I need someone that can keep up with me

Actually, someone requested the exactly opposite lol (here)


  • Binge playing LOLOL!
  • I’m pretty sure he has the same problem
  • your eye bags have eye bags


  • “MC, please I need sleep”
  • You feel bad to keep him up late
  • But he doesn’t want to go to bed until he’s sure you can sleep


  • I mean
  • She stays up late
  • “:(”


  • He comes home late
  • So that means you get to see him before he has to go to work
  • “You need to sleep, don’t wait for me”


  • similar to yoosung tbh
  • “Are you tired?”
  • “nope”


  • I feel like he falls asleep really easily
  • “So yeah that’s wh- ARE YOU ASLEEP?????”
  • holds u



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If someone went to pet my dog, would it be illegal for me to pet their arm or something so they got the point? If you need to know, I'm in NY

Obviously I can’t find “petting someone’s arm” to specifically be legal or illegal, but I would not ever recommend touching someone since it could always be misconstrued as assault. 

Instead, I would suggest putting your hand on your dog over where the person is trying to pet, so they end up touching your hand instead of your dog, and then if they keep trying, move away from them. That was a suggestion I got from a post by @bostonservicedog a looong time ago and I’ve liked it ever since I read it.

“I like to say “OOPS” really loudly when I block with a hand, kind of like when a kid is about to spill milk and you say oops and take it away before the act can happen. It sort of implies they were about to make a big mistake (and that they’re acting like a child!)” source


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ten +65

Don’t send in anymore numbers please, thanks ^^

65. “I don’t want you to stop.”

You are watching TV. It’s a nice drama. There’s nothing going on in the next room over or anything. Nothing of the sort. Just you, your boyfriend sleeping next to you, and the TV.

Nothing disgusting. Nothing at all.

“Oh, baby! I don’t want you to stop! Fuck me harder!”

You wish those words had come from the TV. You sincerely wish they didn’t come from the other room. You let out a huff of frustration and shake your boyfriend awake, needing to get out of here.

“Ten, wake up. Jaehyun is fucking someone and I can’t take it anymore.”

Ten slaps your hand away and nuzzles his face into your shoulder. You keep shaking him, because you weren’t going to keep sitting here while that went on.

“Ten either get up and take me out or go interrupt Jaehyun. If you do I’ll let you fuck me in his bed.”

Ten pulls away from you and grins widely before standing up and rushing off to Jaehyun’s room. Suffice it to say, there was no more noise besides the sound of the TV afterwards.

Profound Sentence Meme
  • "People care about you, too, you know."
  • "What, and it's alright for you to save us, but never the other way around? Why not?"
  • "Don't you know how much you're loved?"
  • "You're trying to get yourself killed! Ever since it happened, you've been trying!"
  • "It's like you have a death wish."
  • "You're addicted to the adrenaline and sooner or later it will get someone killed. You, probably."
  • "What happened to you? Why are you like this?"
  • "This ISN'T okay."
  • "You can't keep treating yourself like this."
  • "I hear you crying sometimes, when you think nobody is listening."
  • "Do you know how sad you look sometimes?"
  • "What are you hiding from me? Just TELL me!"
  • "Something is eating you up from the inside. Something happened, or you've done something, or someone left. You need to share. Otherwise you're never going to feel okay again."
  • "Why are you like this?"
  • "Since when was doing THIS okay?"
  • "It's okay to talk to people."
  • "I'm not fragile, I'm not going to break if you talk to me about it. I'll listen and I'll care. That's it. I promise."
  • "You can't run away from this."
  • "I'm not going to leave you the moment you do something I disagree with."
  • "You're not secretly an irredeemably awful person!"
  • "What's going on with you?"

[Photo description : a chart, going from 0 at the bottom in blue, through green and amber stages as numbers increase, to red at 10 at the top.
‘10- Unable to move - I am in bed and can’t move due to my pain. I need someone to take me to the Emergency Room to get help with my pain.
'9- Severe - My pain is all I can think about. I can barely talk or move because of the pain.’
'8- Intense - My pain is so severe that it is hard to think of anything else. Talking and listening are difficult.’
'7 - Unmanageable - I am in pain all the time. It keeps me from doing most activities.’
'6 - Distressing - I think about the pain all the time. I give up many activities because of the pain.’
'5 - Distracting - I think about my pain most of the time. I cannot do some of the activities I need to do each day becauseof the pain.’
'4 - Moderate - I am continually aware of my pain but I can continue most activities.’
'3- Uncomfortable - My pain bothers me but I can ignore it most of the time.’
'2- Mild - I have a low level of pain, I am aware of my pain only when I pay attention to it.’
'1- Minimal - My pain is hardly noticeable.’
'0- No pain - I have no pain.’ ]

Disability ninja photo challenge, day 9: your pain level.

