I never really thought what I would do if I wanted to do two scenarios of the same person in the same episode

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Febri 2017/03 (p29-33)

Finally the interview from Febri is finished! I like Kubo’s interviews but I swear I don’t want to see any more for some time… This one is also mentioning a lot of stuff that I haven’t read in other interviews so far. It’s a bit long but definitely worth reading!

Translation is under the cut. I might fix the format a little later on to make it visually better, now I have to leave to go to Wonder Festival… (who needs sleep?).
If you have any questions about the interview feel free to message me.

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Klance makes sense

This rant is basically my take on why Klance should happen and why, based on scenes from the show, it would fit well into the story. 

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Friends? (M)

Request- Can I request a Jungkook smut where you are not his noona (you are younger or same age, but please not a noona) and you are quite innocent and naive, plus you are a virgin, and Jk and you are best friends, but he has the biggest crush on you, ans he finally confesses to you, and he tells you how much he wanted you and thought of you, and you are all embarrassed, and blushing, and such, cuz you are super innocent, plus is you first time. 

Sorry this took so long. Thank you so much for requesting, and I hope you like it. Sorry if it sucks. 


This scenario contains sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 

Originally posted by jeonbase

Your day started off like any other, getting up and ready for class and going to them. Your best friend saved you a seat, Jeon Jungkook. He had been your best friend since you could remember, he was always there. You could talk to him about anything, he was the only person who saw you fro who you truly were and didn’t judge. He always encouraged you to let the world see you, as he thought you were amazing. 

Of course Jungkook didn’t tell you everything he thought about you. You thought you and Jungkook had no secrets, but you were wrong. Jungkook had a huge secret you didn’t know, he was in deeply, madly, life consuming in love with you. 

For the past two years he knew it, but hid it. Thinking you wouldn’t accept his feelings. He didn’t feel good enough for you, you were so pure and innocent. You weren’t all that experienced, well not at all. You kissed someone before, but it didn’t even consist so tongue. Jungkook thought you were the most pure being in the world, he didn’t want anyone to taint your purity. Well except for maybe him.. 

“Jungkook?” You sweet voice took Jungkook out of his daze. He looked at you and noticed people getting up and leaving. How long had he spaced out for? 

“Is it over?” He asked you with wide eyes, he had dazed out for the whole lecture. Your giigle took him back to reality. 

“Yeah, its over. Come on sleepy head, we need coffee. Namjoon’s party starts at nine and goes on til like eight am, and we have to actual stay past two this time.” You push his shoulder. You pack up you stood up and left the lecture hall with Jungkook. 

“Hey, I was tired. And is that any way to treat your elder. I don’t think so, little one.” Jungkook slings his arm around your shoulder, walking down the school hall to get a much needed energy boost. To any one passing you would like like a couple, most people did. You acted like a couple it just didn’t include, sex and the titles. You held hands all the time and cuddled and you loved it, because Jungkook was your first love. 

What a pickle you both were in, both in love with one another, but not knowing each others feelings. You never thought Jungkook would like you back. He always dated, well not dated fucked, sexy confident girls, that knew what they were doing. You did not. You wouldn’t be confessing to him, not wanting to ruin your friendship and because you were scared as shit. You were just going to ignore your feelings and stomp on them. 

You often got jealous of his flings, the way they kissed him, the way his hands were on them it broke your heart a little. You longed to just have him hold you like that, why wouldn’t he? 

The day came and went rather fast. In no time you were walking into Namjoon’s apartment, the party already in full swing. You looked around and spotted Jungkook, leaning against a counter in the kitchen. You made your way to him, but your stride was ceased when a tall blonde came into sight. She grab Jungkooks face and kissed him passionately. You turned and made your way back out of the house again. You needed air and to watch a full series of a sappy romantic K-drama to make you feel better. 

It was so cliche, all of it. Boy best friend who fucks around, girl loves him but is to scared to say anything. You didn’t want it to be cliche you wanted to not love him in that way. It wasn’t your fault he was so perfect and made you feel like a butterfly. 

You were half way through the second episode when Jungkook messaged you. You unwrapped yourself from your warm covers and opened the message. 

Jungkook- Where are you? The party isn’t the same without you :( 

You scoffed at his message. why couldn’t he just have fun with the blond girl and leave you to lay in despair in peace. You knew you would be talking to him tomorrow anyway, why did he not just enjoy himself. You didn’t like drinking anyway. 

Jungkook- Y/N? 

You had forgotten to reply to Jungkook, as you were to wrapped up in your drama to care. It was by the fourth episode there was banging at your door. You groan in annoyance, getting up to get the door. You’re startled to see Jungkook when you open the door. 

“Jungkook, why aren’t you at the party?” You asked, but Jungkook pushed passed you and entered your apartment. You close the door behind him and follow him into the living room, taking a seat beside him. 

“Why did you leave tonight?” His eyes met yours when he finished his sentence. His elbows resting on his knees. His question took you by surprise. 

“How did you know I was-” He cut you off. 

“Yoongi told me you left straight after you came in. Why did you leave?” You try to think of a believable explanation. 

“I wasn’t really feeling well, so I just came home.” You avoided his eyes, you were never a good liar. 

“That’s such bullshit. Y/N I think you’re forgetting I’ve known you my whole life, I know when you’re lying.” You can hear the annoyance in his voice, but why was he so mad? You missed one party so what, who gives a fuck. You were beginning to get annoyed as well. 

“Why do you care so much? It’s just a stupid fucking party, Namjoon has one every week. So what I missed one.” You stood up and walked across the room. Running your hands over your face in annoyance, just wanting this night to vanish. 

“Well it fucking matters to me if you’re not there. Okay, it’s not the same without you.” 

“Why would you need me? You have that blonde girl.” You spit out in anger, regretting it the moment you said it. 

“Because shes not you, no one will ever be as good as you.” Jungkook stands up taking long strides to you, you walk backwards to put distance between you, until your back is against a wall, he traps you with his arms on either side of your head. You move your head I order not to look at him, but he grabs your chin to make eye contact. 

“What I’m about to say you have to promise you won’t stop being my friend because of it, okay?” You nod, curious to know what he has to say. “I love you and not in the your my best friend way. I love you in the way I can’t get you out of my head ever, your giggle makes my day, your smile brightens my world. I love you. I want to kiss you all over all day long, I want everyone to know that I love you. I want for you to be mine and only mine. I want to love you the way you should be loved. You drive me insane and i love it. There was so many times I wanted to pin you up against a wall and make you feel so good. I love you.” 

His confession made you speechless, you just stared back into his eyes. Jeon Jungkook loves you.. 

“You love me? Don’t joke like that Jungkook, its not nice.” You scold. 

“Y/N, I’m not joking.” You huff, crossing your arms over your chest. Jungkook leans down and captures your lips with his. “Don’t be afraid, please.” He rests his forehead against yours. 

“Your telling me the truth?” 

“Yes. I know this is a lot, but just think about-” You cut his ramble off. 

“I love you too.” You don’t give him time to say anything else, you press your lips to his. You kiss for a few seconds before you pull away to giggle. 

“Why are you so fucking cute?” He groans. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him into another kiss. His strong arms hoist you up and carry you to your bedroom. He placed you on the bed, you lay back and he crawls on top of you. He kisses you passionately, his tongue slipping past your lips. You moan into the kiss, the new experience is amazing. You slide your hands down and slip them under his shirt from his to take it off. He pulls away from you. 

“Are you sure you want to do this? We can stop.” His voice is laced with concern, but his eyes are filled with lust. 

“I want this. I want my first time to be with you.” You smile, pulling his shirt over his head. You sit up and take off your own. His eyes are trained on the swell of your breasts. 

“You’re so beautiful, Y/N.” He quickly latches his lips onto your neck kissing down your neck, collarbones and chest. He reaches behind you to unclasp your bra. He throws it behind him. Jungkook kisses each breast, he gropes both of them with his large hands, pinching your nipples in between his fingers. You moan loudly, in embarrassment you smack a hand over your mouth. 

“Don’t do that. I want to hear your beautiful moans, I dreamed of the day I would get to make you mine.” His words are melting your heart, arousing you. He kisses down your stomach, until he comes to the band of your pjama shorts. He looks up at you, silently asking for permission. 

“Please Jungkook.” He was just kissing you and he had you this needy. Jungkook hooks his fingers under your shorts and panties, pulling them down until they leave you completely bare in front of him. He stares at you in awe. 

“Fuck, you’re perfect.” He spreads your legs, getting comfortable in between your legs. He kisses your pelvic area, making a shiver run up and down your body. His eyes are trained on yours the whole time. He kisses your pussy lips, starting to kitten lick your slit. This is a whole new experience to you, it feels amazing to have Jungkook eating you out. You know why your girl friends were such hoes now. 

“Jungkook t-that feels so g-good.” You stutter out. You can feel him smirking against your pussy. He pumps a finger into your core, pumping it in and out, as he continues to suck, lick and nibble on your clit. He adds another finger, pumping you for a while before hes scissoring you. It feels so good. You feel a tingling in your lower stomach, the feeling grows and grows and so its taking over your whole body. Its consuming you, your body shakes in after shock. Jungkook laps up all your juices, before coming back to your lips. You can taste your self on him, it arouses you more. You wanted him inside you. 

“You taste amazing, baby girl.” 

“Jungkook, I need more.” You never thought you would be like this, but Jungkook just brings that out in you, obviously. 

“It will hurt at first, but then I will make you feel so, so good. Okay? Don’t be scared.” He cups your cheeks, placing a soft kiss on your lips. He gets off the bed, taking off the rest of his clothes. He was so flawless, his toned body was beautiful and tan. How was he so amazing, how did you stay away for so long? 

“Are you ready sweetheart?” He asks, after he puts on the condom, he joins you back on the bed. 

“Y-Yeah.” You nod, assuring him you were ready. Sure you were scared that it would hurt, but its Kookie, he would never hurt you. He grinds his dick up and down your slit, before slowly slipping in. Your eyes sting with tears, it was painful him stretching you out. 

