I preside over a veritable horde of siblings

Well, my Thanksgiving was (and continues to be) a blast.

There are five of us siblings here at my house (that’s all but the youngest). No parents, aunts, in-laws, cousins, etc. Just us of the Continuum, whooping it up and eating ALL THE FOOD, and it’s awesome.

(this serves as an explanation for my not participating any any conversations that have come up this week)

How I explained the draw of Shakespeare to my kid brother

You know how if there’s a song you like, and it’s really popular, then everyone covers it? And, yeah, most of those cover suck, but every now and then you get a cover that’s really amazing, and it’s not an exact copy of the original, but it does really cool things with it.
Well, imagine if the song was three hours long. And almost every cover was one of of the amazing ones. That’s Shakespeare