I need to stop.

jungkookie...you’re staring

following thirsty kookie, we now have heart eyes!jungkook; 

remember how jungkook hated jimin? 

oh yeah…the hate was REAL. 

yup, since the debut days…

(x) you okay there, jungkook-ssi? does this also count as thirst?

(x) obviously he’s not staring at jimin laughing. no way. 

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^ when jimin walked into the room. he totally doesn’t care. 

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when will i get over this moment? answer: never. are you confessing jungkook?

i dont even know what to say…

i can hear his breath hitch because he’s hit once again by how beautiful his jiminie-hyung is *dodges bricks*

jungkook obviously hates jimin. look at that disrespectful way he’s staring at him. 

why does it look like jungkook wants to slam jimin against the nearest wall and kiss the shit out of him? and why does jimin look oblivious as fuck? does this count as thirsty too? idk. 




(x) why does jeon lean over other PEOPLE to STARE at JIMIN???

(x) he’s boring holes to the side of jimin’s face what the fuck jungkook???

listen to me, EVERYONE is looking at hobi bc he’s about to dance, but not jungkook. why is he staring at jimin? 

i feel like this pic is not talked about enough. we are seeing jimin through jungkook’s eyes, literally. he took this picture. jimin looks like an absolute angel, like this pic is so…warm and im in tears bc of this ship once again. 

someone stop me from making these. i realized jungkook stares a lot this could have like 15 parts wtf. 

You know what isn’t cool? Deleting your blog without talking to your partner instead of telling them that you are no longer interested in a plot and want to drop it. Other thing that isn’t cool? Ghosting on people, abandoning your blog and making another one just don’t talk to them. Another thing? Agreeing to plot with someone, letting them make an account (& even take the time to write a starter!!!), only to never talk to them again.

TL;DR Wasting people’s time isn’t cool!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to drop a plot. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to reply, maybe your muse died, or life just… happens. You have every right to drop a plot, and stop roleplaying with someone, but roleplaying is a two-way street. Have the courtesy of sending your partner a quick heads up. I promise you that they will understand, and if they don’t, then they’re not worth your time. I know that wanting to drop a plot can be nerve-wrecking, but I want to believe that most people in the rpc won’t be mad if you take the time to talk to them and thank them for writing with you if you ever decide to drop a plot. Don’t be afraid! People won’t be offended.

But when you decide to drop them and say nothing… Well, that’s a problem. Deleting your blog, ghosting on people, and other similar courses of action are complete asshole moves. Stop wasting people’s time. Stop making them feel inadequate, or like they did something wrong. Stop making them think that there is something wrong with their writing and/or their characters. I am tired of seeing people talk about people dropping  them by deleting their blog and saying nothing. If you have no intention of roleplaying with someone, do not let them get their hopes up. Speak up and save them some bad times. Do not make people wait for a reply that will never come. When you delete without saying anything, you hurt your partner. It has happened to me, my mutual, my friends, and a lot of other peeps in the rpc, and let me tell you, it’s not a nice feeling. 

Be considerate. Thinking of other people’s feelings and not just your own won’t kill you. 

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What kinks do the S and M brothers have

(Other than biting of course-)

Shu - Orgasm Denial, Degradation, and Cowboy Style

Reiji - Master and Daddy, BDSM (especially whips), and Maid

Ayato - Sexual Praise Kink (God Complex I think it is called), Big titties that he can… fuck, Temperature and Wax Play, Rough Sex

Laito - What kink does the man not have- However, he is into Orgasm Denial, Dominant and Submissive Play, Maid and School Girl, Temperature, Toys, Public Sex, and Degradation in particular~

Kanato - Dominance, Wax and Knife Play, Strangulation, and Sweets

Subaru - Dominance (but not full on like Kanato or Laito), Knife (to only put to her skin to rip off her clothes, nothing more), Teasing Kink (not full on orgasm denial)

Kino - Maid, Orgasm Denial, Dominant, Cosplay (video game ones-), Temperature

Ruki - BDSM, Master and Daddy, Maid, Livestock (like putting her on a leash), Toys, and a lot more…

Kou - Furry, Submission, and School Girl

Yuma - Rough, Dominance, Farmer

Azusa - Knife, Temperature, Masochism, and Submission to Her

It just sort of baffles me how indifferent and negative my own mother can be at our country having our first female major party presidential nominee. I expect it some day from future generations, who just sort of scoff and say, “Yeah, and? Of course a woman can be president. Like, duh, Grandpa Zane. Where have you been?” 

