I need new category for the new doctor


Hey guess what kids? I’m officially not diabetic anymore! I went to a new doctor today (my old one retired, booooo I loved her!) and the new one said that I didn’t need to stay diagnosed diabetic since it’s been a long time since I tested in the diabetic category. So even with allllll this insane weight gain, my blood sugar hasn’t been that bad! As for all that weight gain, here’s a new before picture! This was taken last night, I didn’t do a side view, though I guess I still could. Maybe I should also not have them taken in the dark…. oh well! 

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about the Moffat quote, “We’re in pronoun hell now. Let’s repeal gender pronouns, because we’re going to be unable to talk" from San Diego comiccon. A lot of people are saying it's rude and/or transphobic, but I don't really know the context so I don't know how I feel about it.

I mean, I think he’s got a point. Gendered pronouns are an idiotic idea. What on earth do we need them for? The more we let limiting categories of gender roles fill our language, the harder it is to break from concepts like the gender binary. And we’re still at a stage where people are only just establishing new language for a broader spectrum of identity.

I don’t think it was a comment aimed at people engaged in trans issues, developing new pronouns for new gender identities and such. It was in a point where he was discussing the new Doctor, who he thinks is a marvelous casting choice, and someone was tripping up over the he/she thing. Honestly, I doubt he’s even in on the conversation of new pronouns for further gender identities, he didn’t seem to realize the option “they” to refer to the Doctor. Someone sitting near me even shouted it in frustration. I don’t think he’s familiar with that, let alone something like, I dunno, xe, so I hardly think it’s intended as a jab at trans/nonbinary people, if anything it’s a jab at how illogical cis social constructs are. I think it’s him realizing the whole notion of using masculine and feminine versions of words is an absurd way of imposing the gender binary but not being really familiar with how the latest waves of discussion are engaging with that. Unfortunately, a lot of people just don’t get that kind of education about where things are going now. The outside world is far less engaged than Tumblr.