I miss Moira


the potential that could have been with moira and felicity

the two women just didn’t realize how much the other really loved oliver

the two of them could’ve bonded eventually and torn apart anyone who tried to hurt oliver (and thea)

ahh, the wasted potential

Arrow Summer Rewatch Recap

I miss Tommy and Moira so much

I forgot how dark season 1 was

I miss the salmon ladder and shirtless Oliver

I love Dig and how Oliver used to dodge him

Thea was such a brat

Uggh Laurel and Oliver

Honestly how could no one tell that was Oliver under the hood???

Awww Tommy and Laurel

P.s I can’t wait until Felicity shows up

Scene we’ll never get that I miss

Mama Smoak meeting Moira Queen! Total opposites, just wanting the best for their respective children. How epic would that be?

Moira being all reserved and a little judge-y. Mama Smoak being all bubbly but willing to throw down if her beautiful girl is insulted. Mama Smoak wanting to put metal to the pedal on the Olicity relationship because her daughter is happy with someone-finally! Moira wanting to hit the breaks on Olicity because no one is good enough for her son.

Moira would insinuate Felicity, and her upbringing (with pointed looks to Mama Smoak), makes her a less than an ideal partner for Oliver. Mama Smoak stating that her child genius has 2 master’s degrees to Moira’s children’s 0 degrees, but won’t their grandchildren be gorgeous. And a look of terror sweeps over Moira’s face as she imagines spending holidays with this loud and colorful woman.

And, of course, we’d have Oliver and Felicity trying to act as buffers between the two women, while also trying to comfort the other when their mothers comment on their relationship. “Felicity, you couldn’t be more ideal for me.” “Oliver, I don’t expect to be married tomorrow.”

But, sadly, it’s not meant to be. :(

Arrow Summer Re-watch Episode 1x01 Notes

* Oliver with the playboy blonde hair (wig). Yeah, NO! Awful!!!

* I didn’t realize how much I missed Moira Queen until I saw her again. “My beautiful boy.” Oh the feels!

* Knowing how great of a guy Walter is, I hated how Oliver dismissed him.

* IMO Oliver showed the most emotion with Thea than he did with anybody else.

* Laurel looked much better in S1. And I loved the chemistry she had with Tommy.

* It was weird seeing a different actress playing Sara Lance even if she looked more like Laurel’s sister than Caity.

* When Tommy entered the scene I smiled then got all emotional. Is it bad that I immediately thought ‘Don’t save Laurel’ even though I shipped the two?

* Wow. Thea was bratty. She sure has come a long way. Speedy!!!

* The whole scene where Oliver is kidnapped then interrogated was the point where I fell in love with this show. I mean to see the hero killing because the man knows his secret was like ‘woah’! ‘what!’. Not to mention the whole kick ass action in the episode. And I love me some action! Wait. That sounded so dirty. Y’all know what I mean. Hey…. I just had me a Felicity moment =)

* Salmon ladder. Oh how I missed thee. Definitely need more of those scenes. And it isn’t just because of the rock hard killer abs. Yeah, who the hell am I kidding. Of course it is.

* Did anybody else giggle when Oliver disappeared on Diggle while he was driving him? I sure did. Poor Digg! But because of that one of my favorite ‘Oliver’ moments happened. The smile he flashed seeing Diggle waiting for him in the back seat. I love their bromance!!!

* Oliver didn’t disguise his voice very well. I’m so used to him using his Arrow voice that I always believed he had since the get go. But nope!

* Seeing that scene of Oliver witnessing his sister scoring drugs was very emotional. It made me think back to that 3x14 episode ‘The Return’.

* The way Tommy questioned Oliver has me thinking that on some level he knew after discovering his best friend was the Vigilante.