I really need a friend

Saturday 30/1

Yesterday was spent in the Malmö city library studying and today will be spent studying as well. I’ve had a rough week so I really needed the weekend, I’m celebrating by partying with my friends tonight ✨✨

me: I’ll be a casual watcher. 

me: *watches Supergirl* 

me: *sees Alex, sees Kara, sees Cat, sees Kara and Cat*

me: Nevermind. 

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I’m so fucking mad at my best friend and she doesn’t even care. Every time I make her mad about something she says something so incredibly mean that I can’t help but think she thinks that way all the time. I’m so heartbroken because I’ve always done everything I could for her and she called me abusive. That in itself shatters me into a million pieces. I have no other real life friends. I’m so depressed. I know I need to be strong and break it off with her but that doesn’t make anything less horrible.

Me: *Hates love triangles*

*thinks about one of my stories I’m writing where there kinda is a ““love triangle”” but not really*

*stares into life’s invisible camera*

anonymous asked:

I am sorry you are struggling. I get what you mean about not being able to imagine the future. Idk why or what it says about me but i can't picture it and i find it makes it hard to know what i want and keep moving forward/ do anything at all tbh

yes yes exactly… i mean, i’m in college but then what? when i graduate, what will i do? where will i go? who’s going with me?

death to all my friends

a screamo/pop punk mix for when your friends treat you like garbage

thanks to you- all time low/
kill all your friends- my chemical romance/keep on bringing me down- forever the sickest kids/fuck you- sleeping with sirens/tell that mick he just made my list of things to do today- fall out boy/congratulations, i hate you- alesana/seventy times 7- brand new/ignorance- paramore/fuck you- lily allen/2nd sucks- a day to remember/the best thing (that never happened)- we are the in crowd/sleep with one eye open- bring me the horizon/there’s no ‘i’ in team- taking back sunday/your friends are full of shit- leathermouth/happy holidays, you bastard- blink 182

I don’t know whether to be proud of Sam for that badass speech, pissed that Cas thinks he’s unimportant, insulted that Dean and Sam just kind of left Cas there after he SAVED THEIR LIVES (ESPECIALLY DEAN HE LITERALLY PUSHED LUCIFER OFF OF YOU WTF), in awe at Misha’s ability to act as Lucifer (because I really thought they did a voiceover, it was that good), or totally and completely 100% heartbroken that lucifer!cas is now a thing and Cas still thinks he’s unimportant and Dean and Sam don’t know what’s happened and have the potential to get really hurt before this shitstorm is over.

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Okay okay so I was re-watching how to train your dragon and I was just thinking..wouldn't hiccup and dipper got along so well? like?? They could bond over dragons and nerdy supernatural things and I just really need to see them be friends and when they grow up and see each other again I want dip to be all like oh no.. he's hot. Just.. Imagine





No, i’m not gonna end this tumblr blog here xD and i literally can’t use my tablet anymore holy shit xDdd.

Sooooo. I just felt like writing. Maybe since i don’t actually have any friends that i can tell everything so I’m telling it to you. You might be shocked by that. But it’s true. There are like 3 i can actually call friends. Others are just stabbing me behind my back. And then there’s Heroic Walruses, where I actually feel like I’m in a big family 💖 but what im gonna write here is actually is something that I just firgot. Goddammit.

My life is kinda miserable atm. My schedule is: wake up at 12. Check facebook(sso one), youtube and tumblr. Somewhere in 12.30 i go to eat breakfast. That might just be a glass of juice or maybe something real, like toast. then i might go take a shower, and I’ll open my computer. And play(today those games were the witcher 3 and dreamfall chapters: the longest journey) and do other stuff on computer (today it was reading finnish equestrian blogs, editing It Has Begun, reading facebook (sso one) and watching some youtube videos). Then it’s around 5-7 and mom calls me eating dinner. Then it’s computer again till 1-2am (“eating” around 10). After forcing myself to bed, i’ll check stuff on tablet a zillion times and then watch something (like cry) till i fall asleep. I’ve been doing that for 5 months every day, believe it or not. Tho last week i fell asleep without anything coming from my headphones. And the reason why i’ve been “watching” things is that I’m the kind of person who takes an hour to fall asleep, because i think too much. And this spring was the worst so far. Me and my umm friend not being friends anymore took so much from me. And if i fuck up like say something wrong aka embarrasing moments haunt me forever, so those things too and ypäjä and school… so yeah now you’ve learned new stuff about me.

And like im going to a fricking equine college, that i’ve wanted for 6 years now. I’m in kinda good shape, the five days in a row show jumping 1 and half hours didn’t make me feel ill, and i can walk long distances, 10km on a walk is nothing. And yeah. My room needs cleaning really bad, my mom’s pointed that out like 100 times. Tho i know it myself too. but i just dont do it… tomorrow’s riding and on friday too. Gonna go see eric.. maybe i’ll buy candy on the way back home :p in two weeks (i think) my uncle is gonna be on holiday and we (me, my aunt and uncle) are going with their boat on a long trip. At least to estonia (that’s for sure) amd maybe going to hanko and turku isles or whatever they are in english. Around a week and a half with them the time is not really planned yet, then back home, and nothing for 1 week and then my mom and stepdad are going away and im gonna have the best dogs in the world under my care for 4 days and then a week and ypäjä is there :o


note: this was written on 24.6. at 2.30am, wow. So the todays were like 5 months ago. And this has been on my drafts forever

Addictedtoprettylittleliars: 1 year later and 5K amazing followers <3

(insert amazing never before seen, life changing gif that i’m not cool enough to know how to make)

A little bit late but on January 17th I officially hit the one year mark of having this blog. I remember wondering what the fuck was I doing with my life, and why am I so obsessed with a tv show to make a damn blog?!?! I thought I would never get any followers but eventually one blog followed me and before I knew it I had 1K amazing followers. I also thought while making this blog that I really needed to go out and make some friends or maybe hangout more with the ones that I currently had/have but then I met some pretty fantastic people that I consider amazing friends (you all know who you are) and would not have ever possibly met if it wasn’t for this ridiculous website. 

So THNAK YOU all 5000 of you for making this show so much fun (even though the show is a failure…but that’s not what this is about lol), for coming up with amazing theories for followers like me to read, for you guys actually investing time into reading my theories, for every reblog and like I got on random posts, for every ask I get or theory you guys send my way. Thank you for 1 amazing year I feel like I have been blessed in 5000 and more different ways by you all,even the porn blogs <333


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I probably missed so many blogs but after a 12hr shift sleep takes over my brain and thinking. So if I forgot to tag you that does not mean I don’t love or appreciate you, I just lack a good memory! If you ever need a friend, a person to talk to, a person to vent to, a person to share your theories with, or just have questions i’m always here <333