I recognized it instantly

Actual convo I had yesterday at lunch
  • Friend: Why do you have gay teddy bears as your lockscreen?
  • Me: They're One Direction's mascots, so to speak.
  • Friend: ...
  • Friend: They have queer teddy bears as mascots?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Friend: What do other fans say?
  • Me: Well, half of them love them and the other half doesn't get the references.
  • Friend: But look at them, the big one is Freddie Mercury.
  • Me: Yeah, there are tons of queer references in their clothes and paraphernalia.
  • Friend: ...
  • Friend: One Direction has queer mascots. Unbelievable.

How do you write like you’re running out of time?

Bless Miranda for incorporating Hamilton’s speculated hypomania/bipolar disorder into the show–it’s not something they teach you in school, but when I heard the lyrics I recognized this feeling instantly and went to look it up.  It’s always nice to be reminded that people like me can and do live remarkable lives.

Credit: The text in the background is Hamilton’s writing, and is from the Library of Congress’s “Creating the United States” exhibition.


“I know anything bad ever happens to me, I hope you’re in my corner too.”

Agents Antoine Triplett and Jemma Simmons in 1.14 : T.A.H.I.T.I.



I was simply browsing my phone half-asleep and sick when I got the chat notification, a split second look at the username and I instantly recognized it to be the Underfell game blog I’ve been following for a long time. I found out about this game through Seigi, and I knew it was something I had to see for myself.

So I did a quick thank you picture to them and the crew for wanting to use Nextale Sans as an unlockable skin <3 Sure as hell made me jump out of my bed.

Best of luck to the completion of the Underfell game! I know it’s gonna be fantastic! 

Also, these two look like they’re gonna get along well.

Bound By Chains Is His Slave

Lia struggled against the chains that were bound to her wrists. There were Frost Giants on either side of her to hold them, keep her tied but allowed to still walk. She had been fighting for the Avengers when she had been taken away suddenly and she demanded to know why. 

Soon she found herself in a throne room and looked at the man who sat upon the golden throne, recognizing him instantly. “I demand to know why I have been taken by force!" 

I recognized you instantly. All of our lives flashed through my mind in a split second. I felt a pull so strongly towards you that I almost couldn’t stop it.
—  J. Sterling
White-Passing Natives

Share some hardships you face being white passing? 

Some I’ve faced 
- Non-natives challenging your “native-ness” 
- Not being recognized instantly by other natives in your community then being seen as someone that could be potentially appropriating culture or taking advantage until they learn who you are. Being seen as the “other” [not sure if right term] in your own culture. When I was first learning more about my language and culture that was more of a problem but now that I’m getting to know more people in my community it’s not much of a problem. But white-passing natives who are just starting to learn it is a rough thing to run into. 
- “How much are you?”
- Figuring out your identity (human problem) it gets better the older you get and the more positive and/or productive people you keep around you. 

My time as Malerie

I am only going to write about my specific interaction for the sake of my friends getting the chance to write about their own with Chris.

I approached the table and he made this noise like he recognized me and smiled widely. I instantly handed him, Alla and the angry security guard flyers to join the Writer’s Club and asked them to join to which Chris responded with “Oh, absolutely." 

As he looked at the flyer I asked him, motioning towards the book, "Are you a writer?”

He laughed and said, “Yes, yes I am.”

I then pulled out my notebook and announced that I was a writer as well. Written on the front of my notebook was “Malerie <3” and Alla pointed at it. First I began to read the beginning of the prologue to TLOS3 and after the date, he was already on board. He started laughing and said, “I recognize that book.”

My Carson interrupted me and told me that I was reading from his book. I then rolled my eyes and flipped to another “story”. I began to read the first sentence from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Chris recognized it immediately (It starts off with Mr. and Mrs Dursley so it’s hard to miss) Again the Carson interrupted me to say that it was Harry Potter and Chris said, “He’s right. You should listen to him.”

The Carson cut in and I will leave the details of what was said to Sammi but at the end I cut in and tried to plead with Carson to let Chris join because he was a “real writer” once again pointing to the books because we needed them in our club. I then took her sign up sheet from her and handed it to Chris and he said “Of course, absolutely.” Chris signed and then gave it back to us. 

The sound of Chris’ laughter is the sweetest sound that I have ever heard and knowing that we caused it, is purely amazing. To watch the video of our interaction, you can find it here!

this is so random but you know how artists can make like “artist playlists” on Spotify?? I found one that tfb made from like 2013 and number one it is really fucking good. but number two there’s this one song by Rilo kiley on it I guess?? but I heard it and I was like ???!!!!! cause it’s the very first opening song of the first episode of grey’s anatomy and :’) memoriez and now I’m just imagining tfb watching grey’s anatomy and that’s adorable so anyway it was a good day