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I’m watching Jack’s livestream and wow

I’ve finally heard someone say exactly what I think about offense

“Offense is something that demands understanding, but it doesn’t always demand apology.”

Thank you, Jack.

I keep seeing people saying that if someone tells you that you offended them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t do anything wrong. You should just recognize that you’ve done something wrong, apologize for it, and work on improving yourself to not be so offensive.

But no, that’s not right. Not always.

It’s true that you can’t tell someone what they should and shouldn’t be offended over. But:

Just because someone is offended doesn’t always mean that they’re right. If someone twists your words or actions, even unintentionally, and gets offended by what they think you meant, then that’s not your fault. It may not be their fault either. It’s often a case of misunderstanding. On the other hand, some people will purposefully twist what you say or do because they’re just looking for something to be offended by.

Yes, you should try to understand why they took offense, but intention and context truly do matter sometimes. And in some of those cases, you should clarify, and then work on being more clear with what you mean in the future. But in situations where you’ve been as clear as you can be, you should stand by the truth behind your words and actions, because the things that people are accusing you of and are offended by are things that you never actually said or did.

@therealjacksepticeye thank you for saying this. I’m sorry people are giving you a hard time, but I personally loved your Bro Average video, and I thought that the weird, sad arc and the ending were quality goofy entertainment.

anonymous asked:

OFB, we haven't heard that much about your Alice yet, what's she like? Is she nice, do you guys get along?

Sorry for the bad quality of this picture, dear anon. It is really old.

What can I say about her? She is one of the most incredible cartoon I ever had the pleassure to know. We were best friends, confidents, and lovers, but is is being a long time since that…

When Sussie Campbell, her voice actress, was fired by Joey,she went with her. She…never said goodbye. She just left behind a letter for Boris and me. I have not seen her since then.

I hope she is alright.

anonymous asked:

You are literally my favorite blog to check on tumblr, your gifs and posts always make me smile. Thank you for all your hard work.

Anonymous said:Omg, without your gifs, i wouldn’t be able to look at the boys doing the same cute face over and over again, your gifs are a blessing to everyone, and i am eternally grateful for you (and them)! Please never stop making them!

Anonymous said:I found your blog because of your BV videos BUT I stayed for the quality blog ^^ You’re one of the blogs that made me decide to make a blog and I’m not even jimin/taehyung biased haha. I’ll follow you forever because your blog is quality everything, and you’re an amazing person for doing so much for this fandom. Thank you! We don’t deserve you ;;

Anonymous said:Also I remember I really loved that you had smyang on your music playlist on your blog back when you used to have music on your blog :’)

oh yeah i miss the music :(

and you guys are so nice i don’t know what i’ve done to deserve such amazing followers but thank you all! all of this really keeps me motivated to continue to run this blog and be active in the fandom <333

Originally posted by yoonmin

HOLY SHIT !! i mean it when i say i’ve had a lot of roleplay blogs but never one that grew so fast as jughead’s did ?? and i honestly don’t know why it happened because there’s no quality icons here or even a quality theme or quality content but nonetheless i am super happy for having all of you guys. it would be overly stupid if i said i interact with all of you, because that’s impossible, but i’d still love to at some point in the future! i am really grateful for all the interactions and support and love i’ve received since i’ve created jughead because it is also the 2nd month anniversary of this blog and i wanted to thank all of you for putting up with me and allowing me to explore one of my favourite characters of all times !! 

of course, it would make sense if there were some people amongst all of you that are closer to me or even simply caught my eye (which i stalk on a daily basis but they don’t need to know) so i’ll be tagging those for my shout-out, BUT ALL OF YOU MATTER TO ME, okay? and if you’d like to interact or if you need someone to talk to, by all means, come to me!

Keep reading

findingschmomo said: i feel the exact same way. i have all these ideas but i dont know their endings and I never know how to start without having the audience already have a foundation in the thing im writing

yeah i think, for all the benefits that writing fanfic gives us, this is one of the major drawbacks. i think there’s theoretically a way to use the fact that you know how to write for audiences who know the characters already, and use that to train yourself away from exposition and organically develop your characters on page, but it’s an intimidating concept.

plus, like, writing has become very social for me. i don’t know that i would write if i knew it’d never get read. 

i am very fond of my ideas, but. we’ll see.

anonymous asked:

I think spreading things like that is more pathetic than the coincidences themselves could be. And you guys can love Dallon without being jealous of Brendon or hating on him just sayin. Even Dallon isn't jealous of him. Leave them alone if you can't do anything but spread the hate. I love Dallon and Brendon both, and never ever had these kind of thoughts of them. All two have their own weaknesses and faults. They are people. They make music, and work and have fans. Stop this bullshit please.

