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Hey Guys,

This is my Grandma Bess. Today she turned 90 years old.

Every single day, grandma Bess opens her computer after dinner and goes on my blog to see the last couple of things I’ve posted. She’s heavily invested in keeping up with her grandson. She is undoubtedly my biggest fan. If you’ve noticed, over the last couple of months, I’ve been taking my captions and post organization a little bit more seriously. It’s all been because of my grandma. She loves to read about my adventures and every single caption makes it more inclusive for her.

This weekend, my whole family flew in from around the world to surprise her and wish her happy birthday but I wanted to to wish her a happy birthday on here because I know she’s gonna be reading this tomorrow night. If you’re reading this grandma, Thank-you so much for supporting me. It feels good to know that there’s someone who always has my back.

It would mean the world if you could tell say some indepth kind words for my Grandma’s Birthday by replying to this message. I’ll show her all your birthday wishes tomorrow. Have a lovely evening

Cheers Karl

P.S. for some background info. her name is Elizabeth Santos (nee Enahoro). THIS is her brother, she’s the only daughter out of 10 kids, she loves to play the piano and She’s the awesomest grandma ever

do yall like how i misspelled mutuals KALDJFKASDJF

hey its becky comin at u live w my first follow forever lmaoo UM so i remade 3 weeks ago and im already almost at 1k???? i was gonna wait to do this but i knew i wouldnt be in the mood to make this later this week so i jus did it now lol um thank u everyone for followin me like i rly dont know why yall are here? but i appreciate it n i love yall w all my heart <3

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look, its sarah shamelessly doing yet another (very small) follow forever because i now follow more amazing blogs (seriously like way more than before) and they need some recognition!!

plus, i hit 3.5k so!!! you guys!! are!!! amazing!!!

mutuals in bold, blogs I cannot live without in italics.

@memecook there u go ily you mean the world to me and honestly idk what’d I’d do without you you’ve filled the hole in my hEART

this isn’t in order, just listing as I go:

@triptaech | @donewithjeon | @taeverie | @inktae | @seokvie | @kookingtae | @itsrainingmin | @tayegi | @cremesuga | @imeightout (SUCH A GOOD BLOG BYE) | @versigny | @minsuxga | @seoulscapes | @imarkson | @namjooniebun | @datyugyummy | @jackssion | @nightbts | @holyfuckmark | @jypnior | @ughtaehope | @rapmonsterlove | @rudeboywonho | @yoongguksx | @kths | @jiminfinity | @maximum-salty | @ohjiminn | @jingogi | @the95liner |

umm yeah I love all of you sososo much and I really hope your day/week/month/year is going well, and I think about you all a ton and am so glad you and your blogs exist. that’s all ♥

(btw, a lot of these blogs are writers so if you’re ever looking for some amazing people to follow who write for k-pop groups look no further!!!)

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people are mad that a science blog is posting about a march for... science? ok... (seriously, i'm loving all the pictures!! it warms my heart to know that even in the current political climate there are still people willing to take to the streets to march for science and everything it stands for)


I want to write for Levi Ackerman, but I also don’t, because I just love his character so much. I feel like I’ll get his character completely wrong and it’ll be totally misinterpreted. But at the same time I want to because I feel like a lot of people see Levi as someone different from who he is. 

Levi Ackerman is a clean freak, but I feel like it is not because he hates dirt or because he picks at whatever he can, but I feel like he’s a clean freak because it is the only thing that Levi has control over. Levi doesn’t have control over much. He tries to have control over how he feels, the way he sees things, the way he reacts to things, but even that doesn’t work out the way he wants it to. But I’ll get to that later. Levi scrubs those floors until they’re sparking, sweeps his heart out, and dusts those cabinets because if he’s able to control his own environment than that allows him comfort. He watched as his mother would do her best to keep her son clean, having them scrounging up whatever soapy water they could fine to keep the bacteria away, also whilst trying to ensure his happiness. That was not able to be fulfilled. But if he could keep clean, then things would be alright. If he could get rid of the mud on his clothes and his environment tidy, then it didn’t matter if he had no choice whether his comrades would survive or not, as long as he had control over that one element. He disassociated himself so much that was all he knew to do in those tough situations Levi’s consistently putting himself through.

Levi is not some unemotional, nagging, tough guy with stoic actions that the fandom interprets him to be. He’s without a doubt, more or less “tough”, but not the way everyone thinks. We know that one scene where Levi grips Hange’s hair and makes a fool of her (yes, in good light, I know that) in a very blunt manner, but why are we so quick to forget that Levi put both him and the squad at risk when he gave that (in some ways philosophical) speech to Eren. He went on to offer some good advice, in a calm and easy going manner while the rest of them freaked. Levi can be so brash and harsh at times, because it is the only way he knows how to be. If he can allow himself distance from other people, then he thinks of it as a good thing. Not because he’s anti social. Because he’s lost so much. He doesn’t want to go through all the pain and agony of losing someone else, and if he can control that factor, then he’s happy. But as we see as the series progresses he can’t even have control over that. 

