I miss all the good games because of debate

here’s the thing about the “more than one killer because pink/purple guy are different” theory

Alright since it’s been brought up again, I just want to say this about the really popular idea that there is more than one killer throughout FNAF. it seems that this theory started as a sort of weak, but plausible idea- and then it was further justified by the fact that there’s a couple different looking versions of the purple guy, pictured here

so the one on the right is as we see him in a couple FNAF2 minigames; the original murder outside Fredbear’s, and Foxy’s “Go go go!” minigame. The one on the left is as he appears in the super rare version of the minigame where you follow the puppet around the restaurant, and that is also a lot like how he is shown in FNAF3. similar hue of purple, similar figure, same black/white eyes, but missing the security badge, and the item that is pretty heavily debated to either be a phone or a hand crank for springtrap:

So basically, because they look so different, people have started suggesting that the purple guy and the “pink” guy are two different killers. however, i strongly feel like their appearance is not at all a solid piece of evidence, or even really a good interpretation-based piece of evidence

and this is simply due to the fact that, across games 2 and 3, the sprites for every character have changed constantly.

there are multiple differently shaped and colored representations of every character in the game- even the animatronics are not always shown with the exact same color palette or the exact same form. so, since it is already a common pattern with scott to redraw his sprites in new ways with new colors all the time, a differently-colored purple guy isn’t very note worthy. i don’t think he would try to imply that pink/purple are two different people based on appearance alone, or the other sprites would probably remain the same throughout all games and minigames.