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New Beginnings

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Written for @sanjariti‘s Game of Prompts. Based on the song Good Times by All Time Low

Word Count:1,602

Warnings: Language, Angst, Underage Drinking 

A/N: Caro, I’m so so sorry it took me so long to write this. Congrats on your milestone! You’re awesome!

Sitting under the lights of the basketball court, you nursed a bottle of beer that you had been sharing with three other people. Sam sat on the orange ball, sweat dripping down his forehead. Steve’s cheeks were red from running, his blond hair sticking to his forehead. And while Bucky was wearing his basketball shorts, he had spent the entire evening with you.

“I gave Rogers a proper thrashing,” Sam announced proudly.

Steve rolled his eyes. “You wish.”

Normally you would have been laughing and cheering, but not tonight. It was your last night with your three best friends and you were feeling pretty nostalgic.

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I’m Not a Kid

I’m Not a Kid

Word count: 4.2k

Genre: smut

Parts: one | two

“Y/N” you heard Jungkook sing song. He had been bothering you for the past three weeks. Jungkook was your boss’s son and he had been trying to get you to go out with him since day one.

You had given the papers to your secretary and turned to face him. “Jungkook,” you sighed and walked back over to your office. You walked inside your office and turned to close your door but Jungkook stopped it and walked in. You sighed again and went to sit at your desk. You got on your computer, not looking at him, “Yes, Jungkook.”

“Oh, Y/N” he laughed. “I love when you call me that.”

You looked over at him, “It is your name.”

He just stood there and smiled with a wink. You rolled your eyes, “What did you need?”

He walked over and sat at the on the edge of your desk. “Well, I need a date to dinner tonight?”

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sugar ❖ sehun (4)

❝You ain’t coming in my apartment if you smoke another cigarette❞

admin : - velvet
genre : fluff, smut (i know i said that this chap would have smut, but this was gettin too long, so smut in the next i promise you), pretty huge age gap, kinda daddyish, ceo!sehun, angst

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 | Epilogue

When you entered Sehun’s office you quickly noticed how it reflexed perfectly his personality, it was tidy, everything has its own place and purpose, not even the bottle of wine was there just for please the aesthetic of the office, everything was grey or white, it looked sad and that was exactly why Sehun and his office were equal.

Take a seat❞ he suggested showing you the big black armchair in front of his desk. With trembling legs you reached for the seat, sitting down with your eyes trailing on his figure.

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Better For Me (Part Two)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Natasha (Reader sometimes calls her Natalia), Sam Wilson, let’s just say everyone in the fuckin compound lmao

Warnings: Swearing, cocky!Bucky, sexual tension, eventual smut, it’s a slow buuuurn

Summary: You meet one of New York’s richest Bachelor’s. He’s hot, he’s rich, and he’s an absolute fucking asshole. Luckily for you, you’re an asshole too and you could take a challenge any day. Within the first 24 hours of knowing each other, you’ve already pushed each other over breaking point. But when something comes up, you’re both forced to try and get along. Can it be possible?

Word Count: 3011

Chapter Notes: Bucky apologises to Y/N but being the self centred prick he is, he makes her snap, making her push him to his breaking point. Does she really think he won’t go down until he’s pushed her to her breaking point?

A/N: The start is pretty filler-ish, all the nice stuff is near the end <3


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Old Souls (Part 3)

Summary: Your aunt runs an antique shop in the lower parts of Manhattan, and asks you to work in her shop once a week. You happily take the job, but then on your first day you have a strange encounter with an unusual customer - Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Things ensue as the two of you end up becoming friends - and maybe even more - as you reminisce about the old things that you love as well as your mysterious pasts.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,438

Warnings: Fluff, a little angst

A/N: Hello again! We’re back at it again with another part! You get to learn a little more about the reader, just a tad more. Also, yes, I’m sorry for always posting so late. At least its late here (PST). I’m a night owl when I know I’ll be waking up early HA. Enjoy!

Other Parts Here

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Something Sweet {Part I}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Haven’t given the ol’ Baking AU a shot in a good while! I’ve decided to combine it with those other foodie movies and came up with this idea! Hope you enjoy!)

Head Chef! Obi-Wan x Pastry Chef! Reader

Plot Summary: When Qui-Gon hires a new pastry chef for his dessert menu, Obi-Wan feels a slight sense of competition. Who do you think you are, just waltzing into his kitchen? He’s been running it for years, it doesn’t need to change. But, as time progresses, he realizes the sour beginning the two of you had is starting to turn into something sweet.

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

“I need the Lamb Navarin plated yesterday, hurry up! Lobster Bisque is already on the floor, I need you to move!”

“Yes chef!” The kitchen chorus rang as the chefs scrambled to get the dishes onto the waiter’s tray in time. Chef Kenobi took a split second to wipe the sweat off of his brow with his rag, before returning to the Quenelles de Brochet reserved for the food critic sat at Table 14. Every garnish needed to be set with the utmost precision. The pike was placed delicately atop the Nantua sauce before he wiped the ring of the dish and sent it off, the stress taking over his mind but not his body as he turned to continue his work.

The shaky breathing and worrisome nature continued far past closing time, the chef only managing to receive a total of three hours of sleep, complete with waking up every now and again in cold sweats and drinking half a bottle of wine at two in the morning.

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Originally posted by why-jaehyun

Anonymous: “Could you do a scenario with Jaehyun from NCT where he thinks you’re cheating on him but with a happy ending☺”

BOOIII when I read this request I literally ran to my laptop and cried :’) I love me some angst/fluff and i’m ALWAYS thirsty for some Jefferey!!! 💦👅😏 pls send in some more NCT scenario requests :) 

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Characters: You x Jaehyun

Word Count: 2.6K

Plot: Jaehyun thinks you’re cheating on him when you spend all of your time with your co-worker. 

(Y/N) = Your Name

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A/N: I hope you like this trash. As always it’s rather long and I am picking up the jealousy theme. Shoutout to @occamy-shadow who has inspired me with her Dean Thomas fanfic. I kinda stole the last scene from her. 

Summary: Fred ad George assign you with the task of designing the outside of their Joke Shop and you start spending a lot of time with Dean Thomas; much to George’s disapproval.

Pairing: George Weasley x Reader 

Word Count: 3758

Warnings: none. fluff!

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Bucky Barnes x Plus size reader Fingerpainting

Word Count: 2K+

Warnings: Cursing(as usaual, ya’ll know I gots a potty mouth from hell) and teetH ROTTING COTTON CANDY FLAVORED FLUFF. Daddy! Bucky has my whole heart.

Growing up, your household had been vibrant, drenched in color, music filling every nook and cranny. Your mother had been something of a free spirit; You’d been raised on Fleetwood Mac and Jimmi Hendrix, on dancing in circles and bubbling laughter. Now, as an adult you cherished those memories, they we’re such a big part of who you are. And as a mother yourself, you made sure the tradition had continued on.

Made sure your children grew up with that same magical wonder that you had.

It’s what Bucky had noticed about you first, that sparkle in your (y/c) eyes, the curiosity and mischievousness. Cat like, as he liked to refer to them. You we’re his little cat; playful and full of life. And yeah, you had a vicious set of claws, but mostly you liked to be stroked. Both figuratively and literally.

You had this way about you, one that was like sunshine. That bubbly laughter of your contagious, your dimpled smile blinding.

Falling completely fucking in love with you had been easy, natural. He instinctively sought your light and you were more then willing to share it with him, give it to him. Light him up from the inside in a way that made him get a little awestruck because he’d never thought that he’d ever find something like you. He’d accepted the frigidness that had consumed him and here you came, like an Indian summer. All plump curves and saccharine words and butterfly kisses.

