I really appreciate your company because with you I'm different With you I’m happy

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Can I request a hc rfa +v & saeranwhere mc is very very intelligent and introverted and people always tell her she's boring since she doesn't like talking much. I'm so sick of it, it happens to me all the time :( Your blog is so awesome & I love it^^

1. Omg thank you ^‿^
2.If people don’t respect the fact that you’re introverted drop them! Trust me, you’ll find people along the way that can understand that introvert doesn’t equate to boring whatsoever!
3. Personally I’m pretty extroverted, so I’m basing MC off the traits of my introverted friends and what I think I know about it, but if it’s not quite what you were looking for just let me know~!

Sidenote: When people hear the word ‘Intelligent’ a lot of them think of the traditional “Good at school, well read in this and that subject, yada ya” and I just want to remind everyone that there is different types of intelligence. And I’m not saying that to be all “Don’t feel bad uwu you’re special too” I’m saying it because it’s a fact. Some people are good at standard education, some are amazing in the STEM field, some are masters of reading social behaviour, some humans are talented artists, etc. For the sake of writing I’m going to write MC as a very Literary Based ‘intelligent’ (because that’s one I’m personally familiar with) I just want to make sure everyone knows that ‘Intelligent’ isn’t defined by the books you read or anything of the sort. Ok rant over. 


  • At first he thinks you don’t like him, that once you met him you weren’t as infatuated with him because he seemed cooler in the chat
  • Don’t worry Yoosung no one thought you were cooler in the chat 
  • Eventually though he realizes you’re just introverted! Even at RFA parties you stand by him and quietly sip your drink and listen to everyone talk rather than take the attention for yourself.
  • He originally questions why you don’t want to greet the guests yourself, but then comes to understand that you’re just more of a wallflower. But that doesn’t make you any less great!
  • But one party he notices you being extra standoffish. Everyone in the RFA is standing and chatting with each other and you’re not there.
  • He finds you off to the side of the room pretending to be distracted by something on your phone
  • “MC? Why are you over here?”
  • “Oh, hey Yoosung. I was just uh, checking in on…uh”
  • “Come on MC just tell me what’s wrong” He pleaded
  • You decided not to lie, it’d feel good to get off your chest anyways “I just feel like I’m so…boring. Everyone else in the RFA is super chatty and have fun stories to tell and all my life people told me I was boring cause I didn’t talk…I felt like I was bringing down the mood.”
  • “What!?” YandereYoosung: Activated “Who ever said that to you?? That’s so dumb!! They’re dumb!!!1!” 
  • You had to calm Yoosung down from his mini rage before too many people looked at you guys. You go to grab his arms but he ends up grabbing your shoulders and looking deep into your eyes
  • “MC just because you’re quiet doesn’t make you boring! You are so great, and so smart, and so..so everything good! How much you talk doesn’t matter!”
  • You just kind of stared at him for a second with a blank face. No one had ever been so adamant about assuring you that your ‘flaws’ weren’t flaws.
  • A smile fell upon your lips and you quickly brushed a tear away, which snapped Yoosung back into his normal flustered boy mode.
  • “Uh sorry for grabbing you” He pulled his arms away immediately and blushed
  • You shook your head and chuckled.
  • Then you grabbed his hand, making him confused and ever more blushy uwu
  • “You’re right. Let’s go stand with the others” You had the biggest smile on your face as you led him back to the group.


  • Jaehee didn’t mind introvert MC at all
  • And as a fellow intelligent introvert, you two got along just fine. 
  • You could have very interesting conversations when you felt chatty while making coffee together
  • Or you could appreciate each other’s company when you both felt just like being silent while doing your own activities. 
  • ‘Boring’ would never cross Jaehee’s mind when thinking of MC, MC was her lover Best Friend! You are always putting a smile on her face and she puts one on yours.
  • She’s also been called ‘boring’ before so she’s always conscience to remind you how much she enjoys your time together, and how not everyone has the same idea of what ‘fun’ is. 
  • You two are quite the pair, silent, but deadly
  • Goddammit that just sounds like a fart joke
  • You two are some of the quietest when it comes to the RFA members, but you’re basically running the scenes from behind the curtain. 
  • And you’re both perfectly happy with that. You two organize the party and deal with the guests who are also more introverted, and the rest of the RFA can handle the other guests and public relations. It’s a good setup
  • And you never think about being ‘boring’ again, because how can you feel boring when you’re surrounded by friends and a lover and doing what you love?