“Fuck you’re so tight.” Jungkook’s head goes back in pleasure, having your tight hot pussy wrapped around his member. He looks down at your pained expression, he moves strands of hair off your face. He leans down and kisses the tip of your nose. “I love you.” 

All the pain faded away soon enough after. “I-I think you can move, Jungkook.” His hips start to roll into yours, it was so pleasing, the way he filled you up. “Oh my god, this feels amazing.” That seemed to egg Jungkook on, as his hands go on either side of your head, he was rolling his hips into you faster. You hands grip onto his back, your nails digging into his soft skin, as your second orgasm approaches. You were seeing stars and couldn’t help but clench around Jungkooks dick, as you came. You chanted his name, like a mantra. 

“Fuck.” Jungkook groans into your ear. You were so tight around him, he was filling the condom up with his seed. He rests his head against your shoulder for a movement, before he pulls out. He gets off the bed, taking the condom off and putting it in the bin. He grabs a towel and cleans your cum up. You lay there exhausted from what you both just did. You felt amazing. 

“That was amazing.” You finally say, earning a chuckle from Jungkook, who gets back on the bed with you. He pulls the blanket over your naked bodies and pulls you into his embrace. 

“Your amazing.” He kisses you softly, stroking your hair. He pulls back to look you in the eye, he has a smile on his face. “So.. will you be my girlfriend?” You giggle, leaning up to kiss his cheek. 

“I’d love to be your girlfriend.” You bury your head in his chest, not wanting him to see how red your cheeks were.  Jungkook places another kiss on your head and chuckles at how adorable his girl is. 

I hope this didn’t suck to much, and that you all enjoyed it! 

I love you all, good morning/evening/night x

-Admin Abe x

Birthday Drabble #16.

Prompt: A post-breakup story.

Word Count: 975.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Angst, angst, angst.

A/N: Birthday drabble for @aweways I know it’s not exactly what you asked for but I was really inspired to write this.
Once again, @evanstanss is being there to let me know my work does not suck.

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Originally posted by sibirr

Bucky moved across the halls of the Avengers HQ, weariness spreading all over his body: training hours have increased, missions followed the same pattern and his sleep cycle was all over the place. He blamed it on the past few months and the escalating number of episodes across the globe that required his and his team expertise didn’t help. However, deep down he knew better than that.

Shaking his thoughts off of his overworked mind, his feet took him to the kitchen where he hoped coffee was recently made, as the mere thought of brewing the beverage from scratch only added to his somnolent state. Out of all the possible scenarios he could think of, the words that reached his ears didn’t fit in any of them.

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anonymous asked:

so what are your thoughts on elektra's arc in defenders

Wow, no way to give a short answer here, so I guess I’ll just jump in haha. Spoilers abound, obviously!

Overall, and there’s really no way for me to be truly objective about this gut response, but Elektra’s arc kicked all sorts of ass for me and I was thrilled to see her be given this level of focus in the storyline. I have to admit it’s not something I ever expected from the series. 

That being said, I think there were some definite mistakes made and things I wish they had done better…so let me run through a quick list of those, and then follow up with my list of highlights :).

Things that could have been better:

  • No significant Black Sky payoff. This was one of my biggest personal disappointments with the storyline. The limitations of the way they set up the Netflix universe leading up to this team up show really showed in this one…I have a feeling whatever they were planning for the Black Sky and the Hand in DD S1 got totally derailed by the time they got to Defenders, what with all the retconning of the Hand mythology to fit the K’un-Lun storyline. I’m not sure if this is because the individual shows had too much leeway with how they set up their individual character origins and storylines or how much input they get from high up to keep the plotting consistent…my impression was the former, and as a result, it seems like the Defenders’ writers were tasked to pick up all of the disparate pieces and just try to fit it into one semi-coherent storyline, with mixed results. Given how much they leaned into the Iron Fist stuff as a huge part of the Hand stuff, I’m not sure why they didn’t just retcon the concept of the Black Sky into one where it’s the Hand’s own Immortal Weapon…that would have been pretty easy and at least lends consistency if you’re going down that route in the story. Ultimately though, if I could have done it, I would have done a flashback scene (or I mean, even just someone monologuing about it, whatever) to Alexandra’s past where she actually has the prophecy / vision of the Black Sky. Like, that tidbit in the conversation between Gao and Alexandra was SO intriguing and it’s like, what does that even mean??? It would have been a cool way to better establish both Alexandra – show us why she became the leader of the Fingers, let her do some cool fighting / getting her hands dirty, AND provide some context on why she’s obsessed with the Black Sky and what she intended to do with one once she got it – as well as Elektra’s role in the context of being a Black Sky – give us some clarity on what it means to be one, define her powers / abilities better, and maybe even shed some light on why she was able to break out of her brainwashing (like maybe the Black Sky was never meant to be a weapon, but was meant to be something else, I don’t know). But I don’t write for the show so whatever, lol.
  • Elektra’s motivations after she kills Alexandra were way too opaque. I think a lot of people were rightfully confused at where her arc was supposed to go, which is totally fair given how it unfolded. I feel like we could have used one more episode to flesh out what was going on but ultimately, I think there were two issues: the progression on the slow but steady turnaround on her character may have been too subtle, and second, there just wasn’t enough time in the last two episodes to properly map out a way to sensibly show what her real endgame was since they basically needed her to stand-in for the face of the other side and help get the story rolling on into the final act. 

    Here’s my general interpretation of what happened…

    We know she was brought back as an empty vessel to become the ultimate weapon / killing machine for the Hand…I read a great description of this that compares Elektra’s resurrection as the Black Sky as the same as if you were to erase and reboot a phone, except this time you’ve unlocked EVERYTHING…this is the same for Elektra…she has these latent abilities that allow her to be an incredible weapon, but it took a very purposeful reboot to bring it out. Anyway, all is well and good until Elektra encounters a glitch in the programming…this glitch, of course, is Matt, and this tiny little crack in her system throws open the door to uncovering a side to herself that she had thought was lost…basically, her humanity. As she’s remembering / recovering, she’s also remembering what happened in her past life – and that was also used and trained to be someone’s weapon. That back then, just like now, she had no control and no say over her own life. And what she ultimately wants is to wrest back control from people who never viewed her as anything more than just an empty vessel for their desires, and to finally be able to control her own destiny. 

    So this is why it’s significant that she kills BOTH Stick and Alexandra – they may have both felt genuinely toward Elektra and treated her as a surrogate daughter, but they also made her do terrible things for their own ends. Killing them symbolizes her wresting back her agency and I think, to me, clearly shows that she is on no side but her own. Taking control of the Hand was really not supposed to be the main point or anything permanent aka ‘look I’m a bad guy!!’, imo…but I think it was both a self-preservation move (you’re not gonna kill the head of the ancient ninja cult and then try to take them ALL down without securing an out for yourself first and working with them guarantees you some more time to do that) as well as a bit of a lazy storytelling way to slot someone in as the leading antagonist heading into the final fight. I think her conversations with Danny clarifies that to some degree, but not as much as I would have liked. 

    The jump from here to the last fight is exactly why I think we needed one more episode of screen time to bridge the gap, but as to why she’d suddenly go from ‘I need to get more substance’ to ‘Let’s die here together’ – well, the whole last episode is setting up an impossible scenario for everyone involved. So we know the stakes are high and people gonna die. A newly independent Elektra without her humanity would have gotten everyone neutralized as quickly as possible and hauled ass out of that pit with some dragon bones and called it day. And that was probably her goal. But once the Defenders take the fight to the Hand in the bottom of the pit, and Elektra is face to face with Matt again…well, things get a little more muddled.

    At some point, it seems that everyone left in that pit knows that they’re running out of time – Gao herself is so pragmatic about the damn thing that she doesn’t even attempt to bother getting out. I imagine Elektra has this knowledge too, and we know that she the one thing she doesn’t want is to go back to that dark place, to death…but the one thing that is perhaps a saving grace for her is that Matt is there too. Someone who can face the darkness with her. She probably thinks the only way to keep him there is to fight him, antagonize him, lie to him, but what she doesn’t realize is that he’s been ready this whole time to stay down there with her…and GAH, okay I gotta stop there. 

    SOOO yeah, basically, I think there was a plan there, but the writers didn’t do a super job connecting the dots at the end, mostly b/c of the limited time to get the last act rolling…this is my interpretation and I’m sticking to it :).

Okay, now things that were AWESOME:

  • All of Elektra’s fights!!! Omg so one of my major annoyances in DD S2 was that it really felt like they nerfed Elektra’s skill level on the show. On the one hand I understood that she’s a much younger, impetuous presence on the show than she is in the comics, but still, she should have been able to handle Yazuka goons with no issues. If it took becoming the Black Sky to activate OP Elektra mode then well, I’M HERE FOR IT!! She was such a badass and I loved every single moment she was fighting someone on screen. Of course there were inconsistencies with her level of Black Sky amplified abilities, but then again, that was an issue with all of the heroes. But ughhh she truly became the fighter I wanted to see on screen. And all of her fights with Daredevil / Matt were particular delights. I spar best with you!!!
  • Elektra regaining her agency!! As I mentioned above, I don’t think the writers did the best job they could in executing this storyline but all I wanted from this show was for Elektra to really take control of her life again and SHE DID IT. Just like I had predicted in this post here. It literally went down exactly as I had hoped it would hahah. 
  • MCU Elektra inching closer to becoming comics Elektra. Okay so I had a lot of theories on how things were going to turn out for Elektra by the end of the show, my prevailing theories being based on what I thought I could expect from Marvel TV – either get the trite but not entirely unexpected ‘Elektra rediscovers her goodness and switches sides’ direction OR you get the ‘Matt angsting over Elektra but realizing she’s a lost cause and tries to kill her’ direction. My personal hope was that Elektra would wrest back her agency, ultimately survive the show (b/c killing her again would have been so dumb) and become a free agent, true neutral type of presence in the background of the Netflix Marvel universe, coming in to help bail out Matt’s ass from time to time on DD, but not necessarily having to operate in any romantic capacity, just a super skilled and reliable ally of Matt / Daredevil when he faces bigger antagonists. Given the unexpected level of Mattelektra in the show overall, I’m an optimistic fool and wondering if there may be more in the cards for them…but I’m not going to dwell too much on that now.
  • Elodie Yung!! The most awesome thing about Elektra’s arc was that we were blessed enough to have Elodie Yung cast as Elektra in the first place and the fact that she’s the head of the Mattelektra Protection Squad. I’ve always believed the role of Elektra could have become real hot garbage in a lesser actress’ hands but Elodie brings such thoughtfulness and presence to material that can sometimes be a little weak and potentially one dimensional. Her transformation over the course of the Defenders was such a treat to watch and I will love her forever. So yeah, I love Elodie as Elektra and I will love her as Elektra til the end of time.

