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Since Garrus was CSEC, and the Ryders grew up on the Citadel… do you ever think they met?
Like the Ryder twins get into trouble all the time for vandalism or staying out past curfew or other small things…
and one night, someone knocks on the door, and when Alec opens it it’s just grumpy looking Garrus with the twins for the billionth time, and he’s just so fed up.

Okay no but imagine the different sides of Thomas Sanders as main characters from Heathers.

Thomas would be Veronica, because he’s the one being influenced by everyone around him and is also the main person of the story.

Logic would be Heather Chandler, because he’s the leader and makes most of the decisions. He’s the top dog, and he’s the one mostly in charge.

Morality would be Heather Duke, because I feel like he gets pushed around by Logic more than the other sides of Thomas and lives in Logic’s shadow.

Prince would be Heather McNamara, because he’s the more tame one out of all the sides. Also, he tends to get overshadowed and not taken as seriously, just like Heather M.

That leaves Anxiety as JD, because he brings out the darker side of Thomas, just like JD does with Veronica. Also, they probably both have an equal love for trenchcoats and eyeliner.

in acomaf, feyre says that after the war is over she wants to throw a huge party and invite the whole of velaris to celebrate her and rhysand’s mating bond and i wanna read that

imagine mor single handedly planning everything with occasional input from feyre and asking elain to organise the flower arrangements

nesta will say she doesn’t care about parties but takes ages in velaris choosing a dress to make cassian fall to his knees and drool (which he does)

rhys and cassian are just completely mystified by the girls in the house going crazy and running around party planning but they’re just happy everyone else is happy

azriel actually gets really involved to everyone’s surprise and helps arrange food and drink and music

lucien does as he’s told but enjoys helping elain with the flower arrangements

amren won’t tell the others if she’ll actually turn up until the day and she looks drop dead gorgeous anyway

mor running around looking devastating in a signature red dress, yelling at caterers until feyre plants a drink in her hand

rhys and feyre talk to pretty much every citizen of velaris, wandering around hand in hand all night

helion shows up and hits on everyone

Sterek museum AU where Derek Hale is the director of the Beacon Hills Museum and the local expert in the fields of anthology and archaeology. 

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Stiles is the enthusiastic college student who visits the museum almost every other day, studying among the exhibits and looking for job openings.

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Derek dismisses him at first, but then one day, Stiles accidentally leaves his study notes at the museum and Derek finds then when he’s doing a final sweep of the museum. Curious about what Stiles is studying and why he’s so intent on being at the museum, he takes a look inside and finds a mix of notes from entomology to archaeology. All the notes are really in depth, colour coded and at a level of study that should be beyond a college student. He hates to admit it, but he’s impressed.

The next day, Stiles comes bustling in and Derek is waiting for him at the front desk. 

“I don’t know about job offers,” Derek says, offering Stiles back his thick book of study notes. “But if you’re looking for a supervisor for your dissertation, I’d be happy to take you on.” 

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High demands

I always see young rick pictures of him in like his 20s or thirties but like… i want a Rick sanchez as a 7 year old wearing a dirty white wind breaker trying to start a fire with rocks. 10 year old Rick in a blue t shirt making one of those potato powered clocks. What about 13 year old Rick in a black sweater going through an art phase???? Come on y'all artisits, i cant draw these things but yall can!!!

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AU where Yuuri works at an electronics company & Victor works at home. Victor calls tech support once about his laptop errors, and omg he fell in love with Yuuri's voice. Like he thinks it super cute with the slight Japanese accent and polite tone, and wow this person is probably so cute irl. He always finds an excuse to call every week and he spent months figuring out which branch he works at and when he found it & met him he SWOONED coz he's so beautiful in person omg