tilt of your head. He couldn’t help but watch.

“I’m sorry, y/n. I’m sure this is a lot,” He paused, hesitating as to whether or not to convey his exact thoughts before continuing, “If it’s any consolation, I never thought you were guilt. You seemed positively innocent to me, without a doubt. You were too sweet to do something as horrible as these crimes,”

Strangely enough, maybe it had something to do with the positive, unquestionable tone or the certain stony honesty set into his expression, but you believed Spencer. There was something about him that you just had to trust.

And those same feelings seemed to light inside of Spencer as well. For some godforsaken, unknown reason, he found the kind sweetness of your unrequited fear somewhat comforting.

Maybe Spencer didn’t know it at the time, but that was the beginning. That was when he first started falling for you. And boy, would he fall hard.

The most apocalyptic thing that could happen in my kitchen happened tonight.

My rice cooker broke.

should i stay or should i go now..the main topic on Tumblr lately it seems..

I wonder how many photographers on tumblr are seriously considering this..

There was this issue with removing the original source / ©.. a while back..the only time photographers / creators on tumblr said enough is enough!

Maybe something needs to be done like that again..no posts for one whole day or better one whole week.. ouch ;)..can one live without all that love..

I am going to try it..so final post..back in October..

Much Love and stay healthy!

Wild Noctis Headcanon Appears

Noctis, because of his love for stories ever since Regis read bedtime stories or tales of his adventures, became an excellent storyteller. In setting the pace, tone, and just the right amount of suspense to keep his audience begging for more. His voice is the only ambience and he’s a master of it. Even if it’s a repeat of something they already heard, he’s just so captivating that it’s like reliving a new story all over again. His lover(s) and their/his children enjoy the tales he had spun, a bit of escapism but nothing that you can find in the textbooks or ballads or artwork. They are blessed to always have a storyteller in the family and eventually, they would be able to recant his story when he’s unable to, when the entire world no longer remembers his name.