On the pain scale above, I usually rate around 7 at all times with stabs to 8 or 9. During a migraine it tends to be a solid 9, and right now (quarter to 1 in the morning on Wednesday) I’m at a solid 8 with pulses of 9, as I have fainted once and fallen while trying to get up once today, so have extra pain on top of the usual.

I have experienced 10 a few times, most recently for a gynaecological problem that landed me in Accident & Emergency, and for the injections of local anaesthetic for my nail avulsion operation.

To all my followers from America

I honestly don’t know what to say at the moment, I can’t imagine how some of you must feel, when even I am anxious.

I’d like to keep up hope, that everything will be fine, even if it’s difficult.

Please know, that I’m here for you.

If you need to talk to someone right now, I’m here. Anon is on for you!
I’d like to listen to your worries and try to help you in every way possible for me.
Please try to talk to me. I don’t want you to be alone, when you’re feeling nervous, anxious or you’re afraid, worried or in panic.

I am here for you.

You know how Nesta banned the mating bond between Lucien and Elain? I actually want a fanfic where she does the same to Feyre and Rhys, like she doesn’t care that they’re already mated. I want Nesta to take up the place as Feyre’s big sister and growl at both Lucien and Rhysand for trying to get near her sisters. And I want Feyre to be laughing until she can’t breathe because the pount Rhys keep giving her is the cutest thing she’s ever seen. Then I want the two to sneak off with their mates when Nesta is with her own *cough* Cassian *cough*.

Can someone please write this for me? Please, I need it now!

For anyone still undecided about doing NaNo 2016

Here are my thoughts:

NaNo is nothing more than an excuse to write. You can write 50k. You can write 5k. If you’re doing it in the name of NaNo, you’re doing it write. That’s the point. To write. So you don’t need to plan out a huge novel right now – you just need to take it step by step and go at your own pace.

Hell, 1,667 words is a lot each day. My average, when I’m in full-on novel mode, is roughly 1,200 a day. Me, someone with 6 books under his belt, averages 400 fewer words per day than NaNo “requires.” You don’t need to sign up to the website to do it, either. You can keep your own track. Yes, maybe “officially” doing it would help keep you in check, but at the same time, it might also garner unwanted stress that will inevitably make you feel guilty if you find you can’t keep up.

Writing is hard work. 1,667 is a feat for anyone to pull off, writers and non-writers alike. Especially when you’re *actually* writing a novel, not just something you’re doing for the hell of it to “say you did the challenge” like I know many people do. But that’s why I go slow when I write. Because I *am* thinking about the book and choosing my words carefully and whatnot. If I didn’t, I’d either bust out a “book” that made no sense at all, or I’d sit there every day staring at a blank screen not knowing what to put.

The point is, writing is up to you. NaNo is a challenge. Something to say, “I wrote 50k+ in a month.” But really, the act of writing and getting out the story YOU want should come first.

It’s like running a marathon. Not everyone can run a marathon. Some people train year-round. But whether you’re running 10 miles a day, or 1 mile, at least you’re running.

You run a marathon for the challenge, not because it’s required of you as a runner. That’s what NaNo is. You officially do it for the challenge, not because you’re required to as a writer.

To everyone who IS doing NaNo this year….GOOD LUCK!!!

j a n u a r y  2 0 1 7 : r e f l e c t i o n s

i . buddha said: “a jug fills drop by drop”. trying to keep in mind this quote helped me so so much starting the year the right way!

ii . don’t be harsh on yourself. change isn’t something that occurs within days, and habits need to be formed. but keep some balance in your daily life. you can forgive yourself if you are too tired to tidy up your room before going to bed, but try to mantain the level of clutter low by doing small things when you feel like it!

iii . procrastination is something i have to deal with everyday. but i found out that when i just can’t control my discipline, i just need someone else to do that for me! it works all the times.

iv . listen to your body. sometimes you just have to trust your instinct and your intuition. feel the moment and do what’s better for yourself.