  • You being introverted never really bothered him…because he never really noticed.
  • Zen has such a big persona it fills the room for both of you. Everyone is too wrapped up in Zen’s stories that they don’t even notice your silence or occasional escape to the less crowded areas of the room
  • He’s the perfect cover. He’s so obsessed with the idea of taking care of you and being the ‘provider’ of sorts even though it can be too a fault, it works well for you because he even starts speaking on your behalf by accident.
  • “Oh how are the two of you?” Someone will be looking at you but Zen takes it as open opportunity to answer for both of you
  • Even questions more aimed towards you “Oh, MC, what are you doing these days in your spare time?” You stammer out a couple words, which Zen mistakes for you being humble rather than shy, and he begins praising you and going into detail for you “MC doesn’t give themselves enough credit!” He’ll cry out, then he goes on to list everything you’ve been up to and just how awesome a job you’re doing. You recognize how someone could find it annoying, but it works for you personally since it saves you the nerves of having to talk with strangers for long periods of time.
  • Even when it’s just the two of you it’s nice because Zen always has something to say, always has a compliment to give or a story to tell. He could talk for hours and you’re happy listening. And when you do want to talk he shuts right up and gives you all his attention.
  • One flaw is he doesn’t always see you getting tired after hours of social interaction. He could float around a crowd chit chatting with anyone and everyone for hours, meanwhile you get a little antsy to leave. But usually with some hint dropping you make it clear you’re ready to go and Zen ushers you out like the Knight he is.
  • It’s because you two work so well he doesn’t understand when his coworker calls you boring
  • “Excuse me?” Zen scoffs
  • “Yeah” His fellow actor laughs as he puts his costume on “I always imagined you’d end up with another social butterfly, not someone so..quiet. And when she does talk it’s like..I don’t know all really boring stuff that I haven’t heard about since my school days.”
  • Zen gives him the biggest scowl. “Just cause MC doesn’t blabber on and on about random shit the way you do doesn’t make them boring. In fact it makes them pretty interesting, because obviously if MC doesn’t talk much, they must have something pretty great to say if they decide to open their mouths in front of douche bags like me or you.”
  • His coworker was silent
  • Zen can’t wait to go home and tell you all about how he schooled his dickbag scene partner


  • Like Yoosung at first he’s worried your silence is a sign of distaste
  • He can’t help but worry so much that he makes a call to V, looking for advice
  • V laughs
  • “Jumin, are you telling me you’ve met someone whose introverted? Someone who doesn’t verbally open up much? Gee, where have I met someone like that before? Oh! I should introduce you to my friend, he’s the exact same way.”
  • What friend V who do you hang out with besides me
  • It takes him a while, but finally Jumin gets the joke and realizes you two are the same. 
  • He starts paying attention to your body language more, realizing more and more that you are comfortable with him and just don’t verbalize it all that much
  • Besides it’s not like you guys don’t ever talk, you’re just not as chatty as you are on messenger. Probably because that’s just typing from behind a screen, so it makes you less anxious. He can understand that.
  • One day he comes home to find you on the couch reading Shakespeare
  • MC you like Shakespeare? 
  • Turns out you like literature in general, something Jumin also has a taste for in his rare bouts of free time.
  • You two begin chatting about older pieces and genres, ranging anywhere from fictional masters like William Shakespeare to poetry writers like Yi Sang.
  • It’s actually one of your longer talk sessions, ranging a few hours of just straight talking. Once it’s over though, you two are happy to cuddle up to one another and just throw a movie on.
  • Jumin is often called boring himself, and he never pays any mind to it. But when you two are talking one day and you mention how much it irks you that people call people like the two of you boring he just 
  • “So let them. Their opinions will never affect either of us, especially since we both know the value of our own words and have each other to share them with.”
  • A grin crawled on your face. You loved how graceful he made the phrase “Fuck those guys” sound. 

