I need hot chocolate

Let me tell y'all of the glory of mug cake

It’s super delicious
It’s fast
And it’s easy!

Tonight I made chocolate cake all you need is:
-9 tablespoons of hot chocolate mix
-4 tablespoons of flour
(Mix these two in a mug)
-3 tablespoons of oil
(Add to mixture)
-1 egg
(Add and thoroughly beat until mixed)

Then microwave for 2-3 mins and boom you got cake.

anarore-kriptih asked:

Part 1. So, before I'll answer your previous letter, let me say, that no of our men wrote you this "You should sign your jobs..." And about our topic. I agree that it's not... good. We always post comics and arts as they are, withount extra credits. But after all of that, we understand, that we weren't right. Now, if we will post your comics and comics of other authors, we will specify the author. Will it be alright, if it will be hashtag?

Ugh, just let me have my weekend vacations in peace that’s what I want.

Personally I’m totally ok with my stuff being posted as long as it’s clearly credited, a link to my blog would do just fine. But to translate comics from other authors, you have to ask them directly, that’s what Dragon Age France did when they wanted to translate them, and I gladly helped. 

Artists work hours to bring their contribution to the fandom, it’s basic courtesy to credit them, and to ask them how they feel about it when you want to edit their work (and respect that).

trying not to cry at work about fucking Kylux of all stupid things

if you enjoy suffering and also space assholes you should definitely read the god-awful masterpiece hollycomb has unleashed

if anyone wants to rec cute shit to me to heal my soul that would be pretty swell