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A) I love this idea B) I really love this idea. Here is a super quick “how they meet” thing I wrote just now, but I am officially adding this to my enormous and out of control WIP/to write list, because I love it so much, and I need to see Derek sitting in on a class and getting flustered, Derek helping Stiles set up for a class and being intrigued/terrified/turned on by all the things, Derek and Stiles working up to varying levels of intimacy and sexytimes… Just. Did I mention I love this idea?


To say that Derek was surprised when the cute guy who came to the library every week, the guy with the amber colored eyes and the long fingers who he’d been working up the nerve to talk to for months, dropped his bag and a large, pink dildo and a slew of condoms flew across the floor would be an understatement.

Watching the man spring into action collecting the far-flung prophylactics, Derek finds himself sort of… stunned? He can feel the shock on his face, the way his fingers are twitching with the need to help, but he is frozen. He can’t imagine what this man, who for as much as he looks like walking temptation to Derek, also looks like an IT tech more than anything, would be walking around with a bag full of sex toys. Is he a prostitute? Oh god, what if he’s a hooker? What if he has sex for money, I can’t date someone who has sex for money! I wouldn’t know what to do with them!

Derek’s panicked internal monologue is interrupted by a cleared throat, and Derek is horrified to realize that the man he’s been drooling over since he started working at the library standing in front of him with a wide grin and a slight blush; Derek feels his ears warm up and his hand automatically reaches for the back of his own neck, rubbing anxiously while he forces his jaw to shut. “Um, hi,” the man begins, and his voice is so deep, Derek feels it in his belly. “I’m Stiles, and you’re kind of standing on my condom. Wow, is this the weirdest meet-cute ever, or what?”

Derek looks down, and sure enough he must’ve made some effort to move toward the guy- Stiles- while in his compromised state, because under his right foot is a short strip of rainbow colored condoms. Derek slowly lifts his foot up, avoiding holding Stiles’ gaze for more than a few fleeting seconds, but as Stiles drops down in front of Derek to retrieve the condoms, he finds that he can’t look away; Stiles’ head is right in front of Derek’s crotch, and as he suddenly becomes aware of every inch of his own skin, Derek also realizes he hasn’t said anything yet.

Stiles looks down to pick up the condoms, breaking eye contact momentarily, and it is only then that Derek can find the ability to speak. Of course, what he wanted to say doesn’t come out, there’s no suave introduction, or witty pick up line, no joke about the circumstances. Of course not. What Derek manages to say, in a voice that is breathy in a way that is wholly inappropriate, is “Meet cute?”

He barely has time to wince at his lack of flirtation skills, because Stiles laughs, and it sounds like music, and Derek feels it wash over him and tighten something in his belly. “Yeah, Derek,” Stiles says, tapping Derek’s name tag with a long, enticing finger, “I’ve been trying to figure out how to introduce myself to you for like, ever. Dropping my lesson materials literally at your feet was not something I considered.”

Stiles’ smile is contagious, and Derek feels an answering upturn of his own lips. His brain catches up to what Stiles had been saying, his distraction from watching Stiles’ mouth form the words having caused a slight delay. Unfortunately, he didn’t wait until his brain was back on board before he replied, because the next thing out of his mouth again fails to be endearing. “Lesson materials? I kinda thought you might be a sex worker.” His hand immediately flies to his mouth, and he feels his eyes widen in what would be a comical manner if he wasn’t absolutely mortified.

Stiles’ eyebrows shoot up, but he laughs again and reaches up to peel Derek’s hand away from his mouth, the touch feels hot and intimate. “Dude, that is strangely complementary. I think? But seriously, don’t cover up that stubble, ever,” his eyes darken slightly at that, and his tongue darts out to wet his bottom lip. Derek wants to taste it.

“So, you’re some kind of sex educator?” Derek is grateful he has regained some of his faculties, and then he realizes that Stiles still has a hand on his wrist, they’re practically holding hands, and it causes a flash of warmth to rocket through him. Stiles seems to notice at the same time, and he draws his hand away with care, keeping a gentle smile on his face.

“Yep,” he says, popping the “p” loudly. “Can I maybe tell you about it over dinner sometime?”


I just got back to Dallas from a work trip in Las Vegas last week as one of the UFC’s photographers for International Fight Week. I’m not a staff guy but occasionally when they have big ppv cards they’ll give me a call and I’ll help them with their behind the scenes coverage - so with this being the biggest weekend in the sports history I was happy to get the call.

