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5 Ways to Diligently Discern All the Good and Bad “Christian Advice”

There’s a ton of Christianese literature out there, and some of it’s bad, bad, bad advice.

In my best movie trailer voice: In a world of Christian bestsellers, blogs, podcasts, and instagrams with Bible verses on ocean wallpaper, who are all coincidentally on an “authentic relevant struggling faith journey,” one ESV-carrying Christian millennial rises above the handlettering and “I’m not like those Pharisees” YouTube channels to authentically struggle with discerning what’s theologically sound and really works in the mess of real life.

But seriously: witty snark and pretty prose in bite-sized blog posts (like this one) don’t ever mean credibility. We really do need to know what “works in the mess of real life.” And it’s not going to be stitched-up quotes and here’s-what-I-would-do sort of fluff that sounds ideal but doesn’t work down here in the dirt.

I don’t claim to know any better on this. In fact, please don’t trust me, because I will let you down and inevitably disappoint you. Bloggers are not your counselors, no matter how flowery and fluffy their words. And your favorite “Christian celebrity” with the million followers might not be as inspirational as his tweets and t-shirts in his Etsy store.

Christians are called to discern everything we read, especially from sources that claim they’re fellow Christians. Here are a few questions to consider when we run into any kind of advice.

1) Where is it coming from? Says who?

It’s easy to start a blog in the basement and start preaching way further than our lives have actually lived. So much of Christian advice is idealistic guess-work that hasn’t been field-tested or approved by experience, much less cited or researched. In fact, a lot of it’s packaged to get hits and go viral, instead of actually caring about the real person it claims to help.

This will sound mean, but a lot of the shrill imperatives we see in blogs and books are from well-intentioned, untested upstarts who vicariously uphold an image that isn’t really them, either to compensate for their own shortcomings or to grab those precious followers. I only know this because I started that way, and I regress easily. Social media, for all its benefits, has made pedestal preachers of us all. I’d much rather someone tell me how it really is, with candid humble honesty, instead of how it “should be,” and to learn from their mistakes rather than get imprisoned by an impossible parameter—a paremeter, by the way, which is hardly practiced by the ones preaching it.

A suggestion: Check their bio. This isn’t to judge them or to assign value, but to see what they’ve actually been through. This also doesn’t mean that “youth” can’t say wise things, or that only experienced elders have knowledge. But rather, it’s to ask: What makes this person credible in this particular subject? What have they seen and who have they been around? How has their experience informed their faith? And certainly there are those who have hardly been through much but can still write wonderful things, beyond their years, and it’s worth celebrating the exceptionally rare gift of youthful wisdom.

2) Is it reactionary?

I love snark and sass, but some advice is just a childish temper tantrum that caters to pseudo-outrage and preaches to a choir in an ivory tower. I call it Popular Discontent: find something wrong, multiply the fear and anger, call out some names, and you’re instantly viral. Also include, “I’m not like them, we’re like us, I’m protecting you, and everything is terrible and evil and I miss the good old days and these young people don’t even know.” Hashtag: Get off my lawn.

Another thing is that contrary to the cool postmodern professor, Christianity always challenges you to think for yourself. Discernment also means investigating every voice and giving it a fair hearing, no matter how dissenting, unpopular, or critical. But a church steeped in reactionary backlash tends to say, "My way is better than theirs and it’s the only way,” which becomes an echo-chamber cult of self-congratulatory chest-bumps.

A suggestion: This one’s tricky, because we do need to call out things that are obviously harmful, and I definitely sympathize with people who have been extremely hurt and must react as loudly as possible. The problem is building an entire platform on what you’re against instead of what you’re for. We go too far the other way, and it’s not hard to find something wrong with everything. Cynicism is easy mode. And everyone can tell when someone is secretly barking at a bone to pick or beating a dead hobby-horse. It’s a constant “throwing them under-the-bus.” I have to catch myself on that all the time (and I’m trying my darn hardest to balance that here). If the tone is passive-aggressive instead of pro-active, I let myself out. It’s a balancing act to be fair and firm, which leads us to—

3) Does it balance grace and truth?

Advice that lets you off the hook can only enable. Advice that sets you on fire with brimstone can only condemn.

A suggestion: Jesus himself was full of grace and truth (John 1:14). And here’s the wise G.K. Chesterton (literary mentor to C.S. Lewis) to sum it all up: “The more I considered Christianity, the more I found that while it had established a rule and order, the chief aim of that order was to give room for good things to run wild.”

4) Does it really work?

