I probably should be writing this while half asleep

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Lance getting stabbed for a prompt <3

Warning, I’m half asleep and completely drained of all life while writing this, it will probably be shitty, but thought I should give y’all some content

The cold feeling spread throughout Lance, making him tense up even more with terror.  His side was beginning to grow wetter and wetter with every second that passed, drenching his shirt and hoodie with red.  He knew he should’ve listened to Shiro when his boyfriend told him to be careful.

He heaved a pathetic chuckle when he thought about his soft, caring boyfriend.  His lips then twisted downwards when he thought about the fact that their conversation this afternoon could’ve been their last.  Numbly, Lance moved one of his hands over the laceration in his side, tentatively putting pressure on the fairly deep wound.

Blood poured out from between his fingers and stained the concrete below him.  “-Iro,” He mumbled weakly, wishing only to see Shiro in this horrid moment.  He knew he should’ve just given up his wallet when the robber demanded for it instead of being a little shit like he always is.

The Cuban’s breath came out more roughly and his head lolled to the side.  He noticed something dark just a foot or two away from him and he remembered, he dropped his bag when the robber stabbed him.  With a choked sob, Lance reached over to snag his bag, slowly pulling it towards himself.

With fumbling fingers, Lance slid his phone out of one of the pockets.  Blood smeared over the screen, making it difficult to pull up his contacts, but he eventually got there.

He clicked on ‘Daddy <3′ and shifted his thumb over the call button before dropping the device onto his chest, closer to his head than stomach.  He began to nod off while waiting for Shiro to pick up his phone, if he even was.  After waiting what felt like hours, Shiro picked up the phone with a weak, “What is it, Lance?”

“-Iro, I ‘ucked up, baby.”

“Lance?  Are you okay, you sound weird.”  Lance attempted to laugh, but only ended up spitting blood all over his chin.

Shiro was immediately alarmed by the sound of his boyfriend choking on his own blood.  “Lance, where are you?  What’s going on?”

Lance held a weak, trembling hand to the flowing wound and smiled softly up at the dusty sky.  “Shiro, te amo, mi amor.”