I need to see his handsome face

Blind!Lance AU

so @draconicwyvern just completely SHATTERED my heart by telling me about her Blind!Lance Voltron AU

some feels-inducing things she pointed out to me:

  • Lance being told he can’t become a pilot because he can’t see
  • THAT ONE THING HE SAYS “the blue ocean, the green grass… I can’t see them” ACTUALLY BEING TRUE
  • Lance running his fingers along Keith’s face and deciding he feels handsome (but not as handsome as him of course)
  • Lance joking and saying “at least I can’t see Keith’s ugly face”
  • Lance and Space Dad talking about their disabilitiessssssss


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My first “serious” fanart of In The Flesh. :-)

Kieren is my favourite character over all in that show. He is such a good person and I love his never ending sad looking face… on the other hand I was so happy to see him smiling in the end (No!!! Save In The Flesh! Please! T-T) of the show. It gaves me hope. And we need hope for a third season.

Hope you like my first real try of that handsome undead Bambi-Boy ! :3

I unintentionally started more mad king than dark god (because lbr it’s gonna take me a lot of time to do dg ryan justice) and kept that way anD IM SORRY ITS SO BAD ANYWAY I SPENT LIKE 292893 YEARS ON THE SHAPE OF HIS ARM BECAUSE FUCK IT WAS A PAIN AND STILL TURNED OUT BAD

maybe ill do more later i need to get used to drawing his dumb handsome face who wants to see practice doodles as i do em

Shin Hoseok (Wonho)

Ignore me for a bit I just need to get this off my chest…

Wonho had a solo at the concert. Anyone who knows Monsta X well enough knows he is only really outgoing for Monbebe and when on stage but generally he’s shy and worries a lot. It had to take a lot for him to compose a song then sing his own song as well (rumors are he wrote the song he used) and I really hope fans see him for how talented he is now instead of some still just seeing him for being the handsome Wonho who wrecks everyone with a smile or flash of abs. 

He’s actually really talented as the videos show and he really enjoys what he does. So before you mention Wonho just being a face or body please remember that he’s human too and he doesn’t need to see the comments some post about him being a hoe and what not. On videos of him singing praise his voice for once or congratulate him on a well composed song. Mention something other than his looks please. Let him know we love him for more than being good looking and that he makes us smile. 


Dress up

“You’re awfully pretty. What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?” Jerome sat on the edge of the cot, smirking.
You blushed, trying to focus on the important task at hand. What was he supposed to get? Your hand hovered over several cups and bottles. How did Gilda do this? “I like taking care of people.”
“you’re sweet too. But I don’t need any medicine.” He shook his head, letting out a raspy laugh that raised goosebumps on your arms. “I have to give it to you anyway.” You panicked, searching.
“Maybe you need medicine. To turn that frown upside down!” He laughed, pinching your cheeks into a smile. You turned around, to see his face inches from yours. “Laughter is the best medicine.” Jerome was so boyishly handsome, how could anyone resist him? His eyes, you realized, were between green and blue, more like teal. “You’re awfully, jumpy. You don’t have to be scared. I want to be your friend.” He kissed your nose before sitting back down, his face a light shade of red.
Your heart was pounding out of your chest. No one had ever flirted with you in this manner before. You knew jerome was an inmate but something about him just drew you towards this boy. You sat next to him, and the sane part of you was screaming to get away, to let Gilda take care of this. You could get fired or worse!
He stroked your cheek with his thumb. You didn’t even flinch. “Maybe we could be more than friends.” He leaned in. Your lips joined and he kissed you hard, eagerly. You nodded, “I’d like that.”
He pushed you down into the cot. “We could play. You could be my toy.”
You heard yourself gasping, “I could be your doll.” Jerome smiled, chuckling as he sucked and bit your bottom lip. You felt his dick getting hard between your legs.
He brushed your hair back. “There’s one problem with dolls.” He pouted.
“What’s that?” Your core pounded, needing him inside of you.
“I can’t fuck ‘em. And they don’t have breasts like yours,” he growled, squeezing them. You gasped, arching your back. He laughed. “Now, let’s see what you’ve been hiding, dolly.” He pulled your panties and your stockings down to your ankles. He pulled up your dress to get straight to business. He whistled onto your moistening sex. “You’re so wet for me.“ He angled himself to enter inside of you, barely allowing you to adjust to his size.
It felt so good to feel your walls around his dick as he sucked your neck. There were sure to be purple bruises tomorrow. With every hard thrust, you felt your lower abdominal muscles growing tense.
Sweat glistened off of his face as his eyes were closed. The lighting made his hair a fiery red. He opened his eyes, looking down at you. He laughed, kissing and licking your neck. His breath was hot against your cheek and ear. “Having fun?”
You nodded as you let out another moan of pleasure. He put you up against the wall and you wrapped you legs around him. He kissed your neck, panting.
You fumbled with the buttons on your uniform before Jerome slapped your hands away. He tore off your dress, throwing it off to the side. “You’re just full of surprises aren’t ya, doll?” He stared at your breasts bouncing with each hard thrust, pushing deeper, bringing you closer to the edge. Jerome gave them both a light squeeze before pinching your nipple. He looked up at you. putting your erect nipple into his mouth, he began sucking.
Feeling his tongue on your body made you moan and hold him tighter.
“That’s right baby doll, laugh.” His voice was low and raspy, thick with want. He closed his eyes tight, as he continued to push you into the wall. “You’re hard to please aren’t you?” He pressed his fingers to your clit, forming a circle over and over. Jerome grunted, finding release, spilling himself inside of you. “You can cum now if ya want, doll.” You whimpered, shuddering as you finally reached your orgasm.
He patted your head, smiling. “I think I’m gonna keep you!”