And he assumed that it couldn’t get any better; to have a woman that truly deeply loved him. Despite everything… well, what could top that?

And then you’d gotten pregnant and proceeded to set his universe into technicolor chaos once more. He hadn’t even realized he could still have children, that that was still an option for him.

You gifted him with something he hadn’t even realize he’d been craving; his first child. A daughter.

Faye Rebecca Barnes.

Who had your eyes, same spark and everything. But his pretty little up turned nose and his thick, dark hair. She was a tiny hummingbird of a girl, as soon as she could walk she was off in all directions; and he followed close behind, like he always would. Where there was Faye’s chiming laughter, Bucky was close by. The bond that those two had…was something that you couldn’t even fathom sometimes. It was beautiful, to watch them. To know that you had helped to create something so pure.

…Two somethings so pure. Your stomach had never been flat; had always been plush and jiggly, but at the moment it strained out round and firmly, stretching your skin taught. Like some had stuck a basketball under your shirt.

They say pregnancy the second time around is easier. Fucking hah, who ever said that didn’t have a three year old darting around. But still- you tried to stay positive. Tried to focus more on the beautiful parts of pregnancy…even though the ugly, irritating ones came in spades. Oh, how you desperately fucking missed not having to pee every ten minutes.

Baby Barnes number two had made it a game to tap dance on your bladder.

It’s a stormy Wednesday afternoon, nothing particularly exciting or special going on: you’re sitting on the living room floor because its the only place you can seem o get comfortable with Faye, the large glass coffee table in front of you littered with oil pastes and colored pencils. Discarded papers blotches with swirls of color dispersed all over as the two of you drew idly. Bucky was laying on the couch behind you, the one that you lean against, reading the newspaper as Dumbo played on the flat screen in the background.

“Mommy what’s your favorite animal?” Faye inquires, not looking up from her paper and the long erratic strokes she’s making with a teal colored pencil. She was only three, and she’d seemed to inherit your “artistic nature” as Buck liked to call it.

“Seahorses…Or maybe flamingos. I cant decide” You scrunch your nose, focused on your own art. Sunsets and constellations stare back at you, you use your thumb to blend the smooth pastel colors into one hypnotic shade. “What’s yours, Honeybee?”

“Mermaids” Faye shrugs as though its obvious “I like pink elephants too”

From behind the newspaper, Bucky has a large grin on his face. Shaking his head a little at the two of you.

“Is that why we’ve been watching Dumbo on repeat?” He wonders, his gruff voice amused as he reads an article on ‘Stark Industries new Holliday Season Technology.’

“It’s my favorite” Faye nods. Favorite of the week, that is. Last week had been the Aristocats, the week before that Moana.

Bucky could literally sing “Your Welcome” from start to finish. Faye insisted her father be Maui for the upcoming Halloween because he had “pretty hair” just like him. You’d laughed HARD at that, but whispered to him that you wouldn’t mind seeing him only in a grass skirt, your tone had him grabbing at your plump ass.

“Really? It used to scare me a little bit. Especially the pink elephants on parade part. Super trippy if you ask me” You laugh, looking up from your page at your daughter. Her dark hair was pulled up into a messy knot on the top of her head,

“I like ‘em. I think they pretty” The three year old defends.

“It does make my head spin a little. I remember reading somethin’ about Walt Disney being all hopped up on dr-” Bucky stops himself, shooting Faye a look “-…Sugar, when he made a lot of these movies”

You laugh. It’s uncanny how similar it sounds to your daughters.

Bucky thinks that’s part of a reason the little girl has such a tight hold on his heart. Obviously, she was his child, and he would love her regardless of what she looked like. But the fact that she was a mini version of you was really what got him.

Faye laughed like sunshine too.

“Yeah I’ve heard that too! And it makes so much sense, this was a trip gone bad…or good I guess. Since you know, its a classic” You add.

“A trip to where, mommy?”

You snort and Bucky puts the paper down a little bit so that he can not only see your reaction, but your response. One of his eyebrows raise.

“Umm, to a place where only adults go. We’ll talk about it when your in college?” You test the waters. Even after years, this whole parenting thing was still touch and go to you.

You didn’t think you’d ever fully have it down.

Bucky’s little chortle from behind you makes you turn around and shoot him a glare to which his hand, the metal one, comes down and rubs your shoulder in apology; his cool fingers massaging the muscle near your neck in a way that had you leaning into him.

You still love the feeling of his hands on your skin, still makes goosebumps rise. You hope you never loose this feeing.

Faye, as usual, looses interest with what she’s doing before her movies even over.

“I’m bored” She whines dropping her pencil “I wanna go swing”

“No, Faye. It’s raining and you’ll not only get all muddy, but you’ll get sick” You try to explain to her the reason why your such a kill joy. Of course she doesn’t seem to hear any of it.


You breathe through your nose. Of course.

Bucky was what people call “the good parent”. What you said no to, she’d usually be able to convince her father into letting her do.

She really was manipulative for a three year old.

“Where do you think she gets that from?” Nat had taunted once, looking at you with laughing eyes and you’d shoved her shoulder.

“No baby, you’re moms right. You’ll get really sick and then you wont get to go play at Uncle Steves this weekend. And you’ve been so excited to see Noah” Bucky sides with you, trying to convince her with the promise of seeing her god brother, Steve and Sharon’s one year old son.

Faye huffs and pushes her paper away from her so hard that it, along with a few pastels, flies off the table. She then lets her head fall to the glass with a hard thunk, one that made Bucky wince.

“I’m so bored” She cries dramatically. You know how people talk about the terrible two’s? Yeah you we’re starting to think the troublesome threes were worse.

“Do you want to watch a different movie?”


“You could come help mama make lunch? Chicken fingers, you favorite?”


“We could go find Kit? I think she’s scared of the thunder, she’s probably under your bed-” Bucky offers, he knows how much Faye loves that cat.

“NO DADDY” Faye interrupts him with a snap.

“Faye Rebecca Barnes, you do not talk to any adults that way, much less your dad. You probably hurt his feelings” Your tone is not cutting, but authoritive . She knows better then that. She doesn’t look up but you hear her sniffle as she turns her head, facing away from you.

You purse your lips, before leaning your own head back, enough that it rests on Buckys thigh. Your eyes closed. Did you hate making her cry(even if you knew she was just faking?) Yes. But you also wanted to make sure she grew up to be a decent member of society that other people could stand. And that meant teaching her that she couldn’t snap to get her way.

Bucky knew that too…he also knew you had way more resolve then him. So instead of making it worse, he kept his mouth closed and let you handle it. Smart man, your husband.

…as the minutes ticked by, the silence a little overwhelming you realized that you too, were bored.

Making you empathize with your little one. Boredom, the death of creativity. It had always made you antsy, being idle. You feel Buck’s hand in your hair, the metal one, and you get a passing idea.

Remembering a time when your mother had let you and your siblings finger paint on her back…

“Hey, Faye” You call to her, and she mutters a small “What” without looking at you. She could pout with the best of them.

Something she’d inherited from both of you.

“Wanna do something fun?” Your voice is eager and it makes both Faye and Bucky give you almost identical looks.

“Like what?”

You just grin and manage to heft yourself off of the floor(with Bucky’s arm steadying you) and waddle out of the living room, towards your art closet.

“Where’s she goin?” Faye questions her father and he shrugs but sits up, anticipating your next move.

“I don’t know, but knowin’ your mother- it’ll be something messy” Bucky guesses as he looks down at Faye, taking a minute to bop her on her little bun. She beams up at him, grabbing at her hair.


“Sorry pumpkin” He chuckles, before bopping her again. He’s ready for her when she launches herself into his lap.

