I really like the idea of open relationships

Day 5 - Double date

Word count: 1721

mature content? yes/no

(this is for @tayvin-oneshots / @tayvinfanfiction ‘s Fanfiction Festival)


Adam and I are on our way to a fancy restaurant. We’re actually going on a double date, something I’ve never done before. I’m really excited for it, but I’m also kinda nervous. It was actually Gigi’s idea, she has a relationship with Zayn, since a few weeks ago. It’s very new, but she really likes him and she just wanted to try this out. Adam was totally down for it and that got me won over too.

Adam pulls the car to the parking lot and parks it somewhere close to the entrance. I glance outside of the window, looking out for any paparazzi, but as far I can see it’s all clear. I get out of the car before Adam can open my door for me. I can see him looking at me with an disapproving look, he always wants to be the gentleman. To make it up to him I wrap my arm around his waist and pull him closer. He puts his arm around my shoulder and presses a kiss against my hair. A little smile appears on my face, I enjoy these kind of moments so much. They are so little, but they mean a lot to me. I’m so lucky to have him on my side. He’s a really special guy.

We walk to the entrance and he opens the door for me. I smile to him and walk inside. I look around to see if Gigi and Zayn are here already. I see Gigi waving at me from a secluded table in the back. At least we’ll have some privacy. I grab Adam’s hand and we walk to the table together. I great them both with a hug. Then I take place next to Gigi, while Adam sits down on the chair next to Zayn.

We start talking about everything and nothing and I’m actually having a really good time. Zayn gets my approval too, he’s nicer than I thought he would be. I think he’s perfect for Gigi.
The dinner is amazing, too. The food is delicious and I totally want to come back here another time.
“I’ll take you here again sometimes.” Adam says with a little smirk on his face. I smile and let a soft laugh escape from my lips.
“I think it’s actually time for me to go,” Gigi says, “I’m really sorry, but I have a shoot early next morning.”
“Oh yeah, sure, you should go catch some sleep.” I tell her. “I’ll pay the bill.”
“No no no let me do that, it was my idea, so that seems fair.” Gigi protests.
Before I can say anything back, she stands up and walks up to the bar. Adam excuses himself and goes visit the bathroom.
“So, are you enjoying yourself tonight?” Zayn asks me curiously.
“Yes, actually. I enjoyed myself really well.” I smile at him.
“I think you’re the right guy for Gigi, she’s lucky to have you. But remember one thing, if you hurt her, I’ll make sure I’ll hurt you ten times as hard.” I warn him.
“Is that a threat?” He asks me, his lips curved in a slight smile.
“Yes, and you should take it very seriously.” I say with a very serious face. But then a smirk appears on my face, “You don’t know the power of Taylor Swift…”
He laughs too.
“Well you know, I also think you and the Adam guy make a nice couple, but you should know a thing…,” He begins, “Harry wants you back.”
“What?” A gasp of disbelief escapes from my lips. Then I frown my eyebrows.
“I thought you guys weren’t really speaking anymore?”
“Well, maybe you know yourself, not all rumours are true.” He says softly.
I let his words sink in as I see Adam and Gigi walking back to the table. Zayn and I exchange one quick look before I focus my attention on Adam. I smile to him, but the smile doesn’t really reach my eyes. I’m still thinking about what Zayn just said. Does Harry really wants me back? I mean he was the one that put me down three years ago. But then I look at Adam again and I come back in reality. The fact that maybe he wants me back, doesn’t actually mean that I want him back too. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my entire life. Adam is the one guy I want to be with. I love him unconditionally and irrevocably.

We walk to the exit and we greet the bartender goodbye. Then we need to separate our ways. I hug Gigi and Zayn goodbye and we arrange to hang out again soon. Then Adam and I walk to the car. I press a kiss on his cheek and he looks at me surprised. I didn’t even know why I did that either, but there is this guilty feeling racing through my body. That’s ridiculous, why should I be guilty? It’s not that I cheated on him or something. Although it kinda feels like that. But why? Just the fact that Zayn told me that Harry wants me back doesn’t mean that I’ll actually go back to him. I try to shake the feeling off and get in the car.