AND THAT’S IT! Thanks for asking and making me write all of this out. This is a great way for me to continue emotionally processing everything that’s happened on the show lol. 

You Make My Heart Race (Jisoo)

Type: Fluff

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Jisoo scenario? Maybe something like he and his celebrity crush appear on Knowing Brother. And he’s really nervous and flustered to be on it with her because everything she does makes his heart race and then he finds out at before the end of the episode that she likes him and he asks her out after that maybe? Thank you so much!

hi i’d like to request for a jisoo ( the actor ) fluff as you both met in a variety show ( any will do )

Jisoo tensed up when he realized who else was promoting this week on Knowing Brother. Actress and singer Y/N L/N. You happened to be the prettiest girl in his mind. You were famous before he was so he looked up to you for more than one reason. For one you were older than he was and you were older in the understanding of fame as well. Though he had never met you in person he knew you were like perfect to him. “Hello Jisoo. It’s very nice to meet you” you tell him offering him your hand and he quickly took it “it’s very nice to meet you too. I enjoy your music a lot” you were told as you smiled “thank you, I think you’re a great actor” you tell him as his cheeks warmed  “what’s it like on here?” you asked him as you guys waited for your queue to go on. “They’re playfully rude” he tells you as you nodded. 


Jisoo opened the door for you and you headed in first “Y/N!” Heechul calls as you smile, he and you had been good friends for many years. You debut the same year as Super Junior and had even lived in the same building as he did. “Y/N is actually a good friend of mine” he continues as Jisoo comes in after you “Jisoo is back” Youngchul spoke as you two headed to the podium. “Y/N you look like a high schooler” Hodong spoke as you smiled doing a dorky pose before you instantly regretted it “I haven’t been in high school for nearly 9 years” you tell them “how old are you?” Janghoon asked “I’m 27, I feel so old” you say as you fanned your face before you sighed “but then I look around the room and I feel better” you shoot out as the room filled with sounds and laughter as you had thrown your first insult.

Jisoo smiled at you “you look like a teen in love right now” Soogeun shot at Jisoo who instantly stood up straight and defended himself “she’s funny” he says as he knew it wasn’t very convincing. You patted his shoulder sweetly before you squeezed his arm “what are you doing?” Heechul asked you as you wrapped your other hand around his arm “he’s so toned” you say as you rested your hand on his stomach and pressed down. His face was bright red as he didn’t move “she’s so awkward” Kyunghoon says as you nodded. 


You stood up in front as all eyes were on you “when I first met Heechul what happened?” you asked as Heechul made a noise “we said we’d never talk about that” he comments as you smiled at him largely “he hit on you” Hodong comments as they all turned to him “how old were you when you met?” Janghoon asked you “I was 15″ you tell. “It’s not that bad. At least I don’t consider it hitting on me” you continue. After a few you decided to answer yourself “he asked me out for drinks” you say as they all made sounds “how could you do that she was only a kid?” Sangmin calls Heechul out “I hit puberty younger than most and no one really asked my age so many people assumed I was in my 20′s” you told them. You tapped the cards on the desk and decided to move on to the next question. 

“Who would I date in this room?” you asked then as they all looked around at each other even though you wrote the question before hand you had to change your answer due to the fellow transfer student. “Janghoon” Heechul teased, you instantly made a face rushing over and smacking him with the squeak hammer “don’t be so offended” you were told by Janghoon as they laughed at the scene. “Kyunghoon” Hodong answers as Kyunghoon instantly sat up more hoping the answer was yes. “Originally yes but not anymore” you tell them as he sighs sulking in his chair more. 

“If it was originally him than it has to be Jisoo” Youngchul spoke as you smiled laying your head down on the desk “you like younger men?” Heechul asked “I always thought she had a thing for Donghae” he continued as your head shot up “no” you let out in a whiny tone. “Never” you continued as Jisoo sat there with an oversized smile on his face.


You thanked all of them and had a conversation as Jisoo waited patiently for you to finish so he could talk to you. You finished and turned to turned around to see the smiling younger there as you gave one back. “So um I was curious if you actually liked me?” he asked as you looked down “sorry if I embarrassed you by saying you were attractive-” “no it’s fine” he quickly said. “I was wanting to make sure because I kinda um what to um ask if you wanted to go out at some point” he says as you smiled. “I would like that” you say as he smiled “sweet” he said excited. “Do you want to go now or another time?” he asked as you wrapped your arm around his. “I always wanted to go on a date in high school” you say as you both were still wearing your high school uniforms “I can’t believe you never went on a date in high school” he said as you shrugged “I got asked but I wasn’t allowed to” you tell him as he made a sound. You guys headed out for dinner and it was a great one. And you were hoping it would be the first of many. 

Ghost in the Shell 2017

Ghost in the Shell 2017 is a patchwork of ransacked imagery used to tell yet another story where Scarlett Johansen gets used by the powers that be.

Understand that I’m not just talking about the stuff it lifts from the 1995 anime, the 2004 sequel, Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, or even the stuff it takes from the second series of Stand Alone Complex and GitS: Arise, although that is certainly present. The imagery it co-opts is broader, taking a story that is deeply, fundamentally about the rise of Japan as a consumer electronics superpower, about the modernisation and global identity of East Asia. It twists the core philosophy at the heart of Ghost in the Shell, a story about connectedness, society and finding one’s identity within it and turns it into a story about revenge, isolation and taking ones identity away from society, by force if necessary.

Let’s start with the easy part, the imagery it directly borrows from the animated franchise before it. GitS 2017 is wall to wall visual references, almost to the point where it feels like the storyboards for the movie were just stills taken from the animated franchise with a few scenes of Johansen’s Black Widow thrown in when choreographed violence was needed. Iconic scenes from the 1995 movie are lifted wholesale, although in such a way as to remove the context of the original. The stunning cyborg creation scene from the opening credits of GitS 1995 is here, although it is not assumed to be a routine process. In the original the scene exists to illustrate how such precision, impossible engineering is commonplace now, like watching footage of an automobile assembly line. In the new film it exists to show something exceptional, one of a kind. In GitS 1995, in SAC, indeed, in every other iteration the idea of a fully cyberised body is normal. High end perhaps, maybe not commonplace, but normal. A neat analogy for the increasing effect technology has on our daily lives.  Throughout the new movie Johansen’s Major is constantly told how special she is, how remarkable her body is and how, one day, everyone will be like her. Thats a theme that kind of runs through this new release. It doesn’t seek to normalise its technology, but instead pushes it to the fringes, so it’s either the preserve of criminals, corporations or military organisations, or indeed a combination of the three.

The hacked sanitation worker/ market shootout/ alleyway chase scene from the first film is also recreated, lovingly crafted whilst missing the original point entirely. In the original the sanitation worker and the assassin were two distinct characters, both co-opted by the Puppet Master to carry out brain hacks of key individuals. They are both revealed to have had their memories hacked and replaced with a surface level ruse designed to fool them just enough so that they believe this false reality. The 2017 movie also uses this idea, though it casts the two patsies as the same person, (which is admittedly understandable for the sake of brevity). What it does differently is that it treats their memory hack as a remarkable, never-before-seen intrusion. It’s evidence of a definite, malevolent and specific agency rather than just another aspect of a reality where people have had their own brains and thoughts digitised and interconnected. Not a natural societal outcome, but the will of an individual. Its that Eastern collectivism vs Western individualism played out.

While we’re on the subject of the remake’s approach to how it speculates on this futuristic technological scenario I was reminded of a particular episode of Stand Alone Complex. In the new movie the Major is revealed to actually be a young woman with an anti-technology political leaning forced against her will to inhabit this new, cyborg body (more on THAT later). It intrinsically casts technology as this malevolent force that is imposed upon people, that the forward thinking amongst us would reject this sort of thing. By contrast, the second episode of season one of Stand Alone Complex, Runaway Evidence, paints the idea of taking an artificial body as a thing to be desired, as something that can help people. In the episode, Section 9 tracks a multi-pedal battle tank that has run amok. At the end of the episode it is revealed that the tank is actually being controlled by a the brain of a revenge-seeking young man who, dying of a wasting disease, was refused an artificial body by his parents on religious grounds even though it would save his life. The central message is that technology can be helpful and that to deny it to those who could benefit from it on, shall we say, less empirical grounds is cruel, wrong even.

There are so many other visual and narrative references. Innocence gets plentiful nods, from the Yakuza shootout, murder geishas, the doctor, Aramaki’s office, even Batou’s love for dogs (they had a basset hound in there too, but they got the bloody sub-breed wrong). The major’s red jumpsuit in the night club shootout is an Arise reference. The film’s tragic and misunderstood antagonist is a rough mash up of the Puppet Master from the 1995 movie and the bad guy, Kuze, from the second series of Stand Alone Complex. It’s messy, and raises the inevitable question; who is this movie for?

