I Need You - Visual Poetry. 

He kissed her and gazed at this tiny paradise.
Abandoned years ago, they walked holding hands. 
Anonymous shapes no longer empty.
The boy said - I need you. 

Created from page 159 of The Road, by Cormac McCarthy.
Hope you guys enjoy this. Published under the University of Kent, I own all rites


Sometimes, people don’t deserve your love. People will take you for granted and then suddenly, when you’re gone, they will start missing you. When they do, you’ll be on their mind just as much as they used to be on yours, when they want you back.. be strong enough to say no. That’s really when you need to be strong is when people ask to be back into your life. Forgive them, but don’t take them back.
Here I am; writing about you again. I thought that after a year I would either be with you or over you. But here I am at the same place I was last year, school is coming to an end for the year and I’m stuck thinking about how much time is going to pass before I see you again.
—  You have somehow become a constant in my life, and you don’t  even know it. 
Fuck the distance, fuck not being in your arms, fuck the intangible reality, fuck the way we are forced to be separated, fuck it all, I’m done trying to fucking pretend that it’s okay when it’s tearing me apart. I need you. I fucking need you, and I can’t think straight when you’re not here, or when you’re gone, I’m never at peace with myself and I won’t ever fucking be until my arms are wrapped around you and my lips are on yours. I can’t fucking be here anymore without you, I can’t fucking take it. I can’t fucking pretend that the distance doesn’t hurt when it’s the only thing that’s stopping us. I fucking need you baby, and I need to see you fucking soon.
—  please