Instead I got a “So? Who cares?”

I expect more from her. Better even.

How historic this is means nothing to her. To any of the three women who raised me. And I just don’t get how they don’t care or see how great of an accomplishment it is, whether or not they like her. It’s still important.

My family and I live in such different worlds–politically, socially, physically, intellectually. Every day it gets harder to connect with them, to have conversations with any depth or meaning. I literally had to explain to one of them that no, Hilter didn’t come in and take over Germany. He was voted into power. The people gave him the power to do the horrifying things he did. That was my grandmother. Someone who lived through World War II and the aftermath, both here and abroad. 

They don’t understand our history. Not as a world and not as a nation. None of the atrocities or the triumphs or that the soil beneath their feet was taken from the Native people of this land. That it doesn’t belong to them or me or our ancestors.

I still have to call them out for using a racial slur to refer to our Chinese takeout.

Or tell them it’s not okay to drop the N-word when the person taking too long to back out of a parking space they’re waiting on is black.

I’ve spent a lifetime collecting little puzzle pieces of memory when one of them said something negative or cruel about someone they’d never spoken to because of that person’s skin color. Or accent. Or outfit. Or religious garments.

After a lifetime of raising a kid, who they always had an inkling would in some way be LGBTQ, and after almost nine years of having an out and proud trans person in their lives, I still have to explain what LGBTQ means every time I say it.

It’s the simplest thing. After nearly a decade I feel like I can’t even share those conversations with them because it becomes me giving them a lesson they won’t commit to their memories or lives. 

I’ll be glad to be away from this in another month. To be 3,000 miles away from the indifference and the negativity.

From my mother walking in while President Obama is sitting in a room, on national television, of BLM activists, families of victims’ of police brutality and systemic racism, and the families of police officers, alive and lost in the line of their chosen duty. And she says, “What’s he saying now? Oh, he’s just stirring the pot! All lives matter, not just them.”

My mother, who’s always taught me to value myself, to believe that nobody can take away who I am, to be proud of the person I am. A mother who was fully on board in 2006 when I explained what transgender meant and that was part of my identity. I was 16. Living in a time before the word transgender was all over the news or plastered on the internet. She stood with me.

I guess now I’m just questioning how deep that caring went. How much of that support was “Well, as long as I don’t have to learn anything and it doesn’t effect me, then fine. Do your thing.”

None of them ever want to learn anything. To grow. To seek out information or knowledge. To apologize when they’re wrong or hurtful or cruel. To better themselves. They treat knowledge like a chore. The same curiosity to understand doesn’t consume them like it does for me. It wasn’t nurtured and muddled itself into grumpy indifference and a believe that if people who look different are getting the same as them, then somehow they’re being cheated. 

I guess this is some part of growing up. Being adult enough to recognize how flawed and terrible a wonderful mother can be as a fellow person. 

Mostly, I wonder what it means for us after I’m 3,000 miles away. If our relationship will turn as superficial as it’s starting to feel or if the distance will bring enough nostalgia to keep whatever our bond might me now. And I don’t know. I’m not sure I want to know.

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Filming for Dunkirk is officially done in Weymouth, They're packing things up now. Next stop LA. interesting timing

The filming timing though wouldn’t be at all scheduled around what’s going on with the other 1D boys. If they want to end bg at the same time so Louis has to leave LA since they can’t be in the same city though, go right ahead. End it. End it now.

Sephiroth stared at his phone for an impressive number of seconds, simply attempting to absorb the information presented.  To make sense of something which seemed altogether senseless.

Ultimately, he snapped his phone shut and returned the object to his pocket, managing to maintain a reasonably blank expression.  “I would like to know exactly who allowed that man into the building.  I have… questions.”