A lot of Christian bestsellers and blogs are primarily for a narrow demographic: the highest spending group from 18-30, moderately attractive, possibly with 1.5 kids, with a mortgage, mostly serving their church or on staff, and giving no second thoughts about dropping a twenty on a good dinner. This leaves out the homeless, the prostitutes, the politicians, the artists, the medical field, the scientists, police officers and lawyers, infertile women, abused women, the mentally ill, people like me who deal with dying and grief in their work, and the neglected elderly. So basically, everyone who Jesus hung out with.

A suggestion: Does the advice actually work for many different walks of life? If we gave a bestseller or shared a blog with a homeless person, would it apply?

5) Where’s the Jesus?

The thing about Christian advice is that unless it points to Christ and what he’s already done, it’s just another burden about what you have to do. Then it’s back to the contradictory comfort of religion: I did enough to meet my quota, but I’m under the choke-hold of never doing enough. 

The worst symptom here is that advice can 1) breed a culture of burden that never measures up, and 2) be weaponized against other people. This is partially what Christians call worldliness, a consumer cycle of self-satisfaction that unwittingly uses God and people to squeeze ego. Once you get a hold of “22 Things To Do Before You’re 22″ or “Five Sure-Fire Ways to a Better Marriage,” it’s easy to think, I got the secret goods on this here, and you’re totally not in-the-know.

Only fixating on what-to-do and how-to creates an insider superiority that is entirely against the very purpose of the Gospel, in which Jesus didn’t come to make us “good,” but to rescue us from death and bring us to a very real life. In this way, Jesus also broke through our metric categories so that no one could hold their medals over someone else, so that no one by better technique would be more “worthy” than the unaccomplished and underprivleged. It is truly by grace we have been saved, and not by works, so that no one may boast (Ephesians 2). Grace effortlessly punctures these walls of competitive conceit by acknowledging we’re all equally flawed and equally in need of rescue beyond our own meager ability.

Good Christian advice has a way of setting us free and lifting the burden. It feels less like work and more like a way forward. It doesn’t wield consequences as motivation, but highlights the tenderizing, galvanizing, captivating love of Christ and all that he’s already done for you. The Gospel says that our sin had to cost Jesus the cross, but we’re also given the free gift of a resurrection. Sin was paid for, but resurrecting grace was freely given. This is the amazing thing about grace: it’s a surprise party that we can’t throw for ourselves. All advice flows from such grace, and not for it. The Gospel takes the burden off first, so that we can begin to follow God and His commands to their fullest. It is always rescue before resolve.

This is how I know when a fellow Christian really cares: that their advice is filled with love and grief and restoration, not cathartic ranting and barely veiled blame. The heart of God is about both the rest and resolution to somehow be humble and righteous, at the very same time, with a transcendent kind of peace that doesn’t keep score, but is an abundance of the reward we continually have in Christ.

A suggestion: Pray it through, soak in Scripture, ask around, and see if it all lines up with the red letters. I always go back to 1 John 4 and ask, What would God say about this? Where does Jesus fit in here? How does this lead back to Him? Because advice without Christ is simply living without life.


Finish Your Work: But Why Can’t I Do It Later?

Okay, fine, I won’t quit, but I don’t see why I have to do it now.

I have a rolled up newspaper and I will hit you with it until you do.

I’m serious.

Okay, fine. If I haven’t convinced you yet that this is worth doing now, here’s some extra incentives:

  • No matter what time you do it, there will always be distractions. The internet will always be calling. There’s always going to be a movie you want to see. There will never be a time when your brain isn’t casting about for distractions. Don’t give in.
  • 99% of finding time to write is forming habits. I am shit at my writing habits. Awful. I need to fix that in order to get places in my life. That’s the bare bones of it. No matter what you do, you need to make those habits. Work on them now, so you don’t have to struggle with them later.
  • There will never be a ‘best’ time. The big NaNoWriMo month is November, a busy time for a lot of people. There will always be finals, emergencies, job drama, and more. You have to put writing as one of your responsibilities.
  • Do it now, feel good later. Finishing things feel good, even if it’s just the laundry. It might be hard to do, but it will feel so good to finish, even if there’s more work to do down the road. Do it now. You won’t be sorry.

A Marvel Avengers movie where instead of fighting and action, everyone just goes on with everyday life and just them being buds, like Tony pulling a prank or Steve, Bucky, and Sam go out for a bro jog or Pietro and Wanda have a staring contest or Thor learning how to potato sack race or something along those lines. We just need a break from broken hearts, bones, and missing left arms with some good ol’ “Who the hell ate my thin mints” without the “Who the hell is this new enemy.