He is so good at advice. Why do we always gloss over this aspect of who he is? He’s not someone who’s unwilling to help. Sure, he’ll be blunt and tell you to your face if your problem is completely stupid and all your fault, but if he knows what you’re going through/dealing with is serious, he’s actually willing to help. He is an adult. He knows how to handle these things. And Levi knows the extent that his comrades go through, so why would he be selfish enough to keep his intent on helping back? He wouldn’t. We’ve seen this in both the manga and the anime, but everyone forgets that. Why. 

Levi’s comments are funny, and for some people, very relatable. But just because Levi doesn’t cry like Armin or get into angry tangents like Eren, or devote all his time into protecting someone like Mikasa, doesn’t mean that he is antisocial, or without emotions, or a selfish man. Levi cares so much but it is always glossed over by simple humorous banter or comments he makes, that people seems to forget that it is not who he is as a person. 

I’m probably reading Levi wrong, but the more I think about it the more I want to write about it. Sorry about this drabble. Let me know if you think I should write for him?

When I can use an Evak gif for every reaction in my relationship, you know that the acting for Even and Isak is fucking incredible and authentic. The emotion that shows on their faces never ceases to amaze me.



HAHA I’m late again o)-( sorry bro TTvTT)/” Happy birthday to the sweetest birbs lover !!! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ Hope you had an awesome day !! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° ((Finally the first time I’m drawing some real Brandflo !! xD Lmao sorry Brandon has no imagination for gifts ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ))

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Hey! I'm sotry to bother you. I'm sure you're getting this a lot by now, but I seriously am in love with your mafia AU! I love your art especially! I mean I've seen a ton of mafia AU's by now, but yours is just so perfect!! Haha ^^ anyways, I was wondering what you draw with/on? Thank you so much!

No bother at all!!! O3O
and like, I’m always super happy to hear you like the Mafia AU X3
It always makes me feel super flattered when ppl say it’s a pretty good one too! ;A;
Cuz, I know I’m def not the first to make a Mafia AU, but, it means a lot when I hear it’s an original enough one to catch a person’s eye :’D
And I use Clip Studio Paint to draw the AU ^w^
I have a pretty awesome cintiq that I use too o3o

Studyblr intro!

Hi! I’m Cate, I’m working my way through yet another semester of college! I’m attempting to become more organized and thorough with my note taking abilities and my overall learning. I decided to start this after seeing all the dedication within the studyblr community. 

A bit about myself:

I’m totally spiritual and practice yoga

I absolutely love science and neurology 

Just married my best friend! 

On the track for nursing and specializing in neurology 

Laughing is the most important thing, like, ever. 

Main blog (religious) :@lavenderneshama and personal @lavenderliquor

Seriously inspired daily by:








and sooooooooo many more! 


I’ve been meeting some cute rich and young guys on Tinder. The 30 year old bought me $300 worth of Alo Yoga clothes and invited me to Vegas. I’m really attracted to him but I hold off on sex for as long as possible. That’s when you get the most gifts!

My Santa Barbara daddy took me to the spa and we got a couples massage.

Then my boyfriend took me to Beauty N Essex for dinner then Republique for breakfast in LA. I’m totally loving Equinox Sports Club LA West LA ($300 one, $230). It’s seriously the best gym… my bf is paying for it ❤️

My boyfriend was being a bad boy so all of a sudden I became unavailable and now he’s checking my snaps 3 times a day and wants to hang out all the time.

My nail lady gave me the best advice… she told me to busy with my gfs but never make him think I’m with another man. I snap fun stuff I’m doing with my gfs all day. And only give them 75% love. Don’t ever fill them up or overflow. That’s how you keep them coming back!

Let’s do some more affirmations ladies:
We are attracting rich ass sugar daddies that are young, hot, generous, that love us. They will spoil us and buy us everything we want because we are powerful women!

I hope we all make it! Go work out, eat something healthy, and go find some daddiesssssssss!!!

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You've been getting so much praise. And I wouldn't want you to get a big head, but, Damn it...you deserve all that praise.... So, I love your art, I love your mafia au, I love your vikturi, I love you ! There....I've said it...let's just move on!

Seriously, all this praise and fan mail when literally just a few months ago I was relatively unknown is so overwhelming O_O
I feel like it’s all a dream in a way, and that any moment I could wake up ;A;
It’s super amazing to me that you like the AU and my art and just

Hi tumblr :3

I’m Anastassian, 16, Russian.

And I’m aromantic and asexual. As fuck.

Like seriously, I find it hard to love anything. I barely cope with my family.

Yesterday I told my dad that I was aromantic and asexual, explaining to him what it meant (for me, this meant that I was not attracted to any person at all). Put into context that Nikolaiy (my dad) grew up in the USSR, where homosexuals and other LGBT+s (sorry I’m not good with the terms, I’m still learning them) were given a minimum of 5 years hard labour in gulags under Article 21 - a total of 2329 men were convicted in the last years of the USSR, so I expected his opinion to be very much the same as it was.. you know.