Normally on fight week we shoot the promo portraits on Tuesday when the fighters arrive to the hotel, open workout on Wednesday, media day on Thursday, weigh-ins on Friday and fights on Saturday but with the 3 nights of fights there were 3x the events we needed to cover. Add on top of that we had the fan expo, UFC 202 press conference and other events like the Lip Sync Challenge - I was there and Buffer went down hard - which made it quite the week.

Take a look at the larger gallery here: http://www.cooperneill.com/index/G0000haar_DOJwxc/thumbs

Cooper Neill


My Favorite Decoration (James Madison x Reader)

Hi, could you do a fic where the reader needs help decorating her house for a holiday (Eid is Wednesday XD) and she likes JMads and he helps her and they get glitter everwhere? Love your blog by the way!

Hi! This was so much fun to write, and thank you for suggesting it, and explaining what Eid is to me :) (I’m sorry if anything is culturally inaccurate, I did the best i could.) As promised, here it is!

“Okay, I’ll see you then.” you replied before clicking the phone shut.

You let out a deep sigh. Tomorrow was Eid, and all of your parents and relatives would be gathering in your home for celebration. While you loved your family very much, you weren’t completely fond of all the work that came with hosting a large group of people in your home. 

You had thought that you were on top of things. You had the food cooked, the Eidi wrapped, your Mehndi carefully applied to your hands, and the house cleaned from top to bottom in preparation of company. However, this morning you realized you had forgotten one of the most important factors: the decorations. You had worked for so many hours, trying to figure out some sort of game plan, but it was too overwhelming. There was no way you would be able to decorate the house by yourself. So, you enlisted the help of one of your closest (more than) friends, James Madison. 

You sitting on the floor in your dining room, desperately trying to unravel the strings that would be hanging all of the aerial decorations when you heard a sharp knock at the door. You quickly stood up, brushed yourself off, may have fixed your hair a bit, then quickly gone to answer the door. 

“James!” you exclaimed as you swung the door open, revealing Madison dressed very casually, in dark jeans and a t-shirt, ready to get to work. He stepped into your home and wrapped you in a hug.

“Hey, (Y/N). How’s it going?” he replied.

You pressed your face against his chest.

“Better now that you’re here.”

He smiled down at you before releasing you from the hug and stepping back.

“Now then,” he started, “What’s first?”


You stepped back and admired your work. Tiny, fragile paper lanterns hung on string were draped all over your house, both illuminating the house with the small, electric lights that flickered inside them and setting a festive atmosphere.

All of the holiday plates and dishes were set out, and all there was left to do was to create seating cards for the kitchen table. Your family was quite large, and identifying the seating arrangements would make everything a lot easier. You grabbed the stack of small pieces of stationary, folded them in half so that they could stand on their own, and carefully wrote out the names of everyone who would be attending. 

“What’re you doing?” a voice suddenly asked.

It was James, finished his previous task and ready to assist with another. You also noticed that both of his hands were tucked behind his back.

“Just making some cards for the celebration.”

“Well…they look kinda boring.”

You looked up, kind of surprised at the insult.

“What do you mean? I like them.”

“Well they could use a bit more, ya know?”

You raised your eyebrows in confusion.

“I don’t think I follow.” 

Then, with a beaming toothy grin, he brought his hands out from behind him. They held a large container of gold glitter.

“Can we decorate them?” he asked, still smiling.

You couldn’t help but giggle at his sudden child-like state.

“Were you digging through my arts-and-crafts drawer?” 

“Maybe?” he responded as he plopped down at the table next to you, gathering up the cards you had already made.

Madison, you had to admit, was an artist with glitter. You watched as he carefully took pinches of it out of the container, then tossed it onto each card, somehow evenly spreading it onto each surface. Each placard was decorated with little flecks of gold, much more atheistically appealing than the ones still naked without them. 

“You’re really good at that, you know.” you told him, breaking the silence.

“It’s all about precision…” he mumbled, completely concentrated on his task. He was taking his so seriously. You couldn’t help but grin as you watched a full grown man of his size care so passionately about glitter.

Then, an idea flashed into your head. 

You smirked as you reached into the container, grabbing a pinch and tossing it at him, decorating his shirt. He turned away from his project.

“What was that for?”

You shrugged and giggled as you reached for another pinch and threw it directly onto his jeans. 

“Oh, now you’re in trouble,” he grinned as he grabbed an entire handful and chucked it at your shirt.

You playfully shrieked as the glitter stuck to your shirt, and you desperately tried to wipe it off. When you realized you couldn’t, you reached back into the vat of glitter and grabbed a fistful, tossing it right into James’s face.

After that it was war.

You were both laughing hysterically, stuffing your hands into the container and dowsing each other in sparkles. Both of you were completely oblivious to the mess you were making, but even if you were aware, you wouldn’t have cared. This was too much fun.