Despite all the references, its hard to make the argument that the film was aimed at fans of the original release. Simply put, the philosophy GitS 2017 espouses is so nascent, so entry-level, it doesn’t add anything to the narrative. Loose pondering about identity and the immateriality of memory is a far cry from the original, indeed the franchise as a whole’s, discussion of the nature of humanity and the nature of society in an ever-changing technological landscape. It’s perhaps old hat now, but at the time GitS was thought provoking and special, the message it conveyed perhaps more important than the story it was attached to. The remake is the opposite, a story that has some desultory meanderings applied almost as an homage to what came before. It’s a small, personal and insular revenge story, and it’s a real shame to see Scarlett Johansen falling back into the same role of the hyper-competent but completely owned soldier again and again.

To top it all off the new film is, ultimately, kind of sloppy. It doesn’t justify its design decisions. Everything is painted with a broad brush, concerned with what looks surface-level cool rather than what would actually fit or trying to explain things. The original movie and its sequels, much like the manga that preceded them, were obsessed with detail. Things like the major ejecting and replacing the overheated barrel of her rifle because she was firing HV ammo. Making a point of showing the major swimming with a float tank because her cyber body is too heavy to swim, or in Innocence Togusa asking why Batou chooses such a high-maintainance dog (the basset hound) considering his busy lifestyle. Even the expository bureaucratic dialogue helps us to comprehend how complex and nested the various political factions are. None of these things are really necessary to the story but they help build on the world and the characters in it. GitS 2017 relies too much on leaning on what came before it rather than building something it can itself stand on, assuming the audience knows enough already. I remember commenting on how nice the city looked before acknowledging that it had better, considering Future Shanghai is such a well worn and established visual trope at this point. When everything from movies to games to anime to music videos have nailed that aesthetic a decade or more previous you’d best believe you need to get it right. In the original franchise Togusa is this well developed character who shows up in every element of the franchise, he exists to provide an essential human element to a story about cyborgs who are increasingly detached from their humanity. In the 2017 film he’s a no-nonsense ballbuster. All he retains is his shitty mullet and his mateba pistol (speaking of guns, and attention to detail, how do you make a live action remake of GitS and NOT make replicas of Shirow’s Seburo guns? Do you know how hard it is to get an airsoft kit of one of those? Girl’s been wanting one of those for a damn while).

The last thing I need to touch on is the film’s whitewashing. It’s practically impossible NOT to talk about it, considering it’s likely what killed it the most at the box office. Scarlett Johansen plays the Major as a caucasian-looking cyborg who, spoilers, is actually a Japanese girl (named Motoko Kusanagi, surprising no one) who has been forced into it against her will and, to begin with, her knowledge. It doesn’t matter that Mamoru Oshii okey’d it, or that the plot ‘justifies’ it to an extent. It’s no secret that East Asia, Japan and South Korea especially, have a problem with perceived beauty standards, with ‘western’ looks and body types being seen as increasingly desirable and preferable. Casting Johansen as this iconic character just exacerbates that, pushing and reinforcing an already damaging standard. Its what I identified earlier, doing things for looks rather than for a purpose. At the end of the movie Johansen is looking down at the grave of ‘herself’, the grave of Motoko Kusanagi. We know its her grave not from inference, or because someone says something, but because its written on the headstone. In English. Not in Japanese. Even though that would make more sense. But the whitewashing isn’t just in the casting; it’s the warping and twisting of the story, forcing this big picture story about Japanese technological advancement, the complexities of society and progress into a small, individualist narrative about revenge and fighting a system that can be represented by one overly simplistic baddy.

I didn’t like Ghost in the Shell 2017. Now, I’ll freely acknowledge that I may be too close to the franchise, I wrote my undergrad dissertation on it for goodness sake. And the fantasy of a world where someone can change their body like they’re buying a car is absolutely fascinating for someone who has real problems with their own body image and wishes they could change it right here, right now, as I type this. But I don’t think it’s unfair to discuss the film in relation to the media that came before it. In that regard it’s overly simplistic, derivative and strangely technophobic. Even taken by itself it’s relatively uninspired, not making nearly enough of the ideas and the space it works in and serving as another rote tale of a hard done by individual fighting against an oppressive and remarkably simplistic oppressor. GitS is better than that, its bigger than that and I hope beyond hope that this film’s lacklustre performance at the box office will deter the Akira remake, the Battle Angel Alita film adaptation that James Cameron has been threatening and any other needless anime adaptations that Hollywood has on the back burner.

Also, I can’t tell if Takeshi Kitano was well cast as Chief Aramaki or whether they cast him because no one in the West knows of any other older Japanese dudes to fill the role. 

End of my first year watching K dramas!

So last February is when I started watching korean dramas and since then it has just been a crazy snowball effect. I was trying to learn anything and everything possible about the hallyu wave and that is what this blog has kind of turned into. I just wanted to run down the list of dramas that I saw and in what order and what my general reactions to them were. 

Since I am such a newb with korean entertainment, I feel like I watched a lot of the more popular well known dramas so I had a foundation to start building on. (like what actor’s/actress’ I enjoy the most, what genre ect ect.) I have also learned the entire korean alphabet and have been working on vocabulary as well. When I think about it, I have learned a lot and it hasn’t even been an entire year yet! 

So here is my list.

First k drama ever was in last feb.

1. My Love From The Star 6/10

I was browsing on hulu one day and saw the picture for it of the lead actress and thought she was really pretty. I thought it might have been a japanese tv show so I had clicked on the description and found the synopsis interesting. After watching the first five minutes, I realized they were not speaking in japanese, it was korean! I remember physically pushing pause and thinking to myself about what I knew about korea. Sadly, the only thing I could think of was the division between north and south and that in elementary school I have a friend who was korean and that was about it. 

So I can’t say I truly got fully addicted to My Love From the Star but it was really entertaining. Stuff that really stood out for me that kept me watching was the fashion, how funny the lead actress was and wanting to know about the murder case. It’s funny cause a lot of kdramas have romantic plot lines as I have come to fully understand but in this one, I understood that it was supposed to be in the forefront but I wasn’t feeling it. I didn’t think the chemistry was really there and I didn’t find anything about them that I could relate to. (However I did like the kiss scene at the end.)

Another thing that stood out was the fact that it was not over sexualized like many television shows in western culture. I wasn’t fully sold, but I found myself wanting more. 

2. Boys Over Flowers 8/10

Alright. This is where my obsession started. After watching the first few episodes I was interested because of Jan Di. I LOOOVVVEEEDDD her character, she was cute and spunky and I wanted to see her stand up to the F4. I can’t say I was completely hooked in the beginning. It was a gradual process. I really hated Jun Pyo and I didn’t see how attractive Lee Min Ho was with his nasty attitude in the beginning. (did I have a lot to learn about the rich chaebol characters or what? hahaha) After seeing his softer side and how he really cared about Jan Di made me fall in love and then from that point onward I was appreciating every single damn scene with Lee Min Ho in it. 

Around this time I had a really bad cyst and was bed ridden for a couple days while it drained, so what did I do? I stayed in bed and watched the entire series in two days! And I have no regrets. I had so many different emotions, I was laughing, crying, yelling at the screen because of stupid mistakes the characters made. Some scenes were just utterly ridiculous but let’s be honest, I was eating that shit up. I enjoyed every moment of Boys Over Flowers the first time I watched it. It was a guilty pleasure.

Note: I have watched many episodes from other dramas like Surplus Princess, to the beautiful you, liar game ect but I did not list them here because I have not finished watching them.

3. Personal Taste 6/10

So after Boys Over Flowers ended and reality set in that I couldn’t look at Lee Min Ho’s beautiful face anymore, I freaked out a little and started doing research on all of the dramas he had been in. Faith and Citty Hunter seemed really interesting but I felt like I was still so new at the kdrama thing, I needed something more light hearted and easy to follow. 

Watching Personal Taste was an awesome experience. It was nice to see Lee Min Ho in a more mature role and I thought Son Yi Jin was cute in this one. The entire time I watched it I was wishing I could live in a house with that kind of architecture.

Although I found Personal Taste enjoyable, I was getting the same feelings that I did watching Boys Over Flowers! I was on a hunt to find something similar.

3. Playful Kiss 5.5/10

While doing my kdrama research a lot of people were recommending this one so I figured why not? It had Kim Hyun Joong in it and he played Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers. Let’s see him get the girl this time, I figured. 

This….drama…..uhhh, guys where do I even begin? I wanted to absolutely hate it with a fiery passion but I didn’t because I liked almost all of the characters. The lead girl was soooo co dependent and obsessed with Hyun Joong’s character and I hated it! There was a second male lead in this one that loved her. (I think his name is Lee Tae Sung) And he was sooo fine! Ahhh I loved him. Kim Hyun Joong’s character treated her like absolute crap. And not the way Jun Pyo did to Jan Di. Like he seriously treated her like crap and she was completely okay with it. Pretty much I gritted my teeth and watched it for Lee Tae Sung and the lead girl’s friends. (they were funny!)

4. Faith The Great Doctor 7/10

So after the terrible disappointment with Playful Kiss I figured, fuck it I need Lee Min Ho in my life so I put on Faith. I really enjoyed all of Faith and this is one where I watched multiple episodes in one sitting. The entire progression with the war went on a little too slow for my liking but I did enjoy Lee Min Ho’s character as Choi Young. I loved the overall story and the ending was one of my favorite endings I have seen in a kdrama to date. I should also make note this is when I was exposed to actor Philip Lee I think his name is and I was happy when I saw him in Secret Garden.

Oh, one last thing, my boyfriend actually was interested in this one. All of the other ones he rolled his eyes at haha. 

5. The Heirs 5.5/10

So at this point I was still super in love with Lee Min Ho and there was a new drama that was buzzing all over drama land called The Heirs. Pretty much same plot line as Boys Over Flowers, I was excited! 

