I really like their friendship I'm excited to see more of it next season

hogwarts!au jin
  • here is the story of Gryffindor Head Boy Prince Kim Seokjin™
  • he’s a gryffindor, as his title suggests. the sorting hat deliberated between gryffindor and ravenclaw for a little while, but gryffindor turned out the be the right choice
  • seokjin is a 24-year-old seventh year student – it’s going to be his last year at hogwarts ;;;
  • jin is a pureblood but he was raised to be very kind and unprejudiced; he doesn’t support the notion of pureblood superiority like many families do. blood lineage doesn’t mean anything to him
  • his favorite subject is definitely alchemy – it’s an elective only offered to sixth or seventh years (with the exception of fourth-year namjoon, who is on an accelerated course track). 
  • jin always had a knack for potions and transfiguration, and alchemy builds on that. he finds it utterly fascinating to learn about elemental/chemical magic
  • his wand is made of rosewood with a unicorn hair as the core. it measures 12 inches long, and it’s almost as pretty as seokjin is. it’s a surprisingly sassy wand, and it will backfire if jin doesn’t wax it at least once a week. yes, the other boys make fun of him for this 
  • jin’s pet is a very gorgeous snowy owl, it’s extremely tame and loving and generally a great fucking pet all-around. his owl is awesome and it will sometimes bring him dead mice and stuff as gifts like a cat does, and it’s kinda gross but also endearing
  • jin is the keeper for the gryffindor quidditch team. he’s played for all seven years and is an excellent keeper; it’s extremely hard to score a point against him
  • his quidditch abilities are what originally started the Gryffindor Head Boy Prince Kim Seokjin™ Fanclub
  • fittingly, jin’s patronus is a peacock. it’s honestly one of the most visually stunning patronuses on the planet, bc when the peacock spreads its feathers it’s literally like a fuckin lightshow and it’s so cool to witness
  • so now to the emo part
  • jin had a messed up childhood, in short
  • his parents were extremely loving and raised him so well. they raised him to have self-confidence and to be kind, to care about the people around him. they were such wonderful parents omfg
  • jin’s father worked at the ministry for magic, and he had a really high-ranking position within the company. one day when jin was about 14, his dad got a really big promotion and came home that night to celebrate
  • but there was a coworker of his who had been fired the same day and was literally insane with anger and jealously because he thought it was all jin’s dad’s fault
  • this guy breaks into jin’s house that night while the family is having dinner and starts threatening his mom and dad with the killing curse
  • jin and his older brother are freaking out and crying but his parents are just so completely calm and jin was never more terrified in his entire life
  • and suddenly the intruder raises his wand, pointed directly at jin, and jin knows exactly what the man is about to say as he opens his mouth and flicks his wrist
  • so jin whips out his own wand and casts the spell before this man has time to finish the incantation and there’s a flash of green light
  • and jin’s completely frozen as he watches the intruder sink to the floor, completely lifeless
  • it was taken to court and the charges were dropped as self-defense. but that didn’t fucking matter to jin because all he knew was that, self-defense or not, he had killed another human being and he wouldn’t ever be the same again
  • and of course no one blamed him or held it against him but it still haunted him for years
  • he got to hogwarts and was a little surprised when he was immediately being praised for his looks and kindness and athleticism because he had gone so long convinced that he was nothing more than a killer
  • but everyone started calling him princely and wonderful and slowly jin started to regain his self-confidence and he was able to see the good in himself again
  • and thus, the Gryffindor Prince Kim Seokjin™ that we know and love was born
  • he excelled in his classes and was a quidditch star and got a minimum of three love declarations weekly from male and females alike
  • obviously because of his princely and well-mannered nature, he became gryffindor quidditch captain and prefect and later head boy of the house
  • yes, he still had bouts of ptsd and nightmares – but coming to school and making friends helped a lot with that
  • jin spends a lot of his free time down in the kitchens, schmoozing the cooks and stealing the food even tho “jin you know that’s for dinner tonight, you can’t keep taking advantage of us like this” but lmao all the cooks secretly love it and treasure his company 
  • yoongi and jin are very much kindred spirits, and they are the only ones out of the bangtan guys who can see the thestrals. they have helped each other through quite a lot, and their friendship was the original foundation for the bts hogwarts squad
  • jin routinely has to get jungkook and taehyung and jimin out of trouble for wandering the halls too late at night – he uses his power as a head boy to make sure they don’t get detention (bc that would go on their record and he doesn’t want their reputations to be tarnished), but you better believe he gives them the ass-whooping of a lifetime afterwards
  • often, jimin and jin will practice transfiguration together in the courtyard by the gryffindor tower. they both have a knack for it, and sometimes jin will even show jimin some basic alchemical techniques
  • in jin’s fifth year, he was playing in a quidditch game against ravenclaw when a stray bludger clocked him in the face and shattered his jaw. that’s how he met clumsy ravenclaw genius kim namjoon – the school has dubbed them ‘mom and dad’. namjoon is pretty clueless about why people say that, but jin recognizes that they’re basically married now
  • every single month, without fail, jin will scrape together his own time and money to concoct a powerful wolfsbane potion for taehyung. when tae told the group that he was a werewolf, jin took it upon himself to make sure that taehyung wouldn’t have to suffer during his transformations. hence, wolfsbane potion. 
  • hoseok enjoys being around jin, and vice versa, because they bring out the more mature sides in each other and they’re both surprisingly good at wizard’s chess so they play together often
  • jin’s animagus is a gorgeous, huge elk. it’s a very unique animagus and jin enjoys being in that form
  • the Gryffindor Head Boy Prince Kim Seokjin™ Fanclub is always looking for new members, and jin is very much flattered whenever they send him magical gifts and letters
  • jin knows that jimin and yoongi (and jungkook, when it’s not quidditch season) have a tendency to skip meals, so he always steals food and brings it to their dorms after dinner
  • seokjin loves hogwarts so much – he’s extremely passionate about the school and the people in it, and everything it has done for him
  • when seokjin graduates he studies alchemy for a while before returning to become headmaster of hogwarts. he’s the school’s youngest headmaster ever but he’s extremely respected and adored
  • twice a year, the bangtan guys come back from all over the world (tae studying dragons in scandanavia, hoseok researching herbology in china, yoongi capturing dark wizards in russia, namjoon studying astronomy in america, jungkook playing a pro quidditch game in argentina, and, well, jimin is a hogwarts professor) and they all stay for a few days at hogwarts with jin and catch up and they’re basically best friends 5ever
  • jin is the pride and joy of hogwarts and although he has had it very rough, he’s so kind and confident and the wizarding world is a better place because of him