Adam starts driving and there are not many words said. Until Adam suddenly starts to speak.
“What did Zayn tell you?” He asks me.
I look up surprised. I didn’t expect that.
“What do you mean?” I act like I don’t know where he is talking about, even though I do know.
“Oh come on Taylor, you know where I’m talking about. I saw the look in your eyes, you were upset about something.” He looks at me from the corner of his eye. Still trying to focus on the road. I really don’t know what to tell him. Should I just drop this on him?
“It was nothing, Adam. He just…” I don’t finish my sentence.
“He did what, Taylor? You can tell me everything, you know that right?” He looks at me with pleading eyes. And I just can’t resist them.
“He told me something about Harry, but it was nothing, really.” I confess.
“Why do people always have to bring hím up?” He looks annoyed. “I just… I mean, I don’t want to see you hurt in any way and I can see that this does something with you. I mean, your breakup with him wasn’t really a smooth thing.”
I hesitate a little before I tell him this, but eventually i decide to just say it.
“Zayn actually told me that Harry wants me back.” I try to sound as casual as possible.
“He did what?” Adam looks at me with widened eyes from disbelief.
“Adam I told you, it’s nothing. I don’t even want him back…” I begin, but Adam interrupts me.
“Why did he drop this on you like that? I mean, doesn’t he understand what this can mean for our relationship?” He wants to continue, but now it’s my turn to interrupt hím.
“Adam, shhh, just let me talk.” I say. Meanwhile Adam parks his car in front of my house. “Do you please wanna come inside with me?” I ask him. He nods quickly and we both get out of the car. This time I let him open my door. We walk to the front door together and go inside. We go sit on my couch and I start talking again.
“Okey, so Zayn told me that Harry wants me back. So what? Adam, this doesn’t mean ánything for our relationship. I don’t want him, I want you. You are the one for me. You are the guy I feel comfortable with, that I can be open with, that I can count on, that I can trust. Adam, you are the guy that I’m in love with, not him.” I finally take a breath and look Adam in the eyes. Then he suddenly moves his face close to mine and presses our foreheads together.
“I love you so much, Taylor Alison Swift.” He says, right before he presses his lips against mine. I immediately start kissing him back. He presses my body against the couch. I can feel his body lying above me, he is leaning on his arms so that his body weight doesn’t flat me. I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him closer. I press my body up against his and let my hands slide under his shirt. Then I interrupt our kiss and grab the hem of his shirt to pull him over his head. I let my hands slide over his muscular chest. He moves his lips to my neck and starts kissing me gently.

Then I suddenly stop him and he looks at me with a questioning look in his eyes.
“Bedroom. Now.” I command him.
He lifts me up in his strong arms and drags me upstairs, to the bedroom. He kisses me intensely and things get all heated up. Pieces of clothing are getting pulled off and our bodies are strangling together.
After we both reached our climax, he carefully gets of me. He falls back on the mattress, lying next to me.
“I won’t let him take you away from me.” He whispers to my hair.
“You don’t have to worry, how in life can I chose above someone like you?” I lift my head up to press a kiss on his lips. He smiles.
“Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve you, Tay, you knew that?” He begins and I look at him surprised. “You are the definition of perfect and I just don’t know why the fuck you chose me above all the other guys you are able to get.” He continues.
“Adam… Don’t ever think like that. It should be the other way around. I don’t know what Í did to deserve yóú. I mean.. you’re…” but I don’t know what more I want to say. “You know what, never mind, just kiss me.”
Our lips lock together and he places his hands on my face. I place mine on his chest. I can’t even describe how happy I am right now. I love Adam so much.
And there is nothing in the world that could change that.