“I’m sorry I hurt your feelings” Faye whispers against his scruffy cheek as he holds her.

“It’s okay” Bucky scratches her back lightly “I’m a big boy, I got over it”

“Okay, lets do this” You announce as you come back in the room and both of their heads turn to meet you. In your arms, resting on your stomach, is your plastic container full of washable paints and glitters. Body paint…

“Told you. Messy” Bucky tells Faye who squeals and makes grabby hands at you.

An hour later, you’ve managed to lay the news paper that Buck was reading out on the floor. Protecting your rugs from the splashes of paint. The three of you sit on the hardwood, Bucky has stripped off the hoodie he was wearing and now sits in just his white singlet, holding his metal arm steady and still as you Faye paint on the surface of it. Both of your fingers covered in multicolor paint as they swirl colors onto the sleek metal.

Faye draws purple clouds and orange seahorses(or at least she tries) and you work on an intricate, realistic looking array of wild flowers with a detailed sunflower in the middle of them.

He squirms a little as your fingers trace the edge where his steel shoulder meets warm flesh.

“Don’t move, daddy!” Faye barks at him and you giggle.

“Yeah, daddy” You stress the word, biting your lip and shooting him a devious little smirk that your daughter misses “Don’t move”

“It tickles!” He protests with an exasperated laugh, but stays still all the same. He cant tear his eyes off of you, so concentrated. Little specks of yellow paint smeared on your soft cheek, your belly swollen with his second baby. He reaches out with his flesh hand to rub at the bump tenderly.

You’d given him everything.

“I love you, sweets” He whispers, watching your short fingers delicately trace details into the flowers. You look up, breaking your concentration to smile at him.

“I love you too, Buck” You reach up and press a kiss to his stubbly jaw, then another to his chin. And finally laying a big one on his cheek.

When he feels another set, of smaller lips, press a quick peck to his other cheek his heart swells.

“Love you, daddy” Faye chirps, as she settles back down. “Momma do seahorses have three eyes or four?”

“Four” You answer with a smile.

-Okay I know this wasn’t smut but this was requested and I felt like I needed to write some Dad! Bucky because I love him so much and he’s such a cinnamon roll and wouldn’t he just make the best dad? I wanted their daughters name to be something old fashioned, but still interesting because this Readers an artist and I just think she’d want her children to have unique sounding names? Idk. Enjoy. Cry. Do what you must💘😂

I Know Your Dirty Little Secret.

Hi Guys this is a prompt fill for a request I received from @ultravanityglamme I am making this into a longer fic then I normally would for a fill so will be posting it up in parts as I complete each chapter.  This is unbeta’d and all mistakes are my own.

I won’t post the prompt here as I don’t want to spoil the ending.

I’m not 100% happy with this one but feel I need to get it out there in the amazing Bughead community/family and get some feedback.

I hope you enjoy.


Cheryl notices that Betty has come to school with hickeys on her neck. She tells the rest of Betty’s friends which kicks off a search to find Betty’s secret boyfriend.

Chapter One

Cheryl Blossom was bored. She had been for weeks. Once the drama of the search for Polly Cooper had died down, it was back to the normal hum drum of school life. So she was delighted when she saw Betty Cooper in the school’s boy’s locker room, examining her neck in the mirror. She had a make up compact, delicately dabbing her neck with the sponge, covering reddish marks. Once she seemed satisfied with her work she snapped the compact closed and removed her hair from the high ponytail to let it fall over her neck, to further hide the incriminating marks. She let out a frustrated sigh as she adjusted her hair further, finally satisfied with her efforts. Cheryl had come to the boy’s locker room to reflect it wasn’t like the girls locker room where people were coming and going all the time. If there was no game, no training there was no one here. Also it was where she could best remember Jason, she could swear sometimes that he was there with her, but she would soon shake those thoughts away.

That must have been the same reason Betty had come to cover up her dirty little secret.

Cheryl did not move from her hidden spot until Betty shut her locker and bounded off. So Betty has a secret lover. Cheryl thought of the possibilities at her disposal. She could con font Betty in front of the rest of the student population, but then a more delicious thought popped into her head. It would be much more interesting to lord this over the rest of the Scooby Gang and get them to do the hard work for her. Well maybe she would help them a little.

 She found them at their regular table in the quad. Lonely boy was not with them, but he wouldn’t be interested in this little investigation anyway. The key players were there and that was enough more importantly, good girl gone bad wasn’t there.

“Good morning gang.” She greeted them perkily, taking the empty seat next to Archie across from Veronica and Kevin.

“Cheryl to what do we owe this pleasure?” Kevin asked cautiously. Wherever Cheryl went trouble and drama usually followed.

“Well.” She laid out her hands in front of her. “I just saw something very interesting in the locker room.”

“We’ve all seen interesting things in that locker room, Cheryl, cut to the point.” Veronica mused thinking about the last time she had stormed into that locker room on a man hunt with Betty. Cheryl rolled her eyes before continuing.

“Well I saw Miss Innocent Betty Cooper, covering up some interesting marks on her neck, he kind you get from a hot and heavy make out session, or a vacuum cleaner, iif your looking for attention” She said smugly waiting and watching their blank faces hoping to see some kind of reaction. When there was none she decided to try further. “And I gather from your blank faces that she hasn’t told you about her secret admirer.”

“Betty wouldn’t keep something like that from us.” Kevin said defending his friend.

“No, I’m sure that is why she is all of a sudden wearing her hair down, wearing high necked jumpers, not joining you guys at lunch. Where is she by the way?”

“She said she had some extra work to finish for the Blue and Gold.” Kevin stated.

“She told me she was going to be practising the new cheer routine at the gym.” Veronica advised somewhat confused.

“Yeah, doesn’t sound like she is keeping secrets at all.” Cheryl said smugly. Archie who had not said anything to this point thought about why Betty may be keeping secrets from them. She was always so open and honest and usually a terrible liar, but something had changed since that night at Cheryl’s party, since the death of Jason Blossom. Betty was different, more secretive, and she had launched herself into this investigation with Jughead full force. He barely saw her any more, he felt like they were into different things now, him his music and her her sleuthing and apparently secret boyfriend if Cheryl was to be believed.

“We should really be getting to lunch.” She let out as he continued to ravish neck, wet, heated kisses. She knew that there would be more marks to hide once her was done with her, but she couldn’t tear herself away. “They might be, Oh God.” She uttered as he reached that sensitive spot right underneath her ear which seemed to make her knees go weak. She held onto him to keep her steady. “Missing us.” She managed to finish.

She enjoyed their special moments, sure it was in the Janitor’s closet under the school stairs but it was still special, theirs. He was attentive, unguarded. It made her heart sing that this was what she brought out of him. That he could be a little lighter with her there.

“Yeah”. He responded with his words but his actions told her that they would be missing lunch with their friends again. It wasn’t that they were keeping this a secret intentionally but they didn’t need to know, she wanted this to be special to just be hers to keep. She knew that Veronica would be supportive, Kevin would want all the details, probably to much detail for her liking. And Archie, well, she wasn’t sure. She was scared of telling him the most. For so long it had been just the three of them, she didn’t want their friendship to change, any of their friendships to change. She knew that Jughead valued his friendship with Archie just as much as she did.

A light nip on her neck broke her thoughts and brought her back into the moment.

“Careful Juggie.” She warned.

“Sorry, I just.” He groaned against her neck drinking in her scent. Raspberry and Vanilla, her shampoo he guessed as well as something that was uniquely Betty. He would lose control around her when they were in each other’s embrace. He wanted to mark every part of her body, her soul and that strength and depth of that want scared him. What scared him more was what he would do now if he did lose her. Perhaps that was why he wanted to keep their secret, he didn’t want someone to let her know that she was too good for him. Something that he was already acutely aware of.