Defender of Justice

  • “Wow, I never thought you’d end up with someone so … normal.” Vanderwood mused while looking at a picture of you and 707 sitting on his desk.
  • “I wouldn’t call MC normal” Seven chuckled as he tapped away at his computer.
  • “Really?” Vanderwood cocked an eyebrow at the back of Seven’s head as he placed the picture down. “Maybe they were just quiet that time I met them..”
  • “No.” tap tap tap “MC’s always quiet.”
  • Vanderwood squinted at Seven now, assuming the red head had cameras set up so he’d see the look on Vandy’s face at some point. “So she is boring?”
  • Seven sighed a dramatic sigh, Vanderwood could tell immediately whatever the hacker was about to say was well rehearsed. The fucker always trapped him into weird conversations with some strange moral lession. 
  • “Vanderwood, vanderwood, vanderwood. You’ve called MC quiet, normal, and boring….none of those words have anything to do with each other~” Cue 707 going on a playfully long and annoying rant explaining why you were quiet but by no means boring. Normal was up for debate.
  • Seven had always understood you.
  • He put on quite the exuberant and extroverted exterior, but on the inside, Saeyoung was also an introvert.
  • You were never boring to him because he knew you had so much going on in your brain despite your few words explaining the thoughts running around up there
  • And you knew this because the two of you were constantly analyzing each other
  • And you both knew it
  • It became some weird sort of game, picking up on subtle cues and few words you guys would exchange, and figuring out the other’s intention
  • It got so intense the other members of the RFA swore you guys were telepathic or had made some weird secret language between each other


  • He grew up with Jumin so he understands
  • He is quiet as well, but he doesn’t mind being the conversation driver at all, or just sitting in silence together while you read or play games or do whatever your heart desires
  • He is just happy to be near you.
  • Given his eyesight is a bit weak, so sounds make it easier to figure out whats going on in your head, so he just learns to listen to the things you do. Your footsteps, your breath, pages turning, pencils on paper, computer keys clicking.
  • He understands you so well without words, but when you do speak he’s in love because everything you say is so thought out.
  • Or you just….”Sneep”
  • “What MC?”
  • “I don’t know. I was just thinking and…I thought of the word ‘Sneep’ I don’t know it’s just one of those things that’s fun to say aloud….Sneeeeeep” And you started giggling “it’s just so weird”
  • Jihyun laughed.
  • Ok so not everything was some profound rhetoric, but he enjoyed anything that comes out of your mouth.
  • “Try it!” You egged him on
  • He paused for a minute, and prepped a really funny deep voice and just “Sneeeeeeeeeep
  • You both had a hard time controlling your laughter.
  • He knew he’d never have a boring moment with you


  • At first he was worried you were constantly mad at him
  • Saeyoung is loud when he’s in a good mood…so shouldn’t you also be loud when you’re happy?
  • He hasn’t had much healthy human interaction to judge so he’s confused and worried
  • But you two manage to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes serious
  • One way or another you realized he was feeling this way and sat him down to talk, saying you were never mad you just…were quiet. You said you’d start being more vocal if he’d feel better..
  • “No…I…I trust you.” Saeran trusted that you meant it when you said your silence was nothing bad, he wanted to always trust and believe with you so despite his own anxiety he was going to. You were touched.
  • You figured a good compromise for the two of you, you were quiet, but that didn’t mean you weren’t physical. If you two were close you’d always take his hand in yours and give him reassuring squeezes. It became so common he started grabbing your hand first.
  • Constant smiles from you when one of you would walk into the same room as the other
  • Attached at the hip when sitting anywhere.
  • Much like with Seven, you two communicated a lot through action, and Saeran wasn’t very keen on anything academic aside from a bit of coding, but even then he didn’t have much to say about it
  • But he loved to listen to you talk about. He’d feign interest in classic novels and evolution theories just to hear you talk about them and tell him about them. You’d get so passionate about them, he’d hope that one day you’d get the same starry eyed look on your face when talking about him that you do when talking about Multiverse theory.
  • He never found you boring,  even if he didn’t actually have an interest in the subjects you were talking about, he was in love with how you talked about them. The passion you had. There is nothing boring about passion
  • And so what if you’re quiet? 
  • Quiet is important for sneaking up on the enemy and obliterating them from this plane of existen-
  • Quiet has it’s perks. 
Temptation: Part III

