I peacock you

One Direction OT5 Egyptian Wall Painting/Hieorglyphs Edition :P

Experts have tried to puzzle out the inscriptions surrounding each figure, from left to right:

Figure 1: One hundred percent not [unreadable erosion of rock]
Figure 2: Come on now, come on
Figure 3: Damn right I captain two ships, you shower of [unknown hieroglyphs]
Figure 4: Good lad, nice little body
Figure 5: Behold my yellow fruit


But these leaves conning, you con at peril,

For these leaves, and me, you will not understand,

They will elude you at first, and still more afterward, I will certainly elude you (x)

anonymous asked:

I think since Nino wears blue and has an eye shape(like the "eyes" on peacock feathers) on his shirt, that he'll be the peacock

okay, if it really could just depends by their clothes, it makes sence, i guess, ahah. but, seriously, all of them really have something based on their miraculous in their clothes (at least, a colour, huh) or in their appearance. 

so let me scribble something stupid (like its stopped me before)

*Edna`s screams in the backgroung*

I realized I haven’t drawn Tar-Mairon in forever and that’s a crime.


I loathe introductions and forewords. The stories that live are the ones we get into like a knife in the flesh. 

Jean Ray in La danse de Salomé