She pulled him back away from her neck to face her, seeing the hunger in his eyes, knowing that it was mirrored in her own.

“I know.” She whispered, her voice soothing and calming his very being. Yeah he didn’t want to ever lose her.

Chapter 2

FILLED REQUEST: cloud prince, or the roman holiday reimagining with ha sungwoon

(image credit)

pairing: prince! ha sungwoon x reader
genre: fluff
summary:  You’re a reporter in desperate need of a sensational story. Ha Sungwoon, crown prince, falls into your lap and turns your life around. 
warnings: none
(set in madrid bc i’m cheesy and really enjoyed my stay there! hehe. hope y’all enjoy!!)

PRINCE SERIES: guanlin | sungwoon

  • ha sungwoon is his country’s new crown prince, and if he’s being perfectly honest, he’s not very happy about it
  • sure, it’s his home, and the country’s involvement in software development has made it one of the richest in the world
  • but sungwoon had dreams, wanted to be a performer, before his older sister abdicated the throne to start her own business, which is strictly in conflict with being a royal
  • now sungwoon is under all these different rules of decorum and he feels stifled—he’s always been one to wear his heart on his sleeve, and this role requires an inscrutable mask of politeness and manners
  • when his family feels he’s ready, they send him off to Europe to meet with their tiny island’s trading partners
  • and in the first country, sungwoon makes an innocent comment about the prime minister’s choice of tie
  • his deportment teacher makes a huge fuss about it and sungwoon grows very, very tired
  • so at precisely 4:56 pm, he slips out of the embassy and quickly makes his way to a nearby department store
  • sungwoon uses all the money he has on him to buy a new set of nondescript clothes, glasses, a cap, and a box of hair dye
  • but he discovers right after that there’s no way he’ll be able to dye his hair on his own for the first time in a public bathroom
  • and he ends up sitting at a bus stop, left with less than a euro in his pocket
  • when you see him, you mistake him for a forlorn tourist
  • you’ve been having a shit day; your best friend and editor-in-chief just warned you about an impending paycut and job downgrade if you didn’t submit a good story by the end of the month
  • it had been too good to be true, working with seongwu as the foreign correspondent for his lifestyle magazine
  • fine, you haven’t written a good investigative article since your exposé on that one museum, but writing for PRODUCE is a lot harder than you’d thought
  • the only way to remedy a bad day, you think, is to do a good deed
  • so when you hear the lost-looking stranger’s stomach grumble in the silence at the bus stop, you offer him half of the sandwich you’d taken out for home
  • “I don’t need help!” he says, his voice panicked
  • and he has a wild look in his eyes, and you back away slowly
  • but he looks clean—his nails are manicured, for god’s sake
  • “are you sure you’re okay?” you say because you’re determined to be kind and there’s nothing he can do about it
  • but he doesn’t have a bathroom to do it at bc public bathrooms are too small and it’d be conspicuous
  • he gives you an odd look
  • “you don’t know who i am?” and then he grins, his smile so radiant your breath catches, annoyance forgotten
  • “no??”
  • he bites that plush lower lip and asks for a small favor
  • and that’s how you both end up at your tiny apartment
  • he’s in the bathroom and you’re messaging seongwu and jisung—the former is your boss, the latter your photographer partner
  • and seongwu sends you a lead he suggests you check out
  • i hear crown prince ha sungwoon is in ur area. cant find any recent pictures but here are some pics from when he was a kid
  • he’s chubbier in the pictures, but those pouty lips are unmistakeable
  • you’re crafting a plan as you go to check on him
  • crown prince ha sungwoon is shirtless in your bathroom intently reading the hair dye manual included in the box
  • “have you never done this before?” you say raising a brow
  • he huffs and admits he hasn’t
  • you end up googling a how-to video because he doesn’t have a phone on him
  • he’s sitting in your tub with his arms crossed and you’re watching the guide, texting jisung at the same time
  • i have a plan
  • his stomach rumbles right as you close the messaging app and his ears go red
  • sungwoon borrows your pink bathrobe and eats your cherries while you toast him some bread
  • “what should i call you?”
  • sungwoon mutters something in reply that you don’t quite catch
  • “did you ask me to call you ‘daddy?’”
  • “I sAiD CLOUDY!!!”
  • later he’s back in your tub, your hands gently massaging his scalp to get the dye in
  • and he moans softly once, his eyes going wide
  • “cloudy, is this turning you on”
  • “I HAVE A SENSITIVE SCALP…unless you want me that way, baby”
  • you feel 98% embarrassment and 2% attraction so you splash him with the water before leaving him to finish up
  • when he comes out his hair is a boring shade of brown, and you look him up and down
  • “well, you blend in aside from—“
  • “i’m taller wearing shoes, okay!!” he says, standing up straighter, before glancing at the door with a worried expression
  • you sigh, shrugging, and say, “do you have any money on you?”
  • and he shakes his head no, so you offer him your place to crash for the night
  • you’re texting jisung, letting him know where you’ll go so he can take the photos for your soon-to-be-written feature article about an unsuspecting ha sungwoon
  • and you startle because sungwoon’s asleep in your bed beside you???
  • but he looks exhausted, his body shaking slightly in the cold because he hadn’t even tried to take your blanket
  • so you tuck him in before sliding in next to him, your limbs touching because your bed is small
  • you wake up to someone singing in the kitchen
  • ha sungwoon is wearing your apron and making you an omelette
  • he beams at you when you eat it, saying, “it’s perfect, isn’t it? but it’s the only thing i know how to make"
  • you thank him for breakfast, washing the dishes as you casually say, “i might need an assistant for my blog post today”
  • which strictly isn’t a lie
  • so you hand him your never-used polaroid camera and brief him about your itinerary around madrid
  • when you get to the royal palace he seems relatively unimpressed, if very interested in the art
  • “there’s no room for such extravagance back home,” he mutters as you’re leaving
  • “what was that, cloudy?”
  • instead of responding, he takes a photo of you by the gate
  • you take a couple of him, too, both because they’re good material and because he’s so interesting to watch
  • you have lunch at a random tapas place and he’s ordering everything until he remembers he’s on your budget
  • but you nod at him and he lights up throwing an arm over your shoulder and squeezing you tightly to his side, and you cover up your blush by taking a few photos of him
  • later you’re eating ice cream while in line for the prado museum’s free hours, and you’re mesmerized watching him eat the ice cream more neatly than anyone you’ve ever seen in your life
  • sungwoon picks up a copy of the memorable painting list and grabs your wrist, promising to show you the best paintings
  • it turns out he knows a lot about art??
  • and you’re sorry you can’t take recordings because the enthusiasm with which he speaks is really captivating
  • you ask him about it later as you walk the way back to your apartment
  • “i wanted to take up fine arts, like theatre or music or something, but my parents wanted me in art curation because it’s more fitting for an heir—an heir to our family business, i mean,” he says, his ears turning a tell-tale pink
  • he bids you goodbye at your door, shaking your hand after you give him one of the polaroid selfies you took together
  • “there are matters i have to attend to,” he says stiffly
  • and you laugh, shaking your head and pulling him into a tight hug
  • “you’ll need a better poker face for those, sungwoon,” you whisper in his ear
  • he’s back at the embassy when he realizes he never told you his name and you never mentioned yours
  • the next day, sungwoon’s at the press conference, and he sees you with a media ID on
  • it takes all the self-control he’s learned the past few months to keep from freaking out in public
  • later, you approach him, biting your lip as if you’re nervous, and sungwoon tries not to remember how you’d looked in the fading light of day the night before, the flutter he’d felt in his heart
  • “before you say anything, hear me out,” you murmur, and sungwoon nods with his brows furrowed
  • you hand him a small envelope with a fond smile on your face
  • “from PRODUCE publication, a present for the new crown prince”
  • sungwoon opens it afterwards and it’s a memory card with a post-it attached
  • ‘the only other place these are recorded is my memory’
  • and he looks up the online publication but the days pass without anything about him being written besides a short note about his coronation
  • he reads every single article you post, and he hears them all in your snarky voice and finds himself missing you terribly
  • but of course he won’t contact you because he’s supposed to be far too busy for that sort of thing
  • still, when he’s back home, he orders a subscription for the print edition of PRODUCE
  • and it gets delivered to his place with a note scrawled all over the first page, in the same handwriting as the post-it he keeps in his wallet
  • ‘guess where i’m going to be stationed?’

anonymous asked:

Heyyy!! Loving your blog! Ahh your stories are well done!!! I was wondering whether I could request a RFA story thingy? Where each member of the RFA are a dad. So like different stories on their daily lives as they have to stay home or something and look after their child? Thanks x

Ayeee thank you!!!! That means a ton!!

