I seriously loved it - all of it


i told you all there were more doodles coming (and even more still, after this)
i like doing these, they’re rough looking but they allow me to spit out concepts much more quickly than my usual process, so expect more

Here we have:
-After they got together, Pandora was very taken off guard by how much Cupcake likes her pony form, Hijiinx. No more noodly draconequus body, no sharp claws and pointy teeth. Pan is just a harmless, helpless wittle pony, teeny-tiny and soft and squishy. Dat flank belongs to Cupcake tonight

-Speaking of, have the followup. This is obviously not meant to taken seriously…I mean, Cupcake would never smoke.
they did bang all night tho

-Stormy tries out Bruce’s glasses. Bruce is a love struck dork

-Genderbent stuff, featuring the r63 versions of Stormy, Bruce, Wave Rider, and Marina…Rainy, Brody, Riptide, and Marlin, respectively. Riptide may look like a smooth smarmy bastard but really he’s a giant dorko. Just look at him bravely trying to restrain that wingboner

-I mentioned before that I crackship the fuck out of Bruce and Cupcake…so of course I also crackship their genderbent counterparts, Brody and Beefcake
Brody’s name is also a Jaws reference, just like Bruce’s, i r clever
Observe the female shark horse marking her territory (poor Beef)
and also being an unapologetic shirt thief (Brody that shirt don’t even fit you ya skank)

- My ponysona, Bramble (or Lopoddity), gets a minor design update…huge ass grumpy eyebrows so she can accurately reflect my general attitude toward life (but mostly college)

-Pandora plants one on PB Sandwich. Although he does have a massive crush on her, she sees him as a goofy unofficial little brother of sorts. She ain’t above givin’ him a cheek smooch when he’s feeling down tho
he’s gonna just sit there making squeaky bunny noises for a while

For you all!

This is kinda overdue but here goes.
Thank you all so much, everyone in the LiS fandom, and all that follow me.
The lis fandom is most certainly the best thing that ever happened to me, I’ve made incredible friends, become so involved with the community, and it’s all helped me cope with problems better.
I know that’s silly, but this fandom really means a lot to me, you’re all so damn sweet. Most fandoms have ship wars and haters but I personally, haven’t seen any. We all embrace the different ships, and even characters some of us may not like, because we’re a community.
Seriously, thank you all soo soo much for posting such amazing content, being so kind and just for being incredible!
There’s so many people I could tag for this, but it would probably be too many! Literally everyone in this fandom is precious.
I love you all


can we just talk about how Pietro was LITERALLY going to go kill Clint? He wasn’t all “grrr I’m going to kill him i’m so mad!” No, he seriously says “I’ll be right back.” Just, “stay here, little sister. i’m going to go murder the man who attacked you” SERIOUSLY!!! I’m going to kill him. I’LL BE RIGHT BACK!!! OMG pietro!! I’LL BE RIGHT BACK! AND HE GETS UP TO LEAVE! HE WAS REALLY GOING TO DO IT!


Hello lovely Sherlolly shippers! I am at 130 followers and I I am soooooo excited!! This is crazy to me because I just started writing fanfiction at the end of April and I had no idea that people would actually read it. So thank you all for reading it :)

So, since I missed celebrating my 100 followers mark, I was thinking that I would do a group of 15 prompts when I reach 150 followers. They can be weird aus or just random fluff, whatever you guys want! What do you guys think?? 

I love you all so much and I am still in awe at how much support I have gotten in this ship. (Also because I am a little baby writer {18} and so many of you have so much more experience writing I just feel so happy that you guys like my work). So in conclusion of this post that is getting way too long, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! 

Guys this is quite serious, I’d love if you read this.

It’s not like me to obviously share my personal life here, but I have one single request. Could you guys draw me some linearts? Like small colouring pages, with characters you like, or an OC You’re proud of? Anything will do, you don’t have to see yourself as a good artist at all, I’m certain that you’re awesome! Don’t let nobody bring you down, not even yourself.

Thing is, my grandmother is going to the hospital (again)… I’m not certain about how much more time she’s got left, and it’s really killing me inside. I need something to take away bad thoughts, and one of the best ways to do so for me is to take some Crayolas, and just slam some colour on plain drawings. I’m growing tired of the usual ones you find online, and your art would be a huge support. Any drawing will do, a crab, a mermaid, a dragon, anything!

So if you feel like helping me smile every day, then please put some linearts of yours or that under the tag #HelpingLinesGettingColour

Might even help someone in a similar situation <3


Guys please don’t follow me because of this post, just follow the lovely tag that’s growing pretty nicely right now!

Also, please just post to the tag, this is not about my opinion on your beautiful linearts, you’re all radical, don’t let others tell you you’re not! Don’t send it into my inbox, as this is not what this blog was made for, thank you <3

Remember when everyone in the house thought Zach would be hated by America and then when people were shouting over the wall for him they realized how loved he was and Nicole was all “I’m not surprised, I’d probably love Zach if I were at home watching.” Seriously, when is someone in that house going to realize how much America loves Steve and John?!?!?!