I’m sorry for all the Haylor shippers out there, but as you probably know, I’m Tayvin all the way, so yeah that’s that. I hope you guys like it. X

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If Swan Queen was apart of that ep tho, wouldn't that be a bad thing? They'd just reinforce the idea that they are like sisters and have nothing but a platonic relationship.

Hey Anon,

Well, the way to reinforce that they are friends and sisterly is by having them act like friends who hug and talk about their problems and commiserate about their partners. Who have fun together. Who really open up, not just halfway. Have them be comfortable around each other. Not by paralleling them with characters we’ve been told are sisters.

They can tell me whatever they want, I’m going on what they’ve shown me so far and I didn’t see friends or sisters. Except in terms of levels of love and care, but not in terms of behavior. 

So it wouldn’t be any worse than what they’ve been doing so far.

Kira- You Came Back For Me

Request-  Okay so last week u said u needed an idea for the Kira sequel? Maybe where the reader is taking care of her after the dread doctors and tries to help. But after Kira secretly injures her Kira ends the relationship to “fix” her kitsune spirit leaving them both heart broken. Thanks !

A/N- Thank you so much for the idea! So yes, this is a sort of sequel to this imagine. I really like writing Kira so for all your Kira lovers out there don’t be shy and request something when they open up again.

“Are you sure?” you whispered as you crouched behind a parked car with Noshiko, Kira’s mom. “What if we hurt her? I…I don’t want to hurt her.”
“That’s not what we have to worry about,” Noshiko informed you as you watched Kira and her father walk into the school. They carried huge brown boxes of classroom supplies, the ruse Kira’s dad had used to get her to come to the school.
“I’ve barely had time to train her with the dread doctors around,” you protested. “How can that not be what we have to worry about?”
“The spirit inside Kira has no control,” Noshiko told you. “We shouldn’t be worried about whether or not we could hurt her, but rather if she could hurt us.”
“I still don’t like it,” you muttered. “I’m her girlfriend. I’m not supposed to attack her.”
“You and Kira are both kitsune, Y/n,” Noshiko said. “I think it’s safe to say that nothing is the way it’s supposed to be.”
You sighed. “If she breaks up with me it’s on you.”
“Come on,” Noshiko prodded. “It’s time.”
That was how you and Kira’s mom ended up sneaking into the school like a pair of ninjas, creeping through the halls as if you were the stars of some bizarre samurai movie. You saw the door open down the hall and Kira’s father passed by, shooting Noshiko an uneasy look as he went. You guessed this hadn’t exactly been his idea either.
You saw Kira through the tiny little window in the classroom door, and you immediately felt a pang in your chest. She would never even see you coming, and as you and Noshiko silently crept into the classroom, you felt like you were betraying her.
Noshiko let out a battle cry as she hopped over the row of desks and brought her sword down next to the wooden table Kira was leaning against.
Kira whirled around, gasping “Mom? Y/n?”
Kira looked at you accusingly, and you shot her an apologetic look. “I promise I’ll take you out on a really nice date to make up for this.”
Noshiko swiped at her a few times, causing her to duck and dodge in order to avoid being sliced to bits.
“Kira, where’s your sword?” Noshiko asked as Kira pushed her foot over her mother’s blade to stop it.
“I-I don’t know,” she started to sputter. “I think I left-”
In seconds, Noshiko was flipping her katana and causing Kira to flip head over heels. You cringed, but luckily Kira landed on her feet and threw her fists up. With a small smirk, Noshiko tossed her the sword she had been holding and pulled a spare one off her back.
“Defend yourself,” Noshiko ordered as she slashed at Kira.
You watched them go back and forth from the small corner you were standing in. Things were going relatively fine until Noshiko knocked Kira off her feet and onto the ground. Your girlfriend landed on the ground with a thump and you fought the urge to run to her aid, but she was quickly rising from the ground. While it was good that she was getting up, you noticed that there was something different about her.
She was fighting faster and stronger than she had before, and Noshiko began to speak to her in Japanese. She trapped Kira to one of the desks by her sword, but Kira didn’t seem to falter. She let out a cry of rage and pushed her mother back with her own sword, causing your eyes to go wide as she lit up with a bright orange fire.
She pushed Noshiko back to Mr. Yukimura’s desk and brought her sword right down onto her mother’s, slicing it in half. Noshiko’s face took on a horrified expression as Kira brought her sword down, but luckily you were there to step in.
You kicked her in the side, sending her flying to the right. She spun out on the floor, but quickly brought herself up and sent you a glare that left you wondering if the girl before you was actually still Kira.
“Kira,” you said slowly. “Take a breath, okay? It’s me, it’s Y/n. And I’m really worried about you right now, so-”
You cut yourself off as she slashed at you, bringing your own sword up to block her. You kicked her legs out from under her, but you didn’t take the opportunity you had to land a blow. Whatever was inside of her was a part of her and she was still your girlfriend. As violent as she seemed at the moment, you didn’t want to hurt her.
Unfortunately, Kira didn’t have the same problem and she knocked your sword from your hand, causing you to fall back onto the tiled floor. You let out a sharp scream as you saw the glint of her sword in the sunlight, knowing it was going to go right through you.
You swore you saw your life flash before your eyes, but luckily you didn’t have to see the end, because just as Kira brought her katana down, you heard someone yelling her name.
“Kira!” Mr. Yukimura shouted in horror as he slammed a sharp object into the desk next to you.
Kira froze, and the fire seemed to have died from her eyes. She looked down and saw the object lodged in the table, realizing it was the only tail she had earned. Her eyes went wide and she looked down at you, only to realize she had been about to skewer you.
“I- I could have killed you,” she gasped, letting go of her sword and leaving it to fall to the floor with a clatter.
“Not you,” Noshiko said as she rose from the floor. “The fox inside you.”
You looked over at Kira, reaching out for her shoulder to try and comfort her, but she stepped away.
“Hey,” you said, reaching out to grab her hand. “We’re going to figure this out.”
You gave her a reassuring smile, but at that point you weren’t even sure you were telling the truth. Kira, your girlfriend who wouldn’t hurt a fly unless she had to, had just tried to slice you apart. Something was happening to her, something that her mother, a kitsune of 900 years didn’t even know about. Something was happening to Kira, and as her girlfriend, you were determined to figure it out.

