I posted a lot of photos while I was gone

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hi! i hear so many people talk about keith crying with that hoodie but no matter how hard i look, i can't find any canon evidence? can you please help me? :']c

A few months ago a tumblr user went on a tour of studio mir and took (illegal) photos (staff thought they’d never be uploaded online I believe) and took some pictures of sketches of Keith crying in a hoodie  (people think it’s Lance’s jacket) and he looks in pain and his ears look kind of furry or it could just be indicating where they want to shade. Unfortunately I can’t post or link any of the actual pictures because they were illegal and studio mir got into a lot of trouble with it and if you didn’t see any of the leaks while they were spreading and save them they’re all gone now.

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ugggh naf the way you draw muscles!! how do you do them so well?

thank you so much!!

I dedicated a lot of my college life getting better at anatomy, studying artists like Glenn Vilppu, Burne Hogarth, Paul Cadmus, etc. For a while my anatomy was very technical and mechanical looking, so I spent my post-college years learning how to soften my figures. Most of this came from life drawing, but I also spent a lot of time outside of classes and timed studies just looking at reference photos and poses. Lots of time looking in the mirror and observing myself and others. Seeing how skin and fat lay on top of muscle, and even beyond that, how different body types effect proportion and shape of musculature.

I’m still learning but that’s generally how I’ve gone about it!


I’m back!! Let me tell you, rafting the Grand Canyon was SUCH a magical experience. It was beautiful, terrifying, fun, exhausting, frustrating, and dreamy! There were times I couldn’t wait to get home, but now that I’m off the river all I want to do is go back. That place felt so familiar to me, and I just know I need to work down there at some point. Ideally asap. Big waves. Big fun. LOTS of photos to come. Thanks so much to @telerider for posting for me while I was gone! // pc: @aiks___ #grandcanyon #nationalparks #findyourpark #rafting

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I was wondering do you have any visual references to Killian’s apartment or some kind of plans??? I’m just finishing Christmas with the Vankalds, because you know real life 😔, anyway every chapter makes me fall even more for the story, and also more than half the story has been posted, where has time gone?

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I do! So while I was writing Blue Line earlier this year, Ryan McDonagh, actual captain of the New York Rangers, put his apartment up for sale and I was like..oh ok, thanks for that real world inspiration, universe. 

Now, real!Cap doesn’t live near Lincoln Center, so take these views with a grain of Manhattan-based salt, but this apartment is in Tribeca which is almost, sort of near where the Vankalds live. There are more photos and words under the cut because I have a lot of thoughts about this:

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A Spot Light on Those Imperfections - AbbyCatsUK

Now I am damned proud of make-up in these photos, especially when I initially considered I’d messed up my powder as well as my eyeshadow. Still things seemed to work themselves out and I do love my eyeliner here.

However, the reason for this post is to draw attention to my imperfections, namely my stubble, wrinkles and huge pores. I have really heavy beard shadow, which was even worse here as my skin was so irritated I didn’t want to do a super close shave.

I am 35 and while still relatively young, age brings with it wrinkles and those things are not going to go away. Finally my large pores, they are like open cast mines, huge things.

These don’t always show in my photos as I using lighting, camera angles, etc to hide them but in this case the lighting was harsh and just highlighted them. Normally I would not post these but as someone who gets a heck of a lot of praise for their look, I feel it’s important to make people aware things are not always perfect.

I’ve gone through a lot a of frustration watching YouTube tutorials, looking at others photos,etc all the time thinking why the hell can I not get the same look. Why do I always look rough compared to them. Over time and finding the odd close up and started to realise that these people were not perfect and they had flaws in their looks and make-up too.

We all have tendency to the internet and in the rest of our lives to put the best of ourselves out there but we’re all humans and humans are not perfectly engineered.

After all this my point is everyone has flaws, don’t believe yours are unique to you. People you admire may well have the same flaws as you, it’s just they hide them well and you are not aware of them. Once I was able to accept mine it was easier to develop my look much quicker than I had before.

I am not sure this is of any help to anyone, perhaps it’s just me wanting to explain how I feel about my own look. I just like to be honest about my own look and hope that honesty helps people realise they can achieve anything I have themselves.

Improvement not perfection :)


Catch-up post with lots of photos. I spent most of the last 48 hours hoping I don’t have a sinus infection, and I finally feel safe to say that I don’t. Still not feeling 100% on my game, but mostly back. And my jet-lag is really almost gone. While I’ve been feeling physically terrible, though, I’ve been feeling incredibly fulfilled in every other way: emotionally, culinarily, culturally, mentally, artistically.

Top photo: lecture hall in Jagiellonian University. Who knew Copernicus was Polish? (Maybe everyone, except me.)

Second photo: Lady with an Ermine, by Leonardo da Vinci, dramatically lit in its own gallery at the National Museum.

Third and fourth photos: from an incredible exhibition at the National Museum, called “#heritage” (“#dziedzictwo” in Polish). This exhibition contains about six hundred different items from all periods of Poland’s history, and it wants to encourage conversations about Polish heritage and identity. As someone who definitely has Polish heritage and potentially has a Polish identity, I found it really fascinating. The third photo is a 20,000-złoty note with Marie Curie on it, printed in 1989. Did you know she was Polish? She named the first element she discovered polonium, after Poland.

The fourth photo is a map from 1907 of the number of people with Polish heritage living in each U.S. state.

The fifth photo is the organ in Saints Peter and Paul Church.

