I probably posted them at one point who knows

omg i’m so lazy i just can’t be bothered to take and edit photos

watching tokyo ghoul seasons and folding - 3 finished, 1 almost done (and by almost i mean i copped out halfway during exam week in june so at this point it’s probably never getting done), and started a new one in which assembly is slightly worrying in terms of stability but ya know nothing tape can’t fix

a pinecone waiting to be finished and at least a dozen projects i can’t be bothered to assemble that have been sitting there for almost a year now

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Honestly you're probably the best admin ive seen <333 and im not just saying tht youre seriously so kind polite and you actually take time to keep this blog alive and you do it so well <333 im actually the person who at one point said that the yandere change was probably not a good idea but after that ive submitted like 3 posts and youve been so good and amazing <333

Thank you, I’m still doing the yandere thing, even thought the name has changed. I have a yandere do-s Azusa coming up, along with one yandere Yuma, both of them are going to be nsfw. Anywah that you so much it always warms my heart to read some praise and know that you darlings are enjoying yourself with my blog :3, once again thank you :3

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Who is sky? And what exactly is smack brokelle? I was a huge brokelle bones and Megan Hollywood fan but I never cared enough to stalk them like some of these people you post about.

Skigh was someone who brookelle used to send pictures to and she would edit them for her. Why Brookelle sent them out to someone I’m not entirely sure (I’m assuming she had a lack of knowledge in Photoshop and probably didn’t have the ability to edit photos) I don’t know much of their relationship other than the business side, but I’m assuming if Brookelle trusted her enough to send “rare” unedited images to her they had some sort of friendship. As for SB it was a site run by two girls (who at one point were friend with Brookelle) basically they just called her out on her lies (for example the photoshopping/health lies) things like that. Their goal was to have Brookelle admit to what she’s done and come clean publicly and apologize to everyone she hurt and they would stop what they were doing and close the site down. Brookelle never apologized and really never acknowledged them publicly, she did mention random things that could have been about them but never mentioned their names. But their lives became busy and they stopped posting on the site some time ago

okay so unfortunately i’m calling it bedtime. although i’m pretty sure i’m gonna end
up watching a movie ( probably the little mermaid or imagine me or you. but who knows
if i go through with it at this point. ) i have a few more drafts to do but i’m gonna hope to
get them done tomorrow ( no promises tho. ) and i’m probably going to post one of those
permanent starter call things tomorrow too here & on rachel. but until then, i shall see you
all on mobile xoxo