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In @crankgameplays‘s Snakepass video he brought up a nightmare he had as a wee boi about a giant snake strangling him. And for some reason I decided to depict the snake back for revenge. I dunno, I’m tired. Noodle attempting to eat a blueberry or something. Always ask first.

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Forget me (Part 2 of Did you actually think you were enough?)

Peter Parker


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I’m sorry (Part 2 of Don’t ever come back)

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All that matters (Part 2 of You deserved it)

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Dazatsu Week 2017- Day Four: Free Day

So I made this for the Dazatsu Week: Sleeping Atsushi with Dazai, and I’m super late T-T but here is my entry anyway.

Oh and a bonus!!



-the two of you would be laying in bed still, binge watching ‘The Walking Dead’ when he’d suddenly start pressing his hardened member against your backside as he gently rubbed at the front seam of your shorts- 

*pressing his lips against the nape of your neck*
“Daddy needs your sweet pussy right now, kitten..” 
*slowly wraps his free hand around your throat* 
“I need you to be a good girl for me, okay?” 

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-while you laid in bed, watching as he combed the room with his camera this sudden mischievous grin painted across his face as his slow panning halted the instant he reached you- 

*making his way over to you, he stood at the edge of the bed; scanning your exposed body with his camera*
“Baby, I really want you right now..”
*his hands caress your legs, circling your inner thighs* 
“I wanna film us fucking okay, babygirl? You look so pretty on camera..”

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-as you helped him practice a new routine he was learning, your bodies became heated and melted with the sensual rhythm- 

*looking at the way you moved against him in the large mirror, he roughly grab your hips*
“Look at how perfect we look together babygirl..” 
*gently licks a broad strip along your neck before nipping at it*
“Oppa wants to fuck you right now, okay?” 
“I want you to watch Oppa fuck you senseless.”

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-the two of you would be at some fancy dinner party with JYP and some of his fellow costars when he’d suddenly grip your thigh; grazing his fingertips along your inner thigh- 

*leans over to you as the other are busy in their own conversations*
“Don’t make a sound..”
“Keep your legs nice and open for me, okay baby?”
*his fingers start to gently rub your dampening slit as he adjusts his posture, just giving you a smug grin as he circles your clit and just watches as he tortures you*

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-he’d watch as you made dinner, just admiring every part of you until he saw you bend over the counter; something about the way you looked just completely aroused him- 

*walks over to you, wrapping his arms around your waist* 
“Baby, Daddy needs you..” 
*roughly presses your torso onto the counter as he grinds his hardened member against your bum* 
“Daddy needs to fuck you right here.. right now.”

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-the two of you would be laying in the living room together when he’d start getting frisky; rubbing your bum and thighs, groping your breast all while the members were still home- 

You: Babe, we can’t everyone’s home, what if they walk in?

*pinches your clothed nipple while grinding his manhood against you*
“Who cares? They could watch for fucks sake, I just need to be inside that tight little pussy of yours right now..” 

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-you’d be sitting on his lap, the two of you cuddled underneath a blanket while y’all and the others watched some action film they decided on; he’d suddenly look up at you, watching as you attempted to suppress your needy moans while he teased your cunt- 

*presses his lips against your cheek before whispering*
“Sh, shh princess- if you make a sound Daddy will punish you, understood?”
*licks his lips as you grin while slipping his hand into your shorts, teasing your drenched entrance*
“Mhmm, my little slut’s always so ready for me..”

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The Rise of the Roomba

In response to this.

I wasn’t sure who had actually set it up. One of the Involved freshmen probably: knew enough to make the knife iron, still stupid enough to make a fucking Roomba with a knife taped onto it a reality.

“OW, FUCK,” yelled Mach, yanking his feet up onto the picnic table’s bench and gripping his left leg. “Something just sliced my ankle, what the hell.” Sure enough, when he removed his hand, it was smeared with blood and there was a neat slice just above where the bone jutted out.

“Is that… Is that what I think it is?” asked Peppermint, pointing to something gliding its way out from under our table. My face went completely blank in shock before I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose.

“Please tell me that someone did not make Stabby the Roomba a thing?”

“No can do,” said Peppermint, staring in a sort of horrified fascination after the small, round, knife-weilding vacuum cleaner.

“Oh look, it got Goldfinger,” Mach said almost dazedly as another student yelped and hopped around, clutching their ankle.

“…I don’t have the energy to deal with this,” I decided, turning back to my notes, which I was studying for an exam. My friends murmured agreement and resumed studying as well, though I noticed we all sat with our legs tucked up under us on the bench.

It wasn’t until we heard the wail that sounded like seven off-key violins all being sawed at by toddlers that we looked back up at each other, eyes wide.

“You don’t think-” Mach started, but he was cut off by another unearthly roar, this time like the sound of an avalanche hitting a wind chime factory.

“Time to go inside!” I said, hastily shoving my things in my bag as Mach and Peppermint were already sprinting for Peppermint’s dorm. “It’ll run out of battery eventually, right?” I asked as we slammed the door behind us.