I’m sorry if this isn’t as good as my other imagines! I’m just super insecure about my writing, and I was just editing and deleting entire paragraphs! just need to get back into the swing of things. And don’t worry, the master list will be up soon ;)
Brayden and Dorian- Lunch for Two

Their first meeting had not gone as smooth as he had wished but he shook both men’s hands and introduced himself as well. Well, at least properly this time. The first thing that struck him about Dorian was the visible, stunning artwork. It had not been as vivid in the videos but now he could sees the ones on his neck and hands now. Studying his face, he still found him stunningly handsome. He wonder if he took orders well. The thought made him licks his now dry lips. “Put her in the stables and we will go grab lunch.” he gives as a slight command which causes Cole to smirk and raise an eyebrow. “Actually, I need to have Mr. Sinclair sign the finalized paperwork so he and his company can be paid. But then I can take him to lunch. You two can go ahead though since he seems to still have a lot of work ahead of him.” Brayden knew what Cole was doing and he would be sure to thank him later. “That ok with you guys?” the older man asks the other two Irishmen.

Chosen Tales

Chapter 1

Nicole Parks

“Oh, no. I swear if I see that girl again her-"I stopped and turned around at a tap on my shoulder. "Um, where is the sticks that women use for their monthly?"A caucasian man asked briefly with handsome features.

I crinkled my nose in disgust at his attitude but his words were just as offensive. "Look, Mr. Smith or whoever you feel like you need to be. I am already having a shitty day so this magically assuming I work here by the color of my skin better get out of my fucking face."I threatened hanging up the phone.

The man only looked at me in shock then replaced it with confusion. "Do you know who I am?"He asked his face processing a flush. I only crossed my arms and smirked.

"Actually, now that I think about it. I know who you are. But the real question is does it matter that you’re some irrelevant ass cocky male in some suit?"I replied. "But I’ll tell you who I am as I don’t wish for you to waste any more of my day."I added before he could open his mouth.

He gripped his phone in his hand tightly as if his hand was any tighter he would break his iphone. "I’m someone who is five seconds from exploding. Someone who doesn’t give a damn if your wife is five seconds away from bleeding all over your sheets. Now you may excuse yourself and figure it out with the help of an actual employee."I sighed before turning around.

"I can ruin your life. I will find out who the hell you are and when I do. You’re screwed, black bitch."He growled before turning away and leaving the isle. I rolled my eyes in search for any leave-in conditioner I could find.

I had a big event and decided to go natural three months ago so I needed a fixy. Oh, I don’t let racist jerks like that get under my skin. I had on a dress that day for crying out loud I was no where near employee uniform. I wasn’t entitled to help him either. He may have been a man and white but the whole white privilege don’t get to far with me.

It was sad though. He was really hot. He had on a white suit with peach color interior. He had short blonde hair and these deep brown eyes. His attitude and mindset just flushed them features down the toilet. The way he asked was horrible.

He said it sort of slow so I understood but as if I was contagious. It was nasty and annoying as if he was in a rush and I was bothering him by existing.

Three days later..

Justin Bieber

"How’s the report for today?"I asked Charles as I scrolled down the photos of mugshots. "Sir, the Greene’s are missing by two grand. They used up all your drug deal and your ship trading package."He answers.

I looked away from my mac laptop and glared. "Send David an email. I want him to know he has until Friday before I personally ripe put his only son’s throat in front of his family."I ordered before turning back to the laptop.

"Yes, sir. Have you found the girl yet?"He asks. "No."I took off my reading glasses. "She’s never been arrested I believe. I can’t find her mugshot no where."I sighed.

"I’ve should of kidnapped her right there when I had the chance."I sighed. "I believe you will find her. She won’t get away from disrespecting you like that."Charles assures me before leaving my office.