You sighed as you laid in your bed, thinking back to that day in the school. It had been weeks since it had happened and even less time since Kira had figured out what the dread doctors had done to her. She had left with her parents to try and figure out how to fix herself, but she hadn’t wanted you to come.
“I could hurt you,” she had insisted that night outside her house.
She had sighed and pulled you into a kiss as tears dripped down her face, not wanting to go without you but knowing she had to. You had no idea where she was at the moment, and you had been out of your mind with worry since she left. So much had happened while she gone, including Scott dying and Lydia totally losing it. It wasn’t exactly Lydia’s fault and Scott had ended up coming back, but while it could have been worse the situation wasn’t the best either.
You frowned as you thought about this and pulled the covers over your head, wanting nothing more than to just pass out. You were taking things day by day, hoping that as each one passed, it would be closer to Kira returning. You closed your eyes to try and settle into a restless sleep, but not even five minutes later your phone started to buzz.
Your eyes widened as you reached out, hoping that maybe Kira would be calling, but as you looked at the caller I.D. you saw it was only Scott.
“What’s wrong?” you asked immediately.
“Nothing,” Scott told you. “I’m pretty sure something’s actually going right for once. Kira’s dad told us where she is.”
“What?” you asked. “Where?”
“New Mexico,” he stated. “Some place called Ship Rock. We’re going to find her, Y/n and you should be with us.”
“I can be ready in ten minutes,” you told him, and in less than seven, you were all dressed and ready to go.