v . when times are a little darker and you feel the winter blues, you need something to make your heart feel a little warmer. please, please, please, go and watch yuri on ice. please. just do it. it will make your life like 10000 times better. it saved me from winter depression. it saved me. just trust me. i don’t know how many tears of happiness i have cried because of yoi. go. and watch it.

vi . this month i realized one little thing. i have so so many mental schemes. and the majority of them are really bad for me and for my mental health and for my life in general. for example, when i wake up in the morning to go to school my brain decides that i have to feel stressed. and that i just can’t enjoy the morning. even if i don’t have any tests that day. when i realized it i started paying attention to what i feel and why, and decided that i wouldn’t have let my brain ruin every single morning! and it worked!!!

vii . at the end of the day write a done list. this has been one of the best thing for my happiness levels lately. list every single good thing that you did, even if it’s a small thing. and feel proud about it!!

viii . sometimes i just can’t get started with a specific task because i set goals that are too high and that scare me before i even start. if i tell myself that i’m going to revise all of my notes i can be sure that i won’t do it. but if i set the goal to revise for a limited space of time, or to just study some chapters, i don’t feel overwhelmed and eventually when i’m finished with the goal i have set, i’ll just keep on working!

ix . when i’m feeling really down or there’s something that bothers me, i know that the only thing i have to do is writing. i take out my journal and start scribbling what’s on my mind. i feel completely free and in touch with myself, to me writing is like a therapy. many times i got to understand a problem that i couldn’t solve… just by writing. sometimes dancing and singing to my favourite songs works as well. just try to find what’s an activity that has the power to calm you down or to make you see things more clearly, or something that can be an outburst for feelings you have been suppressing.

x . this month i learned that i. have. to. throw myself away and just do things. i have many ideas but i’m always too shy to do anything. but in these past weeks i tried really hard to escape the prison i have built for myself. i started interviewing some of my classmates and recording them as they talk, which is something that i wished to do for a long time. i made a group on a messaging app to talk about some more serious topics with them. i took all the courage i had and clearly expressed my feelings about some stuff to my best friend, and we are happier now. i went out of my comfort zone and experienced new things. even if i didn’t always feel perfectly comfortable, i tried to avoid panicking, and instead i took a deep breath and reminded myself that failing was always better than not doing anything at all!

xi . and last but not least, here is some of the music i’ve been listening to in january. enjoy!


Voodoo Mama's Spellbook: Smoothie of Love Potion

I’ve been writing a lot of potions lately so of course I’m sharing them with you guys. This is a smoothie potion meant for you and the person you want to love you. Also I have like 3 other smoothie spells I will be posting eventually so keep a look out!

Disclaimer: I don’t care to hear people’s opinions on love spells. Spare me. I advise for this to be used towards someone you are already close to that just needs that extra push!


  • 1 Banana for sexuality 
  • a handful of blueberries for acceptance 
  • A cup of frozen strawberries for love (if not frozen, you can add ice)
  • Plain, vanilla yogurt. Vanilla can symbolize lust and love. 
  • A cup of milk
  • Sugar to sweeten them up! 
  • A dash of honey to make them stay and keep them loyal

My measurements suck because everyones blender is different. Do whatever works for you!


  1. Add each ingredient to the blender, thinking about each of their properties as you do. 
  2. Split the mixture into two cups and focus on them, putting your intent into the mixture. 
  3. VOODOO/HOODOO PRACTITIONERS ONLY: Recite Psalm 23 over the cups, asking for the spirits to bring you love and guidance. If you are not voodoo, you can talk to your deities as well!
  4. Give one cup to the person you wish to love you. Drink the other one. The spirits will connect you two.

i need to know more about goddard futuristics. what exactly do they do? are they government funded or are they a private business? how can they afford to keep putting people into space? is their recruitment process always that weird or is it just for the Hephaestus/Urania crews? how much shit does Rachel’s department put up with? has cutter ever thrown someone out a window? is there office drama? what are the office holiday parties like? if you call a certain department will a tired voice pick up and say ‘hello IT have you tried turning it off and on again’