In short, we just need a two hour version of the Avengers with a Friends script.

Who honors those we love for the very life we live? Who sends monsters to kill us, and at the same time sings that we will never die? Who teaches us what’s real and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we’ll die to defend? Who chains us? And who holds the key that can set us free… It’s You. You have all the weapons you need. Now Fight. -Sucker Punch

Movies With Robin Williams [Updated]

If you like the movie, please purchase a DVD copy. You can find these in ebay, amazon and in your local store. For those who are unaware, Mr. Robin Williams touched many lives in my generation and I wanted everyone, including the children in this generation, to be inspired like how Sir Robin inspired us when we we’re young. Here are the list and links to movies that he have done within his life time.

If I missed any title or links are broken, don’t hesitate to inform me.

(1977) Can I do It ‘Till I Need Glasses? 

(1980) Popeye

(1982) The World According to Garp

(1983) The Survivors

(1984) Moscow on the Hudson

(1986) Seize the Day

(1986) Club Paradise

(1986) The Best of Times

(1987) Good Morning, Vietnam

(1988) The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

(1988) Portrait of a White Marriage

  • To be added

(1988) Rabbit Ears: Pecos Bill

  • To be added

(1989) Dead Poets Society

(1989) I’m from Hollywood

(1990) Cadillac Man

(1990) Awakenings

(1990) Back to Neverland

  • To be added

(1991) Dead Again

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Growing up a female child in society and watching Disney movies had me believing that I would awaken next to my true love one day. However, the film Maleficient demonstrated how things really are. Men only come into your life to destroy you. You offer them your love, trust, faith, and they betray you. Stealing off the wings you grew that would allow you to fly towards your goals, lying to you, and running off with another woman. You don’t need true love when you are surrounded by people that love and support you. You don’t need a man to make you feel like a princess. Wake up everyday not for yourself, but for those who are really worth it, your family and friends, the ones who will never let any harm come your way.


My Everything (Wonwoo)

type: fluff and a bit of angst ?? 
pairing: you x wonwoo
synopsis: high school au where wonwoo gives up on trying to get your attention, who knows what you’d do to get it back?
words: 1336
a/n: based on the song My Everything by Ariana Grande bc that song gives me the feels ;) this was rlly bad but I needed to get something outtt::(

He wasn’t my everything, til we were nothing.

He was never the romantic type of person. He was never the type that wanted a valentine for Valentines Day, he was never the type who wanted chocolates and flowers, he was never the type to watch romance movies. 

He was never the romantic type of person, that is, until he met you.

Ever since you walked into his life, everything had changed. All of a sudden he wanted what those couples had. He wanted to have someone look at him the way only a lover could. He wanted someone to confide all his darkest secrets with, someone that knew him inside out, someone that could tell how he was feeling with a single glance, all because that someone loved him.

Ever since you walked into his life, Jeon Wonwoo couldn’t stop wanting those things… with you. 

He couldn’t pinpoint what exactly it was about you that made him think and feel this way. Especially considering the ginormous social ranking gap the two of you have. Compared to you, he was a nobody. Just a quiet boy who liked to rap, read and sleep in class. Compared to you, he was nothing. 

You on the other hand, were everything anyone could ever have wanted and so, so much more. Not only were you drop dead gorgeous and stunning on the outside, but you were just the same on the inside, which was one of the main reasons why Wonwoo was so attracted to you. You were generous, you were kind. You were unlike anything he had ever seen. You were breathtaking. 

You were gonna be his.

Every chance he could, Wonwoo would try and show his appreciation and affection towards you. Helping you in class when you were in a struggle, walking with you through the halls of the school, carrying your bag everywhere for your convenience; but no matter how hard he tried to catch your attention, it never seemed to work. He was running out of ideas and ways to show his affection towards you and that was what frustrated him the most. 

He was giving up.

“Yah, Jeon Wonwoo! Stop making googly eyes at _________ and actually listen and contribute to this conversation!” A voice yelled, breaking Wonwoo out of his deep thoughts. Wonwoo looked over at his best friend, Kim Mingyu in alarm. He couldn’t have said that any louder.

Wonwoo’s head whipped around, only to catch eyes with you. Oh those beautiful eyes of yours, he could simply stare at them all day if he could.

But he couldn’t. 

He wouldn’t. 

This crush he had on you was pointless, you would never feel the same way. He had already tried to show you how he felt through his actions and your response to them clearly show you appreciate him as a friend and nothing more. Wonwoo wasn’t going to waste his time anymore. Especially on someone that doesn’t see him the same way he sees her.

