I miss all the good games because of debate

I’m sitting here watching my wonderful boyfriend play video games. At this time, I’m debating taking a nap, so I can stay up late and play my own video games. Dishonored needs to be beaten before I buy the sequel, right?

Well, I’m sitting here watching, something I enjoy doing, and I’m also seeing his demeanor change drastically. This wouldn’t warrant a post if it wasn’t Dark Souls III dancing on our living room TV.

I enjoy Dark Souls for different reasons. I played Demon Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, sadly I missed out on personally playing Bloodborne but I watched him and ENB. I am fascinated by its lore, and all its vagueness. I sit here and soak up item descriptions, listen to dialogue, and debate it with him in good spirits.

I’m considering my nap more heavily because this game takes my sweet, loving, adorable, super awesome man… and turns him into a controller-abusing, yelling, teeth-gritting, easily irritated fucking asshole. Reasons why? Stupidly huge and jenky weapon ranges (why is his dagger hitting me from four feet away), stamina regeneration is unbalanced (FOUR ATTACKS WITH A FUCKING CLAYMORE AND HE CAN STILL ROLL SIX TIMES), PvP lag is impossible to gauge (you can’t hit someone if they keep jumping two feet to the left at random), invincibility frames are unbalanced (WHY CANT I HIT THIS FUCKER)…

I love these games. They are unique and well fleshed out (within reason) and beautiful. The story telling is left up for you to speculate, and the characters are deep and meaningful (except Patches… fuck that guy).

But why do people feed into a game for hundreds of hours to get angry and scream at the TV, break controllers and basically neglect other aspects of the day (he has come to bed before sunrise only three times since the North American release)? I’m confused as to why anyone would buy a game they KNOW is going to infuriate them. I don’t see him get angry any more, at least not when he’s away from the couch. This is asinine! Absolute fucking madness! I swear… I’m so glad this is the end of this series.

Now I need this nap. :(