It feels like your acc is kinda turning into an implied, euphemistic Brendon hate acc, and that’s sad because I liked your blog before, and your quality content is cool.

What? I never said I hate Brendon at all?? I simply think that he’s done things that aren’t right and that some of his behavior seems childish. But I never said I don’t like Brendon? Of course I like them both. Always have.
I think it might look to you that way because a lot of the anons I get recently don’t seem to like Brendon anymore at all and I just state some of my opinions but I never said I hate Brendon. And literally what gave you the idea I’m jealous of him?

I’m sorry if it seems to you that way but I am absolutely not hating on Brendon. I simply think he should stop pretending like he did everything himself and without any help.

If you don’t wanna follow me anymore than I’m sorry to see you go. But I am really just answering my messages.

anonymous asked:

Why do you always act like your opinions are fact? It's never "I didn't like this show" it's always "it wasn't high quality"

I don’t? Last time I talked about not liking a show, it was about The Walking Dead and all I said was that it bored me (clearly my opinion). It’s not a bad quality show by any means, it just personally bored me. I can realize a show is high quality despite not personally liking and vice versa.

Also this my blog….obviously everything I write is my opinion

writinglangst8703  asked:

*was really confused when it said 'Form Voltron' instead of 'Ask Me' to the point where now I just wanna know how you did that* But besides my awe of Internet capabilities, I'd like to say that your blog is honestly so good??? I saw it while on the scout for Langst Prompts the past couple days, but never thought to check it out? Then I just saw it more and more and more and I'm like, okay destiny wants me to check out this blog and I'm. It's so good, keep up the quality A+ content fren 👌🏼❤️:)

If you have a computer you can change what your ask box says!!!!! It’s simple! 

Thank you for checking out my blog! It makes me really happy <3333 :) 

I’m happy you like it!!! I post/write a lot of langst so you came to the right blog!!!

Thank you so much!! It means a lot <333

Quite a few people have said they’ve been too shy/nervous/think I’m too “quality” to approach me and while I think they’re crazy alone for thinking I’m anywhere close to quality, can I just say that you literally have no reason whatsoever to feel shy/nervous about approaching me? 

Believe me, I get being nervous to approach a blog you’ve never talk to before. I’m like that every single time I follow a new blog, even if they follow me first. But when it comes to all these people never, ever interacting with me (whether by ooc or ic) simply because they’re “shy”, I don’t see it as a compliment at all. All I see is a whole ton of people who I could write with but just aren’t interested at all in writing/chatting with me because I–

  • post starter calls 
  • post plotting calls
  • post open starters 
  • reblog memes
  • offer to reply to their open starters 
  • offer to send them memes
  • offer to chat to them via IM/sky.pe/dis.cord

–as a means to reach out to them but they never respond (the only thing they do like is me sending memes to them). That is literally several attempts I’m constantly making to interact with people - not just for those few who I do write with but for those newcomers who have followed me and who I assume are interested in writing with me. To be honest, every single person who follows me I take that as an immediate ‘yes, I would like to roleplay with you’ sign. 

Seriously, if you have been wanting to approach me but are nervous for whatever reason - DON’T. Like I said you literally have nothing to be shy about. 100% of the time I often have to control myself because I get overly excited about every little thing. I scream at people in caps. I wanna plot all the stuff, and develop all the relationships and talk about literally everything in general. I’m not a mutuals only blog so all that listed above is open to everyone. To be honest, I’ve only ever posted like 1 or 2 mutuals only starter calls in my three or so years of having Amelia. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is if you do wish to write with me or even talk to me but haven’t because you’re shy then please don’t just stay on the sidelines, especially when I’m constantly making efforts to reach out to all of you. I don’t see the “I want to write with you but I’m too shy” as a compliment. To me it’s just a whole heap of people who make me feel like I’m isolated af on here and there are some times where it can make me feel so depressed and unwanted, which I shouldn’t (no one in fact) even be feeling because they does seem to be people who want to write with me! … they just won’t speak to me. 

IF YOU WANT TO ROLEPLAY/TALK WITH ME … TALK TO ME! THIS IS AN OPENING FOR EVERYONE. I’m not ‘too cool’. I’m not ‘too quality’. I’m literally the exact same as you - a roleplay blog who wishes to interact. You literally have no reason whatsoever to be shy <3 <3



Nicknames: Annie
Preferred pronouns: She  //  Her
Are you a morning person?: H e l l n o
When swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean, or in a lake?: Neither. I don’t like swimming in lakes and I’ve never been swimming in the ocean.