The much awaited Part III is finally here! Hey guys, I’m sorry for the wait, but this one took a while to think of and lay it all out and write it all down. I wanted to post this yesterday, but I wasn’t really happy with how things were and I think waiting a bit more paid off. I hope you guys don’t mind. Anyway, part three is finally here! I hope you like it! Feedback is always greatly appreciated, and as always, big thanks to nightcourthighlordrhysand for helping me out all the time and betaing this fic for me.

Part I / Part II / Part IV / Part V

Feyre didn’t know how long her and Rhysand had been sitting in the narrow broom closet across from the Library, in complete silence. He hadn’t let go of her hand yet, and their linked palms rested in Feyre’s lap as his fingers traced slow circles on her hand. It was nice to be, finally, in the quiet and have someone there to enjoy it with her.

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hey! so i'm just now getting to hear about otherkin and I'm not completely sure what it it, and since i've seen some of your posts in the otherkin tag and you identify as feathered dragonkin, do you think you could please explain to me what it is? i really want to learn about otherkin so I can understand as much as possible. thank you!

Hey! Okay, wow. First of all, let me thank you for being one of the few who chooses to learn about otherkin, instead of just hearing out about it— whether it be from a troll blog or some other source— not understanding what it is, and therefore deciding to hate or dislike otherkin for being different and “weird” or what have you. I truly appreciate those who take the effort to ask someone in the ‘kin community to explain otherkin to them, instead of just going by what little they’ve heard (be it negative or positive.) More often than not, the information is false or not sufficient.

Now let me just say that even being otherkin myself, I am NOT an expert on all otherkin. This is because the experience differs a lot from one person to another. I can tell you what I experience, and what I know about the experiences of some others, but it only scratches the surface, and I’ll inevitably leave some stuff out. Always ask questions, as long as they’re not rude! Most of us are more than happy to tell you about ourselves and our experiences.

Here we go!

A few of the common misconceptions about otherkin:

  • We literally believe we are physically our kintype (kintype meaning whatever being we identify as, for example my kintype is feathered dragonkin.)

Oh dear. No. Trust me, we are all fully aware we are in human bodies. We don’t look in the mirror and see a wolf or a dragon or a plant. Though some of us may experience dysphoria, we know we are human beings and we live human lives. We may sometimes share some minor habits of our kintypes, such as a dragonkin having a hoard or a catkin sometimes liking to lie and nap in the sun. These are things that we do that make us happy. Most don’t go out of their way to act non-human, although some of us may, but only in the company of someone they fully trust. But we all know fully well we are physically human beings.

  • We are mentally ill for having the beliefs we do.

Again, no. Identifying as otherkin is not a mental illness. It is most often a spiritual belief, sometimes only realized after a lifetime’s worth of experiences, and for some “sparked” by memories or dreams of past lives; but what never changes is that it is always a deep, profound connection with a particular being. There are neurodivergent people and people with mental illnesses who identify as otherkin, yes. But it’s not that belief that makes them so. Some people “develop” their otherkin identity as a coping mechanism, and this does not make them any “less” otherkin than someone with past-life memories. 

  • “You’re not otherkin, you just like (insert animal here) a lot!”

Nope nope nope. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between simply having a strong affinity to an animal/being and having such a deep connection to it that it’s spiritual, to the point that you feel you have the soul or spirit of said animal, or that your soul takes the “shape” of that animal. I know this from personal experience.

  • Otherkin is just a tumblr fad among younger kids/teens.

