I promised myself I wouldn't

Question Challenge^^

I have time now, so i thought- Why not do it now? 


rule one: always post the rules
rule two: answer the questions the person tagged you ask then write eleven new ones
rule three: tag eleven people then link them in the post
rule four: tell them you tagged them
rule five: tell the person that tagged you when you’ve answered the questions. 

//sorry I’ve already done this tag & the people I usually tag are probably annoyed at me for tagging them all the time XD but i wanted to answer the questions ^^//

Thanks lucaffeine for tagging me! your answers were so funny- I can’t live up to that standard so this is gonna be boring hahaha

✏Here are the questions you guys need to answer!!! :

Q1: Who is your bias (put a gif~) How did he/she catch your eye?

this kid

I got into kpop around this time last year & when I first saw growl minseok caught my attention cause I thought he looked like one of the actors in School 2013. But I didn’t like him straight away, he didn’t talk as much in interviews so I was kinda curious about him- i looked into him more and it just fucking happened. This kid has been my ultimate bias ever since^^ ((he kicked yixing&sehuna out of my heart which is fucking impossible unless you’re kim minseok))

Q2: What is your favorite beverage? 

Coffee/Iced tea/Tea 

Q3: Have your ever been on an airplane? If yes, Which countries have you visited?

lmao only once- it was when I migrated to England from the Philippines 3 years ago. But we had a stop over in Hong kong but i don’t think that counts as a visit right? 

Q4: Which season matches your personality? 

I think my personality’s more summery/spring but I hate those seasons and I love fall ((i hate sunshine lmao))

Q5: If you had a chance to be famous, Would you take it?

If i was ‘book author’ famous, yeah sure why not. But I can see myself swearing at people if they pry on my private life.

Q6: What is your dream future ambition?

This would sound like what a weeaboo would say but I really want to teach English somewhere in Asia. I don’t even mind where- I JUST WANNA TRAVEL OKAY? 

Q7: What is your Ideal type?

If it’s based on my past relationships I would say a risk taker. Most of them were short. I seem to have a thing for short guys idk why >_<


*more coughing*

*coughing so hard*

But actually I don’t mind as much as other people. ^^

Q8: Where do you want to live at when you grow up? 

Japan is fucking amazing but I’m gonna sound like a weeaboo otz I didn’t even watch anime as much or listen to jpop to know how fucking amazing Japan is. I think it just matches my personality~

Q9: If you could fast forward to your future, What would you think it will be like?

/hopefully/ I would be stressed out in uni trying to do some work on vocab that I can’t do. I would prefer that than doing something easy af but it isn’t really what I want, yknow?^^

Q10: If you could have any one of the listed super powers, which one     would you choose?

Gull, teleportation is the way to go! Flying requires too much effort hahaha You were right about seeing exo up close in the lost planet ;) 

Sorry for sounding like such a weeaboo T_T & thanks again for tagging me!!