I have come to realize that certain dramas (The Heirs, My Love From The Star) are so over rated and they aren’t even that great. Although I did enjoy certain pieces of Heirs (Kim Woo Bin, the mute mom, the relationships between the mothers ect) I really didn’t like how feminine they made Lee Min Ho’s character. Like…after watching this I didn’t find him that attractive. Actually, after watching The Heirs I took a break from watching kdramas because I was so disappointed. I mean at that point I was like, what other dramas am I going to watch? Lee Min Ho isn’t in them…

6. Coffee Prince 10/10

The Gods in heaven sent Coffee Prince to me. And Gong Yoo!!! So after my disappointment with Lee Min Ho in Heirs, it was so nice to watch a new drama and actually find a male lead attractive. The entire story was executed perfectly and the chemistry between Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye is so amazing, they go from being best friends to lovers. This drama especially touched me because it isn’t the typical, “seperate the two and give them heartache.” scenario. The music wasn’t over played and annoying, I mean seriously, everything was perfect in my book. This is still my favorite drama to date.

7. Secret Garden 7/10

For the most part I found Secret Garden enjoyable. This is where I was introduced to Hyun Bin who I find to be an exceptional actor. The only reason I am not super crazy about this one is the main actress unfortunantely is not up to par with Hyun Bin’s acting skills. At least for me, it was REALLY obvious Hyun Bin had committed to his role 100% and she was somewhere in the 72% range.  

8. City Hunter 9.5/10

After finally getting over my disappointment with Heirs, I decided it was time to watch City Hunter. To my surprise I found it on Netflix so I didn’t have to watch it on my computer! I watched it on my PS3 and my boyfriend actually joined me in watching it. He never thought he would get used to the subtitles but he did because he got into the story along with me. The entire thing was enjoyable for both of us and I am really glad I got to have that experience with my boyfriend. So ladies! If you like watching kdramas and have a boyfriend, I highly recommend watching City Hunter with him lol. 

9. My Name is Kim Sam Soon 8/10

I have heard this is the mother of all Kdramas so why wouldn’t I want to watch it?! I have to say I absolutely loved the entire drama, one of the funniest ones I have seen. Kim Sun Ah’s acting really stood out for me so she instantly became a favorite and of course Hyun Bin was awesome. One of my favorite scenes is the piano scene ;)

10. Scent of a Woman 9.5/10

So I decided to watch this one because of Kim Sun Ah and lemme tell you…you’re going to need some tissues lol! For some reason I found this one listed as a romantic comedy…it is not! This is a melodrama if I ever did see one. It is about dealing with cancer and death so it is a serious subject. I kept thinking by the end she was going to me miraculously healed and if that was the case I was going to hate the whole thing but that is not what happened. It was much more realistic so this is one of my favorite kdrama endings along with Faith. 

11. Rooftop Prince 10/10

This I believe is the only other drama besides coffee prince that I give a 10/10 to. I loved the story, the directing, writing, acting and everything about it. Sometimes I myself can get a little spoiled and I saw myself in the Crown Prince which made me laugh. When he gets mad and yells it feels like I am looking at a male version of myself. This is a must watch for EVERYONE!

12. Goong 7/10

And now I end 2014 off with Goong. I am almost done watching it! I have to say that I really do enjoy it but it is sooooo slow right now! I am on episode 19 and I am almost 10% positive they could have made this show shorter. I am finding myself dozing off every time the elders are having a conversation. All their conversations are almost always the same. But I have to say that I do love Yoon Eun Hye in this drama. 

After I finish Goong I will probably try and finish some dramas I am almost done with (surplus princess and liar game mainly) 

I feel very good with this year of discovering the hallyu wave and I can’t wait for next year! 

anonymous asked:

Can I get how got7 would react to their gf having an intimidating vibe ( like always dressing in ripped jeans and black leather jacket) but she's actually really weird and dorky? Thank you 💜

Sorry for the late reply, I just changed the request a little bit just so I could work with it more, hopefully you still like it! :)

Anything in italics is your personal thought, anything in bold italics is the boys personal thoughts and lastly Y/N means your name :)

JB: You were running late of your date with JB and he was patiently waiting on the couch waiting for you to finish, but you still didn’t have an outfit ready to wear. 

“Y/N are you ready yet?” 

“Almost I just need to finish my makeup, and pick out an outfit.” You shouted behind the closed restroom door.

“I can pick out your outfit!” JB got up and started to make way to your room, he opened your closet to see your clothes broken up into two sections, the left side it was your ripped jeans and black clothing and the right side was all your Disney and band merch tshirts. JB was laughing at all the dorky shirts you had. You heard a knock on the restroom door and once you opened the door there was a JB holding a red Mickey Mouse t-shirt with black pants. “Jagi you would look cute in this.”

You slammed the door in JB’s face, while rolling your eyes at him.

“You’re a cute dork!! Come on y/n. Open the door! STOP BEING MAD AT ME!!” 

Mark: “Mark! Hurry up the movie is about to start!” It was friday night, which means it was you and Mark’s weekly movie night and it was your week to pick the movie.

“I’m coming. I’m coming.” He was holding the blanket and the bowl of popcorn. “What movie are we watching? I forgot to ask.”

You grabbed the bowl of popcorn, before you could answer the opening scene of Star Wars Episode IIII started to play.

“Star Wars? Really? I never thought you would be into this sort of stuff, you’re more into those documentary films..” Mark turned to face you.


“You’re so weird but I love you.” He put his arm around you and brought you close to him and gave you a kiss on the top of your head.

Jackson: It was Wednesday night and typically you do facial masks while you try to catch up on the shows that you missed on Monday and Tuesday due to work. You took off your combat boots, jeans, black long sleeve and switched into your Little Mermaid sweatshirt and yoga pants. You walked to the restroom and after you applied your avocado mask, you heard the front door opening.

“Babe where are you!?!? I’VE MISSED YOU!! COME LOVE ME!!” 

There was your annoying but lovable boyfriend who came home 4 hours early. Shit what do I do!? “I’m in the restroom! I’ll be out in 20!” Panic mood started to panic, so you locked the door.

“Why do you need 20 minutes in the restroom?” Jackson asked while walking closer to the restroom. “Why is the door locked, Jagi open the door!! LOVE ME!!”

“Jackson I’m busy!!” 

“Can I see your face?? Pleaseeeee.” Jackson’s voice was getting to the point where you couldn’t say no to him. You unlocked door and gave him your resting b***h face look. His eyes got really wide “You look really cute and funny like really funny but mainly cute! Stop giving me that intimidating look just love me already!!”

Junior: “Junior don’t you have enough books at home?” You were bored out of your mind, your boyfriend smooth talked you into going to the book store with him. The was the seventh book he picked out and still was deciding if he wanted to get this one or something different.

“Jagiya, I’m looking for the right book. Go look around the store maybe you’ll find something that catches your interest.” 

You groaned and turned away to leave your boyfriend to his books. You walked aimlessly around the store until you something did catch your attention. It was the comic book section. I wonder if they have the comic that I’m missing.. Hmm.. After 5 minutes of searching you found it! You found Batman/Superman #29, the newest one of the series and you were super happy. Just as you were about to start reading you heard your name.

“Y/N why are you in the comic section?” Junior asked while holding 4 books in his arm. “I didn’t know you were into this sort of stuff..”

“What do you mean by that?” That slight comment angered you because all your life everybody would say that too you since you were a girl.

“Its nothing bad, I mean you don’t dress like you would like it and you never brought it up before.” As soon as he finished saying his comment, he instantly regretted it.

“OHHHH I’M SORRY JUNIOR I DIDN’T KNOW I HAD TO WEAR CERTAIN THINGS TO LIKE COMIC BOOKS! IM! SO! SORRY!! And since I never brought it up before let me do that right now. Superman is a million times better then Batman!” Now that you started you weren’t going to stop. You really didn’t care if people were giving you looks

Is she really going to argue about Superman and Batman? I fell in love with a huge dork. He smiled to himself and just looked at you with amazement.

Youngjae: You told your boyfriend that while he was away on tour you would take care of Coco. He was incredibly happy because the person he loves would take care of the dog he loves. After spending 2 weeks with coco you were upset that she would be going back to the boys dorm soon and you didn’t want her to leave. As you came home after a long day at work there was coco waiting by the door for you to come home. You took off your heels and put your leather jacket in the hallway closet and little coco followed right behind you, jumping so you can pick her up. You grabbed her, headed towards the tv and put on your favorite movie Aladdin and had coco sitting on your lap. When the “A Whole New World” scene come on you got up and started singing to coco and while holding her close to your chest you were dancing all over the living room floor. At the same moment you didn’t hear the front door opening.

“Jagi, I’m home early! I’ve missed you and coco so much! I have to tell you what Bambam did-” Youngjae stopped mid-sentence when he saw what you were doing. 


He never thought you would do something like this ever. 

Why is she so weird? But she’s really cute at the same time. I’ve missed her so much.. I picked the right girl.

Bambam: He invited you as his guest to a fashion show and of course he wanted to go matching because he’s just that type of boyfriend that would be into that type of stuff. Everyone would look at the two of you when you entered the room. Your outfits consisted of ripped black skinny jeans, black ankle boots, black long sleeved shirt with thin white stripes while wearing a long wool coat. After the show ended, you went to the after party where you just mostly kept to yourself because you rather have Bambam be the loud one out of the relationship while you just gave people the vibe that you didn’t want to be bothered. He noticed you were being awfully quiet and knew you were probably getting bored plus he noticed the time; it was getting late and you had to get home soon so you can get some rest for work tomorrow.

“Y/n let’s go.” He flashed a smile and lightly grabbed your hand and took you outside. “Want some ice cream?” You nodded your head yes and started to walk towards the nearest store. After you got your ice cream, Bambam wanted to go to the park and sit on the swings. It was nice outside; it was a starry night, with a gentle wind hitting your face.

“Jagi what are you thinking about?” Bambam noticed you were staring at the stars and were barely touching your ice cream.

