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I’ll be gone for the weekend and I’m not sure if I’ll actually have time to draw since I’ll be hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in months, so I’ll leave you guys with this WIP~

i’m making a zine about 2016 #realisations a la kylie ! if you’ve realised something in the year of our lord 2016 pls send me a message and tell me about it (totally cool if u wanna be anonymous) and there’s a good chance i’ll include it ! i’m looking for #deep ones and also very ridiculous trivial ones (for example, i realised showers are not all that bad … suspicious) so anything is gr8 !

p.s. to the person who sent me one about eggs … pls tell me more about your new egg making technique vs. the old one im SO intrigued

absolutely gorgeous 💞


ichimui  asked:

Love your art man, you're one of the best artists I know here on tumblr, and your personality is just golden too~ <3 I really hope you're doing ok! ✌️ Have a great day! •w•

Thanks! It’s always nice seeing your blog, I really appreciate the compliments! I’m doing fine, and I hope you’re having a great time too ^_^

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11 Facts About Me:

1. My favorite video game is the Legend of Zelda series. Especially Twilight Princess <3

2. I practically live in my Stussy hoodie I bought like two weeks ago :P

3. I sometimes listen to podcasts to help me fall asleep or while driving to school 

4. I twirl my hair. A LOT. But I’d rather do that than bite my nails haha

5. I recently took the Myers-Briggs personality test and discovered that I am ENFJ

6. Joonie has climbed up my non-existent list so fast that he now sits right next to Yoongi as my bias wreckers. I mean, at least them and Hobi have established positions. But tbh, all of them are bias wreckers :”D 

7. I love the sound of snow crunching, but don’t like to ruin the little blankets of untouched snow

8. Dresses are my favorite piece of clothing

9. A favorite song of mine at the moment is: “Infinity” by Niykee Heaton (if you haven’t heard of her, go check her out right now! She is golden <3)

10. I love Thai food

11. That deep voice filter on snapchat I have named my “21st Century Lady” filter :P

* Random Question Time! *

 1. First Kpop video and you’re reaction? “Crayon” by G-Dragon and I was so confused why he was shaving when there was nothing to shave :P I loved the video/song!

2. Who in EXO has a personality like yours? Oh man umm…probably a mix between Suho/Yixing/Chanyeol. (I can’t decide adnadkfwdfqbdikb)

3. Something I regret doing or not doing? Waiting until the last minute to do my math homework. That’s always hahaha :”)

4. Thing I’m most passionate about? My family, friends, and music

5. Song that always make me cry? I’m going to say two. “Jameson” by Zella Day and “Goodnight” by Cher Lloyd.

6. Song that makes you happy? “Moonlight” by EXO

7. Why or why not? Have you heard those vocals? Also the choreography is both simple and beautiful *_*

8. Have you ever won anything? I won best actress twice and best supporting actress in my theater in high school :3

9. Favorite movie ever? Either Spirited Away or Somewhere Only We Know

10. Have you ever danced in the rain? It’s actually raining here right now and I have before, but I did just recently when I took out the trash :P

11. What did you think the first time you saw my blog? This beautiful person loves EXO and so do I. We will become good friends :)

12. Which idol’s voice touches you the most? Oh my gosh, I have so many akfbwkfawidfubawiduvbakvjabkfq. Okay well I will pick two. Chanyeol from EXO because I always get chills. From when he’s cute in Love Love Love, to the raw emotion in Promise, he has an amazing voice. I say Kris Wu as well, because I cannot count how many times I have listened to his music. He has a beautiful voice (from his time during EXO to his work now) that has always caught my attention and I am specifically at this moment thinking of his recent ballad songs. They are incredible and gentle and emotional and I love them. And him <3

13. Which foreign languages do you want to learn? I would love to become fluent in Japanese (what I’m studying currently) as well as Korean and Czech ^_^ I still love French too, so keeping that up would be fun!

14. Chocolate or Vanilla? Both! But more vanilla 

15. Regret something from your past? Yike, yes lol

16. Describe your bias in one word. Loving

17. Fav line lyric from a song? “I remember back then when I was fed up and lost, back then when I fell into a pit of despair, Even when I pushed you away, Even when I resented meeting you, You were firmly by my side, You didn’t have to say anything, So don’t ever let go of my hand, I won’t let you go ever again either”

18. Did you have a good day? Yes :) 

19. Astrological Sign: Scorpio

20. Summer or Winter: Winter

21. Favorite hair color: Dark brown or black

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(Inktober #7)

what’s a good and quick idea- that will look kinda complicated but its just a disguise bc im gna do a really shit job texturing and everything else- that i could possibly do for halloween
i got it
a harem of vampire voca boys

It’s a blurry photo but so is my life… Anyway, I was tagged by @overwatchfelicitysmoak @dropshipkingandqueen @quick-to-the-tardis and I love seeing their beautiful faces thank you for making a sucky day better.

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i love these memes let’s go

answer the questions and tag 10 ppl you want to get to know better :) tagged by my pastel princess @bubblejoy

1. nickname: zaf
2. sun sign: scorpio (my moon’s libra & my ascendant is sagittarius :D)
3. height: around 5′8′’ and a half
4. time rn: it’s 7:12pm
5. favourite music artist: o….man fuck. bombay bicycle club? vampire weekend? woodkid, day6, indigo la end, indian ocean, franz ferdinand, børns, etc etc i have a type
6. song stuck in your head: none atm thank u very much
7. last movie watched: i think…it was anomalisa? or was it inferno
8. last tv show watched: the latest htgawm episode sigh 
9. what are you wearing rn: maroon lounge shorts and an oversized t shirt
10. have any other blogs?: yeah my main’s @dxmianos n my rp blog’s @cxpheus !!!! 
11. do you get asks regularly: nopesies :D
12. why did u choose ur url: bc i wanted to publicly broadcast the truth of my origins why else
13. when did u create ur blog: i made this sideblog a couple of months back when i realised my love for got7 was overtaking my main blog n while i didn’t mind that, i wanted like….one dedicated corner for my love for got7 n i’ve come to use my sideblog more frequently than my main one kfjgnfjkgn but everyone saw that coming!!!!
14. what kind of stuff do u post: the seven children i’ve come to raise as my own
15. gender: female
16. hogwarts house: started out as a slytherin but that was mainly overcompensation…..im kinda comfortable as a ravendor hybrid now it’s nice :) 
17. pokemon team: my friend wanted me to join valour but im a mystic at heart
18. favourite colour: TURQUOISE :)
19. avg hours of sleep: 7 hrs!!!!!! :D
20. favourite characters: jem carstairs my child….my everything…..the sole reason why i hadn’t abandoned ya lit at the tender age of 15, richard campbell gansey iii, pakhi roy choudhary, EMMA WOODHOUSE :D, oberyn martell
21. how many blankies do you sleep with: 1
22. how many people are you following: 272
23. dream job: honestly…..experimental social psychology researcher n professor that’s the ideal for me 

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