I need Wednesday to get here


Hey guys, so the last time I posted here I said I’d answer all my messages within 2 days. HOWEVER, God has been speaking to me all this week since last Sunday, and I just really feel I need to spend some time with God and get deeper into the Word. Something big happened in my life on Wednesday, and I can feel a shifting in the atmosphere. God’s doing something new in my life and in the lives of those around me, and I need to prepare for what God’s going to do in me. He’s just been so good to me this week, and I think God wants me to take a step back from blogging for a little and enjoy HIm. I thank you all for understanding, and I’m praying for all those who have messaged me with questions. Remember, God knows your situation and hears your prayers. God bless you, love you all ♥

I Need Advice From My Sugars

Okay so this happened. This really handsome guy on SA hit me up almost a week ago. He gave me his number to text, which I did, and we chatted a bit here and there. He’s not really a texter which I need to get used to because the unstable little girl in me is like “why isn’t he texting back, what did I do wrong!”. Anyway, we met up on Wednesday. Well at first he asked if we could meet earlier in the day, but I couldn’t because unlike him, I have to work a regular 9-5. So he said he had dinner plans that evening and couldn’t meet up at the time I could. I was bummed but I was like whatever, I’m cute, I’m gonna go to happy hour. So I go and he text me that he pushed his plans back and that we could still meet. So I left my friends at the bar and drove to Starbucks. When I get there he text me saying he’s still on a business call and if I could go across the street to this tall orange building, which ended up being these luxury condos. (By the way, he spells condos wrong and it bothers me). I told him I wasn’t interested in going to his condo and he said that we could meet in the lobby and to valet my car and tell the concierge who I was here to see. So he comes down and I am immediately wanting him lol. He’s so amazingly handsome and the way he states in my eyes when we talk makes me die. Lol so we’re talking or whatever and he asked me if I wanted to go see the view and I said yes. So we go to his apartment and look at the view. I have two glasses of white wine and enjoy the amazing conversation we had. He mad little jokes about him being my future husband and that we would have really good looking children. I tell him that I’m looking for new places to stay and he offers me one of the “extra” condos he has in the building. Lol like what is life. He said that on our next date we would discuss allowance. So he tells me that he can tell we have a really strong connection to each other and that I should go before anything I don’t want to happen happens. I leave and he tells me to text him. I thought everything was perfect. Here’s where I fuck up. I get so fucking drunk last night I start drunk texting. What the fuck girl!!! I need to get my shit together. I mean he was going with the convo and seemed interested in the sexual stuff I was saying. But he hasn’t text me today and I know I should just relax and wait it out but it’s killing me. I really wanted this one 😔. It hasn’t even been a week so I need to calm my tits. My question though, should I text him and apologize or just go with the flow and act like nothing happened? I always have to text first btw. Well actually, I haven’t even given him a chance to text me first except for once lol. Ugh. I’m so mad at myself. Help!

Hi everyone! :3

I will be opening submissions again this coming Tuesday from 10am to 4PM MST! Then again on Wednesday from whenever I get home fromy stupid court date (probably around noon??) til 5pm MST as well! Keep an eye out for when i post that they are officially open and please don’t submit until it’s actually open ^_*

For those of you who are new here or haven’t heard yet, I take requests for in game items and such. please see mayor-Kyoto.tumblr.com/submit for all the information you need regarding that :)

Also if you’re on mobile and need to submit on those days - click that link above!
Global Army Project

Hi everyone! As you all know, BTS is coming back on April 29th which is pretty soon. Let’s get the boys to 1st place to thank them for all the hard work they’ve done for us. To make this happen, we need as many people to vote as possible but many of us don’t know Korean/how to vote so I compiled a couple simple tips/tutorials on how to help BTS win below.

(Note:The project idea and tutorials are not mine, and can be found here. I just wanted to bring it to tumblr so it gets more exposure.) 

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My Video Schedule (26/04/15 - 02/08/15)

Hey everyone! I thought it’d be kinda cool to share with you all my video schedules whenever I figure them out, just to say thank you for following me on Tumblr! To start off with, here’s what I’m planning on making over the next 3+ months. I won’t tell you any more about what I’m doing with the videos, but rest assured, you’ll know what’s coming, which I NEVER share with anybody. So this is quite a big deal for me.