“Huh? Oh no you would think its weird.” You still were looking at the stars

“Try me.”

“Bambam do you ever wonder if aliens are real? Like what if the government is hiding everything from us? We have all those really random videos, and theres stories plus NASA could be hiding things too!! Its just there’s so many galaxy’s what if they live over there. Also there could be a parallel universe too and what if there’s also–” You were starting to get on a roll but you were interrupted

“Jagi. You’re being really weird and I’m not use to it but keep going. I like this side of you.” *insert gif*

Yugyeom: You were patiently waiting for Yugyeom outside of the movie theatre, he was running late and told you to pick the movie that you wanted to see and he’ll meet you outside.

Maybe I should call him to see where he is.. Your pull out your phone trying to get a hold of your boyfriend and you hear a ring tone behind you. You felt a tap on your shoulder, as you turn around there was your loving boyfriend sweating and tired. 

“Y/n I’m sorry I’m late. Practice was running late but I made it just in time. Right? Has the movie started? Am I too late?” He was starting to babble and you knew if he kept going you would definitely be late for sure. You grabbed his arm and dragged him inside. While you were waiting in line to buy some popcorn. Yugyeom asked another question. “What movie are we watching?”

“Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens!!” 

“Ohh” Yugyeom looked sort of upset.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just don’t know much about the storyline.”

“Wait seriously?” You looked looked at him in shocked. “Well luck you, your girlfriend loves Star Wars so here’s a quick summary. This takes place in the far off galaxy and it’s in the middle of a civil war pretty much in the galaxy and the Empire is trying to get rid of all the good guys who are called Jedis. Okay? So what happens next is…..” You went on and on and you kept getting looks because of the vast knowledge you knew about Star Wars. While you were sitting down in your seats you were still going on about how Anakin only did this to protect the love of his life even though she died.

“Jagi. Jagiya, the trailers are about to start maybe you should lower your voice.”

“oh right sorry!” You had the hugest smile on your face and started to stuff your face with popcorn.

She is a huge dork, but she’s my dork. He kept giving you glances and a tender smile, seeing how excited you were for the movie.

Codename: Kids Next Door Challenge

I’ve never actually finished one of these…I always start them and then write too much, or forget half way through. But in honor of the G:KND video that was posted and the resurgence of the show into my consciousness, I figured I should do something to pay tribute to my favorite kid’s television show of all time! At least to get my feelings out there…

Challenge found here:


So here it is! Kids Next Door. Operation: C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E. 










…wow that’s harder than it looks. XD

DAY ONE: Favorite Character! 

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Izetta Finale Thoughts (Ep. 12)

Well, since my noob ass hit the Tumblr photo limit (that I didn’t know about rofl) and I have a bit less than 6 hours before that resets, I will post the rest of my finale caps and my comedic shitposts later for you guys. For now, I’ll simply divulge my thoughts about the finale and about the series as a whole. It’s been one hell of a magic broom ride and I’m feeling so blessed right now. I hope you feel the same.

There are LOTS OF SPOILERS HERE. If you haven’t watched episode 12, don’t read this!

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This is an interview with Katsumi Ono and Shinpei Takagi, ARC-V’s (and 5D’s’) Director and Yugo’s Japanese voice-actor respectively, posted over on NAC.  Translated it while bored at work, and here are the results, copied over from there! There were some scans of articles about characters like Reiji and young Rin and Yugo, which I’ll also tackle.

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What do u think is Raven's view on grounders? She is the person who has the most reason to hold a grudge against them: being falsely accused/tied/cut, losing finn, having to suffer bone marrow removal due to lexa making deals with MW, losing gina (a close friend with whom she had more chemistry than her official bf). Do you think if she was in bell's shoes she'd also massacre 299 warriors? Do you think she shares Bellamy/Pike's views and would approve of their actions if ALIE plot didn't happen?

i havent been able to get to any asks lately, because life loves to get in the way, which means i am sort of out of the loop with analysis and stuff, but this question got me hooked because I know for a fact that others here have thoughts on this too so i’ve sat down and thought this through a bit for myself and i’ve come to the conclusion that she definitely would have shared pike’s view (probably not fight with him on the field though because of her leg/chronic pain) if she hadn’t been so disconnected from the political themes in arkadia (which was due to the whole CoL/ALIE storyline), and here is why:

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my friend thinks iwaoi is abusive and im having a hard time convincing her its not like idc if she doesnt ship it but even as friends she thinks its an unhealthy relationship what should i say im not good at explanations

Oh boy I’m sorry it took long for me to reply - I just had to write this properly and straighten out my thoughts since this is pretty important to me!! I also discussed this with Liz aka @haikyuusetters and we both agree that iwaoi, whether friendship-wise or romantically, is not abusive, and here’s why, but let’s get something out of the way first: 

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The map legend

I think many people were put off by the voice-over scene at the end, because it seemed to put Regina firmly in the friendship category and Hook in the love category. Except, it didn’t. Following the very strict rules of dumb positivity, I’m going to turn what probably was one of the most hated scenes of this episode for many in a map key to this season. Hope you’re ready for the ride, because if we dive any deeper into the rabbit hole, we’ll hit the center of the earth.

So let’s look at the words of imaginary-Rumple-also-known-as-Dark-and-ridiculously-hot-admit-it-Emma’s very dark thought process. 

 “As long as the darkness has existed, one thing has always held us back.”

“The pull of the family who we’re so desperate to protect.”

“The friendships that make it impossible to forget who we used to be.”

“The magic that threatens to undo our most evil deeds.”

“And, worst of all, the love that refuses to give up on us.”

So let’s look at those scenes again. Remember that we’re in Emma’s mind and that this is part of a very complex scheme set-up by the writers to mislead us. So there has to be truth in it, but it’s full of misdirects.

“The pull of the family who we’re so desperate to protect.”

Snow, Charming and Neal. Her parents and brother. You can pretty much take this one at face value. It’s meant to set the tone of the series. The words and the images match, we see her loving family that we can imagine she wants to protect.

On a side note, why isn’t it simply the love for her family that keeps her from completely giving in to the darkness? Why is it specifically the need to protect them? In other words, why do they need to be protected from her fully embracing the darkness in itself? If Emma embraces the darkness, she will show the world who she is, utterly and completely. You could interpret it as her wanting to protect her family from seeing her true colors, because she thinks it will hurt them to know her. However, as I said, this scene needs to be taken at face value, so we are tricked into doing the same thing with the other scenes.

“The friendships that make it impossible to forget who we used to be.”

They show us an image of Henry and Violet, who’ve been clearly framed as a romantic couple in the making. Now, I bet our minds did a couple of things there. We included Henry in the family part of the previous sentence, but when we heard the word ‘friendship’, we expected to see an image of Regina. Instead we got Henry and Violet. Then I bet our minds did another little correction. I bet we were first confused that those two were framed as friendship. So we did a double take and then we explained to ourselves that it was of course not love yet and all budding love starts with a friendship.

Isn’t that exactly the way we see Emma and Regina’s relationship? Didn’t they just offer us a key to interpreting their friendship as a romantic one in the making. Especially, because everyone expected to see Regina when the word friendship was mentioned and they showed us budding love.

“The magic that threatens to undo our most evil deeds.”

Now here things get really interesting. We were expecting to see Regina when friendship was mentioned, so when she’s finally shown, we still file her away under that category. Except, that wasn’t her category. Regina is in her own category. Regina is the magic. And as other people have pointed out, true love is magic. Regina is true love.

The true love that threatens to undo our most evil deeds. Isn’t that similar to what Emma has done for Regina, just by believing in her? Henry’s love and Emma’s believe and ultimately her love may not have undone the Queen’s most evil deeds, but it has helped Regina to come back from it. I want to stress the word similar, because this is, about Regina threatening to undo Emma’s most evil deeds. Regina is determined to stop Emma’s darkness, to not let her succumb to it. She’s trying to set things right by taking on her role as the Savior. What if it means even more. What if we take it literally? What if whatever Regina does as the Savior during this curse has the potential to turn back time for Emma and literally undo her most evil deeds? What if the curse is some form of deal, some sort of contract with a clause. Emma goes Dark, but if Regina comes through, they will be brought back to that point in time and they can make a different choice and Emma won’t go dark.

This scenario gives the writers room to have Emma kill people we never thought she would kill. They can really make Emma the most chilling villain we have ever seen, have her commit the most heinous acts. We can really explore Emma’s psychology. Yet, they can turn it all back if Regina pulls through, because that would be the premise. Regina would be a lot like Emma during season one, with absolutely everybody’s future depending on her choices.

Now, it may seem like an easy out for Emma, but it isn’t. Even if her evil deeds are undone, she committed all of them with the knowledge they may very well be final. She will have to deal with the guilt regardless. There are no guarantees Regina will actually pull through.

Emma needs someone with whom she can safely let it all out, Emma needs to be given room to be angry, to rage. To show her absolute worst self, the Dark Swan, to someone, and have that person still not give up on her, still love her. Still see all that see is. That would heal Emma in the same way Emma’s belief in Regina saved her.

“And, worst of all, the love that refuses to give up on us.”

This scene, again, was incredibly misleading, but first let’s look at the structuring before we get into it. Scene one (family) was linked with scene two (friendship) because Henry is also an essential part of Emma’s family. If we follow the same logic, we have to assume scene three (magic) is similarly linked to scene four (love), but because there is not link between scene two and scene three, we can assume that is the structure’s mirroring surface. So the scene four theme (love) applies to what is in scene three (Regina), in the same way the scene one theme (family) applied to what was in scene two (Henry).

Now, don’t worry if that didn’t make much sense to you, because what follows is far more interesting. Let’s look at the words we hear and the scene we are presented with. Love that refuses to give up on us. Except. Hook in this scene is exactly that. It’s the image of someone who has given up. He is not working tirelessly in a library, reading about Dark One mythology, trying to see if there is something he’s missed during those 300 years when it was about hate. He’s getting drunk at a bar. He looks like he has given up in that moment. Obviously he hasn’t yet, but this is a deliberate choice to tell you that he will.

