I miss Moira

IGN Interview Thoughts

IGN released an interview with Marc the other day. It’s pretty much the same spoilers that have been released since SDCC, but there were a few interesting tidbits that have me extremely excited that I wanted to talk about. And I have a lot of thoughts on the reaction to the Olicity section of the article as well.


“Can she ever really be normal? It’s a good question. With that DNA? Yeah, who knows? She might be a little – maybe, a little House of Cards, a little Moira-esque action going on. It might be really fun.”

Moira-esque action?

Is my dream of Thea becoming a Baby Moira actually coming true? Sweet baby Jesus let it happen! I miss the energy Moira brought to the show and I’ve been DYING for Thea to take a walk on the dark side (beyond blood lust).


Did we know Lance is playing a role in the Mayor’s office? I feel like that’s new information. At least for me. IT. IS. AWESOME. I honestly couldn’t figure out what they were doing with Lance after terminating him from the police department. This will add a new dynamic to his relationship with Oliver. I am super here for Lance spiraling over Laurel. Yes please. Paul Blackthorne kills those types of scenes.


I am very happy to hear that Diggle is getting an army storyline that is separate from Team Arrow, but will ultimately tie into Team Arrow. The more they give David Ramsey room to shine the brighter the show becomes.


Yes. I read it. First, kudos to my Tumblr peeps. Y’all were CHILL. I have an excellently tight bubble.

Twitter was not so much with the chill. I actually had to get off Twitter yesterday because the negativity was upsetting me.

So… let’s talk about the quote:

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