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prompt: sara and len dated but break up and still like each other but don't admit it (and they work together) can be an au or not, your choice. i love you fanfics!

This is pure flangst, and full of tropes. Featuring drunk!Sara, injured!Sara, snarky!len, bumbling precious cinnamon roll Ray and good old Mick. Enjoy :D

“You don’t have to say anything else, buddy. I’m going to hug you now.” That’s his boss Raymond’s reaction when he casually mentions he and Sara broke up.

“I’m going to shoot you now,” Leonard warns, annoyed.

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Okay I'm sorry but this is 2016 and a grown ass man is not going to sit back and just let a tv network tell you what you're going to do about your personal life. Sam is young and handsome and so what's wrong with him hooking up with different women he's attracted to, maybe he's not ready to settle down. They have stated so many times they're not together and Cait said she's seeing someone else. So why would he sit back and pine for her when he can go out and live his life.

1. Yep it’s 2016 alright, and no reason to be sorry for it that I can see. I’ve been quite enjoying 2016 so far!
2. a. In any year, even the year 2016, a man must listen to his bosses if he wants to keep his job. This applies to grown ass men as well.
b. A man also listens to his partner and if she says she wishes to keep their relationship out of the papers a husband or boyfriend, even a grown ass one, would do well to go along with her if he wants to keep on being her husband or boyfriend.
3. Nothing at all wrong with a young, handsome guy sampling some “pub food” or a quick bit of “take away” that catches his eye. But if a young, handsome guy is a husband or boyfriend he knows that the same rules apply to him as apply to older, less photogenic ones: no more fast food hookups, it’s all home cookin’ for him from here on out!
4. Men who aren’t ready to settle down don’t settle down. Sam seems very settled down, so I guess Sam was ready to settle down.
5. See 2.a. and 2.b.
6. Cait has only said she is seeing “someone”; i. e. an unknown or unspecified person, and no “else” involved, and so as far as I can see it anon, Sam fits the definition of “someone” as well as anybody.
7. Sorry anon, I can’t see any reason why Sam would pine. Well, perhaps he does pine a small bit when work separates him from Cait, but, otherwise it seems to be just as you say; that he is happily going out and enjoying his life-with Cait!

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Question for my fellow medstudents/docs

If u knew then what u know now would u still go thru this whole experience?
Pre-med/medschool/residency etc?

And your answers:

diarymdstudent replied to your post: Question for my fellow medstudents/docs

Yes, but I wouldn’t have rushed into it. I would have weighed my options a bit more and considered doing a post bacc program and applying in the US. I know I can do it, but I often feel unprepared for a job back home and that’s terrifying.


I’m only three years into medical school - but absolutely.

itsanydaynow said: 

I would’ve. I just don’t see myself doing anything else. I love it (I must be a masochist, knowing that my wage gonna be around 300 euro). Though I’m afraid that I’ll lose my shit and just become a call-center operator, cuz even they make more money


Without a second thought. I’d do many things differently but the vast majority of the experience was/is enjoyable and there still is no other job I’ve ever wanted to do.

Starlitnightsandpillowfightsreblogged added:

I think I still would go through the experience, but not by the path that I did. I chose to go into an accelerated path where I got my bachelors in 2 years and then went on to med school right after. If I were to do it over I’d probably go the traditional route with 4 year bachelors.

medicinasanguis said:

Although we mostly don’t get enough sleep at all and we are making a lot of sacrifices I would still choose the same path. I couldn’t imagine doing something else. It’s way too fascinating …

lindsaytheamazing said: 

Most days yes. Some days no. But honestly I can’t imagine doing anything else.

h0peam said: 


blue-lights-and-tea said: 

It’s been a hell of a ride. Good times, shit times and crazy times. Laughter, tears and cuddles. I have learnt so much and it’s made me a better person. No, I wouldn’t change it at all. Keep holding on…

dpat175 said: 

What I know now makes me appreciate the fact that I stuck to my decision to start Med school. Even though it’s just my first year, I don’t see myself doing anything else.

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Probably sooner, and with a little more enthusiasm. I wasted more than two years with a poli sci/pre law curriculum before deciding to go the science route. I’ll be 28 when I start residency in about a year, but I could have done it that much quicker. That’s about my only regret.
Back then, I could have sworn I wouldn’t be the one to romanticize medicine the way I do now.

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