I really like the set photo pics of him



cmkhfangirl said:hey I’ve read a lot of your imagines, and I was thinking. could you maybe do one w tbs when he is having a photo shoot and you (the reader) are the photographer’s assistant and Thomas can’t keep his eyes from you and the photographer notice, idk flirty or smut or whatever ( sorry for my grammar 😅 and I’ll understand if you don’t like the idea and if you won’t do it. but just a request 🤗 btw you r sooooo talented I really love your work oke bye x

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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and myself: This was my J2 photo op at VanCon this year. I wasn’t sure how it was going to come out and once I got the pic I really love it! Jared and Jensen did great with their expressions, however I look like I am really, really excited to go with “Demon Dean” instead of being afraid of him!!! And yes that is the First Blade that Jensen is holding!! It was my prop for the Photo op (Made by Scott Wheelis) I then later had him sign it during the auto session, so he got to spend a little more time with it! He was amazed at how much it looked and felt like the one he used on set for his scenes!! And of course the lovely photo op was taken by the wonderful photographer Chris Schmelke; who always manages to make me look awesome in all my photos!

But all in all I had a great time, hanging out with old friends and making new! I am going to try and post a new pic every day from my time here in Vancouver, either from the panels or this lovely city!!

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one time i had my lockscreen set as a pic of jaejoong and someone like picked up my phone 2 check the time n was like uh who's on your phone and i was like "UM;;..he's. a model. i think. i don't really know him i just liked the aesthetic of the photo. haha."

i always keep my lockscreen faceless but one time i had it as a screenshot of banana jin from their vcr n my cousin was like ??? wtf and i was like “wh…. aaaat…….. youve never seen this old internet meme……..?”

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But why do you think Harry posted that as his profile pic? Like what do you think he's trying to convey? The only thing I can think of is like "oh I'm here too..?" I just don't know, I'm so confused

Harry definitely made a statement with it. A pretty bold one at that. I mean he made that photo his profile pic right after Eleanor posted her photo on IG. And it’s not really the kind of thing you’d expect Harry to set as his profile pic either. It’s a bit dreary. Just a window view of a plain industrial skyline with him in the foreground. In the dark. While he’s sick. And when the photo is lightened you can tell he’s even kind of frowning :/ So it makes you wonder why in the world Harry would choose to display this photo of all things, right? While Eleanor’s photo also has a boring industrial skyline in the background, I’m not completely sure if both pictures were taken in the same room. I don’t think that detail matters toooo much. Harry ultimately made his point which was to throw shade at the Elouno situation once again and call out the bullshit. Two words: power struggle. There’s been a constant push and pull for months. You could also say that him standing in the shadows is significant, but that’s going to take a sad turn and I don’t really want to go down that road right now.