I pranked you so hard

Yeri: It was you, right?

Mark:*looks away, pretending he didn’t saw, then sudden killer eye contact*

Haechan: *looking super innocent* It wasn’t meee!!!!

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Pairing: V X READER

Summary: your dorm mate starts a Halloween themed prank war and you’re too competitive to not reciprocate.

Genre: very fluffy, college au, shared dorm au

Length: 1.3k

A/N: try and tell me tae isn’t the king of pranks and you’d be LYING

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A scream echoed around the dorm room followed by thundering footsteps and Taehyung leant back on the sofa, closing his laptop to look up and watch you sprint into the room, hair slicked back against your scalp and coated in a red liquid that dripped onto the floor, he smirked, “you alright pumpkin?”

Your eyes widened at the statement, marching to the sofa where you proceeded to point at him, “I just showered in blood!” You gestured to your towel-clad figure that made you look like you had just stepped out of the set of Carrie, “We promised no Halloween pranks this year, you dick!”

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The Prank That Went Wrong - George Weasley Imagine


Hi! Can I get an imagine where (y/n) was having a bad day and she decides to do a prank on someone to make her happy but she accidentally pranked her boyfriend, George Weasley and you can think up the rest. Thank you!

~ (Sorry, it’s kinda short)


You were having a horrible day you had to finish a 3-Foot long paragraph for snape, Had to practice a new spell for Mcgonagall, Fell off your broomstick when playing quidditch and got a cut on your arm, and had a horrible detention with a wickedly mean pink toad a.k.a Umbridge and write ‘I must not play during class’

But, when you were in bed and about to moan and cry for the horrible day. You thought of an idea to lift your spirits to do a really hilarious prank on someone and the best part was that tomorrow was a Friday and that you can laugh about it all weekend.

So, On Friday morning you got up super early, got ready, and went straight to the room of requirements to get the supplies you needed. After you got your supplies you went to the 3rd floor corridor and right in the middle of the corridor you said ‘wingardium leviosa’ and a big bucket of red paint flew into the air.

Keeping your concentration until someone came, you hide against the wall in the turning corner; Waiting for awhile until someone came. you heard footsteps coming and got ready then, you stop concentrating on the bucket and let it fall on top of the person; you were laughing so, hard you had to cover your mouth with both hands.

Then, you immediately stopped and your eyes widened at the familiar voice that yelled “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!!!” you looked around the corner to see your boyfriend, George Weasley, standing there with red paint all over him and super furious. As, he looked around for the culprit; You hid fast behind the corner again but, you weren’t fast enough George saw you “(Y/N)!!!”

When he got to the corner to find you, you just looked into his angry brown eyes “Really (Y/n)? why me!!” you did sad eyes “I didn’t mean to Georgie I thought you were someone else, I’m sorry” he sighed “It’s okay but since you did such an amazing prank I want to hug you for working so hard” he smirked; you frowned and looked at him"No thank you sweetie, I’ll pass on that hug" he got closer to you hands out “Come on babe you deserve it”

You got up quickly and ran as fast as you can away from George but, George was a way faster runner than you. He grabbed your waist and put you in a bone crushing hug; you tried pulling away but you couldn’t his grip was to tight. He started kissing you on the neck leaving a trail of red kisses on your neck
“Georgie stop it! Please! Stop!” You screamed and giggled.You looked also like george covered in red paint due to his cuddling trap.

He finally pulled away smiling “Was that prank really an accident?” He said as he kissed your forehead “yes, i didn’t mean to prank you, I meant to prank someone else” you replied while you were walking down the corridor with him. You both walked to the 5th floor corridor and went to the prefects bathroom to wash up.

Your Friday still ended up as amazing as you thought it would. You did a huge prank, Laughed all day because of it, and spent most of the day washing paint off you and your boyfriend. You were still laughing about how George was yelling in rage and he stopped you by pulling you in the water with him. But, You’ll always remember the prank that went wrong.


🎄♫ All I Want For Christmas is You- Mariah Carey// Marauders Era: Remus x Reader

Request: Okay this might sound crazy but imagine a one shot where Remus is smitten with a girl and while joking with the marauders he says that he wants her for christmas and Sirius (cheeky bastard he is) ties her up in a bow n puts her under their Xmas tree 

Frost settles on the roofs of the castle, nipping at the noses of still statues in the courtyard and resting on gentle blades of grass. Grey pillars are graced by the glimmer of white fragments that stick to them like glue. In the delicate light of the early dusk, the castle and everything around it is peacefully aglow.

The pure white canvas that covers the cold, hard ground is disturbed by 3 pairs of footprints, the trails still forming, leading to a trio of shivering boys that rush towards the entrance of the castle, their coats rustling across the newly ivory tenting that covered the world.

“We should have just stayed in,” Sirius Black’s teeth chattered as his eyebrow knitted into a frown, snowflake segments scattered across his dark hair.

“Quit complaining Pads, I had to find the perfect gift,” James Potter had determination running through his veins and pouring out through his voice.

“Do you ever worry that Evans might think you’re some kind of a stalker?” the raspy voice of Remus Lupin floated across the rustle of their capes and the thumps of their shoes.

“Shut up, I know she likes me. Probably. Maybe. She does, alright?” James’ confidence was shaken as he frustratedly snapped at his friend, fumbling with the necklace that he had taken out of it’s box numerous times since they had left Hogsmeade, just to make sure it would match her glowing emerald eyes and compliment her radiant smile.

“You don’t sound very sure,” Sirius’ statement earned a strong shove from James, laughter echoing from all 3 boys as they hurriedly walked to their destination, that still seemed miles away. 