The battle finally ended when James grabbed the bucket and ceremoniously dumped it over you. You laughed as you shook your head, now covered in golden sparkles. “This is a disaster,” you laughed as you eyed the glitter covering each other, the floor, the table, your clothes and the chairs. “We’re not going to have enough for the rest of the cards.”

“Ah, who cares,” James responded, now fiddling with the empty glitter box. “I’d rather decorate you than those boring cards anyway.”

“Oh really,” you asked. “Well I don’t think my cards are boring at all.”

“Well know they’re not,” he responded with a grin, gesturing to the once-pristine cards now covered in mounds of golden glitter.

You groaned and buried your head in your hands. You had to start over again. Not to mention clean up the mess you had created with your war.

“At least this means we get to spend some more time together,” James responded, as if reading your mind. He flashed another toothy grin at you.

“You have some glitter on your lip,” you chuckled as you noticed the blotch of gold spread into his bottom lip.

“Would you like to have some?” He asked, playfully cocking his head.

You felt a hot blush rise into your cheeks. You said nothing as he leaned forward and delicately place a soft kiss onto your cheek, marking the area.

He smiled as he drew back.

“You missed.” You simply stated.


“I said you missed,” you replied as you leaned forward, gently placing a kiss onto his lips.

I really hate the be That Guy to ask for money from people, but I’m kinda really stuck. I need a new ID before Wednesday to do pretty much anything I’m obligated to next weekend, which is going to cost somewhere around 10-15$, not counting getting there. I also need to pay my phone bill and get food.
Recently my ex filed to get money from last year refunded to them, from something I honestly don’t remember, and until it goes through or not it’s stuck me in the negative.
Anything will help, even just a dollar or a reblog!!
You can donate here, or send it to my paypal, rabbit.png@gmail.
I’m so sorry to ask, but I’m kind of stuck until I get money to get my ID. Literally stuck in a toxic household when I could be with my partners, because greyhound doesn’t let you ride without an ID.

When should country sign-ups begin?
When should country sign-ups for Tmblrvision start?

Hey folks, keeping in mind that country reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis, I’d like to make sure that the date and time of sign-ups accommodates as many people as possible. Obviously, with timezones and all, it won’t work for everyone, but I’m giving everyone a heads-up so people can wake up early/stay up late as needed. :-P

Anyway, I have six options for when sign-ups will begin. You can choose up to three options. I’ll try to announce the actual date and time by Wednesday, so you’d have at least 48 hours to get ready.

If you can’t view the poll on your dashboard, the link is here. Thanks!

Livestream Schedule

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday I will be livestreaming 6-11PM (central european time/sweden, here is a time zone converter!)

I will be working on adoptables, my own stuff, or take in-stream commissions. Times might change.

If you recently adopted a troll from me, please notify me if there is any specific day you are available during the set times! The scheduled times can otherwise be moved, as I am available from around 8AM-midnight all days this week but Wednesday/Saturday, and I don’t mind staying up a bit extra if needed. :)

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I’m too lazy to reblog both chapters so I’ll just compile my thoughts here haha 

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- Courtney and Alaska’s friendship is so pure 

- at least Sutan was nice about it

- I get where Patrick is coming from as much as I hate to say so

- Violet needs to chill even though I get where she’s coming from- she’s done working as Fame’s assistant for good now, does she really have to hold a grudge for that long?!! (I have an obvious soft spot for Courtney)

- Really I just don’t like the way Vi treated Courtney. But I guess being direct would’ve been better than leaving Courtney confused as to why she was so frosty…tbh like i said she should just let it go. 

- WILL LAILA GET A JOB IN MAKEUP? AT GALACTICA? PLZ LET LASKY HIRE HER or something I dunno it’d be hard for her to adjust though

- remind me to never mess with Raja. But hey, at least she did give Courtney credit. I hope she and B will make up soon, nonetheless :< 


- V. OH MY GOD. THE BITNEY SMUT WAS AMAZING. Yet I still find Courtney crazy adorable at the same time O///O

- I want to see the statue tbh

- Oh my god. There’s a fight chart. My mother and I should have one tbh because that might solve a lot of problems. 

- I’m playing cookie clicker rn so Shane calling Betty “kitty” just reminds me of that one cat I can’t buy (basically there’s a bunch of cat icons in a game and I’m missing one) and it makes me laugh and cry at the same time

- Aw, the scarf draped around “poseidon”. I kinda want to draw that now haha

- Vi really does like the pug doesn’t she XD and the way she rambles is so cute!! but girl you almost crashed a car…


Okay so I was supposed to get Are You Ready? Part 6 out this past Saturday but…my laptops charger decided to break on me a week or so ago. I remembered I couldn’t get on my laptop to write Friday night. I got around to ordering one the other day off Amazon so it should either be here today or Wednesday. Fingers crossed for Wednesday because I’m off that day and then I can start writing it and get it out. 