jungkook ver. / taehyung ver. / jimin ver. / namjoon ver. / hoseok ver. / yoongi ver. / jin ver.

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Beverly isn’t necessarily romantically interested in Will but she still feels very protective of him and invested in him and yet is so direct as a human being that she can’t just let things slide, she has to call him out, she has to talk about it, she has to confront Will.

R76 Priest AU

yeah anyway, all i really wanted was young priest gabe and jack so i hammered this out instead bc i sorta gave up on actually making this a coherent thing. idk if i’m gonna bother trying to do anything else with this bc like. my work is here is done, i did the diddles.

so basically it’s all connected loosely with the memory sequences in the previous chapters and this just kicks off when gabe and jack have already been ordained n stuff

Rating: E, it’s nsf/w i’m sorry

On Saturday afternoons, the resonant sounds of a guitar and a soft piano are not uncommon in the halls of St. Augustine’s and neither are the melodious voices that they accompany, punctuated by amused laughter and snark. Father Gabriel’s worn guitar strums pleasantly under his fingers, the instrument familiar in his hands now as they’d been since childhood. Father Jack’s hands fly over the keys, his practice during his time as a reverend shining through during these sessions. In the midst of their otherwise busy schedules, it’s one of the few times they can spend together anymore.

It’s on one of these occasions, between a song of praise and worship, the last chords fading into the silence, that Gabriel props his guitar across lap, clearly ready to say something.

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Representation Matters -- here's why.

Anyone remember this post, about the person who realized she was transgender thanks to Korrasami?

That was me. And this is not a short post.

First off, I didn’t ask to stay anonymous out of any sense of shame or regret. The people in my life deserved to hear about me from me, and not because they happened to read my webcomic’s tumblr. I am so, so lucky to live in a time and place where I have been able to tell everyone I care about, without fear of recrimination or being disowned. As weird and scary as this has been, the level of acceptance I’ve gotten has warmed my heart and brought me to tears.

Of course, I haven’t told anyone at work. But luckily, none of them internet.

Realizing that I’m transgender was a long time coming. It’s astonishing what you can hide from yourself, when you’re afraid of what it means. But as I told Christina at gayfandomblog—who has been so sweet and supportive and wonderful, by the way—Legend of Korra’s third season and the Korrasami fandom were really what made me really come to terms with this facet of myself.

I’m not a shipper, typically, I exist on the internet, so I’m aware of it. I can’t think of another time I’ve actually gotten invested in the romantic fates of fictional characters. Before Book Three, Korrasami seemed like a crack ship, an amusing solution to the execrable love triangle from seasons one and two.

Then Book Three. Change. Indeed.

