I pray to god this works

“One night I was talking with my wife about how perfect our life was. It was twenty-five years ago. We had four children. We’d just saved enough money to buy a new house. We felt so lucky. I remember she said: ‘What if God takes something from us?’ The next day I came home from work and found my wife screaming. She was holding our oldest son. He’d stuck his hand in the washing machine andelectrocuted himself. We couldn’t revive him. We rushed to the hospital but the doctors said there was nothing they could do. I begged them to try. My friends from the church came and we all started to pray. And the doctors were able to bring him back to life. He became a case study. Today he’s 29. He has learning problems. He can’t read or write. But he has a job as a security guard. He enjoys his life. And to this day, I believe in miracles.”

(Valparaíso, Chile)

There is no wrong place to pray. I pray at my desk, on my living room floor, on the couch beside my dogs, in my bed, beside my bed, in the bathroom, in the shower, in the car on my way to work, walking down the street, in the morning when I wake up, in the evenings before I fall asleep.

There is no wrong way to pray. I pray with my eyes, closed, with my eyes open, with my knees on the ground, standing up, sitting down, curled into a ball, holding my own hands, moving my hands around, raising my hands in the air, holding someone else’s hands. 

There is no wrong way to say a prayer. Some days I repeat myself over and over, some days I cry, some days I get angry, some days I tell Him everything, some days I can’t seem to tell Him anything, some days I use flowery language, some days I use foul language, some days I use hardly any language. Help me, I whisper. 

There is no wrong place to pray, there is no wrong way to pray, there is no wrong way to talk to our Creator, our Father, our best friend, our God.

I find myself questioning the same shit over and over. What is God or the Universe trying to show me? What am I missing? What lessons am I not learning? Why am I constantly having to deal with the same situations from the same people for years now? Like WDF, I’m actually tired. But I know myself, I always have to feel before I learn, so maybe I’m just not paying attention or deep down I know what’s really good but I don’t want to admit it, so instead of facing things head on, I’m just going with the flow and in return I’m constantly taking L’s and getting hurt. Who knows, but 2016 has been so tough. I honestly am praying for lighter, brighter and just happier days. I deserve it.

Modern Pagan Ways to Worship

I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways I worship the gods, and watching my other Pagan friends to see how different our styles are. I thought I might list some of the ways I’ve noticed. Feel free to add anything you think is worth mentioning!

Learning about the gods: This is always the first thing I tell people to do when they decide to work with a new god. Read the stories we do have about them, even if there’s only one. What are scholars saying about the story/ies? What can we learn from knowing about the culture of the time? Is there any crossover from other cultures and mythologies?

Prayer: The obvious one, but perhaps not one that all Pagans engage in for fear of feeling ‘too Christian.’ Ceiswir Serith has a great guide, “A Book of Pagan Prayer,” if you want to take a look at new ways to pray. 

Offering food/drink: Whether you’re offering a separate meal to the goddesses or sharing a part of your plate, this is a very old tradition. Some gods prefer you partake of the meal, and others don’t. Whatever is best for you, offering a glass of wine or a portion of your lunch to the gods also makes you more conscious of the food you’re ingesting.

Building/maintaining an altar: Another very common one under the Pagan umbrella. We dedicate a space to a deity or deities, and decorate it as a workspace for spells, a welcome mat for the god(s)/ess(es) we worship.

Donning a deities’ associations: If yours is a sea goddess, it is likely she’ll prefer you wearing shells, pearls, or colors that remind her of her home. By contrast, a fire god might like to see you sporting some carnelian or even lava rock. Wearing their colors, crystals/stones, scents, animal representations, symbols (either overt or covert), etc., is a way to remind yourself of them throughout the day.

Writing: Some Pagans keep journals, a Book of Shadows, and blogs to write to and about the gods. If you’re a verbal learner, this can be a great way to figure out your feelings if you’re working through new concepts, or to tell stories about your deities if they like to hear you talk about them.

Art: Other Pagans like to draw, paint, or otherwise decorate parts of their world with a visual representation of their god(s)/ess(es), their associations, or experiences they’ve had with their deity.

Music: Writing a chant, alternative Christmas carol lyrics, or compositions can be a great way to worship! Don’t forget drum circles and jam sessions.

Meditation: One of my personal favorites, guiding yourself (or having them guide you) through a visual meditation to show them more of their world. You can learn a lot about a god this way.

Crafty hobbies: Making jewelery, fetishes, or other gifts for the gods can be a relaxing and informative way to learn about how you see your goddesses compared to how other people do.

Volunteer work: Many goddesses and gods require their followers to flow good energy back into the world, whether that’s by volunteering at a women’s shelter, running a recycling campaign in your neighborhood, or counselling LGBTQ+ youth, this is a rewarding way to prove you can put your money where your mouth is, spiritually speaking.

Academic work: Particularly for knowledge/wisdom deities, this can be a good one for students. Silently dedicating your homework assignments to your gods can boost the quality of the work you turn in–it’s going to someone a little higher than your professor, after all!

Designing sigils and symbols: A lot of people are starting to take up the sigil-making hobby, which is great! Making a unique symbol for your deities lets them know you’re thinking of them, without necessarily letting other people know. Particularly good for people in non-Pagan-friendly households.