More news I have decided that I am going to take a break from school. It sucks because I made my parents upset but they understand that I need a small break. I’m trying to mostly focus on getting a new car for myself instead of having to drive theirs all the time and most importantly take care of myself. I’ve been neglecting that and I feel like with this change I can have a little more fun and not be so tired/stressed all the time with overloading myself. 

That being said….I will be working a lot more. They just bumped me up to full time at work and that’s working at least 80 hours. So I will try on my days off and my down time (when I’m not with friends) to write. Since I’m no longer in school I’ll have a little more extra time to write things. 

Just thought I’d let you guys know what’s going on :D Love you all and don’t ever forget that!!!

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Be careful what you search for (aka becoming a psycho bitch without realising)

We were on an inevitable break. I shan’t bore you with the details. Suffice to say we had a wonderful night away on Wednesday bookended by stuff that I just couldn’t ignore. The fact that his priority is getting back with his wife was number one. I couldn’t sit here any longer and be in the way. He needs to commit to getting her back. I needed to stop being used.

Anyway, many texts and tears later we agreed to take some time out. We didn’t quite crack the no contact thing as we continued talking all last night and this morning. He loves me but he loves her too and he wants his family back. I get it. Oh how I get it. Wish I didn’t. Blissful ignorance is something I crave. Dumb and naive sounds so good and less painful right now.

I know I’ve posted a million times about not looking at his social media accounts etc. Well, today I decided to ignore my own advice and look up his Spotify. I’d been sending him songs to listen to and I wondered if maybe he’d been listening to them or whatever. What I found instead was a playlist called ‘melancholic times’ with a pile of love songs on all basically about how much he loves and misses his wife. Made yesterday. Thursday. The day he kissed me goodbye in the morning and told me how his feelings for me were getting stronger. Ouch. Fucking ouch. And all my fault. I am my own worst enemy. So really what is the point of dragging this out?? I messaged him. Told him to make his playlists on Spotify private. That I had seen it and I’m sorry for digging around but it’s clear that they are meant to be together. That we’d ‘wrap things up’ week beginning 18th. And that I know I shouldn’t have done it. All my own fault. He hasn’t betrayed me so much as I’ve betrayed myself. I should have trusted things to come to a natural conclusion instead of rushing things through.

He text me to say 'why did you do that’?? I don’t have a good answer other than what I already said. I wished him happiness and said I was glad that I wasn’t being paranoid or going mad - what he was telling me wasn’t true.

So now, the future is an open path. I truly hope they work it out. I do. He loves her so much and is such a good dad to A. When we were in the hotel I was listening to him talk to his daughter and I started drafting a post about how much listening to him melted my heart and love him more. The things he was saying, how he talked to her. Just everything I would want the father of my child to be. I started thinking about our possible future…. But I couldn’t post it as he finished his conversation and, well, turns out it was a false sense of security anyway. Ha! They belong together. 23 years is a long time. They’re both so young still and attractive and fit and healthy they could have another happy 23 years and still have the rest of their lives to look forward to after that.

Me?? I’m broken. But I have been for a while. I’m going to work hard on moving forward. I need to remember I had a life without him. That everyone breaks up with their first love (well, mostly!). I have a marriage to work on but also me to work on too. I can get through this. There will be tears and hurting and heartache. It will take me months. Months I was unwilling to give him to work through his marriage. I am selfish. I didn’t know this before. And jealous. And a little irrational and waaaay too emotional. But I am also trying to take those learnings and use them to make me a better person. I’ve found myself in loving him - my good and bad parts. He’s woken me up. It’s up to me to use what I’ve found and been shown about myself. I told him I had been so worried he was going to break my heart, but in the end I wrapped my hands around his and crushed it for him.

Hump Day

Master returns Wednesday… To say I am giddy with excitement is an understatement. Every text message elicits tremors to my pussy. Every phone call sends me giggling and silly. I get goosebumps each time he threatens some punishment for possibly misdemeanours.

Work is being severely corrupted by my inability to sit still and think of anything except my Master’s touch. I keep replaying the first moments he kisses me - it’s our ritual, a proper full on kissing session, fully clothed tormenting - before he commands the removal of my clothes, puts me in my place at his feet and fits his collar to me. After that the world disappears and the only thing I see or hear or feel is him, always just him my universe.

I guess you’d say Wednesday needs to get here bloody quick!