Also, I don’t really know if this is a shipping prompt in any way but it will be involving shipping of the usual sort I write. But I will still be focusing on all of the other ‘dads’ as well, including how they simply came to be that way! 

If that isn’t what you’re wanting let me know and I’ll be sure to edit it accordingly!!

Thank you and enjoy! Have a spectacular day!!! <3


You woke to an alarm.

It was a blaring sound that dug into your ears as you groggily woke, barely able to reach out and switch it off, far too comfortable in your husband’s arms to move despite it all. 

You sighed, crashing back down as the clock stopped with your slammed palm, groaning as Jumin stirred, his words weary and soft. 

“Good…Good morning love.” He hummed, wrapping a palm around your cheek fondly, pressing a kiss to your nose. “We ought to start getting ready before Mi-sun-” 

“It’s time for school! It’s time!” 

Your daughter burst into the room, launching on the bed with full force, ramming into the two of you with delighted cries.

And if you weren’t awake before, you most certainly were now. 

You felt the air snatched from your lungs, your upper body was thrown up as you met with Mi-sun. 

“H-Hello honey.” You greeted, your voice strained. 

“Hi!” She exclaimed, beaming. “Come on, come on you need to get ready! Eun Ae is going to be here soon! Come on, Come on!” 

“Oh goodness…that’s right.” Jumin sighed, lifting up your daughter and setting her down beside you both. “Just give us a moment dear.” 

“Okay, daddy!” 

You began getting ready tiredly, Jumin’s lids droopy and a small yawn constantly escaping you no matter how hard you tried to withhold it.

“What do you think…?” You had muttered. “You think bedhead is coming into style? Think I could pull if off?” 

“I’m a very biased opinion on that,” He remarked. “I think you look remarkable regardless.” 

“You’re still such a charmer, you know that?” 

He wound his arms around you from behind, pressing a kiss to your temple. 

“SImply speaking the truth.” 

You became ensnared in your chatting as you finished getting ready, only just finishing adjusting the buttons of your shirt as the doorbell bellowed throughout the home, Jumin chuckling at your shock.

“That must be V and Eun Ae.” He murmured, setting up the final bit of the cuffs of his suit. “I’ll go greet them, could you please make sure Mi-sun doesn’t run out the door?”

“I”ll do my best but…she’s a beast.” 

“I believe in you.” 

The two of you made your way to the hall, you holding onto your daughter as Jumin came to the front door, revealing the other parent. 


V had become a foster parent a little before you had become pregnant, finally finding a family and closeness with his daughter who he doted on more than you thought possible for a person to.

Eun Ae was quiet and shy, yet always seemed to smile no matter her situation.

And she and Mi-sun were attached at the hip. 

“Eun Eun!” Mi-sun rushed after her friend the moment you let go, practically topping the smaller girl in her well-meaning delight. “I missed you so much!” 

“Minny, you saw her yesterday,” V said amusedly, ruffling her hair slightly.

“I know! That’s way too long!” 

“Aren’t you excited to see the other kids?” You asked, smiling lightly. “What about Kyong?” 

“Kyong’s boring, he never wants to do anything all he talks about are these computer games uncle Lucy shows him.”

“They aren’t very fun…” Eun Ae murmured. “There’s always so many numbers…” 

“I’m sure all you need to do is get to know him better,” V insisted, setting a hand on his child’s shoulder comfortingly. “At the very least it’d mean a lot to him.” 


“I wish we could see Hyuk more!” Mi-sun puffed out her cheeks indignantly, her voice still sweet and light. “I don’t know why his dad makes him do his school at home!” 

“Hyuk just isn’t ready for that sort of thing,” You helped her put on her backpack, lifting her up as morning rays sprinkled your back more and more. “Come on now, don’t want you to be late.” 

“Do you think it’ll be fun?” 

“Of course I do, don’t you think so too sweetie?” You looked to Jumin, his face still warming at the nickname, almost forgetting to respond. 

“Y-Yes, first days are always a wonderful thing for children.” 

“Kyong says it boring.” 

“Do you think it’s boring?”


“Then I guess that solves that doesn’t it?” 

And you were off. 

You moved into the car, greeting Driver Kim cheerfully, being met with a compassionate dip of his head and a sort of glee as he noticed the children pouring in. 

He snickered and listening to their ridiculous stories, almost sorrowful as he was forced to say goodbye as you pulled into their school, wishing you all a wonderful day.

Even some you hadn’t known were there.

“Oh, be sure to tell Luciel that I hope his son’s first day going well!” 

“Oh, where is-” 

“Howdy hey!” 

You nearly screamed, jerking back and slamming against Jumin as 707 erupted into view. 

“Goodness!” You exclaimed, sinking against Jumin’s chest, feeling gentle laughter emanate from him. “You nearly gave me a heart attack Luciel!” 

“People tend to say that about me yes,” He stifled his giggles, crinkling his nose. “Sorry though, I just couldn’t believe I was seeing you guys!” 

“We’ve wanted to meet with you, you’ve been the one postponing our lunches and what not,” Jumin pointed out, moving out with you, his arm almost instinctively coiling around your waist.

“Well uh…yeah…been kind of busy?” 

“With what?”

“You don’t know true fear until your son starts hacking into the school to change his grades,” He tapped his foot, bothered. “I knew something was wrong when he had a hundred in his science class in the middle of summer.” 

“Wow, Kyong is…certainly like you.” 

“It’s horrifying, that’s actually the last thing I want!” 

“Don’t say that you’re a great person.” 

“First off, wrong, second off, he’s not completely like me.” 

“How so?” 

“Well, I’m sure he wants to see you guys.” 

He gestured to his son, calling him over.

“Kyong, come here! Jumin, MC, and V are here!” 

Kyong, as well, had been a foster child, brought in when V recommended the idea to him, knowing how strong and sturdy Luciel had built his walls.

And while you could’ve only hoped it’d help, it did.

It truly did. 

Luciel adored his son, spreading the chat room with photos and comments of every single thing he did from his moment as a toddler to as he was now, little over thirteen.

“Oh, hey!” 

His son was revealed, clad in a mix of a gray and white hoodie and shirt, smiling at the sight of the two of you, even with the hint of bleakness in his gaze.

“Hi Kyong!” You beamed. “Are you excited for today?”

“Not really, I can’t even rest when I get back home anyways.” 

“Why’s that?” 

“I have to watch over Yun after school, uncle Yoosung said he needed me to watch over with his new job.” 

“Do you know how to take care of a toddler?” Jumin asked. “That is quite a responsibility.” 

“I know, Yun is a pretty neat baby though, I got Soo’s number just in case though.”

