I really want these leggings

Really like cute clothes? Really like Shingeki No Kyojin? Well these leggings come from an amazing shop called, Rosewe. I think the shop is absolutely amazing and they have gorgeous clothes. I really like their designs and their products are very promising. I recommend going to this shop if you are interested in snatching these leggings or look for other great clothing! A COLOSSAL deal! 



I figured that I’d already spent a lot of time editing this panel…

…for this post that I might as well just make some Tumblr headers from it in a variety of pastels (+ Samwell red!)

This took a while but I love Bitty’s feetsies so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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hey!! i saw you do one with the autobots not too long ago but how about headcanons for the decpticons on their s/o telling them they just shaved and to feel their legs? if its too many, i really just want starscream, knockout and breakdown so you can narrow it down to that!! thank you vv much!!!!

I had fun with that one omg I was hoping to get to do it with the cons 

Knockout TFP

He would be excited honestly. ‘They get smoother? Oh my that is smooth let me feel’ 
He will, however, take that as a invitation to feel your legs all the time, so be warned 

Breakdown TFP

He wouldn’t care either way but hey, whenever you do this you ask him to feel your legs so he likes it 

Starscream TFP

‘Why do even care it doesn’t make a difference- oh that is smooth’

Soundwave TFP

He doesn’t care either way but he likes your legs so hey, win/win for him

Airachnid TFP

She would just chuckle and rub your legs

Megatron TFP

He wouldn’t understand it, he thinks organics are pretty weird, but hey your legs are smooth and the offers there, he’s gonna take it 

Shockwave TFP

He would just nod his approval, give a quick rub, ‘smooth’, and then go back to his work 


wow what i actually finished the last two crazy right. wasnt expecting to finish them i usually dont finish things if i wait like a week in between. anyway it is ridiculously hard to think of outfits on the fly lmao

So today I got bored while doing my makeup and I drew on my leg in gel liner and it turned out really neat but now im just like “god dammit maybe i’ll get a tattoo there too because it’s not that bad” and fuck i want bigger works of art on me but i gotta wait for that and stuff ugggggggggggggh

why are tattoos so pretty why do i love them so much

we already have regulars and i specifically already have my regulars and already have people that like me specifically and i was told twice today about moments where i was regarded by a 3rd person party as being the favorite im !!?

My horse, the horse that was a huge factor in my decision to move back to BC and live at home so I could afford to ride, has seriously injured his leg and needs at least 2 months off, followed by 8 months or so of rehab. 

Like I realize this is dumb and also this kind of stuff happens all the time with horses but I’ve been working my ass off to get him jumping again for the last 16 months and that’s literally all down the tube now. And riding him is just about the only thing that makes me happy these days so fuck me. 

I don’t know if I should post detailed references for the clothes of the mabifica/tomco Disney AUs
or just the reference sheet I did for my bill mmmm MMMMM


I know that the people don’t have legs and stuff but I really wanted to draw Cartoonz! (The girl is me) Yeah it was kind of dumb sending you the whole comic.

I hope I’m not bothering you! I’m not that good at drawing but you inspired me to draw the comic! Yeah I forgot the two other horns on Cartoonz…sorry about that

I just hope you like it! @winged-salad

I need to make a list of all the things I want to learn/start doing. At the minute I just get grumpy at myself for wasting my life away without doing anything about it. Once I have a list, I can start working on a timeframe for things.

I want to learn how to knit/crochet. Make things for friends.

I want to learn to cook more. I’m excellent at baking, moment anything savoury appears I struggle.

I want to learn makeup. I have zero clue what different styles are and so should really investigate that.

I want to buy more skirts/leggings. Know this isn’t a learning thing but I keep putting it off and buying other things instead.

I want to write more, specifically comedy.

I want to work out whether I can actually attempt standup or if I will be best off just writing.

I want to try voice acting.

I want to be known as a safe person to be around.

I want to make people happier with everything I do.

I really want somebody to lift me up by scooping me under my legs, onto their shoulders, kissing my thighs, making me grind on their shoulders, hands all over my lower body, but then you reach up to grab my breast. Grab my left one.


That’s what I need.