And it’s taken me a lot to say.

You had liked him for as long as you could remember. He always had this cold exterior to him, like he didn’t want anyone to come near, but the more you got to know him, the more you realised that he was nothing like the way people described him to be. He was kind and sweet, adorable even. He would follow you around and ask if you ever needed anything. He would crack you up with his witty sense of humour. He would make your day ten times better, even if it had previously been a horrible one. 

You wanted to proclaim your crush to him so badly, but you couldn’t.

Your social ranking in school stopped you from doing so. Your friends would never approve of you liking someone like Wonwoo. You had worked so hard to become the person you were today, and you were on the fence about whether finding out if Wonwoo felt the same way about you was worth losing something as important as popularity. So you never said anything.

But one day, he just stopped trying. One day, he just avoided you all together. One day, he suddenly turned into the cold hearted man everyone was telling you he was. 

There you stood, cheeks red and a small smile playing on your lips as you stared right back into Wonwoo’s eyes. For a split second, you saw the tender, soft Wonwoo that you grew to love, but just as quickly as it came, it left, replaced by a familiar, cold hard stare. 

You sighed, that spark of hope in you diminishing in a blink of an eye. Why was he suddenly acting like this? You sighed at the look he was giving you, breaking eye contact and reluctantly turning your attention back to the group of friends. It broke you to have to avoid each other like this, for no particular reason. It broke you to know that the guy you fell for is giving you the cold shoulder. It broke you to know that you couldn’t figure out why he had begun to act so differently.


But now that you’re gone, my heart is missing something.

Someone ran past, bumping you hard on the shoulder, your bag fell to the floor with a loud thud. The attention of half of the school suddenly on you and the scene you had created for yourself. You opened your eyes, only to find your books scattered all over the floor, along with the other utensils and objects inside your bag. Sighing internally, you began to gather them together. Nobody came to help. 

If things were the way they were before, this would never had happened. If things were the way they were before, life would’ve been easier. If Wonwoo was still around, he would’ve been there for you. 

But Wonwoo wasn’t around. 

Not anymore. 

And you hated it. 

You missed him. 

You missed everything about him.


You came to realise that your whole everything revolved around the very person you didn’t want it to be. That no matter how hard you tried, it will always be him. Always. 

You might as well embrace it.


So it’s time to push my pride away.

You walked up to his group of friends in the cafeteria, the most crowded place in the whole school. “Wonwoo?” You said, grabbing the attention of him and all of his friends, along with the everyone else, “Can we talk?" 

A nervous look crossed his features as he looked at his friends, searching for an answer,"Uh, ________ I don’t think now is a good tim-" 

 "I like you.” You whispered quietly, but apparently not quiet enough as the entire cafeteria seemed to quieten down at your words, the only sound being heard being the occasional cough and clatter of kitchen utensils. 

Wonwoo’s eyes widened in size, unsure if he heard what he heard,“W-what?”

You closed your eyes, inhaling slowly, feeling the stares of the entire school population on you,“I like you.” You said, louder this time, a collective gasp going through the whole cafeteria. 

It felt so good to finally get those words out in the open. 

It felt so good, that you didn’t stop with simply those three words, “I like you, so so much. You have no idea how… How mad and sorry I am for not saying anything sooner. I was so stupid to even think that putting my popularity on the line was a good enough excuse to not tell you. Losing you wasn’t worth it and I’m sorry I didn’t realise how important you are to me." 

You smiled a little, happy with the weight that left your shoulders. But that smile quickly faded as you noticed the entire cafeteria was silent. You looked over at Wonwoo, embarrassment suddenly filling your features,"Wonwoo… Say something.” You whispered. 

He never did. 

Instead, he stood, wrapping you in his arms. 

He was back. 

Your everything was back. 

Cause you are, you are, you are 

My everything.

“Every rule said, ‘You don’t make a movie with a talking tree.’ 'You don’t spend this much money on a raccoon with a gun.’ For me, I was like, 'Oh, so this movie is going to bomb. Done. This is the end of my career.’” - Chris Pratt

“They needed the humor and the fun – they just didn’t know it yet. But there were those nights at 3 a.m. when I would wake up and be like, 'Oh my God, what am I doing? If this goes wrong, my life is screwed. I’ll be a pariah.’ ” - James Gunn

– Holy shit. I feel like an excited child waking up on Christmas morning right now and it has nothing to do with the half a dozen energy drinks I drank today. I feel like I’m in a dream, you know? I mean, something I wrote is being made into a movie…those characters are being brought to life when they’re all really just figments of my imagination. It’s fucking nuts. I’m only slightly freaking out. I need a drink.