Sunday 26th April = Playstation Cheats (Caddicarus)

(THEN I’M TAKING 2 WEEKS OFF! I’m completely exhausted, and I need to get my brain juices flowing again after that video)

Wednesday 13th May =  Olli Olli 2 (Drive Thru Review)
Sunday 17th May = Bloodborne (Current Quickies)
Wednesday 20th May = The Evil Within DLC’s (Drive Thru Review)
Sunday 24th May = Gex 1 (Caddy’s Retrospectives!)
Wednesday 27th May = The Witcher 3 (Drive Thru Review)
Sunday 31st May = Mario Easter Egg Hunting Revisited (DYKGaming)
Wednesday 3rd June = Splatoon (Drive Thru Review)
Sunday 7th June = Gex 2 (Caddy’s Retrospectives!)
Wednesday 10th June = Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Drive Thru Review)
Sunday 14th June = Mario Easter Egg Hunting Revisisted 2 (DYKGaming)
Wednesday 17th June = Aaru’s Awakening (Drive Thru Review)

(June 19th is my birthday, and I have some plans made for that weekend - so I’m afraid I won’t have time to get another video finished on the following Sunday!)

Wednesday 24th June = Megaman: Powered Up (Drive Thru Review)
Sunday 28th June = Gex 3 (Caddy’s Retrospectives!)
Wednesday 1st July = (Drive Thru Review of some sort)
Sunday 5th July = [Unknown Game] (Caddicarus ft. Yungtown)
Wednesday 8th July = (Drive Thru Review of some sort)
Sunday 12th July = Batman: Arkham Knight (Current Quickies)
Wednesday 15th July = (Drive Thru Review of some sort)
Sunday 19th July = Cheesy (Caddicarus)
Wednesday 22nd July = (Drive Thru Review of some sort)
Sunday 26th July = Journey (Tinker Time!)
Wednesday 29th July = (Drive Thru Review of some sort)
Sunday 2nd August = Snow White and the 7 Clever Boys (Caddicarus)

As you can tell, I do like to plan ahead - you should see my calendar. It’s a complete mess. Ideas changing, new videos popping in, new games coming out that I miss, it’s very messy indeed - but hopefully, this will be the concrete schedule until August 2nd. Seems so far away, doesn’t it? Ah well, at least you know the 24 videos that will be appearing until then! And of course, if it’s your birthday today while reading this fart, then happy frickin’ birthday to you, and please remember to stay beautiful! <3

Ragnar SoCal 2015 Recap

So we did a little relay, that turned out to be a BIG Relay!

Things started off well enough and we thought we had a great team going for our ULTRA Team.  Then the wheels came off the wagon.  I was notified that a runner had quit the team on Wednesday morning, just 48 hours before starting. Ragnar said really they could not readjust our start time, and we were down a runner.  We finally were able to get stilldavidsgoals and he helped get in some of the much needed miles we’d need.

Come Friday morning, the alarm went off and it was time to pick up the Motley Crew known as the Rabid Roadrunners.  Cassie happyfitrunnergirl is here with me, and so was David as he came down the evening before, but we needed to pick up Maureen mar-kicksass, Bob trivialbob, and then after some traffic, Shannon lagirlontherun.  We also did have some traffic going down to Huntington Beach because of a horrific accident.

Finally down at the start, we check in, and decided that the video Ragnar shows would be best done online and the runner needs it check off that they saw it.  Got the shirts, goodies, etc. and then got Cassie ready to start this journey.

Once off, things went pretty damn good.  The weather was fine, and the legs went by fine, but over time, we did lose some time.  Again, the runner we lost ran 7′s for miles, and with our late start time, it was hard to keep our head above water.

The team needed a break, food and rest so we stopped in San Clemente for a meal at Pizza Port.  Then after that took off to Oceanside to meet up with the pack and commence the rest of the relay.

Night hours always are hard.  By about 1am or so, I needed a break, as I felt I could not drive the van well.  I did not want to get in an accident and hurt someone, so Bob took over while I rested.  A number of hours later, I did get some rest felt better and ready to take on the rest of the race.  

Daylight brought hope and things seemed OK, but eventually despite the wonderful scenery we ran in, the exchanges were getting ready to start to close.  I’ve never encountered this before, and it was a strange thing.  An earlier start time would have helped this not happen, and also a person not bailing as well, but things got real quick and it was what it was.  The math was not there to finish by the time Ragnar would close the race.  

So we needed to make up miles to be run, but the pack was moving faster in front of us.  So this is when the first time I’ve needed to confer with Ragnar Central Command happened.  Texting an RD is not what I do, but it was needed.  They were kind and actually said just go ahead, don’t mind the miles and just finish.  I could not just do that.  We signed on to do 182 miles as a team and that is what we’d do.  