“I could drop by If you’d like, see if you need anything this afternoon?”

“Thank you MC, but I’ll make it, if I can do this…then I think I can survive a smaller me.” 

“You know my number?”

“Yes, ma’am.” 

You squeezed his shoulder encouragingly, still remembering what had once been the small, child that once stood before you.

And you missed it.

You found it repeating once again with Yoosung’s daughter Yun, seeing his attachment grow and grow even without it even really being his.

It was his friend’s, Soo’s, caught in the situation of a sudden, unexpected pregnancy and no father to be found.

WIth that stress and worry only piling on Yoosung had stepped in and helped with each part of the way.

And slowly and surely, he became just as much as any family as the mother.

And somehow, the boy you once met as stressed and only enveloped in his games became grown and bright like sunshine.

And you couldn’t have been prouder of him.

Yet you were thrown from your thoughts as Mi-sun rammed into both you and Jumin, clambering onto your legs as she hugged you.

“Bye! I’ll miss you!” She whimpered, burying her head into the two of you as you kneeled down and held her the only thing letting you part being the teacher as they called out for her. 

You left with Jumin, V eager to catch up with 707, and eventually leaving you as Jumin, although forlornly was forced to depart for work.

“I’ll see you tonight darling,” He hummed, squeezing your palm tenderly. “I love you.” 

“I love you too.” 

He grinned from ear to ear as you responded, giving you a chaste kiss before closing the car door behind him. 

Leaving the only thing left for you, to be Zen.

He had been stressed yet happy all the same to see you, scripts lining his home in a flurry of either homework or auditions. 

“H-Hey! How are you?” 

“I’m doing great, do you need some help?” You offered, noticing the bags under his eyes. “Where’s Hyuk?”

“He’s still asleep, god I wish that were me.” He scoffed. “I hear it’s better to let kids sleep in until the late morning rather than getting up at seven or something.” 

“Where have you heard that?”

“Every single mom has told me that the moment they find me with a kid, it’s like they sense my confusion as a parent-h-how do they do that? Do you have a sensor?” He shook his head wildly. “Jahee doesn’t even have a kid and she tells me stuff like that!” 

“I’m sure Jahee doesn’t mean anything by it.” 

“Honestly I would’ve died like four years ago if it wasn’t for her, I love Hyuk you know that but jeez, parenting is hard.” 

“I know.” You sniggered. “Hyuk is pretty laid back though isn’t he?” 

“Yeah but acting and taking care of medical expenses and homeschooling I just…I don’t want any financial aid before you offer but i-” He sighed, unable to even finish. 

“I understand, but you’ll get through it, you know that right?”

“Yeah…I know,” He let out a deep breath. “You know Hyuk is so sweet, he makes me these little gifts and sometimes it’s just like a drawing but it’s so nice.”

He shuffled his feet awkwardly, glancing away.

“But that’s not why I’m stressed…” He mustered up all the courage he could. “Hyuk keeps…he keeps asking about his mother, about where she is.” 

“You haven’t told him?” 

“I don’t think it’d be a good impression of the world for him to know his mom just left the moment he wasn’t stuck in her belly.” He sneered, tears threatening in his eyes. “That she just left me, and-and left all of this!” 

“I’m sorry Zen I know-” 

“No I mean it’s not just something I can ignore is it?” He shoved his hands into his pockets, furling them into fists. “Can’t just act like I don’t miss her or that it doesn’t matter that he’s missing something everyone else says is so important!” 

“A mother is important to some-” 

“You don’t think I don’t know that?” 

“You didn’t let me finish.” 

You came up beside him, offering a smirk. 

“But so is a father, and plenty of people spend their lives without one of them. Hyuk may be confused as to why he doesn’t have one but he doesn’t need you to be something more, you’re doing great as you are, and there’s no one else he’d rather have.” 

“You…you really think so…?” 

“I do.” 

He didn’t break out into sobs, but a tear did spill down his cheek.

But so did a grin.

And a feeling of something better ahead.

For you knew it meant the world.

Every smile.

Every bit of laughter. 

Every ‘I love you.’

It mattered. 

Not just to you.

But to everyone. 

For it made the mornings radiant.

The nights softer.

And the days worthwhile. 

One Kiss (Joker x Reader)

Originally posted by netflixlifex

Originally posted by i-mitacja

Requested by @ariyachiii: “I was wondering if you could do a joker x reader where reader is a new psychiatrist in Arkham and became a good friend of Harley. She’s handling diff. patient but one day she had to take care of Joker. Mr. J immediately likes her. And plans to take her with him. You can end it whatever you like. :DDD Hope you don’t mind.”

A/N: I’m sorry for how long it’s been taken me to do this. I’m the worst person alive. Anyway, I hope you guys like this!!

Warnings: Mentions of torture, blood, bloody bat, Joker being Joker.

‘Arkham Asylum, home for the criminally insane.’

You couldn’t have found a better place to apply? A children’s hospital probably would of been better place for you to start off your career but your heart had always pointed to disorders of the mind, the deadly kind. Not to mention that you never really had the temperament or patience to treat children. So here you were, two weeks into your new job in this big old mental instate.

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in the face of all that’s known

ch. 1 out of 10; pg-13 to R; MSR UST; angst/case-file; set immediately after Amor Fati; After years of being gaslit by the universe at large, Scully seeks to overcome an overwhelming despondency (and Mulder’s attempts to crawl into her brain) by solving the mystery of the Town That Didn’t Know Anything. Without Mulder.

chapter list

Author’s notes: Jesus, this took me a long time. I wrote and rewrote and rewrote it again. Writing as Scully does not come very natural to me (I find Mulder a lot easier), but I have high hopes for this and want to write a story that both fleshes out characters we know and love while telling a bizarre and slightly scary little story. Constructive critique would be very helpful. Beta readers, too. Readers in general would be great. I hope you enjoy it.


ch. 1

His head felt heavy in her lap. Dead weight, a crate of oranges, ten large textbooks neatly stacked from her thighs to the tip of her nose. Heavy, damp and feverish as she stroked his hair, mindful of the bandages that capped it.

The tape recorder on the coffee blinked spider-like in the dark and waited patiently in apology for the restlessness of its owner. It listened because she didn’t want to, not really. But in dreamy monologue he referred to it, a cold, black thing, as you, I couldn’t find you, then you were there, can you get me a glass of water. And then we. He said we a lot.

She turned it off when the pain meds kicked in and he began lolling about, lifting his fingers in the air to count them and fail, rolling his face into her belly and burrowing in like a sleepy lapdog.

“I spent a good amount of my life trying to get in other people’s heads,” he moaned into her shirt, talking to air. “But you find out there’s not a lot worth listening to.”

“You’re not still hearing them,” she wondered uneasily. He bumped his head insistently against the fingers that stopped moving in his hair and she resumed petting him.

“I am a little,” he admitted. “Bits and pieces filter in. The headaches are gone. I hear maybe a few voices at a time, and only when they’re right next to me.” His chuffed laughter into her bellybutton tickled and made her squirm. “It’s why I don’t let you take me to my PT appointments. You should’ve seen how disappointed Brendon was that it would be me stretched out over that medicine ball.”

Her fingers had stopped again but now he was too tired to pout. The solid heat of him in her lap, the humid air of his sweltering apartment: how worthless it all was in calming her cold as lake water insides. It filled her suddenly like a downed ship. “It’ll stop soon,” she said, not bothering to mask the harshness of her voice. Why even bother? “Dr. Farrah said your brain activity is steadily decreasing to a normal rate. You’ll be cleared for desk duty at the start of next week.”

He pulled his head back and stared at her. Topsoil brown in the pulsing light of the fish tank, they bored into her, a psychic lobotomy, and she felt him inside her playing clumsy archeologist.

