I preside over a veritable horde of siblings

How I explained the draw of Shakespeare to my kid brother

You know how if there’s a song you like, and it’s really popular, then everyone covers it? And, yeah, most of those cover suck, but every now and then you get a cover that’s really amazing, and it’s not an exact copy of the original, but it does really cool things with it.
Well, imagine if the song was three hours long. And almost every cover was one of of the amazing ones. That’s Shakespeare

So there’s this thing in our family where the younger siblings draw badly drawn pictures of dweeby guys and give them to me and go “look Rune, it’s your boyfriend” (this has a good deal of backstory and I’d like to say it makes sense in context, but it probably doesn’t).

Anyway, captiangoo wasn’t very happy with how a preliminary sketch turned out, and this showed up on my fridge.

I’ve got to say, though, he’s the best paper boyfriend yet.

Well, my Thanksgiving was (and continues to be) a blast.

There are five of us siblings here at my house (that’s all but the youngest). No parents, aunts, in-laws, cousins, etc. Just us of the Continuum, whooping it up and eating ALL THE FOOD, and it’s awesome.

(this serves as an explanation for my not participating any any conversations that have come up this week)

nimblermortal replied to your post:I just informed 15-year-old brother that Much ado…

It’s not just a pun, it’s a raunchy pun. Because Shakespeare is nothing if not raunchy.

Yup. The conversation went something like this.

Bro: *lets loose with a barrage of unfunny dirty jokes*
Rune: Noooothing!
Bro ….
Rune: Dude, that’s a dirty joke. You didn’t get it.
Bro: Of course I got it, I just didn’t think it was funny.
Rune: “Nothing” is Elizabethan slang for girly bits
Bro: *laughs uproariously*
Rune: Now you get it. See, it is funny.
Rune: And “Much Ado about Nothing” is a pun
Bro: O.O

Now I’m afraid he’s not going to realise just how obscure that is, and go about lecherously saying “nothing” every third sentence. My work here is done.

Just got off the phone with my sister after a two hour conversation about the joys of bad TV, punctuated by a discussion of the comparative creepiness of aliens and reptiles. There was a great deal of “you get it! well, of course you get it, you’re weird, too.” from both parties.
My relations are the bestest.

So my chucklehead of a 21-year-old brother got himself into a pickle by driving like an idiot in particularly bad conditions (no one was injured, thank goodness).

The news has shown several photos of his hilariously stuck car, one photo of his female passenger being helped out of the hilariously stuck car (with my brother already out and not in frame), and a video of the car being stupidly driven directly into the problematic area. But because the conditions themselves are newsworthy, these are being used to illustrate the overall situation and the news hasn’t gone on about his situation in particular (ie they haven’t mentioned the name or gender of the driver or the number of persons in the car).

So of course the idiots on facebook and the news websites take the video of the car and leave a thousand comments about how this MUST be a woman driving because haha chikz iz dum, and on the video of him driving like a proper idiot (it’s from a distance and you can’t see the driver) and the pictures of the stuck car, and on the photo of his passenger being helped out, they’re going “I knew it, chikz is dum!”.

And of course, nothing in this situation demonstrates anything about the intelligence or driving abilities of women, or even of one specific woman, and it all demonstrates that my brother is a really stupid driver sometimes.

Context is everything, and it’s not nice to make assumptions when there could easily be more context that you don’t know.

I’m actually more peevish about the commenter than I am at my brother for driving like a moron and potentially endangering himself and his friend.

So my brother got himself a motorcycle which requires much repair work. He doesn’t have space for this himself, so he keeps it in my garage. Which means that he pops by to work on his motorcycle all the time, and sometimes at odd times.

So the other morning I wake up to someone bumping around in the kitchen and my first thought is that it’s my brother making coffee, but then “oh no, what if it isn’t” crosses my mind, and I’m not even entirely awake yet, so I shout “You had better be blood and not a robber!” because that seems the most reasonable thing to do.
So my brother yells back down the hall, “I’m related to you. I didn’t wake you up. Go back to sleep.”

So my 15-year-old brother advised me against watching Fargo.

“It’s horrible.”
“What’s horrible about it?” (bad writing? weak plot? too violent? boring characters?)
“I donno, it’s just horrible.”
“Ok, how do you know it’s horrible?”
“My friend told me”
“Dude, have you even watched it?”
“Why would I? My friend said it’s horrible!”
“And your friend didn’t tell you anything about it, just that it’s horrible?”
“ummmm, yeeeeaaaahhhh”

In related news, Fargo is rather good.