“Do you think she’s okay?” you asked anxiously as your nails dug into the center console of the jeep. You stared out at the rocky surface of the desert as you thought about how Kira was doing. The bright flashes of light that had given away her position had stopped a while ago, and now there was nothing to assure you that she was fine.
“Y/n,” Stiles said slowly. “I’m going to give you the same answer I did thirty seconds ago, which is I don’t know.”
“Sorry,” you apologized, bringing a hand up to run it through your hair. “I’m just worried. What if I didn’t train her well enough?”
“You guys would go off in the woods for hours,” Stiles reminded you. “Now I don’t exactly know what training meant, but I think whatever you did, you did enough of it.”
“Stiles,” you and Scott both complained, eyeing the spastic boy in the driver’s seat.
“What?” Stiles cried. “Pretty scenery, secluded spot, and attempts to kill each other; the three things you need for romance.”
You rolled your eyes. “Trust me there wasn’t much romance. Unless you count me dousing us in river water.”
“I’ve had worse first dates,” Stiles admitted with a shrug.
“You know guys, maybe we should-” Scott paused as the jeep started to shake. The multiple bottles of antifreeze started to rattle together in the back and a deep rumble spread through the dry ground of the desert, causing you, Scott and Stiles to all share a look.
“Okay, what the hell was that?” Stiles asked as he looked back at Scott.
“I-” he started.
“Kira,” you cut him off. “Kira’s in trouble. We have to go!”
“But what about-”
“Stiles, go!” Scott insisted.
Stiles sighed, but he reached out to put the jeep into gear.
“Don’t worry guys,” he muttered. “The calvary is coming.”

Kira stumbled as the skinwalkers slammed their spears into the ground, causing a fissure to open up in the dirt. Wind kicked up dust into the air, and it swirled around Kira and her mom in a kind of graceful dance. The younger kitsune shot an anxious glance back at the car, which now had a flat tire. Even if they could beat three skinwalkers, there was no way they could get out of the desert now.
Kira kept a tight grip on her spear as she looked back at the painted women. She had a feeling they didn’t go down easy, and even with her sprit and her mom, she doubted they could be defeated.
“I’m a kitsune of 900 years,” Noshiko stated as she drew Kira’s sword in front of her. “You want her? You’ll have to go through me.”
Kira’s eyes widened at the way her mother was openly defying the skinwalkers. She had been so sure that she would leave her there with them, but here she was, prepared to die for Kira’s freedom. Kira took a deep breath and picked up her spear, ready to fight and die alongside her mom.
She briefly thought about you and how she would never even get to say goodbye, but luckily she didn’t have to think about that for long. The sound of a car revving hit her ears, and she turned just in time to see Stiles’ jeep zooming through the dirt towards her. It skidded to a stop next to her and her mother, and you and Scott hopped out.
You immediately pulled out your sword, jumping in front of Kira while saying nothing, not even a hello. You wanted to hug her, to kiss her, to tell her how glad you were to see her alive, but you assumed you’d have time for that later. You raised your sword.
“This kitsune is ours,” you practically snarled. “So I suggest you dusty bitches crawl back into the dirt before I pack you into it.”
Scott bared his teeth and roared, as if he was emphasizing what you had said.
“Get in!” Stiles shouted, and it only took you seconds to pile into the jeep.
One of the skinwalkers, one who had been making eyes at Kira the whole time launched a spear at you. Before you could even react, Noshiko stepped forward and sliced it in half. You blinked in shock as you both piled into the jeep after Scott and Kira, leaving Stiles to speed away and leave the skinwalkers in the dust.
You turned to Kira, only to have her reach out and yank you into a kiss. She closed her eyes as she placed her thumbs on your cheeks, holding you to her as if she never wanted to let you go. You closed your eyes too, kissing her furiously as your fingers tangled in her dark hair, still gritty with dust.
She pulled away for a second, looking up at you with wide brown eyes. “You came back for me.”
You nodded, your lips turning up as you traced her cheek with your thumb. “Well, I couldn’t have that dusty chick with the braids stealing you away from me, now could I?”
“I love you,” she breathed with a laugh. “I love you so much.”
She reached forward and kissed you again, leaving Scott feeling very awkward as he sat there pressed up against the door. You pulled away with a laugh, knowing you would have a long time to do more of that later.
“That was awesome, Mrs. Yukimura,” you breathed as you looked at Kira’s mom.
Noshiko shrugged. “I have been alive 900 years. I’ve learned a few things.”
You smiled and reached out to grab Kira’s hand. She snuggled into your shoulder and breathed you in, feeling the happiest she had in weeks. You gave her shoulders a gentle squeeze as you leaned back against the seats, grateful that for once, everything seemed to be going back to normal. Well, as normal as things could be for a pair of kitsune.