Now, it becomes entirely dodgy and I’ve contemplated not writing this bit, but I thought I should anyway. I apologize to Rumbellers, this is why it is the anti-tag, so this is the bit you shouldn’t read. It’s not what I want to happen, just something I couldn’t ignore. I have been working on a Hook meta and while it isn’t finished, one of my conclusions was that Hook started his journey of redemption on the wrong side of Henry’s family tree. Regina’s history is tied in with the history of the Charmings, but Hook’s history is entirely tied in with that of Rumple’s family. So my guess, even before the start of this season was that they’d break up Emma and Hook and Hook would be transferred to Rumple’s storyline. That he and Rumplestiltskin would play a part in each other’s redemption, at least if a redemption is in store for one or both of them. I thought Hook and Belle working together last season and having meaningful conversation in the library about love and Rumple foreshadowed that. Their conversation was more meaningful and more of a two-way conversation than Emma and Hook ever had, in fact.

Since then, there has been an interview in which Adam & Eddy confirm we’ll get more backstory for Hook during the second part of the season, which does sound like a possible redemption arc for him. They like to dive into people’s pasts to show us why they do what they do. I also thought a big part of Hook’s redemption has to be about learning how to treat women. He simply doesn’t know, because he grew up without a mother on a ship, surrounded only with men. Men who either demonize women or put them on a pedestal. We’ve seen he only has those two modes. First Emma is just a conquest, then she becomes the entire reason for his existence. There is no in-between. It made me wonder who they’d introduce as a love interest for Hook on the show, a woman who wasn’t a love interest first, someone he could see and get to know as a person, as a friend. I thought they should either be on the show already or they should be introduced very soon…  Belle did cross my mind, but I dismissed it completely. They wouldn’t go there, right?

Until now. Look at the scene again. Look at the way Belle looks at Hook. With empathy and understanding. She is the ‘love that refuses to give up on us’. That scene foreshadowed Belle not giving up on Hook. It may be romantic, it may be platonic. A story where Hook finds friendship with a woman and reconciliation with his enemy seems quite powerful as well. Regardless, that sentence, it wasn’t about Hook and Emma, it was about Belle and Hook.

As you can see, I’m too far in to ever come out. I think we’re headed for Swan Queen and I haven’t even rewatched the episode yet. The fact that they showed us a scene with two women in white dresses, taking each other’s hands and coming down the stairs in a big hall, is almost baffling to me. It clearly foreshadows a lesbian wedding (anyone who doesn’t know the show flipping through the channels at that point would have assumed exactly that) and they made such smart use of most people’s automatic repulsion to incest, especially between mother and daughter, that if for some of us, our mind briefly went there, we dismissed that thought completely. It definitely worked on me! Until I got a clever anon who pointed it out and made me realize why I didn’t see the obvious and I remembered that was exactly what happened. My mind went there, I felt uncomfortable because they were mother and daughter and I filed it away as quickly as possible.

They had their mother and daughter moment before this scene, it would have made more sense to this with Hook or with Charming. Instead, we got the visual equivalent of a lesbian wedding. Coincidence? I think not.

I saw so many interesting theories in the #dumb positivity tag and I don’t think I’ll be able to add much as I rewatch. I can’t say how thrilled I am that we are talking about the show and analyzing instead of agonizing, because that is exactly what I was hoping for. It brings the fun back, it’s an exhilarating game. It’s the act of defiance, we are reclaiming our entertainment. Booyah! (…or something. Is that too nineties? If so, can we bring it back anyway?)

In conclusion, I’ve never been more certain of Swan Queen than I was while writing of this post. I gained clarity as I wrote. Now I feel this entire little scene was a map legend that shows us exactly how we’re going to be tricked for an entire season and what to expect. Nothing is what it seems. I’m so ready for this ride and nothing can ever prepare me for it. Down the rabbit hole it is… who’s bringing the carrot cake?

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Another potential ficlet prompt to keep our minds busy during the DRAMA: another person at work asks Sally Ann if she has a boyfriend, and this time she has an answer. Heh.

So now that Hasil and Sally-Ann’s plot line has started moving again in the show, I should probably explain that most of the ficlets are set in some vague, undefined Sasil universe where they’re together (and keeping their relationship secret) but where Sally-Ann still works… maybe the universe that exists between Episode 5 and Episode 6? Anyway, now that we’ve got that cleared up, on to the actual story… :)

The scanner chirped again and again, the friendly and persistent electronic trill only serving to enhance her already high level of irritation and fatigue. She scanned everything that came across her register: weed killer, pool toys, bird seed, drain cleaner, power tools, and even the occasional replacement toilet seat. Everything was scanned and priced and tabulated, paid for with cash, credit card, personal check, or money order, and then she would turn and smile at the next face in the line, a line that, on a busy day like today, never seemed to stop.

Sally-Ann looked up from her scanning, her eyes distractedly glancing at the length of the line, as her attention caught on one customer in particular. She tried not to sigh or roll her eyes in frustration. Of course, she thought, of course he would pick today, pick this afternoon, to come by. And of course he would pick her lane to stand in, even though there were other lines, shorter ones. She glanced back behind her at Jacqui, who was working the next register over, and even after the older woman recognized what Sally-Ann was silently indicating to her, all she really could offer was a tiny shrug of sympathy.

As with all dreaded moments, time moved much more rapidly than she would have preferred, and soon enough he was ambling up towards the counter, dropping a dozen or so boxes of metal hardware down onto its surface.

“And how are ya doin’ this afternoon, Miss Sally-Ann?” he asked, a dimpled grin spreading across the bottom half of his face. Sweat beaded along the sides of his neck, even in the air conditioned store.

“I’m fine, J.T. How are you?” She smiled, but only politely, only enough that there could be no cause for official complaint.

“Oh, I’m jus’ fine. Righter than rain…” he replied, chortling a little at his own words.

“You find everythin’ okay?” she asked, deliberately looking down at the box of 2″ nails she was attempting to scan, rather than meeting his gaze.  

“I did, indeed… and, I must say, you are lookin’ particularly fetchin’ today.”

“Thank you,” she said quietly, as she dropped the box into a plastic store bag.

“Y’know…” he said, planting his hands on the counter, “I always come in here and I always ask ya the same question…” He turned his head imploringly, as if he wanted her to be the one to say it out loud. She wasn’t about to do that, though, and she was cringing with the knowledge that he was going to say it for her anyway. “C’mon… when ya gonna go out with me, Sally-Ann?”

She looked up at his face, all pink and pasty, his dull brown hair falling part-way into his eyes. At first she said nothing, even though she knew full well what going out with J.T. would involve. More likely than not, she would spend the evening sitting next to him on a bar stool at Tony’s, watching him toss back bottles of Bud Light for a couple hours as he yelled at the NASCAR race playing on the bar’s single TV. All in all, she would be lucky if he didn’t try to drunkenly grope her as she came out of the bathroom.

But with guys like that, you couldn’t just say no. You had to come up with reasons. And most of the time, they didn’t really care about your reasons, seeing your rejection as simply the first step in a long process of negotiation.

Still, you had to give your reasons all the same.

“J.T., you know I can’t go out,” she said, trying to make her voice as business-like as possible, as she grabbed another box of hardware and continued scanning his merchandise. “I’m busy. I’m workin’.”  

“Yeah, y’always say that…” Suddenly, though, his eyes widened with some realization. “Well, how ‘bout the Fourth of July, then? It’s just in a few days. Nobody’s workin’ then.”

“I can’t,” she said quickly, without really knowing what she was doing; her only thought had been to try to make this conversation be over as soon as possible.

“Why not, huh?” he asked. “What’re ya doin’?”

“Well, um…” she stammered, trying to think of something to say. And then, for some unfathomable reason, she told him the truth. “I’m gonna be with my boyfriend. We’ve got plans.”

The moment she said it, part of her regretted it. This was a small town and people talked, and it wasn’t hard to imagine a scenario where her brother somehow heard about it, or an even worse version of it. Plus, she and Hasil didn’t even have real plans, just some loose arrangements that involved them meeting up at the house in the afternoon.  

“Boyfriend?” J.T. sputtered. “What boyfriend?”

“Look, I just…” She paused, letting out a little sigh. “I got a boyfriend, okay?”

“Really?” he asked, his eyes narrowing suspiciously. “What’s he do?”

“He’s… he’s in sales. Sells all kinds of things.” It was strange; once she started talking, it was almost as if she couldn’t stop. “Mostly things he makes, like wood carvings. He’s an artist, too.”

“So how come I never met ‘im? Where’s he live?”

“Up in the hills,” she replied. “In a cabin. He hunts and traps up there. That’s why he doesn’t come into town that often…” She tilted her head slightly, as if challenging him to question her again. “Anyway, he and I, we got plans.”

Turning back towards her register, she pressed her fingers to the screen in order to finalize his purchase.

“That’ll be thirty-nine twenty,” she said sweetly.

“Hmmm… well…” J.T. said, slapping two twenty-dollar bills on the counter. “You enjoy yourself, then.”

And then he reached over and grabbed his plastic bag from the metal rack and began walking straight towards the doors, not looking back at her once.

After that, it took a little while for the mid-day crowd to thin, but as she greeted customers and rang up all their purchases, a tiny smile refused to budge from her face. She was thinking about Hasil Farrell and the Fourth of July and all the things she could show him. She was thinking about how much he would love hamburgers and homemade apple pie. She was thinking about how they could sneak down towards the bridge and watch the town’s tiny fireworks show light up the night sky and the water below.

Eventually, the line disappeared, and Sally-Ann leaned back against her register, squeezing and flexing her tired feet inside her shoes. She glanced over at Jacqui, who was looking back at her with a small, enigmatic smile.

“Honey… that was great, with J.T…” Jacqui said. “You held him right off…” And then she grinned, a breathy, tired laugh escaping from her lips, as she raised her eyebrows at Sally-Ann in amusement. “I almost believed you.”