The sixth photo is silly, that banner just reminded me of one my favorite SNL characters, Bill Hader’s Stefon (in retrospect that sketch is kind of homophobic and terrible but I still love Stefon, sorry) saying, “It has everything” about whatever club he was talking about.

The seventh photo is also silly, just me cheesin’ with a bust of Pope John Paul II who I have taken to calling JP. I actually did know that he was Polish before I came here!

Phew, okay, that’s a pretty comprehensive catch-up, minus any food, which you’ll have to go to my Instagram to check out.


Ari Invades Alabama

(originally attempted to post Monday night 11/14/16, but tumblr app gave me fits)

Today I got to visit the home office of my employer.  It is located in Birmingham Alabama. The last time I made this trip was just over four years ago. Then, I was nearly 70 lbs heavier and at the height of my struggles with gender dysphoria. I was extremely unhealthy, pre-diabetic, and medically obese with high cholesterol. I was experiencing heart palpitations and had irritable bowel syndrome from not understanding how certain foods were degrading my health. At that time, I was literally worried I would die young (age 38). Meanwhile,  transitioning was something that I thought would never be part of my life. I thought it was too late and that there would be no point considering the limited time I might have had left due to my poor health. Fast forward 4 years (after being on HRT for 2 years) and I am back at the weight I was in college when I was playing soccer nearly daily on several teams at once. I have also reversed all of those negative health conditions mostly from just being able to be me and being motivated to take care of myself again. Lots of this has been covered in other posts so.. back to my trip..  

I arrived in the early afternoon and a co-worker who also flew in this week from California offered to pick me up so I would not have to deal with arranging my own transportation. She is awesome :)

She had a meeting to go to so first I looked up two of the women I had visited the last time I was here. They are wonderful people and I wish my short visit allowed me more time to spend with them. After talking with them for a while and having our photo taken (I need to ask if I can post it later), I met back up with the co-worker that picked me up and she and I made the rounds to see who had not gone home yet. 

I “met” quite a few people, some for the first time and for some I was meeting them again for the first time as Ari :) What’s funny is even though there was an email announcement about my transition and it was talked about a lot within the teams I usually interact with, I still find out about people who had no idea. There was one such case last week that I need to post about (maybe later this week) and that happened back at home in Illinois.

Without fail at the office today, I was greeted with smiles, warm handshakes, or even hugs. The start to this trip could not have gone better. That includes going through the TSA check point (always stress inducing for transgender people) at O'hare Airport on the way out.. no issues at all, no alarms, and a female agent only asked to pat down my back for some reason. There was no embarrassment and everyone was extremely polite.

I am in for an all day meeting tomorrow followed by my boss taking our team out for some fun in the evening.

Tonight I came back to my hotel room for a quiet evening. Before that though, I ordered some food at the bistro in the hotel. The employees here are very good at making you feel welcome. The nighttime receptionist even surprised me with a larger bag of chips when I was trying to buy a snack size bag from the little sundry shop for a late snack. He smiled and said they were the same price. It was funny because he kind of pulled them out of a back drawer almost like they were the “secret chips”.

I caught the premier of the Mars miniseries on TV tonight and enjoyed it. I need to get to bed soon as it has been a long day. I need to get up early so that I can dress up for a day when I will be meeting (or re-meeting, lol) even more people. I am planning on wearing a dress to the office for the first time (I work from home so this has been the first opportunity since my transition began!)

I am not sure if I will post again until I get home due to my busy schedule and writing these things up on my phone takes a long time (tough to edit).

All I can say is I feel kind of elated right now. I needed this with all of the uncertainty for transgender people since the election. It was definitely on my mind that I was flying into the heart of a strong “red” state where most people voted for Trump and there are very little protections for transgender people. I kept telling myself that I know I can handle whatever negative things may occur, but so far it has been nothing but great. I hope after the rest of the trip I can report more of the same. 


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

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What was your VegasCon2013 experience like? If you don't mind me asking?

Nothing really happened. I did have a miserable time but it was mostly for reasons that weren’t the fault of the convention itself, just unfortunate circumstances really: I was working graveyard shift in a really stressful job, I went by myself (which I really don’t recommend, if you go, go with friends), I have an anxiety disorder that can make it difficult for me to deal with crowds and strangers, and I’m really sensitive to blood glucose changes (turns out that it’s kind of tough to get low GI food at a convention).

This year I have a new (awesome) job with a normal schedule, my medication is working much better, and I know to pack some food. But I still decided not to go.

I wrote about it here, but the short version is that I don’t think that cons are really fun unless you buy Gold Tickets and those sell for upwards of $500 and I just can’t justify spending that much on it. 

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The Art Assignment: Photo a Friend

This one is kind of weird. A lot of people have been posting pictures of their parents or their roommate, this is a selfie I took two summers ago in Honduras.

While I give my friends slack, I tend to be overcritical of my actions. While I would give anything to spend time with my friends, I would love to get away from myself

I want to be friends with myself though.

And being friends with yourself is a process.

I’ve struggled on and off (mostly on) with depression for about the past five years. I’ve gone through streaks where I was so full of hate I was borderline eating disorder. I’ve coped with self harm as a mechanism to handle my anxiety. Sometimes it’s hard to be friends with someone when they seem to be incredibly unlikable.

But I’m trying really hard to change. I’ve got awesome friends who wouldn’t want to be friends with not awesome people. And a lot of days I can look in the mirror and say, “hey, that person is pretty cool.”

It hasn’t been easy. But a friend is someone you want to spend time with, trust, and love. And I will be my own friend.