I have a number of relationships (emotional, sexual, friendship, professional & otherwise) that fill a lot of my wants for Petra, and I adore them all, but of late I’ve had a hankering for someone whose character is sadistic (consciously or otherwise honestly) that would be willing to write with me and explore the back and forth of the sadistic / masochistic aspects in a relationship – presumably with emotional and sexual tones as well but really I’m up for any idea if someone has one.  And I do mean that, I’m really open minded when it comes to plots and what I’ll write so, if you’d be interested at all in discussing this, can you like this post, poke my inbox, message me here or on my skype (available on request)!?

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Hey I saw you were reading and writing fanfictions about destiel. I'm doing a thesis about slash fanfictions . I don't want to bother you so I will only have one question : Why did you start reading/writing fanfictions about male/male relationships ?

Hmmm…I guess to answer that question, I really have to answer the question of what got me into slash in the first place. My interest in slash is a fairly recent thing (maybe going on four years now), but it actually started before I began shipping Destiel. I pretty much have BioWare video games to thank for opening me up to the idea of it, mainly Mass Effect and Dragon Age II. I’m not sure how familiar you are with those games, but they allow you to create custom characters and then make a series of decisions that alter the way the story plays out, including the ability to pursue romantic relationships with other characters. Personally, I don’t really like playing a character that’s based on myself and how I would make decisions; I get a lot more out of the story if I role play as a certain character I make up and then see where their personality leads me.

Long story short, I ended up playing male characters for both of the above-mentioned games just for the sake of doing something different (previously I had always created female characters), and it just so happened that pursuing gay romances for them was where I had felt like the character wanted to go. I couldn’t really tell you why it happened that way and it wasn’t really an active decision on my part; it was more of a mini-revelation from the character himself while exploring certain dialogue choices that made me think, Oh, this character seems to be into men, and it spiraled from there. At least that’s how it happened with Dragon Age II. With Mass Effect, unfortunately there are no gay romance options for male Shepard in the first two games, but I loved the dynamic between him and Kaidan (because they’re both complete dorks), and as I thought about their friendship more and more and built headcanons on top of that, the more it seemed to make sense that they might feel something romantic towards each other. So imagine just how thrilled I was when I found out that male Shepard could romance Kaidan in the third game. :D

Anyway, I guess I couldn’t really tell you what specifically led me to start shipping m/m couples; it was just a result of following the path of relationship development that seemed to be the most natural for that character. Pretty much the same thing happened with Destiel, although obviously I have no control over where that story leads (and I suppose you could say I started off somewhat biased because it was the purgatory gifs littered all over my dash that piqued my curiosity about what the heck was going on between Dean and that other beardy guy because isn’t Dean straight?). But still the same principle—the path of their relationship development seems so natural and genuine that it makes perfect sense to me that they’re so much more than friends.

As for reading/writing fanfic, idk, I guess fanfic has just been something that’s always been a part of my life ever since my teens. Fandom doesn’t exist for me without it. So if I start shipping m/m couples, only seems reasonable that I would want to read/write stories about them. Although I will say that my interest in Destiel fanfic (both reading and writing) is exponentially higher than any previous ship. Partly because there’s so much of it out there, and partly because I just really enjoy writing Dean’s character and feel like I’ve learned a lot about my writing style from it. And also, quite frankly, because canon sucks sometimes. When the show doesn’t give me enough of what I want from Dean and Cas’ relationship, I turn to fanfic. Sweet, blessed fanfic.