When did you first join? How old is your current account?: I’ve been on tumblr for about 3 and a half years now :P I have several accounts, but I think my oldest account is two years or more???
Any peeves?: Several. I can’t stand ship or character shaming, drama-based call out posts, vague blogging, judging people’s rp skills based on how “quality” their graphics are, and when fanon reduces a character to just a few simplistic traits and it becomes the popular way to interpret said character. Oh and I really hate when people judge OCs too harshly.


Do you easily get jealous?: I’m going to be truthful and say yes, but I tend to keep it to myself.
Do you easily get angry?: Depends on the situation, but 9 times out of 10 I try to hear people out or see it from other perspectives.
Are you easy to cheer up?: It usually takes knowing that people are there // care about me coupled with a bit of self-isolation where I’ll watch videos or play games or even take a nap.
Are you good at hiding your emotions?:  Sometimes xP


Favourite drink: at the moment…? I’ve been drinking more water lately, but I love chocolate milk *-*
Favourite food: good question
Most calming place?: Chilling with my bffs and playing Sims or going on an outing tbh. I’m always cooped up in my house and it’s just a stressful place to be.

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ninannarambling said: It is an awesome AU but also indeed the first step into chaos :’) Either way, good luck!

it’s an au that has followed me through at least four fandoms, but which i have yet to actually write. i just keep letting it slowly evolve as i fit new characters into it and think more about it…

it’ll probably be one of those ideas that keeps me warm on cold nights but never actually gets written :’>

A Message From Me To All Writers

Dear Writers,

      Having been through several of the following situations myself, I understand what it’s like and feel that they should be addressed a tad more, so here’s my personal take on them. Also, I tried to make this as neutral as possible to leave it open for whatever type or genre of writing you do.

This is a slightly longer post, but I put a lot of time and effort into it, and had every writer’s best interests at heart, so it would mean a lot to me if you read the entire thing. Thanks in advance.

      1. Learn the meaning of followers.
When people follow you, it’s because they like your writing, and most likely you’re entire blog in general, and they would like to see you show up on their dash.

You have the following you have because you earned it.

If someone tells you that they liked something you wrote, it’s because it’s true. When people send you messages of encouragement, it’s because they want you to know that they care about you. Don’t dismiss these things as anything other than support and encouragement. It’s not pity, it’s not false kindness, they’re not being forced to do it. No, they like your writing and enjoy seeing it. And they took the time to let you know that.

Your followers follow you because they like what you post. They’re people who care, genuinely care, about your writing. Be grateful to them and for them, and never forget them. Love your followers as they love you.

      2. You are not a robot.
Let’s talk about requests. Alright, this is your blog. You decide what it’s about, how it looks, and what is posted on it. Nobody else can tell you what to do on your personal account.

If someone sends you a request that you are not comfortable with, for any reason, you do not have to accept it. You are not a machine that takes orders. Yes, you care about your followers, and you don’t want to let someone down, or turn someone down, but you don’t have to sacrifice your standards, emotional stability, or anything else that might make you hesitant to write that request, just to please someone.

Again, this is your blog. This is your writing. You’re the one putting in the work, so you get to decide what you work on.

It doesn’t matter if the person criticizes you, or hates on you, or says or does anything negative aimed at you. Because at the end of the day, all that matters is that you’re happy with your writing. And if that person does take negative action against you, then that shows that they are not worth you’re time and effort anyway.

      3. It’s okay to take your time.
Don’t feel like you’re pressured to post new works frequently. This is something I struggle with quite a bit. I always feel like I’m taking too long on a request or I haven’t posted anything new in way too long, but I’ve realized that I shouldn’t feel like that.

I always want to post the best works I can, I’m sure every writer does, and if that takes a bit of time, then that’s okay.

It’s completely okay to take your time in order to reach the quality of writing you want to attain.

In other words, if you want to spend a little extra time on that piece, making sure it’s the best that it can be, that’s okay. And I’m sure your followers will appreciate the effort. I don’t know about you, but if I was given the choice to either get a mediocre fic right now, or get a great fic a little later, I’d for sure choose the second option.

Now, whenever someone sends me a request, I immediately get this feeling that they’re sitting there, waiting on me to finish. Just sitting and waiting on a request, not doing anything else besides constantly checking my blog for any news on my progress. Although this is most likely not true.

While there may be times when you feel like you’re taking too long, aren’t posting new writing often enough, or in general just feeling a need to hurry, there’s something you need to remind yourself of:

People are not constantly waiting on you.

