I see love

Sasusaku month 2015

Day 3 - Carnival 

There’s something so different about this season. It’s like for the first time I’m not hardcore stanning anyone and I can just sit back and enjoy the gameplay instead of worrying about my favs. I’m not sure if that’s a thing a lot of people are experiencing or maybe I have just reached BB fan nirvana

A guide to listening to ‘If You’ - by Taeyang.


Listening to ‘If You”. 


For someone who just had a break-up.


Around the time when it’s raining. 


Inside the car while it rains outside.


Listen to the song alongside the rain and the sound of the wiper. 


Because you have just broken up


“Cal lost himself to a promise he made me out of love, now he’s made good.”


“She’s a walking miracle your mother. The way she suffered, endured, and fought through it.