The decision was made to actually skip three legs and get back in with the pack.  Then those miles we “owed” would be made up in the next four legs.

  • Leg 33 - Cassie ran
  • Leg 34 - All of us ran it, and David drove the Van
  • Leg 35 - I ran 
  • Leg 36 - Shannon joined me to finish it off!

Finishing off this race with a half marathon is not what I expected at the beginning of the journey, but it was needed.  It hurt, but then that is what I DID expect.  It didn’t hurt anymore, and I knew it wouldn’t hurt any less, so it was time to suck it up buttercup.

We made up the miles.  The team was spent both mentally and physically.  Everyone gave what they had, and did it all for the team.  I’m super proud of them.  We had a monumental task to accomplish, and figured out a way with Ragnar to complete it. 

This race proved to be such a challenge, but everyone rose to it. 

The beer at the end was such a treat, and then the team dinner seemed like a dream as we were half sleep deprived and happy to be finished and done, knowing a shower and bed was soon approaching.

Running 40 miles; feeling the heat of the day and coolness of night; sleeping only a few hours over the last 48+ hours, thus freak’n out by rabbits in bushes (because in my mind they were monsters); as well as living on Chez-It’s, Gatorade and ClifShots made for some interesting times, but spending it with this awesome group of people who really personified the word “TEAM” made it all worth the while.

So when are we doing it again???

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Holes by Louis Sachar – Chapters 1-3

Some time ago, I was talking a friend on the phone who was having a really really rough night and needed a distraction. I had no idea what to talk to them about, so I started reading them a kid’s chapter books that required very little brain power but still a distraction from their negative thoughts. Fast forward a few months, and I’m randomly reading picture books to the internet and getting feedback about a “soothing” voice. So here I am, with a voice that sometimes comforts people, and a love of helping people and of reading books aloud. A tumblr is born! I’m hoping to have this out there as a tool that people may be able to use if they need something to occupy their mind that doesn’t require much thinking, or want some similar non-focusing audio in the background while they do something else.

I intend to post ~10 minute clips on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. You can find my personal tumblr – and contact me – at horriblewarning.tumblr.com.


It’s been a while!

Classes are over for this first year and I have 4 weeks before my finals… So of course I’ll be doing my best!!
I have the first two weeks planned already, and I’ll plan the last two next week. I wanted to make plans with friends before clogging my schedule :)

Tuesday and Wednesday were really lazy, I had no motivation whatsoever, but I still managed to work out. I work out 6 days a week, and I can see the progress already.

I’m ITCHING to start posting more on here, but I need to get ready for these finals first. Wait for meeeee

So Sig and Tessa 3 is getting delayed a few days. Nothing major, prolly like Saturday or Sunday. Lineart is done, but I still need to do do lip synching, jaw movements, color, and backgrounds/compose. I can’t do that all tomorrow without cutting corners and I work Wednesday.

It shall be out prior to Pico Day, otherwise I’ll have nothing to talk about when I’m there. Thanks for the patience!

In the meantime here’s Sig sucking at his Job

PSA: Travel

Heyo folks!

I’ll be hopping on a plane tomorrow afternoon headed for LAX for a performance Monday evening out on the West Coast, so I won’t be in-game til Tuesday night/Wednesday when I get back. If you need to reach me, here on Tumblr, over on Phoenix Guard’s website, Skype, email, or my cell are best.

Sorry to anyone who may be feeling neglected in-game by me recently. Things are always a bit nutty this time of year with performances and the work at the university, but I’m always here on Tumblr or those other methods of contact up above!

There will, of course, be pictures as always, so expect plenty of that! xD


I don’t like to ask for things like this, but I need help. if you can’t help, PLEASE signal boost this.

my friend and i have been trying to get an apartment together. She was already living in an apartment with her mom, but they’re being evicted on wednesday. financially, neither of us are ready for an apartment

so, I’m gonna sell some of my old cosplay stuff (some of which I bought and never actually wore so it’s in great condition). I know it won’t get us an apartment, or much of anything, really, but it’ll certainly help. I might make a full post with pictures later but here’s what I have that I’m actually willing to sell:

APH Switzerland (also could be used for military!Liechtenstein. Pants, Jacket, wig, beret) - Probably around $50 + shipping

APH Hungary (dress, apron, head scarf thing) - $60 + shipping

APH England/Lithuania/China (they’re all the same green uniform- I’m not sure where the belts are for England though) - $50 + Shipping

Cosplays listed above were all bought. I have one hand-made Yang Xiao Long cosplay that I might be willing to part with, but because I spent literally three weeks on it, hand making and sewing all of it myself, I’ll likely ask a bit more for that one (but I might throw the wig in for that one; it’s not in the BEST condition, though it’s still wearable)

For the Yang one, I don’t think I’d accept offers lower than $80 or $90, just because I’m so reluctant to get rid of it. I’d prefer a bit more for it but whatever works. Honestly some parts of it aren’t really well made anyways so I shouldn’t ask too much for it but I spent so long on it and worked so hard, so it’s more of a personal thing.