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Top three fave books:

  1. Mindwalker - A.J Stegier
  2. Divine Misfortune - A. Lee Martinez
  3. The Gone Series - Michael Grant

Most frequently visited websites other than tumblr Facebook and twitter?

  1. Facebook
  2. Youtube
  3. Kisscartoon lol

If you could have any pet what would it be?                                                  I have 3 cats but I really want a snakeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhh

If you had a hollow peg leg what would you put in it?                                 Like everything personal to me it would be like a pocket for everything I need, a lil milkshake, a snack, phone. I feel like it couldn’t be hollow though because it needs structure to support the weight of your body? Or am I talking shit idk

At what age did you get your first cellphone?                                               I got it at the end of year 6 so I was 11! Jesus that’s pretty young 0.0

What games do you have on your phone that you play?

  1. I play solitaire so much fml
  2. Pokemon go but everyone has that damn app (go Instinct btw)
  3. Egg, Inc (you have a chicken farm and you upgrade eggs it’s actually amazing lmao)

What sounds do you love?

  1. Like coffee shop background talking, that’s nice if I’m working somewhere quiet but I need a background noise
  2. My friend’s laughs
  3. I love cajons but I call them cockons just to piss my friend Jan off it’s very funny 

If you were a mythical creature what would you be?

I wanna be a mermaid/man omg can you imagine the scales and they’d be all iridescent and pretty and WHAT IF IT GLOWED

If you were a superhero or villain etc what kind would you be?

I want to say I’d be a hero and I also want to say I’d be a villain but I actually have no clue, I’m true neutral. It’d be cool to be part of the X-Men

If you could breed two totally different animals?

This question isn’t phrased right but can you imagine a whale crossed with a snake it would just be like a beachball with a huge mouth lmao

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I honestly don’t know, I’m not very adventurous with food, I really am the stereotypical white person with no taste no jokes it’s awful

Tag 11 people ask 11 questions:

1) Marvel or DC?

2) Favourite school subject and why?

3) What are you passionate about?

4) Favourite season?

5) If I gave you one million pounds/dollars what would you do with it?

6) You’re competing the the next Olympics/Paralympics! What sport are you playing?

7) Top 5 books?

8) Your oldest memory?

9) Think of a beach. Describe it.

10) Do you prefer listening to music or making music?

11) Your proudest moment?

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i sometimes make posts about how i dont shave my legs and theyre pretty noticeable

anyways a bit ago this blog

out of the blue contacted me and asked me to share stories about why i dont shave my legs

i told them i didnt really want to but i thought their cause was good

between replies i went and looked in it and … its very dfab centric. it includes trans men, who arent expected to shave their legs, but not trans women, who are in danger if they dont. they specifically state it is a space for dfab only

and after i told them i didnt want to share they got kind of hostile. “do you shave your legs or something?” they accused me (?? if i did who cares?), they asked me where i lived and when i just repeated that i didnt want to talk they said it was rude of me to ignore the question, and kept pushing. eventually they passive aggressively ended it with “have a nice day” and a purposeful misspell of my url which maybe was supposed to make me angry? lol

if youre running a blog of people voluntarily sharing their stories, pressuring them to do so is. uncomfortable

anyways. yeah. rubs me the wrong way. ive never looked at something and thought twerf before but this is it. keep an eye out

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I just really want to ride Zsasz until my legs are too shaky to hold me up so I just collapse on top of him, drenched in sweat and gasping softly as he pulls me closer and nibbles on my necks

Mmmmm that sounds lovely. 

I’ve really been working on self love and body positivity as of late and it’s been great. Only thing is I really dislike my legs and it makes me sad because I want to love them and accept them but I can still be so critical of myself. Self love a lot of times can be much easier said than done. You can only “fake it till you make it” so much.

fidgets…..i kinda wanna make a verse where nep is on cinder’s side…….i feel like he would be some sort of mechanic or even a hacker ? i like the idea of him being the one to design and / or build merc’s legs, but i don’t really want to mess with other characters’ canon too much so i might leave that out if i do decide to make this verse heh. idk i just like the idea of him being the chill af nerdy dude who merc and emerald go to when they just wanna kick back and hang w someone their own age who’s actually on their side :’)