take a look 👀👀👀 at this! that ➡️right ➡️ there is a good tag. ✉️✉️ can we talk about artemis ✉️✉️ please, @macdenniss ? i’ve been dying 🤒🤢 to talk about artemis ✉️✉️ with you all day, okay 👌🏽? glenn 🐸🐸 howerton. this name keeps coming ⬆️up ⬆️ over and over again. every day, posts ✉️ about glenn are getting sent 📪 all over my dash . glenn 🐸🐸 howerton. glenn 🐸🐸 howerton. i look 👀 on my dash ✉️, well ALL THESE BLOGS 📦 ARE GLENN 🐸 HOWERTON !! so i say to myself, i gotta 🔎find 🔎 someone else. i gotta get ⬆️over⬆️ this guy 👨🏻 i gotta put someone else ✉️ on my goddamn blog ✋🏽otherwise i’m never gonna get over it. he’s gonna keep coming ⬆️up⬆️on my dash . so i sit ⬆️back⬆️ and think . and what do i 🔎find🔎 out, mac 🍔? what do i 🔎find🔎 out? thes best solution is to pretend that THE 👨🏻MAN 👨🏻DOES NOT ❌❌ EXIST. okay, so i decided ohhh 💩shit💩buddy. i gotta ⚒dig⚒ a little deeper📉. there’s no 🐸glenn 🐸 howerton? you gotta be 😂kidding 😂 me. i got a dash 📝 full of 🐸glenn🐸. alright, so i start 🏃🏽marching 🏃🏽my way ⬇️down ⬇️to the artemis tag . and i 🔎look🔎 for blogs about her 🚪 and i say “💁🏽💁🏽ARTEMIIIIISS💁🏽. 💁🏽💁🏽AAAARTEEEMIIIIS. 💁🏽💁🏽 i gotta use you to get over glenn 🐸.” and when i open the 🚪door, 🚪what do i find? 🤔🤔🤔there’s ❌not ❌a single goddamn 🗄blog 🗄about artemis🏢! THERE. IS. ❌NO. ❌ARTEMIS 💁🏽FAN💁🏽 BLOG. 🍔mac💻, half the posts on this 📌tag 📌have been mistagged. this tag is a goddamn 👻ghost👻 town.

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Ngl jungkook seems like the type to get around, his little im shy and socially awkward around girls thing will have a someone feeling special real quick for no reason at all, all im saying is i need to move to korea and investigate this "jungkook gets around business"😌 and really witness first hand the extent of the big dick jokes that keep poping up👀. (I love your so much im really about to make a whole tumblr for you so i can stop having to ask anonymously; im ready to join the fam.

Thank you!! ❤❤
And someone told me they think Jungkook was one of the guys that gave Alex his phone number lol! 👀 I wouldn’t be surprised

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I need advice. My work is getting increasingly abusive. The store manager talks shit on me when she thinks i can't hear. My manager told me i seemed like a failure in my current role. They text me nonstop on my days off to come in. They promoted someone into our department and she constantly asks for my help (teaching her things she should already know!!!! As a manager!!) but then she turns around and lies about customer interactions. They change my schedule without telling me. How do i get out?

Keep applying to other stores and stand up to them by not taking on shifts on your days off. Since they don’t appreciate your hard work they don’t need you on your days off. Hopefully it’ll get into their skull they DO need you and you’re not a doormat anymore. Even if it does you keep applying to other places until you find somewhere less toxic. -Abby

What They Look For In A Lover

A/N: This is highly requested, and there are many more people for me to do for this specific post for! Hope you guys enjoy. Sorry about not posting for a while there, I just started college so that’s been kicking me in the butt but I’m slowly getting more comfortable and finding more time for myself and the things I want to do.

Originally posted by rock-lees


  • Grit or determination. He has a lot of respect for people who are able to get back up after a hard downwards spiral, and with his endless optimism and energy he needs someone who can recover and keep up with his activeness.
  • Emotional strength. It’s no secret that Lee is very physically strong. He is arguably the strongest man in all of Konoha, if we’re talking about strength before chakra pools are involved. And although he is very intensely happy and motivated the majority of the time, in times of trouble, doubt, and personal suffering, he feels the sadness just as intensely as he previously felt his happiness. For this reason he needs someone to be an emotional rock for him, and someone he can lean on in this more vulnerable state.

  • Healthiness. He is a very active person, and keeps to a strict diet and exercise schedule. A partner who is inactive and unhealthy in their eating habits is not someone that he would be very compatible with. If he did love someone enough, however, he would take this quality of theirs and try to transform it to better their health.