It just irritates me more. The stupid little shit gets away. I exit the website out of frustration and got ready to go meet up with one of my close friends from middle school. I walked into the elevator and down to the lobby. I smirked at the couple walking into my hotel.

To outsiders of my true organization I was just a hotel owner a very sucessful hot single man with nothing better to do than flirt with their wives. To the mafia world. I was the god dad they always wished they didn’t have.

I’m merciful at first. I give you deals we come to an agreement but when it’s time to pay up. It’s time to pay up. I don’t wish to get my hands dirty in murder but revenge is my strong suit. I do whatever I have to do to thrive.

I don’t care about the background stories or the delays. A dead line is a dead line. It wasn’t grey for me at all it was always black and white. That gurl was the first human being to ever talk to me that way.

Yes, she was hot but she was a real bitch. Maybe I was having a shitty day too. My sister called me to buy her what I learned Tampons. The woman was a woman so I asked her. Not because of her race but because she knows more than me.

I finally arrived to In-n-Out. Quite a weird place to meet but he was more of chill guy. He was an average except for when people angered him. He was very dark when you pushed him there. He wasn’t caring to the world but he was cool to hang out with. If you meant anything to him which was rare but not as rare as for me; you never missed a time he gave out any valuable advice.

I made my way inside not regretting the place he chose. I smiled as I smelt the meat being cooked. I looked around until I saw him laughing. My smiled immediately dropped as I recognized the girl from Target.

She was laughing at my close friend joke when I sat down infront of them. Her voice stopped as I checked my way before looking up. "Justin! Nice of you to show up late."He rolls his eyes.

"Alfredo! You know how Miami traffic is."I laughed. "Yeah, this is my friend Nicole. She’s in law school."Alfredo smirked. "Nicole what?"I asked her with a cocky grin.

"Nicole ain’t having it."She replied before turning to Alfredo. I swear I almost jumped out of my seat when her eyes rolled. "Oh, I take it you were the guy that ran into Nicole?"He asks with a laugh.

"Yeah, Mr. Smith over here had quite the assumption the other day."She answers. "It’s Justin Bieber. The owner of True Salsa
Inn."I narrowed my eyes. She gave a sly grin and turned to an amused Alfredo.

"You should go order something, Jay. We waiting on our order."Alfredo suggested. I stood up and went to order my food as I walked back with my monster fries and 4x4 burger I heard Alfredo speaking to Nicole in a warning voice.

"I know he gets under your skin but back off with the attitude. He’s not anyone to talk to like that. I don’t want you to get hurt. He won’t just hurt you, Nicole. He’ll ruin you."He warned.

I sat back down reading her face of confusion. "So, you know how last year my party was at The Club. I was wondering if you could let me have it at your hotel. The club area."He asks.

"Yeah, I’ll love to do that. Strippers this time?"I asked. "N-No."He studdered looking towards Nicole. "So what is Mickey to you exactly?"I asked him.

"What? Is he ser-"Nicole was cut off by Alfredo. "She’s just a friend. We were roommates for a year in college when I was in LA now we are catching up."Alfredo explained.

"So this… Nicole..?"I waited. "Parks. Nicole Parks. Not Mickey or employee from Target."She answered. I smiled happy with my new found information. Boy was she gonna pay like hell. Just for me waiting so long to find her.

So this is something new. Tell me what you think idk if I should finish it. Please tell me what you think. Thanks for reading. :)


no one tagged but i really liked @jhoe bias selfie tag so did it (they are so pretty omg) !

I really need to stop showing my ugly face but i just think this is a cute tag ♡ so this is me and my baby daddy #jenilex4ever . I am so excited for his birthday coming up. I just loved jenissi since debut almost 3 years ago and to see him grow to such a handsome talented man makes me so happy :)) ♡♡♡♡

i will tag @meluvsxiumin , @bitterbene , and @jimins-got-jams

When Daddy's Gone...

I have no idea what to do with myself. It’s past my bedtime and I can’t sleep. I got so used to his warmth next to me, and his legs and my own intertwined. Every time I think about his touch I cry. I can’t just reach back and grab his hand or kiss him anymore. I’m happy to have these phantom touches, but it’s not enough sometimes. 😔
And I have a bunch of ouchies, and I need him here to kiss them better. And I need him here to help me when my brain thinkings start doing cartwheels and back flips. And I need him here so I can look into his big blues and just get lost, like it’s only him and myself floating in the middle of the ocean. I need him here so I can see his handsome face and just start crying because I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him. 😢
I’m gonna try to sleep again, but since I know he will see this I just wanted to say: I love you, Daddy, and thank you for a wonderful past few days. 💕