I watched the show unfold, watched these two women flirt and laugh and support each other. I’d gone in hoping to see no romance at all for the rest of the show, and instead I got actual, adorable chemistry from a direction I’d never dared consider. Korra never had a girlfriend to talk to or hang out with before.

This was nice.

I so, so needed to live in a world where Korrasami could happen, could be canon in a family show. Being able to witness that sort of social progress, knowing how many young people that a canon non-heterosexual pairing would mean the whole world to… just thinking about it made the world seem brighter, and more hopeful.

So I geeked out about it. A lot. One might even say I fangirled. I didn’t find the term objectionable.

One of my friends, however, got tired of hearing about it all the time. “Why can’t you just watch a show? Why do you have to get so excitable?”

Why did I? The question was innocent enough, but it struck me. I wondered. And I kept thinking about all the Korrasami subtext in the show, all the art and fics and fanons bandying about the Korrasami community, how defensive I felt every time someone insisted that Korrasami couldn’t happen, was impossible, was outright wrong…

And the two characters just kept getting closer. Korra faced arguably the most personal challenge of her life, matured but still vulnerable. And Asami, dear Asami was always THERE. Smiling, even when she had to force it. Fierce and protective. Loyal and kind and loving.

At some point, I realized, even if it was subtextual, these two animated women were having one of the most enviable relationships I’d ever seen. Based not upon simple sexual attraction or social convenience, but upon mutual respect and complimentary personalities. I identified so strongly with Korra, and how could I not wish to have an Asami in my life?

The first time I gathered the courage to tell someone I’m transgender, I was talking to her about Korrasami. Fangirling, yet again. She said she loved how much thought I’d invested into it, my little fanons. I told her I could really relate, to Asami and Korra both. And then I told her just how much. Korrasami provided the context for that admission. That finally made it real, made it official. I couldn’t hide from myself any more.

And I felt better.

Currently, I’m not sure about the hows and whens of transitioning. I was never comfortable as a guy, but I can’t expect to fall into girl with no effort. Trying to pass as female for the first time is scary, it’s a lot of work and a big chance for all my insecurity to boil over. But there’s a big comic convention in my state every year, and I’ve resolved to attend next year. Cosplaying Asami Sato.  Even if I try to dress female beforehand, that’ll be learning, rehearsal. The first time I will spend a day entirely dressed as the gender I wish to be, I’ll be dressed as the Avatar’s girlfriend. Or possibly fiance. I think a gear motif might look good on a water-tribe betrothal necklace, yes?

I may need tips on the hair (SO PRETTY). Also, the everything else.

It all boils down to what I said in my message to Christina: Representation Matters. I managed to make it to thirty without realizing this about myself, because the cultural narrative we have is so heteronormative that every glimpse I got within, I jerked my gaze away. I spent a decade and a half ambivalent toward my own body because I lacked an example that I could relate to. Then Korrasami came along and rattled the cage of my preconceptions. An at-best-subtextual relationship between two fictional characters. How different might my life had been if I’d had that when I was Korra’s age? Or Aang’s? And how dare, how DARE anyone think it’s their right to take that little bit of representation away from the people who need it? Even—or especially—if some of us didn’t know how much?

There’s no way to know how much easier this might have been, had I come across something like Korrasami sooner. And yes, I do feel a little silly that an action cartoon led me to a personal revelation, but not at all ashamed. Good writing isn’t limited to any form, any genre, or any target audience. Insight strikes from the strangest angles, and revelations have no interest in your dignity.

So, to Christina at gayfandomblog, to everyone who liked or commented or reblogged their original post, to everyone in the community who has been so supportive, of me and each other, thank you.

And to Bryke, whether Korrasami was on your mind in Book 3 or it’s one big well-intentioned misread of a friendship that got more intimate than you intended, thank you. Thank you for these characters. Thank you for this world. Thank you for making them real enough to see myself in.

Because it was the only way I was able to.

anonymous asked:

I'm experiencing a lot of emotional conflict. I feel that Zach and Frankie are two people that are really just perfect together. I think they both need to be honest with themselves and each other but then, my inner cynic wonders if they have been honest and I just can't accept it. Is there really anything deeper to their relationship? Or am I just grasping at straws trying to confirm a false hope? Have you ever had this doubt or do I just need to be more positive?

Good question. Apologizing now for this ridiculously long answer…

If I had doubts I wouldn’t be in this fandom. I wouldn’t allow myself to get invested in something that I thought wasn’t real.

Of course I’d still adore the zankie friendship but I wouldn’t follow their every move, or make long posts about them, or reblog every little thing about them if I felt like it was PURELY a friendship.