A Nice Story

We seem to be in need of them, so I am going to share.

When Jess and I first started dating all those years ago we really skipped passed the “give it some space” rule. Pretty much after the first two weeks we just sorta started doing everything together. That has never happened to me in my life, I am a person that demands alone time to feel comfortable; I need time to recharge after social situations, but with her (and only her) that went out the window.

Want to see this movie!? YEAH! Want to go see this band!? Yeah! Want to go drink beers in the yard? Yeah! She was the first choice in whatever it was I was doing. I just wanted to be with her all the damn time. Now, 99% of the time I would think this was “bad” or I was “crowding her/bothering her”, but both our guts were on the same page and we continued on. You look around and five+ years have passed and I swear to Godzilla I still feel just as strongly. I genuinely look forward to sharing all the little stupid stuff that happens throughout the day when we get home from work.

Whenever I think of some zany scheme she is always my first choice as captain (Yes, I view her as captain of this vessel) to either see it through or kindly explain why my homemade razor robot is a bad idea. She would also be the first to explain to me that while the robot is a bad idea we could instead build a giant kaiju model instead! Brilliant woman. 

Look, I know this is gross, I don’t usual gush and stuff, but I am just totally addicted to her and have been from the start AND I get to marry her in less then 3 months. Jess is officially the person I have been coupled with the longest, while their had been others (another 5 year, a three year, and a lot of short terms), she is the first one that has allowed me to become myself. The myself I always wanted to be.

Jess rules.

I’ve thought about posting this several times. I’ve written this post a dozen times and deleted it, but this version has sat around in my drafts for a couple months, and someone’s said something again, so I’m just going to post it.

I am so sick of hearing people who think they’re edgy say that happy endings are unrealistic, stupid, or childish, that there are far too many of them in books or movies and it ruins things, that people who like them need to face the harsh truth of reality.

You know what happy endings are?

They are things that give me hope that maybe not everything sucks, that maybe not every story has to end in a tragedy, that maybe I could get a happy ending instead of meeting some end that could kick off an episode of a crime drama. A tragic or violent death is what’s in line with the trajectory of my life according to all those stories and people who think happy endings are childish. Too often, happy endings aren’t something the characters I relate to get and it is depressing.

Happy endings are the light at the end of the tunnel.

So maybe it’s childish to want to see happy endings for characters I relate to, to stories that are dark and “edgy” and deal with topics considered mature, or anything else that is considered “artistic” for being pointlessly depressing.

But maybe happy endings are what have kept me going, are what give me hope that maybe things’ll get better and maybe it’s reality, not the story, that needs to change so happy endings are realistic.

A one-day exhibition

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

Warnings: The deal is being Seokjin’s model to draw, but what if he has other plans for you? Will you accept them? And yes those plans aren’t the normal lovey dovey sex.

To me, Seokjin is the childhood best friend that grows up to be my boyfriend if we were in a movie. Every moment in the life we’ve shared can be found in a typical romantic drama. Throughout our school years, I was the only girl sitting on the back seat of his rusty bike. We run the street together, kicking balls from pavement to pavement. I don’t need permission to enter his house and neither does he. We don’t even need to text each other since our windows are directly opposite. The kids in school thought we were a couple. They would find Seokjin ruffing my hair when we walked to class or me crossing my arm into his at lunch time. As time passed, I become more conscious about it. Coincidence can’t happen more than twice, so I consider it to be fate.

The thought of having Seokjin as a boyfriend has never been a bother to me. Guys adore him and girls fall for him quicker than autumn leaves. I did have troubles once in a blue moon if one of his fans were overly obsessive. My nervous system started to get used to threats and hate letters hidden inside my locker. But before my tears could fill my eyes, he was always there, crumpling that piece of paper into his hand and switching the subject. He knew it was his problem, so never did my hands get dirty because of it. Things remain the same as we began out university years but zero progress was made in our relationship. I feel myself become more aware of him. My mind processes more thoughts when he touches me or when we’re alone together. Still, it could have been a rush of hormones or delusion all this time.

“Yo!” I shouted with my hand waving in the air, but it seems like Seokjin’s mind is elsewhere. I approach him, noticing a melancholy frown on his beautiful face. “What’s wrong?”

“Y/N?” He startles. His right eye twitches for a second. “Let’s sit down first.”