And then Sally-Ann laughed, too, happy in the sweet anticipation of seeing him, happy in the knowledge that her secret would probably be safe for a little while longer.

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Hi: Given what we've read from TSDF tumblr, what is your opinion regarding Ninja's comments on the 2nd hug? We know that they are very matter of fact with spoilers and that they don't put any spin on their answers, but she did say that Daryl's 2nd hug was "pretty sweet" and Carylers' were "gonna gif the shit out of it. Do you think there could be something more? Like a declaration of love or forehead kiss?Also what about comment "it ain't no brotherly hug". Thanks:)

Hi there my lovely,

First of all thank you so much for the thoughtful ask and for thinking of me. I will try to be as helpful as possible but since the issue at hand is very subjective and based on observational opinions I am not sure what to think about it either.

The one thing I am very sure of is that the people who represent the major spoiler sites do not have any shipping allegiances, have never displayed a ship bias and have always been careful to report the information they get in a professional and emotionally detached manner.
I’ve also known them to always try and be respectful about the things they report and avoid enflaming the fandom if at all possible.
They don’t target anyone or cater to anyone because they report to everyone.
People get mad at them when they report something they don’t like so it’s only natural for them to make sure and reveal the information as carefully, as plainly and as accurately as possible.
A lot of the things @thespoilingdeadfans get can also be interpretive, void of context, background info and subject to change before any of it actually airs on screen; which makes the manner they present what they know is even more important.
Facts. No interpretation. The basics so to speak.
From what I know the information they get is from third party sources and therefore some interpretation error is to be expected, but I think they try and compensate for that through corroboration and downplaying the source bias through giving us situational facts only. 

As a Caryler/Carol/Daryl fan I’ve followed spoilers pertaining to them for a while.
I am not a forum member and I don’t use Facebook much, so a lot of what I’ve come know has been through their tumblr outlet and I can honestly say that they have always reported Caryl information in the same exact manner they’ve done with everything else. Facts and opinions on the things they tell us. 

The staff does not ship CARYL but I think they have shown us many times that they respect the dynamic in all its forms and when the information they put out is attacked by non-Carylers they always go out of their way to clarify and defend the truth.
The Caryl/Carol related spoilers pretty much always give them the most grief by others, and that probably means that they are likely even more reserved in the way they report them. 
To be clear I don’t think they downplay, hide or censor what they have - I just think they scrutinize the wording a little more than usual in order to avoid the drama that is sure to follow. 

With that said let’s take a look at the spoiled hugs;

The CARYL hug at Terminus was described as an ‘embrace’.
It included running, nuzzling, sweeping, rocking, crying, grasping, going in for seconds…

The hug at the end of “The Same Boat” 614 was dubbed as a ‘quick hug’.
It included eagerness, pulling, soft caressing, chin cradling…

Essentially both hugs were very emotional, very moving and very meaningful. Both welcomed Carol home. Both were very intimate.

The hugs in 710 have been presented with a bit more details (Squeeee) - “tight hug”, “full body hug”, “sweet”, “you’ll gif the crap out of it”, “ain’t no brotherly hug”…
As a shipper my thought is that the two new hugs are perhaps much more visibly emotional and physical than the hugs before.
A lot more focused. A lot more ‘uncharacteristic’. A lot more LOVEY…maybe! Eager!?
But do these uncharacteristic comments and descriptions mean something more - is that last hug less platonic than the ones before? 

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Episode / Character Analysis: Agents of SHIELD, "The Beginning of the End" / Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons

An analysis of the season one finale, through the lens of a character analysis.

Part 1 - Grant Ward
Part 2 - Skye
Part 3 - Phil Coulson
Part 4 - Melinda May

Part 5 focuses on Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons. 

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*SU Spoiler* What is Love?

“The Answer” was amazing in plot and design! It was beautiful, amazing, and truly wonderful.

What I love about this episode was how it depicted the struggles and wonders of love. Let’s get down to the whole episode.

Sapphire before Garnet is a rare gem who can see into the future. Because she already knows the answer to possible outcomes she is a bit cold and accepts the possibilities without question. Come to think of it, this type of behavior exists in the real world! Think about arranged marriages, wealthy and poor families, war, and many other scenarios with the same personality as Sapphire. Many people like Sapphire don’t have many choices for their future and often accept the consequences no matter the outcome.

Ruby before Garnet is a body guard to Sapphire. Her status makes her awfully careful of her actions. When she she bumped into Sapphire, she panics and tries to apologize. Ruby seems a bit confused by this because there was no punishment and Sapphire didn’t belittle her or abuse her. Ruby would be a great representation of minorities or people of low status. People are often treated harshly because of skin, orientation, birth, and anything that is shown as different in the societal norm of culture. People like Ruby often suppress their emotions and go with the flow or fight to gain acceptance.

However, the main point of this episode was that to start relationships love must in the mix.

Sapphire does not move or dodge because she knows what will happen. Ruby figured out what was going to happen and pushed her and Sapphire out of the way. However, she does not notice until Sapphire says this, “Thank you Ruby. You did your best.” That is when Ruby realized Sapphire was going to sacrifice herself and out of impulse saved her. That’s not all that happened.

Garnet is formed! That’s right we see what Garnet is like in the beginning. Notice how the colors are mismatched and clash. This is because Ruby and Sapphire are Gems that are not compatible for fusion. At least in the views of Homeworld. Many posts have related to same-sex couples and I would definitely agree. I also think this relates to anyone in a relationship, same-sex or opposite-sex, black and white, monogamous or poly-amorous, the list goes on. At first it is strange to Garnet because this is her first time appearing as a fusion. Ruby and Sapphire are a bit confused because their fusion was special. That’s how relationships start! Remember that Garnet does not believe in love at first sight. When a relationship starts it is usually strange or a bit awkward because you don’t know the person. Just like Ruby and Sapphire.

Sadly the other Gems disagree. Notice in the background that all the Gems surrounding Ruby and Sapphire look angry and even say mean stuff. This is because Ruby and Sapphire’s fusion is uncommon and against Homeworld society. Blue Diamond witnesses this and orders Ruby to be shattered not Sapphire. This could be the fact that Ruby is a lowly soldier Gem while Sapphire is a rare aristocratic Gem. This is a wonderful example of how societal views affects relationships. Homophobia, racism, feuds between houses, rich and poor, the scenarios are massive. When in a relationship, people are criticizes and ostracized just because it doesn’t fit in the norm of their culture. Some relationships aren’t strong enough to survive these cruelties. Luckily, Sapphire and Ruby made it.

After escaping, Ruby and Sapphire didn’t know what to do. Sapphire is usually calm and is able to find the answer. However, Ruby’s actions were not foreseen which makes her panic. Ruby panics only because she doesn’t know what to do besides protect Sapphire. She is willing to go back to protect her, but Sapphire refuses. Once Ruby pulls Sapphire out of the ice, they find a cave.

At first they are still confused about their fusion. These two are complete opposites, yet they both felt great together. Ruby is used to fusion, but she feels alone and just about her while Sapphire has never fused only witnessed it. Both have realized they feel great as a fusion and start to open up. They don’t exactly know why it feels good. At first it’s a bit awkward and they don’t know what to do. But once they start to know each other, it becomes less awkward and more about being happy together. I will say it again this is how relationships form! Doesn’t matter where, why, and how, it becomes a bit confusing and awkward because love is a new feeling. Once love starts to grow, the relationships grows as well. Just like how Ruby and Sapphire dance and form Garnet again.

When Garnet falls, she encounters Pearl and Rose. Garnet confuses herself and is afraid of what they think of her as a fusion. Relationships aren’t just about two separate people it’s also about being together and having experiences together. However, it’s scary and confusing and usually overwhelms people like Garnet. Some even hide it because everyone is against the relationship.

“Who cares about what I feel. How you feel feel is bound to be much more interesting. No more questions. Don’t every question this. You already are the answer.”

This is my favorite quote from Rose in this episode! Garnet is confused that Rose is very accepting of her fusion. Rose basically says it doesn’t matter what other people think, it’s only matters how you feel. Garnet asks Rose questions about why she would rather be herself than be what others think of her. The best answer Rose can give is that she is the answer to her questions. That answer is love.

Rose symbolizes people who accept different forms of relationships no matter what. She doesn’t judge their relationship and gives advice to help their relationship without interference. Many different types of relationships are looked down upon and friends or people turn on you. However there are people and communities that accept love no matter with who or why.

Although this post is mostly about how relationships are, I would like to add it’s also about what love is. People think they have a definition of love and that’s great. However, we don’t exactly know what love is. Yes it’s when people love each other and want to be together, but how and why do people love another? When Ruby and Sapphire fused a second time, Garnet doesn’t know who she is and even says she feels lost, scared, and happy. That’s what love is. We don’t know why we love someone it just happens. It’s scary and confusing but it’s wonderful and magical. The only people who can define the relationship are the people in it. The struggles and the wonders are experiences only ones in love can define.

Some of you may not care and honestly I don’t care if you do, but this episode really hit me. I have a girlfriend and have been with her for over 7 years now. Our relationship is different than most. We are long distance (I’m from CA and she from MD), interracial (I’m white and she is black), two girls, and different economic status (I am from a wealthy family and she is from a poor family). We were a bit scared at first because this was new and we are both in high school. However, we really connected despite the differences. She is not out because of her family while I am okay with announcing our relationship. Sadly, many people thought our relationship would not last because it was online. Plus many people thought she was using me for money. At first it really hurt our relationship because people thought it was not real or silly. But I realize that it doesn’t matter what people think. She told me that and now we are even more happy. We stopped caring what other people think a long time ago because we love each other and no one should decide what our love is.

So remember if you love someone don’t be afraid to try and explore. People may not like it, but who cares. Relationships are complex but amazing. Never fear love embrace it. Love is the answer.