I’ve had other real life pairings where I wished and hoped that it was real but deep down I KNEW that it wasn’t. And as fun as it is to support those pairings, i cant get truly invested if i know its not there… I feel like my gut tells me if something is real or if its not. Of course I don’t know everything and just because I feel something could be true that doesn’t mean that it necessarily is, but I just have a very strong feeling (that’s backed up from lots and lots of proof) that there is something there between these two.

I heard about “zankie” the first week before I ever started watching the feeds and immediately I thought that people were probably exaggerating their interactions. I heart people questioning zachs sexuality and i kinda laughed it off, thinking zach was most likely straight. Ive been in a fandom before where two guys were shipped and people had all these theories about them being together and I didn’t fully believe those theories and I still don’t (though Im not claiming anything as fact, you never really know I guess…) and when I checked out the zankie tag it really was just out of curiosity to see some cute friendshippy stuff. i didnt really think id get invested.

The first moment I ever saw with them was when they were in the kitchen, very early in the season and Frankie was getting ready for bed, going around and hugging everyone and zach was just STARING at him, as if he were waiting for his turn. It was in that small little moment that I genuinely felt like there was something there. I was convinced in that SECOND because of how Zach was looking at him. Because it was unique to me that this guy was just watching this other guy so intently like that. And then of course they actually do hug and zach closes his eyes and its super deep and intense and Zach goes to lift up Frankies shirt and my heart was seriously on the floor. It was such a sexual thing to me and knowing that Frankie is a gay man… I just found it weird (in a good way) that zach would do something like that. Te way he touched him felt so intimate. They whispered something to each other and Zachs smile was HUGE and I was just convinced from that first second that there was something there… there had to be!

And every moment after that further confirmed my belief. There are just too many amazing moments and quotes and things that back it up. The amount of times that Zach says “if I were gay”, all of their intimate cuddly moments (specifically where zach takes it further then it needs to go by touching his butt, or playing with hair, or massaging him), all of the comments made by everyone else (his mother being unsure, his college friend claiming theyd hook up before the season even started, the houseguests commenting on it), zach complimenting frankie 24/7 (saying hes perfect, saying hes the funniest person hes ever met in his life etc), zachs curiosity on the subject (him saying that gay sex sounds exciting and asking questions about it), and especially Cody’s confession about zach admitting that he wanted to “fuck” frankie. WHAT STRAIGHT MAN WOULD EVER USE THOSE WORDS? And it was during a time where the cameras were not on them. These are all very good reasons that people (including Julie chen and other big brother players… not just fans) question zach and what hes feeling.

Its even in the little moments, like when they look at one another, or when they share an inside joke, or when zach does something for Frankie (like make a sandwich or do dishes with him or cut his hair) that make me really and truly believe that he has feelings for Frankie.  

From the start of their journey, and with each day that went by there was just another thing that happened that made me think there was more to the story.

Their cuddling intensified. Zach waited for the lights to be off and then HE TURNED TO FRANKIE to sleep next to him and touch him. That entire night in the hoh with cody, they were ridiculous intimate, holding hands, zach stroking his arm, laying right behind him in bed…. These are all things that go past the point of friendship.

We had Zach getting obviously jealous over Frankie flirting with the girls and other guys in the house, zach constantly “pretending” to hook up with Frankie, zach following Frankie around, zach only addressing frankie in a room full of people, zach dressing like Frankie, zach never talking bad about him (until he was hurt), zach talking about Frankie to other houseguests, and (not related to frankie ONLY, but) zachs clear disinterest/inexperience with females.

And then the most telling moment of all, when Frankie “betrayed” zach and wanted to vote him out, zach was heartbroken. He shut down, he got mad, he cried in the freaking dr. he told Frankie he felt like his wife cheated on him. Zach was admitting everything without even realizing it.

And those last days in the house, he tells Frankie “WHEN THE CAMERAS AREN’T AROUND.” I don’t understand how anyone can see that moment and not think there is more to the story. Why would he ever say that if what he was telling Frankie all season (about being straight) was true. Why would he need to talk without cameras? And zach spills the beans all on his own by admitting to Frankie “I cant believe how much I love this homosexual” and he uses “in love” interchangeably with it, confirming it all on is own.

and from the other side, we have frankie. who also questions zachs sexuality. and hes on the receiving end of this interaction. hes a gay man. he has to know that something is there or he wouldnt push zach the way that he has.

The facts are there. You cant tell me that you would act like this with someone and not have some sort of romantic feelings toward that person, I DON’T BELIEVE IT.

Don’t ever doubt Zachs feelings for Frankie. The haters wanna get in your head and make you think that it isn’t true but it so clearly is. Any time I have that RARE minuscule little thought that MAYBE just maybe I could be wrong, I laugh it off and watch ANY ONE of zankies moments and my belief comes back ten fold. The proof is in the pudding.