How many times have I prayed about you?
How many times have you crossed my mind & without even a fully formed sentence, I’ve sent merely the pure FEELING of wishing you could be mine right up to God?
—  photogrl2020how many times does it take to work?
Lastly, don’t ever, ever, ever think that you’ve been gone too long to come to Him. God is not some spiritual parole officer waiting for you to fail. If you’ve strayed from prayer, He is not keeping some score. If you don’t feel Him at all, tell Him that: “I don’t feel you right now, God.” Pray with any amount of faith that you have; believe that prayer works; ask for faith if you have none. If you’re mad, tell Him. If you’re ashamed, guilty, confused, afraid, doubtful: tell Him. He can handle that. He is understanding, patient, gracious; He loves you. You’ll soon find you’ll want to talk to Him, because He’s actually pretty awesome to talk to.
—  What the Church Won’t Talk About

i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

Things about prayer that I should have learnt a long time ago: 

1. God doesn’t need your prayers. The prayers are for you. Why? Because praying five times a day isn’t merely a pointless ritual; it establishes a routine, a sort of rhythm to your life. It is the one part of your to-do list that you get to check off, even if the rest of your work is unfinished. 

2. Don’t expect some sort of enlightening experience when you pray after a long time. I think that’s what I found most disheartening about prayer, that I didn’t feel a ray of light enter my heart, that I didn’t feel cleansed when I prayed after a long time. Prayer does feel nice, but the “cleansing” the “enlightening” comes after a while and it comes from within. It comes with the stuff you do along with prayer. It comes from the effort you put in to becoming a good person and into becoming conscious of God. 

3. Beating yourself up about missing prayer disheartens you more. Beating yourself up in general is disheartening. Take it easy on yourself. 

4. You’ll never expect it, but one day you’ll be crying in sujood and it isn’t because you’re weak it’s because you’re taking a step towards being stronger. Don’t be afraid to cry in prayer. It’s nice to feel yourself humbled towards God. You don’t have to cry in front of anyone else, but you can sob your heart out in front of God and that’s perfectly okay. 

5. That discomfort you feel about having missed a prayer, is something that you should address. Don’t brush it off. If you brush it off once, you’ll do it again. Go pray. It really is good for you. 

Just the thought of you makes me smile,
The sound of your voice through closed doors,
The way you shuffle around facing the ground.
Thinking of your own bright smile,
The way it brightens the room,
Sets my face alight.
I think of the late night messages
And the inside jokes,
Of the way our eyes will meet
And we’ll burst out laughing
Because we were thinking the same thing.
I think of how it wouldn’t work
And how it’ll never work,
And I pray to God I get to keep you in some way.

I really hope Rin is canonically still Christian and goes to confession box and attend Mass bc like, I relate struggling to stay strong with your religion when everyone else says you’re going to hell (literal child of satan in Rin’s case)

and since in the chapter when he attended of the monks’ funeral he seemed to be sincerely praying to god it’s just… touching?? like he probably thinks he has no chance of heaven but he wishes for others to have it??? I cry

Imagine Rin Okumura, Satan’s Spawn, going to a confession box in his school’s church, bc his monastery is too far and he’s busy

except every priests that work in True Cross Academy knows his identity, his voice! And they just… don’t get it? Is he sincere? Is he mocking them? Can Son of Satan be capable of kindness? I know this is a shounen manga and probably won’t address it but hey. Fanfic. Our City Now.


The police in the state of Espirito Santo in Brazil is in “strike” (which means they wont work)
The police wont work.
You all probably know about Brazil’s fame with violence. This is like that movie which all crimes are legal during a day but worse because who knows when they will start to work again.
I’m not from Espirito Santo but I’m scared for them. I cant hope they are safe because they ARENT. Oh my god, this is so fucked up, shit.

Prayers for Italy needed

Italy is in a very poor condition at the moment, and I feel the Hand of God is pressing heavy on my country.

The Centre & South are under +1m of continuous snow, and earthquakes are still an issue which now is occurring together with cold weather.

Villages are isolated and some have to go without electricity and related.

Please pray for Italy, all people affected, the army/health services specially needed and working hard at this time.

I also remember other countries affected by recent earthquakes.

Jesus, have mercy!

Life before God was cool. I lived a good life. Did nice things for people. Was happy TBH. I did not come to God with a desperate need to have my life changed. But that was the problem. I never knew I needed God until I met Him. I never knew that the deeds I called “good” didn’t really matter at the end of the day if I didn’t even know the One who created me with such purpose. My testimony may not seem all that exciting. Some people meet God while they’re stuck in an addiction, or near death. That didn’t happen to me. I met God, and honestly, truthfully, it changed everything for me in the best way possible. Now, I am able to recognize the joy He puts in my life, and instead of calling things “coincidence” I am truly able to see Him at work in everything. He is real, and He loves you. I pray that you too, would have a personal encounter with Jesus. You won’t know the joy that comes with knowing Him until you experience Him for yourself.

Ok so you know the line in Hurricane “and when my prayers to God were met with indifference, I picked up a pen, I wrote my own deliverance.” 

This signifies where he takes away any faith he had in God and puts it in himself instead, he believes in himself, that if he wants anything done he has to rely on himself and he does, and it works. 

Then we get to It’s Quiet Uptown and there’s a lyric “and I…pray…that never used to happen before.” 

And this signifies where he puts some of that faith back into God and takes it away from himself. Because he advised Phillip on what to do during his duel and Phillip died when following his advice. He blames himself for what happened to his son and loses faith in himself and hopes that God can prevent any further mistakes, because he couldn’t so he doesn’t deserve his own faith anymore. 

God always does in me what’s best for the Kingdom.
So if I don’t receive something I’ve really wanted, or thought would be for me, I’m training myself to say, “that must not have been in heaven for me.”
Meaning: if I pray, “on earth as it is in heaven” and something doesn’t work out for me on earth, then it’s not in heaven. And if it’s not in heaven, then I don’t want it.
No matter how much sense it makes on paper or in my mind.
Always for Glory. Any friendship, any future relationship, any job, any circumstance. I believe that the things that have worked out for me have worked out because they give Glory to God.
I don’t want to partner with anything or anyone that doesn’t advance the Kingdom.