He takes me to this empty café, with wind charms and chalkboards with inspirational quotes written on them. And Seokjin being Seokjin, orders strawberry milkshake. I watch his pink lips as he takes a long shot of the beverage. Then the wrinkles on his forehead disappear and he smiles. I’ve seen that smile so many times before, yet I only feel flustered now.

“So what was all the sulkiness about?” I lean forward, placing my chin on my fist so I can see the side of his face.

He sucks the straw until his breath runs out and releases a sigh. “We’re working with a nude model today.”

The idea doesn’t shock me at all. Seokjin is majored in Visual Arts which makes drawing body parts critical, even the most embarrassing ones. He must have been shy about it. But the fact that we’re sitting here right now tells me transferring the image of a naked woman onto plain paper isn’t something impossible for him.

“Do you feel embarrassed because you have to see her body?” I question.

“Not really.” He stir the beverage with his straw. “It feels strange since I don’t even know her.”

His sentence follows by a silence between human, so the wind charms sing instead. Seokjin looks even more alluring when he blushes. The way he shines under the prism of this autumn light like a delicate piece of glass defines another standard of beauty. I find myself mesmerized by the strangest things, including his terrible set of eye bags and the deep creases at the ends of his mouth.

“No alternatives?” I raise my eyebrow, feeling like this is the question he’s been waiting for.

“Of course there are.” He looks down on the table. “I can write a 5000-word essay on art history which I have the highest possibility to fail…


“Or… I can pick my own model – someone I’m comfortable with.” At this time, Seokjin eyes are no longer staring at the table. In exchange, they reflects my image. He is anticipating a specific answer to his silent request. Even though words are not said because of certain unwritten rules of human communication, we still understand each other under the disguise of a blunt conversation.

“Have you found someone yet?” I avoid his eyes.

“No. I’m not comfortable with that many girls.” He murmurs.

“Really?” I want to hear this favour coming out of his mouth, not his eyes. So my mouth decides to remain shut.

“I know this is weird.” Seokjin scratches his head, looking down on his Air Jordan. “But can you be my model?” The words sound like they’re so bitter on his lips that his whole expression changes just trying to say them. For a moment, I admire him so much for taking the courage to ask for this favour, knowing how hard it is to request your friend to go nude in front of you for three to four hours.

“Sure.” As soon as I finish my sentence, he looks up. His eyes open wide, making him look intellectual. “I’ll be at your house tomorrow at 8.”




This is the first time I’ve walked into Seokjin’s room without wearing a bra since I started using it. His room smells like laundry detergent, like those fabric softeners that are advertised on TV. Canvas scatter everywhere, varying in different sizes and are mostly painted. He has a poster of colour schemes taping on the wall beside his bed and tubes of all the shades of colour in the world stacked neatly on the shelves. One might say his room looks messy, others might say it’s aesthetic and artistic.

“Whenever you’re ready.” Near by the window I notice a wooden high chair, with a round seat that sends out a retro vibe. Placing opposite it is a large painting easel and all his pencils set and ready. I take a deep breath. His attention crimsons my cheeks as I slowly pull the hoodies up and over my head. The cold becomes more obvious through my bare skin. Seokjin just stands there, looking at me without blinking his eyes like a statue.

“Stop looking at me like that.” My arms go over my torso to cover my harden nipples.

“Sorry.” He looks away, undoubtedly feeling shameful for being uncontrolled.

I continue stripping the last pieces of my clothes, which is my sweatpants and panties. I quickly roll them up together and throw the off to the side along with my hoodies. He takes a peek on me with one eye and swallow the nausea in his throat. I make my way to the chair and sit on it, crossing my legs over each other while wondering how long will it take for me to grow accustomed to this.

“What should I do?” I ask.

“Just choose a pose that you find most comfortable and show the side of your body.” Pursuing his simple direction, I rotate my body to the side and bend my legs up so that I can hug my knees. At my best attempt, I try not to show much of my womanhood, not when I’m still uncomfortable.

“That should work. Stay right there.” Seokjin approaches me with a rope and a piece of red cloth. He ties the rope around my two wrists, forming a knot that ties them together. The red cloth is put over my eyes and tied at the back of my head. This calms my nerve by taking away the ability to see him drawing my naked body, but at the same time it’s always scary to not be able to acknowledge what’s around you when you’re fragile.

For the next hour, all I can hear is scribbles of lead and charcoal on paper. They are thin and delicate but sometimes they move rapidly, making me curious of his progress. Then I feel his hand, brushing on my cheek to push my hair back and it stays there. He thumbs my cheek and hold my face in his hand. My heart starts to drop again, into a hole without a bottom. But he keeps stroking me, petting my face like a little kitten until his sudden stop that brings me to the reality that I as well, am brushing me cheek on his hand.