I should have known better that to expect the exepected at EU; it did not run out of battery and no one ever seemed to be able to get close enough to just turn the damn thing off. For my four remaining months at EU, my sleep was interrupted by howls that came from mouths I didn’t want to imagine and chain mail leg warmers really came into fashion.



clumsy video of sivi being a Much Better Boy about waiting for permission before he marks every bush in sight

Imagine #3: Not Again

It had become a problem. Well, it’d been a problem since the cast was on, but now it was just getting worse. 

When you first broke your leg, you weren’t too upset about the cast and the crutches. You’d never had them as a kid and now you were excited to experience what your friends all had the chance to experience in school. 

Crutches seemed fun. An excuse to not take the stairs. People would do things for you with no questions asked. And you could bum around without any judgement. Seemed like a great life. 

Except for the fact that crutches hurt. Bad. Your arms hurt. Your armpits hurt. Your shoulders hurt. Your boobs hurt. Your other leg hurt. And you kept tripping. No matter what you did the crutches would land on a dog toy or they’d get caught on the carpet or you were just a klutz. Whatever the case you couldn’t wait to get them out of your life. 

Today was the day. You were going to be free. But you weren’t. 

Your doctor smiled sweetly before relaying the bad news.

“Y/N, your leg can’t be out of this cast yet. It’s still in bad shape.” Yeah, probably from tripping constantly with the crutches. “If you’d like we can get you a new wrap for it.” 

“No. It’s fine. I just want to go home.” You groaned. The doctor gave you another sad smile before helping you off the exam table and holding the devil’s ornaments aka crutches out to you. 

“Is someone here to drive you?” You nodded. You knew he’d be thoroughly amused to see you hobbling out on the metal death traps. “Okay love. Have a great day. See you in three weeks.” THREE WEEKS! Almost a month of continuing to trip and hate life. Sounds wonderful. 

You gave her a smile and limped for the door. Your arms were sore and ready to give out and you knew your back couldn’t take much more of the hunched position they caused. As much pain as you were in, it dissipated when you saw Harry slip out of the back of his car. 

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He was coming from interviews, but he’d promised to pick you up so you wouldn’t have to take another Uber. And as usual, he followed through with his promise. 

What you hadn’t been expecting was the driver and the suit and the luxury car. Maybe the Range Rover, but not the Bentley. You weren’t complaining. At all. 

“Well, well, well,” Harry stopped when he saw what must have been a very depressing sight. You were all but hanging off your crutches in front of him, with a very blue cast that matched the very blue feeling you had inside. “I thought you were a free woman today?” He frowned and kissed you.

“I was supposed to be. But these death traps keep tripping me and so my leg is still broken and so I have to keep using the death traps and so I keep tripping and so my leg will forever be broken.” You groaned in one breath and he just looked at you. 

“And so?” You knew he was mocking you, but you weren’t in the mood.

“And so I’ll just get myself home. Thanks so much Comedy Central.” You sassed him before hobbling away from him. It only took you a few swings before your crutch got caught in the sidewalk crack and you almost fell. 

You knew he’d lunged behind you to catch you, as he had been doing for weeks, but you caught yourself. Reluctantly, you turned to face him. He had his eyebrows raised and was watching you carefully. 

“I’m sorry, Harry. I’m just really sick of this and I just want my leg back.” You whined, some tears threatening to roll down your cheeks. Harry chuckled a little bit with his perfect smile and you couldn’t stay mad. But you could stay irritated at the world and your crutches. 

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“It’s not funny.” You pouted. This time you didn’t have the strength to hold the tears back. Finally, Harry saw that you weren’t joking about your upset. But that you were actually genuinely stressed. 

“Babe,” He grabbed your shoulders and you flinched as they were still sore. He immediately removed his hands. Another issue with the crutches–he was afraid to touch you. “Sorry.” He mumbled. “I like you with one leg and crutches and tripping just as much as I like you with two legs and no crutches and falling. You’re still Y/N and that’s all I need.” He smiled at you. 

There was no way anyone could have been grouchy after that, except you. You still found a way and he saw it. 

“Alright, you know what?” He frowned and shrugged his jacket off and handed it to the driver. Harry rolled up his sleeves and then gestured to the driver to come towards you. “Take the crutches would you?” He asked nicely and the driver nodded. 

“Harry, what are you doing? I need them. I can’t walk without them.” Your voice went from watery and breaking to frantic and scared. “You’ll kill me.” Your voice cracked and he rolled his eyes as he rested his hand on his cheek mocking your upset. 

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“You’re not walking anywhere.” He mumbled before leaning down a bit. Within a blink of the eye you were propped up in his arms being carried bridal style to the car. “You don’t want to trip? Fine. I’ll carry you everywhere. Just like the princess you are. The ground doesn’t deserve you.” 

Part of you knew he was being sarcastic and mocking your dramatics, but another part of you knew he semi-meant what he was saying. 

He carefully ducked into the backseat of the car, being careful not to hit your head. You watched as his driver placed the crutches in the trunk and then enter the car. 

“It’s really going to be okay.” He kissed your forehead and you finally smiled. “Well would you look at that. You smile.” 

He may have greeted you with an over-dramatic entrance and mocked your pain, but at the end of the day you knew you were his princess and nothing was going to change that.