Wrong again. Contrary to popular belief, being otherkin on not a bandwagon we jump on because we think it’s cool or cute or because we want to be special. It, generally speaking, is not a choice. Now, I’ve never had past-life memories, or dreams, or anything like that. But when I found out about otherkin and what they were (which was not through tumblr, mind you,) upon finding out about dragonkin specifically, it was truly like discovering the answer to an unspoken question I’d had for my entire life. The feelings and yearnings I’d experienced since I was a child were suddenly explained. It wasn’t that I found out about otherkin and said “Oh, that’s cool, these otherkin people are cool, I think I want to get on board with that.” It was more like “Wait… there’s actually a term to describe this? I’m not the only one? Other people have these feelings too? Holy shit… I’m not alone.” It was essentially like a piece of my identity fell into place. Not to mention, the term “otherkin” has been in existence in relation to our “subculture” since about 1990. Long before Tumblr was even thought of. As for otherkin supposedly only being a thing in young teens, well… I myself am 19, and know a good number of people in the community who are in their 20’s and 30’s. 

I know this doesn’t even come close to being everything, but it’s a start. If you have any more questions, please shoot me an ask, and I’ll do my best to explain further! I hope this helped you understand a bit better.

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I know its a dumb question, but why do people ship Jody X Sam? I'm not saying its bad, I think it's cute, but I don't really see a connection or something that would make them be shipped together.

Okay, I’m putting this under a cut because I’m going to ramble and gush and I want to give people the option of scrolling right on past, lol.

Please keep in mind that everything I am about to say is my personal interpretation and I’m not trying to shove my ship on anyone :)

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okAY I’ve literally had this in my inbox for months i’m so sorry (it’s from my old blog lmao that’s how old it is hence the screenshot) buT if it’s any consolation this is actually massively long (just under 5k lmao whoops whats a short fic i’ve never heard of that). also, while i’m pretty satisfied with the job i’ve done, i would like to disclaim that i literally know NOTHIGN about porn like i don’t think anyone expects me to be a porn expert but literally if there’s ANY accurate knowledge about filming porn in here whatsoever that’s entirely a coincidence. i made this shit up. all of it. okay. on with the fic.

           Zayn doesn’t think he’s been this nervous since his A levels. Maybe not even then. This may actually be the most nerve-wracking moment of his life, excluding the time he went on a plane for the first time and fucking Louis told him it was going to do loops in the air. Come to think of it, Louis’ been involved in all his worst moments in one way or another. It’s certainly his fault that Zayn’s here now. Well, his and Harry’s fault, if Zayn’s being completely fair, but he prefers to blame Louis for everything because he knows that if the positions were reversed, Louis would do the same.

           Anyway, today is Zayn’s first day on a new job.

           He’s going to be doing porn.

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i'm so sorry if this is weird, but i want to say i love when you draw MacCready's teeth sorta fucked up? it's so nice to see people do that bc it makes me feel less horrible about my smile and that means a lot ok sialswd thank you

hey, anonymous! first of all, no, totally not weird at all. not in the least! in fact, this message made me so happy that i had to sit down and reply despite having company over for the weekend dflsg oops

first of all, i really, really appreciate you taking the time to send me this. <3 like honestly, i’m a little - i dunno, floored that my scribbles were able to help, even a little? this was incredibly sweet of you, and brave, and i really admire your style. thank you!

second of all, i’m - gonna be super real with you. like, i know this won’t mean much coming from a strange dog on the internet, and i don’t want to pretend to know how to make things better for you (or anyone). but i know we all have things we don’t like about ourselves, because we’re human, and very often we become convinced that there is an ugly way to be a human that has to do with our appearance instead of who we choose to be or how we choose to act. i know that’s all normal, unfortunate as it is. but just - in my personal experience, i can honestly tell you that i have never ever thought anything of the sort about a genuine smile. i’m only one person, but i find smiles - no matter how they come - extremely beautiful. i love seeing peoples’ faces light up from the inside, i love how different smiles can look, around the teeth or lips or cheeks or eyes, i love seeing people smile or laugh. there’s something very stunning about happiness to me, and seeing it warms my heart. i mean all of that genuinely.

i know even that might not help - because we can’t smile all the time. and that’s okay too. sometimes we go a long time without smiling, or forget how, and that’s allowed. finding things to smile about can be very difficult for many of us, no matter how hard we try. but, anonymous, in this case - i think maccready has survived a lot, and he has battle scars that go far beyond his teeth. but he’s alive, he’s made it! and that’s something to smile about, i think.