“Why are you laughing Moony? I don’t see you getting Y/L/N a present?” the hesitation in James’ voice transformed into smugness as he gave the now crimson cheeked boy a nudge. Remus stared down at his snow covered boots, his step becoming quicker and quicker.

“You can’t run away from the truuuuuuuth!” seemingly having forgotten all about his freezing hands, Sirius yelled, his exclamation almost a song, that was very likely heard at the glistening tops of Hogwarts’ highest towers.

Remus stopped in his tracks, causing his distracted friends to immediately bump into him. 

“Okay, yes, I like Y/N, thank you for stating the obvious. If it were possible, I’d want her under a Christmas tree wearing a bow and nothing else. But it won’t happen, because she doesn’t even know I exist. Now, can we get back to teasing James, please? Because that’s a lot more fun.” 

Stunned by the calm and determined tone of their friend’s voice, Sirius and James stood static for a moment, their mouths slightly open, before they ran to catch up with their friend, exchanging mischievous glances.

Y/N dipped her quill in ink and began the final sentence of her Divination assignment, interrupted by a tap on her sweater covered shoulder that caused her to smudge the looping writing that covered the parchment sprawled across the library desk, and whispered profanities to slip off her soft lips. She turned around, frustrated, ink covering her fingers, coming face to face with Sirius Black.

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It has been an hour since Taehyung had said that he would put his phone on silent and Y/N could only reread the conversation after calling him multiple times only to be told that he had evidently turned off his phone. Her heart was beating so hard it feels like it would jump out of her ribcage. 

“Cheating on me…? With my sister of all people?” Y/N whispered as she felt her hands tremble. Why? When? How? All of these thoughts ran through her head. She stands up only to sit back down again in disbelief. Y/N could feel her heart beginning to break bit by bit and she couldn’t help the tears that pooled at her eyes. Did he only love me to get to my sister? Did he only stick with me for 6 years so that he could ditch me and run off with my sister? Y/N was trembling in anger at the thought of her sister meeting with Taehyung behind her back yet the feeling of distress and sorrow seemed to balance it out as she coiled over and let out a cry. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. Why the heck didn’t I know? 

The doorbell rings which caused Y/N to quickly wipe away at her tears as she got up to get the door. She doesn’t stop to check who it was and chooses to just open the door. “Hoseok?" 

"Hey…I’m guessing you know…about uh…” He rubs the back of his neck. Y/N looks at him, defeated. He opens his arms and immediately Y/N rushes in for a hug. Her tears soaked through the shoulder of Hoseok’s plain white tee. “Let’s go get you some fresh air, yeah?" 
The two walk out, Hoseok’s arms around the crying females shoulders as she wipes at her tears. They don’t even make it out that far when someone calls out for Y/N’s name. The two turn around and a mixture of emotions surge through Y/N’s body. There stood Taehyung, panting as if he ran a marathon. "What the heck…” Hoseok mutters. 

“Hoseok get away from my girlfriend.” Taehyung grits his teeth and storms towards the two. Y/N stood there, unable to move because right in front of her was Y/N’s boyfriend who was supposedly cheating on her. What was she supposed to do? Taehyung grabs a hold of the females wrist and pulls her into his arms. “God, I’m so sorry. I’m really not fit for this - I hate seeing you cry. Urgh.” He hugs the female tightly. Y/N stands there, confused. Taehyung steps back and wipes the tears away from his girlfriend cheeks. He smiles briefly before he kneels down onto one knee. “I tried to prank you, yknow how I usually do. Except this one backfired so hard and so fast. Anyway…We’ve been together for 6 years, there is no way I’d cheat on you. I would never ever cheat on you because I love you so freaking much,” he breaths out. “So Y/N,” he takes out a small box from the pocket of his jacket. Y/N brings her hands up to cover her mouth. “Would you marry me?” Inside the box was a candy ring. She laughs with tear filled eyes. “If you think really hard you can the candy being a 17 carat diamond." 



“Yes, I will marry you. Dumbass." 

Hoseok stands there and observes the couple hugging the living souls out of each other and could only think. Wasn’t the prank supposed to last another 3 hours? Why did I end up looking like I was trying to steal his girlfriend… 

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Taehyung pranks you by supposedly cheating on you with your sister only to end up asking you to marry him.

gayscenographer  asked:

ok so today I found that it's possible to make moss graffiti. Like there is a special blend that you make, then write with on a brick wall. And you need to come back once a week to mist your graffiti with water so it grows. Basically what I'm saying is that Sirius is a nerd who'd totally make moss graffiti.

oh my g od

  • “Hey, sirius you coming?” “nah i have to wake up early to mist my graffiti” “what” “well it can’t just grow by itself god prongs”
  • sirius spilling the blend everywhere and before they know it their whole dorm is covered in moss
  • “JAMES I PRANKED THE SLUGHORN SO HARD HOLY SHIT WAIT TILL YOU SEE THIS” “you covered his office in moss drawings of penises didn’t you” “….never mind”
  • When he learns about a weird muggle tradition about carving your initials on to trees he’s kind of just like “??? why would you do that?”  and remus just shrugs and tells him “idk couples just do it”. a few weeks later when remus is walking around the school grounds he notices a huge “SB + RL” in moss writing on the Gryffindor tower and goes red
  • Mrs.Sprout ending the classes with “So, any questions? and no, Sirius, we are not taking up moss graffiti” 
  • Mrs. Potter helping Sirius make his blends and Sirius doing moss graffiti while she gets some gardening
  • Before they leave hogwarts, Sirius drew a wolf, a dog, a stag, and a rat on one of the stone walls surrounding the school grounds and shows it to his friends on the last night. ( “This is cute and everything, Pads, but where am I” “There!” “That’s a moose” “FIGHT ME, POTTER”)