“What are you doing, princess?” The way Seokjin calls me “princess” makes me feel weaker than I already am. I sense an urge to submit to him, so that he will caress me and keep calling me like this whenever my clothes are not on my body.

He slides one hand into my core. “So you have been wet all along.” The sentence ends with a spank on my ass. The burn contradicts with the coldness of the chair, irritating my skin. I curl myself inward more, without noticing it I hear myself apologizing.

“How can I draw you if you’re soaking?” Another spank and gradually my mind accept the fact that I was wrong for wetting myself and that it’s my fault. So I apologize like a good girl, not once but over and over again.

“Stand up.” I obey immediately to his command. Seokjin pushes me down onto his bed. The sound of metal being dropped on the floor and zipper being pulled down sends goosebumps throughout my body. I feel the tip of his dick tickles my entrance. My heart stop functioning, so is my whole body system. He aims it in front of my entrance and pauses before he slams my cock into me. My body jerks upward and a small yelp slips out of my lips. Holding my thighs, he thrusts in, ignoring the limit that my core can take on.

“Please…” I cry with the little energy I have left. But he grips tighter on my ass and the amount of strength he can use to grind into me is over my imagination.

“Don’t talk when I don’t allow you too.” I’ve never seen him being so angry at me. As much as it scares me, I find it attractive of how dominant he can be. My body undergo the tornado of orgasm that sweeps away all of my conscious thoughts. It tenses my body, stretching my body out so hard that just a bit more and I’m shattered. After the hurricane, I release, spilling everything on his bed sheet as my thighs shiver and my toes curl up.

Seokjin pulls himself out of me. He picks me up in like a bride, holding me in his arms as he rubs gently on his own fingerprints on my ass. I was placed on the same chair that I recognize by its texture. My energy is completely drained for me to strike a professional pose. So I just lie there, head tilting to the side and arms hanging loose to the sides. My legs are spread and exposed to the breezy wind. Once again, I hear scribbles on paper.

For all of you lovely anons who requested for our Seokjin, thank you! I dedicated this amazing prompt idea just for him so I hope you guys like it.

Day 16: April Fools Day

Sorry that I’m a bit late with the stories, but I had no wifi for half of the week and I write my stories on my computer. And also I have at least 3 big essays every week right now. And I’m one of those who needs to get the highest grade on pretty much everything. But I really hope you will like the story, I can totally see @taylorswift and Adam/Calvin do this in real life…


*Taylor’s Pov*

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and days like this I sometimes wish I was a normal person. That I could go to the park and have a nice day, without paparazzi’s following me every step I take out side of my house. I lay in Adam’s arms, resting my head on his chest. We looked at a movie, or I didn’t care much about the movie, too be real. I cared more about him, how he made me feel totally safe. How this was one of the best feelings in the world, just laying in his arms. So I reminded myself that if I only was a normal person, I would never have met him. And he was worth it, of course my career was too, but he was the most important thing in my life right now, and I wanted it to stay like this forever.

”Hey, are you sleeping” Adam whispered in my ear while he put my hair behind my ear. ”No, I don’t” I answered pretty quiet. ”So you like the movie?” he asked me. I had no idea of what to answer, I had just lay there with my eyes closed and enjoyed the feeling I had. ”I can’t focus on the movie, when the prettiest girl in the world are in my arms” he said. I sat up next to him, to face him. ”Same, or I mean lying in the most handsome man on earth’s arms” I said. He giggled.

”I have an idea” he whispered to me. ”Why are you whispering?” I asked him as I started to giggle. ”Do you wanna fool the world?” he asked me with a big smile. ”What are you thinking about?” I asked him back. ”It’s first April, so an April fool” he said, now smiling even bigger. ”Sure, what should we fool them with?” I asked back. I liked his idea, it was funny. We could actually fool hundreds of thousands people, or maybe even millions. ”I’m not sure you will like it” he started. I looked at him with a worried face. Even though I was a bit worried, I was so exited. ”We tell them we broke up, and then let them react, then post a picture of us together being all in love later” he said. ”You kidding me? My fans will hate on you so much” I said. He started to giggle and then said ”I can take that, as long as you are mine tonight, and for the rest of my life.”

We talked about it for a long time and then had this whole plan, with a fake fight, my friends come over to comfort me and so much more. ”Let’s do this, babe” I said and kissed him.