thank you again, dear. <3

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Hi Jessie, tonight I was watching a movie and it triggered me. I'm still not feeling like myself and I was wondering if you could write a lil fic about a character overcoming symptoms of PTSD? If you've already written something like this then you don't have to write another one and you can just link me to it! Also, right after I was re-experiencing my trauma I came on here and read the newest chapter of your fic and it made me feel better for a little while, so thank you! <3

Hey Samantha! I am more than happy to write this for you! I really hope it helps, even just a lil bit. I can actually see this being a series of lil fics, so if you like this one let me know because I can continue it! <333

It was Friday night, which meant it was movie night at the Washington’s. 

Alexander, Lafayette, and their adoptive parents were sitting in the living room, which was dark except for the glow of the TV screen. Laf and Alex were in the middle, seated between their parents, a now-empty bowl of popcorn on Laf’s lap, blankets draped over both of them.

It was getting near the end of the movie, which Alex was secretly happy about since he was exhausted but refused to fall asleep on the couch like he so often did during movie night. He’d always wake up the next morning in his bed, where George had placed him after they finished the movie. 

Alexander’s eyes were fluttering shut when he heard it. It was just an off-screen scream, but it was the exact same pitch as the scream he’d heard that night. The scream he’d heard before finding his neighbor… 

He shut his eyes tightly. He did not want to remember the hurricane. He did not. He could not. If he let himself remember, the pain would threaten to drown him, just like the waves had tried to do that day. 

He was so focused on trying to not actively remember the horrible events of that day that a simple touch to his knee made him leap up off the couch, arms out, ready to strike whoever dared to come near him. 

“Son?” George asked, his eyes filled with concern. 

“Mon ami, I am sorry!” Lafayette said, his hand still hovering about where Alex’s knee had been. 

Alexander wanted to say something back, to reassure them he was fine, but every time he went to open his mouth he feared sand would blow into it again, then he had to remind himself there was no sand. He was in the Washington’s living room. He was in a different country.

“Gilbert, George,” Martha said, her tone saying everything she didn’t. The two others quickly got up and exited the room. Martha patted the couch and looked at Alex expectantly. 

Alex slowly lowered his arms before joining her, his body rigid.

“What happened, sweetie?” She didn’t reach out to touch him, which Alexander appreciated. He was still too jumpy for that.

“There was a scream,” he managed to say. “It reminded me––” He clamped his mouth shut. The scream. The sand. The salt water. It all flashed rapidly through him mind and he swore he was there again. 

“Alexander,” Martha said. She slowly lifted a hand and held it out to him. 

He grabbed on as if it were a lifeline. He shut his eyes and focused on her touch, her thumb gently rubbing the back of his hand. In his mind he repeated I am with Martha. I am in Virginia. I am safe. He repeated it until he could almost believe it. He kept going until he knew it to be true.

He slowly opened his eyes, blinking a few times. Martha simply smiled at him, her head tilted slightly to the side. He breathed a sigh of relief. 

“I’m proud of you,” Martha said softly. 

Alex wrapped his arms around her, letting himself feel safe. She gladly obliged, holding onto him tight.

When they let go, she put a hand on his shoulder. “Would you like company?”

Alex knew what this meant. On difficult nights, Lafayette would sleepover with him. 

Alex thought it over for a minute before shaking his head no. “I’m okay,” he said, a small smile gracing his face. “I’m okay,” he said more confidently. 

And he meant it. 

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Hello, sorry if I bother, but I was wondering what your opinion is on the situation right now? I sincerely want to think that people are overreacting, and the cancellation of their schedules is happening because the boys need to rest. I'd like Woollim to make a statement, since I am worried about the boys because they're not in their best condition right now. But maybe fans are looking too much into it? I'm a little concerned and I'd like to hear another opinion. Again, sorry to bother.

Hello~ We received this ask and since each admin has her own personal opinion on this issue, we decided to answer separately. Our answers our quite long so they will be put under the cut!

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