I really want these leggings

Really like cute clothes? Really like Shingeki No Kyojin? Well these leggings come from an amazing shop called, Rosewe. I think the shop is absolutely amazing and they have gorgeous clothes. I really like their designs and their products are very promising. I recommend going to this shop if you are interested in snatching these leggings or look for other great clothing! A COLOSSAL deal! 



Ballerina Oso + Kara’s magnificent leg = A THING THAT MUST BE DONE.
You bet your ass that’s a sparkly leotard.

It’s really messy, I’m just trying to stay alive at this point. My head is not in the game at all. I might redo this or even colour it but for now, here it is lol
I love how I put all the effort into Kara’s hands and Oso just has little mouse feet

Let them dance!
More multi-bro activities!


blackjack challenge: [1/3] favourite photoshoots

→2ne1 for 1st look in 2012