However, if you want me to get super personal and brutally honest about myself, I would say that I enjoy male slash pairings because it’s a safe haven of sorts. After having a lot of real life relationship letdowns, I don’t like to fantasize about myself being in love, so I, being female, find it much easier to fantasize about m/m relationships because there isn’t that obvious feeling of self-insertion. It’s a way to disconnect from myself from my own emotions but still have the ability to sort of vicariously experience those warm fuzzy feelings (and the super angsty ones, too) that come from being in a relationship. It’s just escapism, really, and that’s the case with any ship regardless of gender, of course; it’s just easier for me to “escape” with m/m ships. It’s not the healthiest of coping mechanisms, I will admit, but it is what it is until I can get the courage to put myself out there again.

Hopefully I answered your question somewhere in my long-windedness, but I’m happy to discuss more if there’s something else you want to know.

Do I actually fall for people themselves or do I fall for whoever gives me attention? Idk what I even want in guys anymore. Like I just want constant attention and it almost doesn’t matter from whom. But when I start talking with a guy, I don’t even wanna talk to “my hoes” lol. But when the guy leaves (as always), I hurt for a few months. Then as soon as new boys start paying me attention, I feel better? Like am I actually mourning the ended relationship with a person that meant a lot to me? Or am I mourning the idea of the relationship that actually lasted for more than a month?
I think it’s the first thing. I do miss this person. But when new boys come along, I get distracted from my hurting and am forced to move on I guess. But it really hurts that I can’t remember exactly how we were and how I felt when I was with him. I opened up but still kept myself a little guarded cuz I knew he would leave like they always do (I know, woe is me lol I suck).
And it’s not even like we actually “dated” or were together for long at all, so I know it’s hard for me to be taken/take myself seriously…
Idk I just know that he absolutely doesn’t think about me nearly as much as I think about him, and that’s a super shitty feeling. That’s the best way I can describe it.
Whatever this had no point or clear thought pattern.

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can you be more specific on the directions if we want to send something? also, what topics do you need talked about the /most/?

Well what my idea is for people to tell the world what they need to know.  Some of the topics that I have thought of are:

The story of when you were diagnosed

How would you describe autism/Aspergers

How it was/is like growing up with it? (Maybe a significant story from your childhood)

How has autism/aspergers had an effect on relationships (romantic/platonic)

These are my main points that I want to get but I am also still thinking of/open to more.  Really I want it to be a more personal description and account of autism and aspergers.  And when it comes to sending me your contribution you can either submit/message me through my blog or email me at kdorenbach98@gmail.com all contributions will be credited or can be anonymous.

Let me know if you have any more questions! Thanks for asking!

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What do you think about open relationships?

Personally not for me at all…I like the idea of commitment in a relationship and exclusivity.

I don’t really understand open relationships, isn’t it just like being single? someone enlighten me please! x

To be completely honest open relationships intrigue me, like polyamorous relationship could work I could be in one i think if it was the right people. But having said that I also like the idea of having one person to have im usually a very territorial person but if I was in a relationship and my girlfriend and I were like really digging this person and we were all on the same page I could see it

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By love I mean like making my feelings for my boyfriend stronger? He's more deep in the relationship than I am, but I want to be aswell, o still love him, I just want to love him more sort of thing, will anything bad happen from that? Can I do it?