Whenever I send in a request, I click ask/send and move on. I don’t dwell on it, in fact, there are times when I forget I even sent in the request until it’s posted. Odds are most people do the same. Listen, you aren’t a servant. You aren’t working for these people. You aren’t getting paid by the hour. Just take your time. It’s not that big of a deal as it seems. Besides, all that time and hard work you put in will be worth it when you can proudly click ‘Publish’.

      4. There’s nothing wrong with having a little help.
If you want to google “How to write better stories”, then that’s fine! I’ve done that, too! I have and currently do frequently search “synonyms for _______” when I’m writing. Yes, it’s true. Because I want to make my fics the best they best be, and there’s nothing wrong with that, even if I have a little assistance from the internet.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help from your friends, either. I’ve shown fics to my friends and asked for brutally honest feedback, I’ve asked friends for writing advice. Even though I’ve been publishing works for over a year, I’ve received positive feedback for many of my fics, and I’m proud of my work so far, I still ask for tips. Because I want to get better. And wanting to get better is a fantastic goal.

      5. Don’t worry about haters.
I understand this can be difficult at times, but it comes with the territory. There are going to be people who: disagree with something you wrote, don’t like or even hate something you wrote, correct you on what you wrote (from grammar to a misportrayal of a character/act/etc.), and criticize you for something you wrote. And some people will do it more graphically, bluntly, or hurtfully, than others.

The main thing to keep in mind when someone hates on something you published is that all that matters is your happiness. If you’re happy with your writing, then that’s all that’s needed. If someone hates on your writing, brush it off. That only reflects badly on them. Anyone that treats you or talks to you like that is not worth your precious breath or attention.

Now, there is a different between constructive criticism and hate, and all I can really say about that since every thing is a case-by-case situation, is to watch the language. Most people, when giving constructive criticism, will use words such as please, sorry, and thank you. And the tone of the message will be polite or professional. Haters, on the other hand, whose goal is to make you feel bad about yourself or what you wrote, their language will be crude, insulting, hurtful, harsh, cruel, hateful, or rude. Sometimes all of the above. But it doesn’t matter. That makes them a bad person, that makes you a good writer. Because they’re jealous of you and they use hate and intimidation as a weapon. Please don't dwell on unnecessary hate by a pathetic and cruel person. If they’re on anon, then that’s even worse for them because it announces that they’re a coward who couldn’t even own up to their own comments (which should be kept to themselves).

      6. You don’t need to cater to everyone.
If you want to, then that’s fine, go ahead, but if you don’t, then by no means are you required or obligated to.

Write what you want. Write whatever you want to write about. When branching out, try not to take into consideration others’ opinions.

Examples: “My followers are used to me posting this.”
“I’ve never written something like this before, it might shock people.”
“One person said I’m good at writing _______, maybe I shouldn’t stray from that if that’s what everyone thinks I’m best at.”
“My followers might not like this, maybe I shouldn’t post it.”

And by the way, a couple of these thoughts have occurred to me as well. Don’t be afraid to stray from the path. If you usually write fluff, and want to try your hand at writing angst, then do it. If you’re a smut writer who wrote a non-sexual fic and wants to post it, then do it. Now, I can understand being concerned about how certain fics will be received, but that’s a different issue. The topic here is that this is your blog, your writing, your time, your effort, your ideas, your work, your talent, your decisions. You and only you get to decide what you want to write about and what you do with your writing. Nobody else. And challenging yourself, or experimenting with other genres is nothing to be concerned about/afraid of. It’s great, in fact. By doing that, you’re expanding your map of potential writing subjects. And it can open your mind up to so many new thoughts and ideas and inspirations. So go ahead and experiment! Do whatever you want; do *you*.

Nobody can tell you that you should or shouldn’t write about _______. And if you’re happy writing _______, then don’t let anybody shame you for that. Don’t let anyone shame you for writing anything. As I said before, this is your blog and you can do whatever you want on it. Please don’t be ashamed, embarrassed, nervous, etc., about enforcing or embracing that rule.

      7. Persevere!
This is a huge part of being an author. Don’t put yourself down! Don’t criticize yourself or your writing all the time! You will get better with practice! I used to be pretty bad at writing, but I studied other people's writing style and practiced a lot, and now I’m pretty proud of the quality of my work.

It’s cheesy, but, “Practice makes perfect” and “Never give up” are phrases that you should live by while you’re writing.

Don’t give up! Just like with a lot of things in life, you’ll start out small and poorly, but the more you try, the more you’ll progress. And everything you write counts! Public or not, you still tried and it adds to your log of practice.

I really wanted you guys to know these things. Keep your dignity, don’t apologize for running your blog how you want, never sacrifice your own happiness to appease others, and write what you want to write.

Thank you~