I really thought at least like three of them would stand up and say F THIS CRAP

Fuck (Me) You - Bucky x Reader

Summary: Based on this prompt: Imagine that your OTP of mortal enemies are fighting furiously and Person A is trying to scream “fuck you” and “fight me” at the same time and ends up screaming “fuck me” really loud at Person B in front of all of their friends and everyone else and it gets really quiet until Person B goes “why not” and kisses A. 

Words: 2k+

TW: none

This is it.

You’re officially done. You are so, so fucking done with that stupid little fucking-

You slowly unclench your hand from around the sink, for once grateful you’re not a super soldier. If you had Steve’s strength, you probably would’ve broken the sink in your fury- Steve’s definitely broken many things by accident when he’s gotten angry or upset.

“Hey…you alright in there?” Clint’s voice is cautious, like he’s afraid you might kick the door down and strangle him or something. In all honesty, if it had been anyone but Clint standing outside that door, you very well might have done just that.

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ocarinaofcats  asked:

oo for the signs of affection prompt meme thing could you do 20 and 9 for billdip? ^^

Signs of Affection

(”I’ll try to keep things short,” she says. FORTY-SEVEN HUNDRED WORDS LATER …!)


(Enjoy my rampant sinning, regardless.)

No. 20: A Confession

No. 9: A First Kiss

Links: [ArchiveOfOurOwn], [FanFiction]

Prompt:  Imagine Person A of your OTP getting very drunk and confessing their attraction to Person B, but Person B isn’t sure how seriously they should take the confession when A is so utterly inebriated.

The rave music coming from the apartment could be heard several miles down the street. Being so close to the source did strange things to Dipper’s ears. He stood in front of the door, clenching a crumpled piece of paper in his hands. Colored lights poured from underneath the door and he could hear loud conversations through the walls. Thank God I don’t live in this building. I’m amazed nobody called the cops yet.

Taking a deep breath, Dipper brought the piece of paper up to eye level. YOU ARE HEARBY HEREBY INVITED! it declared, alongside several drawings of cake, balloons, and animal parts. The invitation went on to provide an address, time, and a description of the party, using such words as FUCKING FANTABULOUS, MIND-BLOWING, and YOUR FACE WILL LITERALLY MELT OFF.

Dipper had certainly seen better invitations. But then again, this was the first invitation to a party Dipper’s ever received. At least, in his entire three years of college. In fact, he would have thought it was for his roommate if there weren’t a fat DIPPER PINES written on the envelope. The invite had appeared a few days ago, slipped underneath his doorway. When he went outside to check, there was nobody there.

Part of him didn’t even know if he should go to this party. He wasn’t much of a ‘party’ kind of guy, even if he was a little jealous of Mabel’s night hopping popularity. They’re just so … loud. He didn’t belong in that kind of life.

Mabel was able to convince him otherwise, though.

Somebody wants you there, Dip,’ she had said over the phone. ‘You wouldn’t want to disappoint them, right?

Well … that’s true …

So there he stood, Saturday night at midnight, in front of apartment number 216. Truth be told, he was relieved that there was actually a party here at all. A small part of him figured this was all some sort of elaborate prank to embarrass him. Looks like I was just being paranoid again, he figured, raising his fist, hovering over the door. Should he knock? He did have an invitation, but … I should knock. But, can’t I …? No, I should just knock.

He knocked and waited. A few seconds passed and his stomach tightened. Crap, it’s not like anybody’s going to hear that. Should I try again? No, I’ll just open it …

As he reached for the handle, however, the door swung open. Standing on the other side was …

An instantaneous heat crawled up Dipper’s neck and he flushed. His palms became sweaty and his stomach started jumping through knotted hoops.


The college senior stood in the doorway, wearing a black lampshade for a hat and holding a red cup in his hand. His hoodie was inside out and backward. He squinted, eyes adjusting to the darkness before a wide, maniac smile split his face.

Pine Tree! You made it!” he said, brushing off the lampshade. Dipper blinked, the surprise appearance of his crush throwing him through a complete and devastating loop.

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