I really like liveblogging

Guys can we just talk about lexa’s little shoulder strap thing for a second. What is the point of it?

Never once have we seen Lexa use it to block an attack and it literally only covers one of her shoulders

The only purpose of it really is her hold her little red sash, which she has draped over her head numerous times

Especially in this scene like what does she use it for? After her extra performance as a slave girl with a limp, she literally just has gustus place it on her shoulder so she can strap it all badass and make her revel more dramatic

Once again we have stumbled on another example of how commander lexa is the most extra person known to mankind

I was running out of borrowed time. I could winnow, but then I’d abandon Lucien to them if he somehow couldn’t manage to himself with the faebane in his system from the food at the camp—
Leave him. I should and could leave him.
But to a fate perhaps worse than death—

His russet eye gleamed. “Go.”

 “You were a much better friend to me than I ever was to you, Feyre” WHAT COMPLETE AND UTTER FUCKING BULLSHIT. Though to be fair I considered her just leaving him in the first place pretty OOC for her? 

Feyre is angry and stubborn, yes, but she’s also deeply loyal, and she and Lucien have been united against these two for at least a few chapters now. She defended him from Tamlin not that long ago…But she thought that she should leave him to be tortured by the Hybern twins???? 

Dean and Sami’s promo together on this upcoming Smackdown is so amusing, that I wanted to upload it here by itself. I love Sami being the prudish, nerdy, and somewhat serious guy to Dean’s loose cannon, dirty persona. They are total opposites trying to find common ground, and it’s really cute!!

Important distinction:

Sam doesn’t tell Dean about his visions.

3 episodes later, the elder Native American they consult about the curse says he likes Sam, “He’s not a liar.”

Moral of the story?

Sam withholding information about himself that only affects himself from Dean is not being dishonest, especially when it’s in self-defense, as we see by the time season 4 rolls around.



Fai looks so proud of his son for smiling and lying through his teeth. I WONDER WHO HE LEARNED THAT FROM. IT’S A MYSTERY. 

Sakura would probably punch him in the face if she realised. 

Ok no not really but I can dream

I want to say something witty about the Sandwich Battle going on but there is literally nothing I can say that could make it any better than it already is so just know that I’ve reread it at least six times over and counting. 

when jughead and betty kissed i launched couch cushions and pillows at the tv until it stopped, this is proof

napa valley, watercolor.

Silver: Please just promise me you aren’t going to get my girlfriend killed. 
Flint: War is complicated. 
Silver: Yeah, but all I’m asking for is for you to tell me you’ll do everything in your power to make sure my girlfriend lives. 
Flint: War is hell. 
Flint: It’s only going to get worse from here on out. 
Flint: True.
Silver: In similar circumstances! I am pretty sure! you would not want him to get killed! even if it meant you would win the war! 
Flint: You’re not wrong. 
Flint: Listen, war is complicated. 

Rebecca Sugar’s explaination of how she wrote the two songs of What Was Missing is interesting because it goes to show how direct she is when she writes song and it still feels relatable. All of her songs are very personal and specific (i’m mostly thinking about Everything Stays where the entire metaphor of the song isn’t one, she litterally found a toy she left in the garden, right there where she left it lying upside down. Due to the bad weather it changed colors, but only on the upper side, the underside is lighter when you turn it around)

one of the greatest things about homeschooling is having quick and steady access to a kitchen full of snacks and i would just like to thank jesus for this blessing 


Ok so. If you look at how big those feathers are compared to Syaoran. 

And then just. Imagine what it would be like if the AU Kero was friendly and you could hug it. Oh gosh. I bet it’s warm. 

I’m not gonna lie I’m just super impressed with THOSE SPLITS LIKE DAMN. 

Tony is gaining a stepmom he actually likes and a stepsister he grew up with like a blended little nuclear family I CAN’T 


(Also MORE BABIES on this show hahahahahaha this doesn’t hurt at all)

Nice Burberry tie there Tony btw although what’s with the newboy hat