Ah, okay. Sure, you can do that. That’s pretty much what My love is strong sigil is for. It’s up to you whether you think it’s a good idea or not. I know it can be hard to open up to someone and let yourself really care for and love them. It’s up to you whether or not to use a sigil to help with it. As for anything bad happening, I would warn you not to lose yourself in the relationship. Don’t let your desire to make him happy make you ignore what you want and feel. You never know quite how a sigil is going to work. I hope that makes sense.

i think one of the things that really sets astrid and hiccup apart (something that’s really shown in race to the edge) is that hiccup is always very open to using (and listening to) ideas and plans brought up by the rest of the dragon riders, but astrid always feels as though her plans are right and no one else’s will ever work - the only plans she ever really trusts other than her own are hiccup’s (although i do find it quite funny, considering a lot of hiccup’s plans are other people’s)

i think that ruffnut really hit the nail on the head when she called out astrid: astrid doesn’t respect the other teens, minus hiccup, and she doesn’t necessarily see them as… fighting equals.

idk, i guess i just don’t really like astrid because she doesn’t treat the twins, snotlout, or fishlegs like hiccup does.

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37. 42. thanks dear ❤️❤️

37. well, i’m not really a relationship kind of person, butttt, personality-wise, um, open minded definitely, supportive of whatever stupid idea i come up with (but knows how to correctly shut me down before i do somethin stupid), creative, idk participates in some sort of creative outlet (art, music, writing, reading etc) so we have some level of creativity we can both bond on, not afraid to actually be in touch with their emotions or say what they really think, adventurous & willing to try anything once, knows how to change things up & keep life interesting, …sounds like a bit much to ask for ahaha oh well

42. already answered :)
thank you!!💛💫

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Every time I'm in a relationship with someone of one gender I wish I was in one with someone of the other, no matter who they are I always miss the other and it's really causing me problems being happy in my relationships and not feeling like I'm taking advantage of the one I'm with 😔

Pursue an open relationship. Remember we’re all different people. All of us won’t be able to function properly in the mainstream idea of a relationship. The relationship should be tailored to your personality type. Be honest with yourself and you’ll hurt a lot less people. 

Here’s a thought...

Could writing an abusive relationship be used to open people’s eyes on how horrible it is to be in a relationship like this one? And open their eyes instead of giving them an inaccurate picture?

For example: Fifty Shades of Gray gave a bunch of people the wrong idea on what a ‘good’ BDSM relationship should be. What if it were the opposite–a straight up horror story that shows everyone why you shouldn’t get involved with someone like Gray? As long as you had other examples in there of healthy BDSM relationships, I think it could be really effective.

What do you think?

Honestly I’ll love and accept any Jotaro sexuality headcanon you throw at me but I like the idea of him loving his wife  a lot because it’s just so tragic.
Like, picture Jotaro going through all that shit in Egypt and finally meeting someone who understands him that he can open up to.  And at first the relationship is really easy because they’re in college together and don’t have to go far but after he graduates and Jolyne is born things get harder. And then with traveling for work they see each other less and less and he never stops loving her while he’s gone. He just sees himself  the same way he sees Sadao and he wants to be the best husband and father ever which means doing as much work as possible and making sure that they’re always safe.  And he thinks they’ll be fine because his parents were fine but he never realizes that Holly is a special type of person to be able to put up with Sadao being gone the way she did and that his parents were always overly-affectionate when they were together because they always wanted to make the most of what they had. And so he never thinks to show his appreciation or make the most of the time the and his wife have together because he assumes she knows how much he cares already.
And when he thinks he’ll be able to go home for an extended period of time and that his work with the Speedwagon Foundation is finally slowing down, he starts making these big plans. He’s going to fly his family out to Japan for a big vacation and he’s going to take them sightseeing and bring his parents and it’ll be his chance to start settling down and going back to how things were when he and his wife were younger, but it never ends up happening. Instead he comes home to divorce papers and a kid that hates him and the first thing he does is call his mother to apologize for never considering her feelings when he was younger.

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You don't have to post this but I just--wanted to say it makes me really, REALLY happy to see a Sans that doesn't shy away from the idea of Sans being in a romantic relationship, or in something more intimate. It seems most rpers who take on the role of Sans turn their noses up a little at ideas like that and it's really disheartening sometimes, so just--thank you for being open minded and for giving your Sans a chance to be happy. <3