I also have several nice wigs. Weiss Schnee, APH Prussia, a nice long, emerald green one that’d work for characters like Palutena, and a short brown one that’d work for APH Lithuania, Yui from K-On, and characters with similar hairstyles (Also I have an APH England wig that I can throw in with the costume for an extra $20)

I need to be able to get a car to drive myself around, and THEN I can consider an apartment.

I’ll likely also open an Etsy where I’ll be selling various plushes (I’ll likely get back into making hair bows and flowers and the like)

This would also be a great time to point out that I do have a redbubble that I’ll hopefully be updating more often now

It’s reaching the point where I’ll likely have to get a second job to do much of anything. I really want to be a dog trainer but I need a demo dog and my parents will not let me get one. Dog trainers with PetSmart make like $10 - $10.50 an hour, plus whatever commissions they make from selling classes, so it’s not half bad, and it’d get me by, but I can’t do that without a demo dog.

Anyways, PLEASE reblog this if you can’t help. I hate hate HATE asking for help like this so obviously it’s getting pretty desperate. Everything helps.

If y’all wanna send me art requests, I’ll upload them to redbubble, if you’d be willing to pay more for something custom… I’m so sorry to be begging like this but we really need help and I already have really bad anxiety issues so this whole situation is freaking me out

Y'wanna hear a funny joke?

My sex drive coming back but having not sorted out contraception yet (and hating condoms ~ew get them away from me~).

Someone(me) felt that I wouldn’t be interested in sex for a loooong time. Well, ever since we had spontaneous sex just over a week ago, I am interested, very interested AND GUESS WHAT WE CANT DO??? THE SEX, THE SEX IS WHAT WE CANT DO.

If I haven’t called up and sorted how I’m going to get an IUD by Wednesday, someone needs to come here and SHAKE ME VIOLENTLY, please.

gamer mom ezraye plays harvest moon: story of seasons. Live blogging. 9:27pm EST USA.

Year 1. Spring day 11. (Wednesday)
+ today it rained. I figured since I didn’t need to water things, I would use the time to chop down some trees
+ this was a bad idea as I completely drained my stamina with only milk to drink.
+ I have 100gold, can’t eat out
+ the vendors aren’t here so I can’t “ship” anything
+ my barn is filling up with cow shit and I don’t know where to get a pitch fork.
+ worst day so far lol

anonymous asked:

Not trying to be argumentative here, and thanks for the patient response to my first ask, but isn't the concept of triggers a bit of an issue? How can someone triggered by everything function in the real world? I know that sounds callous and I don't intend it that way, but the whole won't adapt for someone's triggers. On another note the troll blog has a point about the pointless hate towards white cis (especially guys). This whole site needs to take a deep breath and chill.

here’s the thing! there is no ‘tumblr agenda’!!! we don’t have a secret meeting every third wednesday to describe who we should hate on next. i use this site as a diary at least some of the time, and when other people say ‘yes, i’ve had that happen too’ whilst it wasn’t my intention or anything, i’m glad i’m not the only one. and nobody is triggered by everything. i am eighteen years old and still get nervous crossing the road, because even though the thing i think of happened well over a decade ago, it won’t ever not have happened, you see? at different times our mental health does different things.

Alright, I’ve had enough of letting myself fall off the ball. I’m cooking some pinto beans in beef broth now and I have my shredded lettuce, tomorrow I’m going to start eating better again and after Wednesday I’m going back to the gym. (The only reason I’m not doing it tomorrow right away is because I need to get these taxes filed ASAP and that may take me a couple nights. Priorities and such. ^^; )

Yeah, granted, some of this is to be ready for Japan Ponycon ( or poniko-jpc here on tumblr), but some of it’s because I miss how I felt when I was taking better care of myself.

anonymous asked:

I have had a shitty workweek (and it's only Wednesday *sob*) and the news that 16 & preggers is finished and 93K has perked me up. Looking forward to reading it!

I can’t wait to get it posted!  I hope the rest of your week is nicer.


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