His voice went louder than it had in weeks, intrusive and unaware like the rest of him, his gangly limbs and too big nose and tendencies to never shut up. “Not yet. I’m not ready yet.”

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When We Were Young - Part Three

Summary: Mick Davies has been like a friend to you since you were a kid and decided to sneak out of school to spend time with him. Unfortunately, though you got caught and that way, got separated from Mick. Up to this day, you were saddened that you couldn’t do more for him. Until you happened to come across him on your vacation in America.

Words: 1425

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader

Warnings: Tiny bit of angst


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The First Start

Series: Persona 5
Pairing: Akira/Mishima
Rating: G

It’s his fault that the new transfer student is being treated the way he is. The least he could do is make him some lunch.

[Written for the Moon Boy Zine. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!]

Tags: canon setting, fluff

He really should’ve minded his own business.

Every day the same conversation circles the classrooms and the hallways about “that guy with the criminal record”, and if it isn’t Mishima’s own fault that the rumours have gotten this bad it would’ve been so much easier to just ignore it. The target in point doesn’t seem remotely bothered by it himself; he often sits alone at lunch, skimming through a book or talking quietly to his desk (which Mishima finds out later that there’s a cat there, of all things). The snide remarks and petty rumours whispered around are definitely loud enough for Akira to hear, but he never shows any signs of noticing, of even trying to correct them. At first Mishima wonders if Akira is just plain oblivious, but at times when the gossip gets especially bad, Akira simply gets up and leaves. Cool and composed as always, it seems, and if Akira isn’t bothered by it then there’s no reason for him to worry.

It’s just that the students in his class talk so damned loud. None of the rumours they speak of are true, at least they can’t be, because Akira saved him once and he isn’t the kind of person everyone believes he is. It’s agonizing to hear all the things they accuse Akira of doing without any proof, without even bothering to get to know him first. And, Mishima thinks with a twinge of guilt, he could’ve been one of them too if Akira hadn’t bothered to step in and offer his help. Even if Mishima had been forced to do it, this is all because of him and there’s really nothing he can do about it.

Or at least nothing about the rumours. He has finally had enough when the girls sitting beside him giggle and whisper, “Look how pitiful that criminal record guy is, always sitting by himself at lunch. No one will want to sit with him.” It leaves a bad taste in his mouth, and so he stands up.

He moves a little too fast, and his chair screeches across the floor in protest. The chatter in the classroom dies down and everyone turns their eyes on him, and suddenly his neck is burning hot. He glances over at Akira, sitting by himself and flipping through the book in his hands. No one will want to sit with him. Feeling the stares boring into his skin, he grips his lunch and his phone and walks over to Akira.

He shouldn’t be playing with fire. Everyone’s eyes are on him. But how else will he prove those girls wrong? He pulls out the empty seat in front of Akira (Ann’s, he remembers, a good thing she never eats in the classroom) and sits himself down. Akira looks up, his eyebrows rising slightly, and snaps his book shut.

Their classmates’ stares are burning holes in Mishima now, and he forces a strained smile and puts his lunch down on the table. “Mind if I join you?” he asks, and Akira looks surprised at the question.

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Imagine being Rafael’s daughter and meeting the squad after you witness a crime

(A/N: Dedicated to the Anon who suggested it and bumped this up the list. Sorry for the wait. First one of it’s kind.  I want to write continuations for this so definitely get excited for those. I hope you enjoy and to the anon who suggested it. I hope I meet your expectations! Enjoy!) 

This Imagine is Continuted Here 

Imagine being Rafael’s daughter and meeting the squad after you witness a crime

“And it’s the schools Father Daughter dance on…” you continued to say before stopping yourself as you realised he wasn’t listening, “Dad!”

“Hmm.” he said looking up from his monetarily at you from across the counter as he simultaneously poured milk into a bowl of cereal.

“Is on Friday, at the Glasshouses.” you finished.

“What is?” he questioned, still looking at his phone.

“The Father-Daughter dance.” you chuckled, “You said you would come.”

“On Friday night?” he asked for reassurance.

You nodded inn confirmation.

“I don’t know Y/N. I might be busy that night.” he offered, shooting you a cautious look.

“I understand.” you sighed, slightly disappointed, “I can see how you would be busy at 8:00 on a Friday night.”

He smirked at you, releasing what you were getting at.

“Alright, I’ll try to come. I might be late, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.” he gave in, walking round the kitchen counter and putting the cereal bowl in front of you.

“That’s all I ask,” you smiled before looking down at the bowl, “What’s this?”

“I made you breakfast.” he responded as if it was obvious.

You took a dangerous glance to the sink were the empty bowl of cereal you had finished fifteen minutes ago sat, ready to go into the dishwater.

“Thanks Dad.” you grinned, scooping up a spoonful.

“You’re welcome.” he said obviously pleased with himself, “Do you need money for lunch?”

“I take my lunch to school.” you reminded gesturing to your bag which had your lunch on top of it in the seat next to you.

“Since when?” he asked, confused.

“Since always.” you informed.

“Right.” he nodded, with a sigh.

“But I do need money for dinner, because I’m assuming you’re going to be back late.” you offered, so he wouldn’t feel too bad.

“How much do you need?” he asked, pulling his wallet and finally putting his phone down.

“Fifty dollars.” you stated.

“For take-out for one? I don’t think so.” he scoffed.

“I’m not going to order in. I’m going to buy groceries.” you explained.

“Doesn’t Sarah do that?” he questioned, referencing your maid who also did the grocery shopping each week.

“She does but you gave her the week off so she could go Vermont for her sisters Wedding.” you reminded, giving him an all-knowing expression.

He was trying to come off an annoyed but you could tell he was slightly disappointed in himself for not remembering. He was trying.

“I’m giving you thirty. Drop a few of those fancy vegetables you insist on buying.” he played off handing you a mixture of notes that totalled thirty dollars.

“Alright, but if I starve…” you joked.

“It will be one less thing for me to worry about.” he smirked, quickly glancing at his watch, “I’ve got to go.”

He quickly grabbed your hand and directed the spoonful of cereal that was on it into his own mouth. You gave him a look of protest, but you secretly didn’t mind. You weren’t going to finish it anyway. He gave you a wink before, grabbing his briefcase and heading for the door.

“Love you Dad.” you called after him.

“Love you too kiddo.” he called back after a pause.

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That’s Ridiculous (Derek)

finally. it’s ending. (It’s not quite tuesday for me anymore but i’m finished it and i haven’t edited it like i just wrote the last word and pasted it over the rly bad other version so here it is yay!)

That’s Crazy //  That’s Absurd // That’s Preposterous

“I was wrong.”

Scott’s loud scoff from the doorway pulls your gaze from your once lover and the amusement you’d felt earlier rises once more. When Derek had walked in, talking about privacy and apologies, Scott had said he’d give the two of you a moment alone. You, nor Derek, had realized that translated to him standing in the doorway across the room and looking menacing- a feat considering how well you both knew the puppy.

“Continue.” You say diplomatically, not chiding Scott as Derek likely wants you to. You’re still bitter, though much freer of the guilt, and he didn’t deserve any leeway after the fighting for custody comment.

He hesitates a moment, his gaze going to Diana, who performs push ups and grins at everything in sight. “I didn’t mean to start a fight, I’m just constantly worried that I’m doing everything wrong. You ran away because you didn’t think I wanted a baby, I know, but part of me wonders if you weren’t right because I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“But you-”

“Cora was Moms baby, I just played with her and carried her around the house like a trophy. Everything’s different with her, I don’t know if she’s doing something for the first time or whether she even likes me more than she likes Scott.” Scott chuckles from the doorway and you glare at him this time. Without speaking, you pick Diana up from the floor and set her in Scotts arms, the wail that rises from her lips deafening. You can see the light dim in his eyes when you pluck her from Scotts arms, the crying cutting off, until you set her in Dereks arms and she stays silent.