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oh gosh this is such a cute and angry ask  (✿◕ ‿◕ฺ)ノ。₀: *゚ i hope you have fun reading! if you have plans for summer you can definitely do those, too, the fics will still be there ^_^

OK so this technically isn’t my next ‘milestone’ but it’s kind of like a ‘omg im half way there i gotta do something’ kind of thing. SO yeah guys, like SAME AS ALWAYS I GUESS. I seriously love each & every one of you. You guys are literally the coolest people. I love writing & interacting with you guys and you all mean so much to you. I’m so glad I’ve made it this far with this blog lmao (seriously pink is my longest lasting muse) & NOW IM GOING TO BE POO AND MENTION SOME PPL OK some ppl i mention might be on hiatus but u should still follow ALSO I PROBABLY WILL MENTION PPL MORE THAN ONCE YOLO also i know i forgot people oops dont hate me

                                                THE  LIGHTS OF MY LIFE

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The reason why I love kaneki ken turned into a character explanation, non text version

So I guess the reason I love kaneki is because of how complicated his character actually is.

Its not something that you’ll probably understand, and I’m sure you see him as some psychotic freak (my friend seriously has something against him).

But when in reality kaneki is just a lonely and broken child. His mother died when he was a young age, leaving him all alone with an aunt that only took him in because she felt guilty.

His aunt totally ignored his existene, which led to kaneki working harder in school to get good grades so his aunt would notice him. But in fact it cause the opposite. By getting good grades, it made his aunts son look bad. Which made his aunt hate kaneki.

So after kaneki’s mother died, he had no one else that loved him in the world until he met hide,(at least that’s how I’m guessing he saw it) which is probably why kaneki never wanted hide to know that he had become a ghoul. Kaneki didn’t want hide to leave or hate him.

We all know the story of the failed book store date, so I won’t go into that (*internally sobs*)

Eventually, kaneki got mixed up with some bad people who wanted him because he had Rizes organs in him.

He was given to Jason, who then because he never got to torture rize, decided that the next closet thing would be kanekk. (I’ll say this once more, this is all what I think, it may or may not be true).

During the week he was being held captive, kaneki created his own world to keep him from going mad, and Rize was the person who his mind had decided to project.

The questions that Rize asks kaneki in his mind is actually kaneki starting to question his mother’s true motives. (Once again, this is my theory)

He finaly meets his breaking point when he finally realizes, that yes, his mother chose her work over him. His own mother deemed her sister more important and worked herselfbto death trying to keep her lousy sister afloat.

Kaneki’s previous mindset that his mother was right is shattered and he realizes that its not fair, he for ONCE in his life decides to fight back. Causing him to eat the figmited Rize, which probably represented his doubts and fears.

Of course, you can’t expect someone to come out of his endeavour squeaky clean. The stress caused his hair to go white and the constant need to regenerate his fingers caused his blood under his nails to clot and thus make it look black. (Poor soul)

He also came out with this new mindset, ‘I have to be strong’ 'if I’m strong then no one will have to die’ .
Which led him to start canabalizing other ghouls, because somewhere along the line, he had heard that it can make you stronger, and kaneki needed to get stronger so he could protect those he loved.

YOU GUYS i don’t even know what to say right now!! thank you so much for following me. thank you for all of the likes / reblogs / hilarious tags / lovely asks / etc. 

in all honesty tumblr is the only thing keeping me sane, and you guys are all a part of that. i have met so many amazing and talented people on here. i’ve made so many friends i know i will have for life, and i can’t put into words how much you guys mean to me. ♥

to all of my new followers - hey, hi, hello! feel free to shoot me an ask any time. sometimes i’m slow to reply ‘cause i’m lame but i love talking to you guys and making new friends! if you ever want to talk about anything or send me a request or whatever i’m here! :)

i don’t do this a lot but 5k is kind of a big deal to me so i’m going to link some stuff for the new peeps and for the hell of it:

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alright well that’s probably enough but yooooo I LOVE YOU GUYS MY HEART SOARS WITH THE EAGLE’S NEST <3333


So I just left the hospital and I’m safe and at home now. I feel so much better. The meds they gave me help me SO much. I’m so hopeful for the future now, and I’ve gained the courage to file a police report against the two people who sexually abused and raped me as a child. Thank you all for your wonderful support! I love you!!!!!!!!!


Everyone describes hide to be a tanned greek god covered from head to toe in freckles. Like golden fucking skin. Mocha deliciousness. Crispy like he’s been digging ditches all day in the hot smouldering sun. 
That kid is a pasty white Asian boy
The thought is nice, and i appreciate that visual, but are you guys blind.