  • Compassion. Someone who has no compassion- for people, animals, or any cause- is very difficult for Lee to get along with, because compassion is both a gift and a flaw that he has seen within himself.

Originally posted by ginny-sama


  • Intelligence. He needs someone who he can not only talk to about anything, but who can also comprehend it and have the knowledge to contradict or challenge his ideas
  • Stubbornness. Shikamaru himself can be a very stubborn person, and if a partner is going to be able to better him or his quality of life in any way, they would have to be stubborn enough to be able to get him on his feet and contributing.
  • Enthusiasm. Shikamaru can be a very uninspired person. For example, take into consideration that he had the smarts to excel in his studies at the academy but ended up passing with the second lowest marks of his entire year. It is vital for him to have someone that will drive him to be more engaged in what he is doing, instead of just simply completing a task all of the time.

  • Caring. Having someone caring in his life is important for Shikamaru for the same reason that he looks for someone with enthusiasm. Shikamaru is fiercely loyal to his friends and his village, but he isn’t the best at showing it. If he found someone nurturing and caring, who was good at really expressing their emotions outright, they’re bound to show him ways to express his gratitude and friendship that would also be comfortable to him, as an introverted personality.


  • Nature Loving. Shino is a very sensory person. He experiences the world through his senses as well as the senses of his bugs, and for this reason he has learned to see nature and his environments in the same way that the insects that live there do. He needs someone who is in tune with nature and is able to appreciate its beauty.
  • Extroverted Personality. He is a very quiet person, so he needs someone who is able to really get through his cold exterior and has the perseverance and strength of personality to fight until they get to know him, little by little.
  • Attentiveness. Shino has struggled with being left out and unnoticed for the majority of his life. Even though it may take some effort for his personality to break down his walls, it is also key for a S/O to be able to sit down and listen to his thoughts, ideas, and- on more rare occasions- emotions.
  • Actions over words. He needs someone who can understand this concept, because it is going to entirely shape his relationship with a S/O. Although being heard is something that is very important for Shino, he is also largely quiet and reclusive, and won’t often tell his S/O how he feels outright. He will show it in various ways, though. You just have to keep your eyes open to identify them.
Another note to my followers

Please, if you’re from America and need someone to talk to, please, PLEASE, don’t hesitate to message me, or talk to someone else. PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE, strength in numbers! You might not know how to recover on your own, but together with others you can stand back up, with others you can live on purely out of spite. Show Trump and his followers that you aren’t so easily pushed around, keep moving forward, this is just a bump in the road, and once we emerge out the other side, we’ll be even stronger >:)

Please if you’re not American, reach out to the ones that are.  They are going through a rough time right now, and could get all the help they could get. You never know what a small message could do to encourage others. Actually strike that, it honestly doesn’t matter who the hell you are, if you need someone to talk to, PLEASE REACH OUT TO SOMEONE.

This is the time where we need to come together more than ever. Please help each other out, and eventually we’ll make it through!


in fact, i was beginning to get sick of you. people change, people leave and people make empty promises while keeping tricks up their sleeves. 


i don’t need somebody to keep me alive, i can do that by myself. i don’t need someone to bring me down, i don’t need to misplace more trust, i don’t need another broken part.


not that it matters. i’ve heard i’m incapable of loving someone from so many before you. i’m cold as ice, but then again i’m nice? 


i won’t take no ifs or maybes. if i’m to be your one and only, it can’t be just when you’re lonely. if there’s a part of me you don’t appreciate, well you have to options, learn to fucking deal with it or leave,


i don’t depend on people for happiness, as much as i’d love too. i’ve learnt the hard way that’s how you get a heartbreak. 


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hello, im sorry to bother you, but i just need some advice. well, this may seem a little weird but, for some reason, a whole bunch of nsfw things have been coming up on my phone and some times...i can't get myself to look away from it. i'm 12 and i feel like i shouldn't be seeing these things, i try to stay away from it but i just keep coming back. i don't want this to become a part of me and i need some advice on it because i need to know if someone has had this experience before. thanks

!!!!!!!!!!! OK OK so if i may assume that u mean nsfw content keeps poppin up on tumblr mobile then i wanna say block as many of those as possible!!! if it’s not tumblr ur talking about then try these tips to block specific sites on using your phone’s settings!

And I mean. Getting curious is…something that happens to us all at some point? But I feel like thats something you should wait until ur older because there’s definitely sensitive material out there not meant for younger ages