I miss meg ;-;


·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

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This goes along with @miss-ingno’s Skeletons in the Closet.

Even though they all knew they were criminals and all about their underground personas, it still came as a shock when they found all the weapons belonging to their partners. It was bound to happen at some point considering they were all moving in together. At this point everybody’s stuff had been at least moved into the house even if nothing was unpacked yet.

So they each decided to tackle a room before bed. Gavin was working on the living room, Meg was doing the bathroom, and Ryan was in the kitchen.

And when Meg opened up a box labeled ‘Gavvy Bath’, she wasn’t expecting to see more makeup than even she had. She double checked to make sure she hadn’t accidentally grabbed either her makeup box or Ryan’s facepaint stuff. But nope. It was Gavin’s.

So she dumped it all onto the counter and sorted it out in a way that was organized yet chaotic which left the Golden Boy plenty of room to put everything wherever he preferred. She moved onto the next box and then the next, slowly working her way through the room.

Meg was almost done when she moved another box into the bathroom to unpack. It was heavier than the rest of the boxes and quite a bit bigger. What the hell could Ryan possibly have that was this heavy for the fucking /bathroom/? She set it down -perhaps a little too rough- and opened it up to softly gasp. There laid at least 20 different kinds of weapons. 3 or 4 SMGs, too many knives to count, multiple pistols, so on and so forth.

“Ryan?” She called uncertainly. She knew that Ryan was Vagabond, had gone on missions with him! Had seen first hand that the man carried a multitude of weapons at any given time. She honestly shouldn’t be this surprised.

“Yeah?” Ryan poked his head in. His eyes traveled to the box on the floor before pursing his lips. “Ah, those.”

“Yeah these. Why do you have them labeled bathroom?” She questioned with a laugh. But Ryan merely looked confused.

“Cause that’s where they go?” Meg couldn’t help but to stare at him in disbelief.

“You expect all of these to fit in here?” She motioned around to the bathroom. Sure it was big but not big enough for all of these!

“Yeah it’ll be easy!”

And Meg swears Ryan has some kind of super power because all of those mother fucking guns were gone the next time she walked in there. And when she asked where they all went he had simply smiled and shook his head mysteriously. “Stupid creepy ass Vagabond.” She mumbled as she started unloading the final box.

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sorry to bring this up but remember in the free play ots when ryan and meg were doing the redemption challenge and they both agreed without saying it out loud that ryan wouldn't press the button on the shock machine so it would shock him and not meg i mean what kind of beautiful friendship bs is that ????!!



I miss Meg, I’m totally still not over her death and I’m gutted about how she died. I genuinely hated her at first and then just as I started to really like her…they killed her. It’s a shame cause I really feel like she had changed for the better and she had true feelings for Cas.