”Just go away Adam” I screamed as I opened the door to my apartment and the paparazzi’s were there. ”I’m glad to do that. You just wanted someone to fill up your blank space” he said. I was close to start laughing, that was so not what he was to me, but this was a part of the act. ”Yeah right, like I was your *cough* Faith” I answered. ”I should have listening to Harry” he said and started walking to a car. I run after and said ”haha and I should have listening to Rita”. ”Just STAY away Tay” he screamed and jumped in to the car. I ran in to my house and the paparazzi’s asked hundreds of questions. Like ”Are you over?” ”Is this a break up” ”Don’t you love each other anymore” ”Yeah, album six will be out soon” and so on….They really thought it was real. I run up to my bedroom and when I got there I started to laugh.

I called some of my friends and they promised they would be over soon. And I knew Adam was calling Ellie, they didn’t knew it was a prank yet. But that was perfect for our plan. I went on tumblr for a bit but everyone just wrote stuff like ”Praying for Tay” ”I’m dead, this is too sad” ”I will destroy that man” ”ALBUM 6 will be ALL about a certain DJ” and so on…I felt bad, I loved my fans and they were crushed. I just hope they can laugh when we tell them that it’s just a prank.

”Taylor” Selena and Karlie run to me. They hug me really hard and then Selena asked ”are you okay?” and Karlie continued with ”what happened?”. ”We totally got you” I said as I start laughing. This was really funny. ”Wait, what?” Selena asked. ”It’s an April fool” I said. ”But you have to be in on it, okay?” I asked my friends who now started to laugh a bit. ”Yeah, sure. What can we do?” Karlie asked.

Selena took a picture when we had our hand on each others and posted it on Instagram with the text ”Best friends do everything for each other”. She started getting questions about me and Adam, but didn’t answer them, of course.

*Adam’s Pov*

I Logged in to my Instagram and looked at the people Taylor follows, and my name is not there. So I stopped follow her too, as we decided. And then I heard someone knock on the door to my studio. ”Are you okay Adam, I’m so sorry” Ellie said as she run to me and hugged me. ”Ellie”…”I’m so sorry Adam, I’m like the worst match maker ever. I just really thought you two would fit together. You didn’t cheat on her right? Because then you are so dead….” I interrupted Ellie’s talking with a laugh. ”What is wrong with you” she then said. ”I’m sorry…It’s just a prank.” She looked pissed of, Ellie was like a sister to me, so we got pissed at each other sometimes, but we still love each other. ”ADAM RICHARD WILES, YOU ARE SO DEAD” she said as she hit me on the chest.

Ellie posted a picture of us hanging out in the studio together and got thousands of questions of what the hell was going on. We laughed about it, I would never break up with Taylor because I love her too much, but I would never dare to do it anyway.

”See you soon, love” I said before I hung up. No paparazzi’s, that’s good. Maybe they come with Taylor, but then they don’t see that I’m here I thought as I walked in to the restaurant me and Taylor had decided to meet up and tell the world that it’s just a prank. I heard lot’s of camera flashes, here she comes I thought to myself, and I was right. We had a table far from the window, so the paparazzi’s couldn’t get a picture of us before we posted one.

Taylor walked against me, with Selena and Karlie. Ellie who sat next to me jumped up and hugged them all. Taylor sat down next to me and kissed me. ”I missed you today” she said. ”I missed you too, a lot” I told her and lay down one of my hands at her thigh.

We took a picture of us kissing and holding hands, and the girls standing in the background. And put it on the internet with ”We got you 😘😂❤️”.


Favorite Disney Movies 1/?

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

This movie has got to be one of the most mature animated Disney films. As a kid so much went over my head when I watched this. It has a myriad of adult themes. Lust,sin,murder,prejudice,abuse,neglect,genocide, assault. Although it has all these issues it is also full of lessons. To help those in need, to not judge someone based on first impressions. And that life will bring heartache and hardships. But giving up won’t get you anywhere.

I hate those moments where you see a picture or gif from your favorite show or movie, suddenly have an EXTREME need to watch the fuck out of it, but you can’t because life’s an asshole.


Seriously though, this is one of the most unbelievable cinematic experiences I have ever had in my life. The cinematography is heavily atmospheric (which is kind of ironic because there is no air in space); the film editing is masterfully executed and it cuts where it needs to and nowhere else; the music and sound design are just jaw-dropping incredible; the acting is heartbreaking; it’s beyond words.

This is one of those movies that come around every couple of years and it rocks the way movies are made, seen and appreciated. I am so lucky to own a copy of it now!

And now, if you excuse me, I need to get rid of all this trash that’s floating around. Where did all these statues came from?