But the only response I got, when he had a think for a good hour, was:

At least you’re not gay, son.

My immediate reaction was one of relief, as bad as it is to admit, but I soon realised the enormity of what he said. My dad was 100% okay with me, his eldest son, not continuing the family name on my part. I probably will never have a partner, nor any children, because I know that I will never love them. Meanwhile gay couples can marry and adopt children. I will never do those things.

But I’m not angry with my dad, nor do I hate him. It is insensitive, obviously, and very homophobic. But I’m not sure what I feel now. It doesn’t change the fact that I am aromantic and asexual, but I am not entirely sure what to do about it.

So any advice and nice comments would be appreciated <3


Ashi going on her quest to save jack is wonderful and I’m loving all the hints/throwbacks to past episodes of Samurai Jack. Ashi is so damn beautiful!

OH MY GOD. I SERIOUSLY THOUGHT WE HAD SEEN THE LAST OF THAT FABULOUS ROBOT! scaramouch, baby you’re not looking so hot. He’s looking a little down to tell you the truth.

I wonder if Jack even realizes how much he has helped people, and how much they love him! It really makes me so happy to see them wanting to help Jack and protect him.

ASHI YOU POOR BABY! Her flashbacks make me so sad, I hope the cult leader lady gets what she freaking deserves.

Okay so I thought Ashi was beautiful before but she’s so flipping stunning now. She looks so happy and free like a weight has been lifted from her shoulders. (I wish I had the skill to make an outfit that damn fast.) I could go on about this lovely lady for hours.

ASHI SAVE HIS SOUL. Oh my god I have so much anxiety at this moment. Ashi you beautiful darling child I know you can save him.

JACK IS FUCKING BACK. HELL TO THE YES. Lmao I like your hair and dress! never change samurai never change.

I apologize for all my thoughts. I’m just so damn happy.

A-Z Prompts: Mikey

Requested by: @toriroxsox98

A-Z prompts for Mikey I, M, K, T


He’ll say it first, in fact that’ll probably be on your first date. He’ll have had such a huge crush on you for ages, and though he plays it off as harmless and all a big joke, he has seriously had a thing for you for, like, ever. So when you are sat next to him, on the couch in the lair with no one around, he can’t keep it in anymore. He’ll blurt it out, probably not at all in a romantic way, whatsoever, but you’ll smile, and laugh – and when you realise he actually means it, and this isn’t him being, well, him, you’ll say it back with just as big of a smile.


Mikey is incredibly nervous around this time of year. Though he has never said it to anyone, he hates Mating Season – like sincerely hates it – because it always means putting you at risk. He hates the animalistic feelings he gets when he thinks about you during these weeks, and he hates how much he wants you, despite knowing he shouldn’t do anything in case he hurts you. He has no self-control during this season, and no matter how much he does to distract himself, he always finds a way back to you. When he does show up at your apartment, he’s almost always quiet; he’ll hide himself in the corner, and try and convince you to stay back. This is shocking compared to his usual, bubbly personality, and at first it’ll be quite worrying to see him so nervous and scared. But after you assure him everything’s alright, he’ll let himself do what he has to do to get these thoughts out of his head, and get back to normal. Little does he know how utterly fantastic Mating Season can be with you around ;)


Mikey loves to see you dressed up. Be it in a dress or just in formal clothes, he adores it. It makes him feel like you two are in a normal relationship, even if only for a second, where he could take a girl who looks as beautiful as you, out somewhere like any normal, human guy.


It’s difficult to tease the King of teasing, but you’ve found your ways. The best you’ve found so far is, while Mikey’s mind is elsewhere, you taking and eating his food. He’ll be holding a slice of pizza, finishing a game on the X-box or talking to one of his brothers, and all you have to do is take it from him, and take a bite. Then he’s all yours. Something about watching his girl eat his pizza is incredibly enticing for Mikey, and he couldn’t love you more than he does in those moments of watching you steal his favourite food.

(Let Me Be Your Last) First

I’ve mentioned in fic before that Satya & Mei seem like a perfect couple to Angela so… lmao here I am putting my money where my mouth is and writing them.  Seriously though I love them as a pairing & they need more attention.

Crossposted to AO3.

They have met, time and again, by name and by reputation, as coworkers, as people, and as friends, and now, they find themselves meeting in a way which is entirely new.


Through a series of introductions, Satya and Mei find themselves, and one another.

Rating: G

Warnings: N/A

Words: 3k+

Categories: Mei/Satya

Series: Plighted Hands verse

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But for seriousness

I just wanted to thank you all followers from the bottom of my heart. I love you all and nothing will ever change that. For all the bad times we’ve all been there, there’s always a light and hope and faith. And if I hadn’t made such friends and kept drawing and kept being nice to everyone, I wouldn’t be here. I was once an attention seeker but I’ve been considerate. So thank you all 201 people, love you all always.