“You’re her Dad, she loves you. Obviously not as much as she loves me, I’m the coolest and I was a portable snack.” You explain, the teasing notes in your voice making his lips twitch toward a smile.

“I still just… I’m sorry I said those things.”

“I’m not sorry, we both had a lot to get off our chest, me mostly but still. It was cleansing.” You say and Derek nods, his eyes on the infant in his arms.

“This suddenly got boring, I’m gonna get some lunch, want anything?”

“Yeah, I want you to stop hanging around Malia so much.” You say, your eyebrows raised at the previous comment and he laughs but doesn’t answer.

“We need a better system.” You say after a long silence. Dereks eyebrows twitch upwards and you lean back against the couch. “We’re trading her off but it’s just not feasible. I don’t want to miss anything and I don’t want you to miss anything.”

“Are you complaining for the sake of complaining?” Derek asks and the words make your heart ache. It had been his response whenever you’d started whining at him back before all this baby drama.


“We could live together.”

“Were we apart so long that you forgot how- what?” You choke, blinking at him and waiting.

“We could live together. You don’t have to rely on Melissa and Scott, we won’t miss any baby moments and… I miss having you around, not just before- before. I somehow miss the short hour between the moment I met your tiny, perfect baby and finding out she was mine.” His voice is weak and tentative, like he doesn’t want to spook you. “Take all the time you need, but I think it’s a good idea.”

“It’s a stupid idea, right?”

“I never knew Derek was an actual idiot, I thought it was just a rumour Stiles made up.”

“Okay, we’ll move in.”

Three months into living together and things were going great.

“Are you sure she just wants a pack of diapers? It’s her first birthday.”

“Get her a diamond watch for all I care, I need the diapers and she’s never going to remember this anyway.” You snort, not hiding your grin as you watch the baby in your arms reach for Derek.

“Okay. I’ll be back soon, then.” He promises, stepping close and cupping your giant babys chubby cheeks and his lips press a kiss to her soft forehead. Without speaking, he presses a succession of kisses all over her face before he straightens and grins at you. Your smile feels like the sun and you can see his hesitance before he leans down again and smoothes his fingers over her duckling soft hair. “Don’t make things harder for your mommy, or I’ll hear about it, then you’ll hear about it.”

The threat has you laughing and you’re not thinking as you respond to the quick peck he sets on your lips before he ducks out the door.



“Three months into living together and everything’s going horrible!” You moan into the phone as you scoop pureed apple onto the blue plastic spork.

“You say this for so many different reasons every week, what is it this time?” Lydias voice is tired and you feel bad for a moment before you remember all the drama you’re about to go through and suddenly feel pity for no one else.

“Derek kissed me as he left, like a leaving kiss, and I kissed back but I don’t know if I’m at kissing back yet or just really need to get some.” You rush out, babbling without fear. “I haven’t gotten laid since the night those little lines appeared. I’ve almost forgotten what good sex feels like, which is ridiculous considering good sex is all I got towards the end- shout out to Big D, that’s Dereks penis by the way. But it happened, we did it and now I’m thinking about sex when I hadn’t all today and yesterday which is a new record since my return by the way and-”

“I’ve heard enough. You’re living a romance movie and I’m the best friend character. What have we learned from those?” She doesn’t pause, instead ploughing through anything you might have answered with. “You’ll be happy in the end, don’t worry about the skanky bitches and know that he’s secretly in love with you.”

“I’m back!”

“Hello!” You shout, your voice much louder than it needs to be as you smack your finger all over the screen to end the phone call. “How was shopping?”

“Same as always, though I saw a werewolf in the grocery and he congratulated me on the baby.” Derek says, setting the items in his arms on the table.


“He could smell her on me, smell our relationship.” Derek cuts in before you can start in on strange werewolves being near your defenceless baby. He knows you too well. “Should we-”

“Nope.” You answer before he can finish the sentence and he nods once. Seems you know him too.

“I’m going to take these upstairs.” He mumbles, hefting the pack of diapers and you return to feeding the previously mentioned infant.

You watch from the doorway as Derek gently settles the blanket on her back and winds the mobile one more time. For a long moment, he just watches her sleep and affection surges in your breast. You see the surprise on his expression when he turns and spots you, endearing him further he finds her so distracting he can’t even keep track of a new heartbeat in the room.

“You want a moment with her?” He whispers, his footsteps broken by a millisecond of hesitance before he sidles past you in the doorway.

“No, I’m good.” You answer, mostly closing the door and he nods, his gaze flickering to his door like he wants nothing more than to escape into his room. You take him in for a long moment, assessing him and yourself before you step into his space and capture the nape of his neck in your palm.

“Y/N.” He warns, his gaze heating by the second and you lick your lips at the sight of it. You’ve missed him, so much. The heat of him, the way he seems to blink and shake his head when you touch him in just the right way as if he can’t believe you’re real, the way everything seems to calm when he’s near you, how he always made you feel safe and cared for, that he was always there and would always catch you.

“You don’t want this?” You ask, not moving as your voice wraps around the two of you, disturbing the stillness you’re wrapped in.

“I want everything from you and if you’re not ready-”

“What? You’ll wait until I am because that’s what you want? I’m not ready, and I won’t be if I sit in cold water forever.” You counter and you try not to visibly cringe when he frowns in confusion. “Like when you slowly boil frogs. I’d like to be boiled.”

His head drops to your shoulder so suddenly that you stiffen, only for your muscles to relax automatically to the sound of his stifled laughter.

“I’m going to boil you, baby, you won’t even know it’s happening.” He whispers huskily, his lips brushing your ear before they’re pressed to yours and you’re burning up. You respond instantly, hungrily.

The water never felt so good before. 

Thank goodness

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Always A Surprise...

A/N: First of many Valentine’s Day pieces to come with everyone’s favorite murder husband! I’ve been cookin’ up some things in my absence so there’s a lot more to come ♥

Word Count: 1767

He was warm.

God, he was so warm.

And his smell… It was almost as smothering as his massive form lying like a boulder, dead to the world right now. It was very rarely that Frank slept heavy, and when he did I enjoyed those moments. He needed all the rest he could get and I made sure not to disturb him, moving as little and as quietly as I could.

I stretched the night’s sleep away and rolled over, wrapping an arm comfortably around his torso. He didn’t budge. I closed my eyes and pressed my nose to his chest, inhaling his intoxicating aroma. The majority of the time he’d smell like metal and tough leather, but after a fresh shower like last night’s he’d smell like a cool ocean breeze. I held him closer to me, letting him keep me warm under the thin, cheap blankets he kept on his bed. I didn’t wanna get up but I was starving and needed to get to my place soon to get ready for work.

I delicately traced a figure eight in the center of his chest, dreading that I’d have to leave this bed in a short matter of minutes. After kissing his jaw sweetly I crept out of bed, finding my blouse from last night and tossing it on, my jeans following suit. I went to heat up the pot he kept full of coffee since I wouldn’t have time to make some at home and grabbed the milk from his fridge. This would have to do since I knew better than to search for cream and sugar. Max crept up beside me and I greeted him with a nice rub behind the ears. “Good morning, handsome.” Above the counter were some snacks that I dug into. Frank thought I spoiled him which may be true, but I thought that was the whole point of having a dog. “Aren’t you such a good boy? Yeah you are…”

“You sweet talk him better than you do me.” I turned to the gravelly morning voice behind me with a sleepy, playful grin.

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