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Pairing: Keith/Lance

Words: 13,808

Chapters: 1/1

Dedicated to @azeher

His eyes turned to look at the boy sitting next to him. The bangs of his hair were falling to his face as he looked down to his notebook, his brows furrowed, his eyes concentrated in whatever he was creating. It was something like that with Keith whenever he wanted to reach a goal, his eyes would never flicker until he achieved it, that was why he was the top of the class - that was why he was a fighter pilot, and Lance wasn’t.

Lance forced himself to look away, to ask what Keith was so focused on another moment. There was so much in Lance’s mind to place his focus on Keith and his affairs. For a second he thought about scowling at him, to let him know there was still bitterness within him for all the times Keith had proven himself to be better, for being able to stay calm under all the anxiety that surrounded them when Lance couldn’t, but he held himself back.

Lance had promised Hunk he would try to befriend Keith.

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anonymous asked:

Can we get some headcanons on a relationship with Moira who met her partner because they were assigned to work together in their Blackwatch days? Hope that makes sense and is enough to work with!!

You surely can lovely! I very much hope I understood your ask and that I could write everything well enough. I also hope that, going by what there is to know about Moira so far, I could guess at her character well enough as well and that you’re going to like it!

- While Moira likes to tease at times, she enjoys interesting and riveting talks as well. Not just about morale or what is currently going on, but discussions that go deeper, get more personal and she often finds herself sitting together with her partner, their drinks already cold and they’re still talking.

- She’s softer in her touches, partly because she knows how quick her nails are to scratch her love and partly because she simply likes it. To lightly rest hands on their shoulders or to brush fingertips along their scalp or to gently take hold of their hips to move them a step or two to the side so she can reach something easier.

- Moira isn’t one for saying things like ‘I love you’ or anything close to the heart often. She is, however, free with endearments and she especially loves it when she can see her partner likes one endearment in particular.

- Moira likes talking about her work, most of all about exploring and improving human constitution or just discovering the way the cells in her petri dish change when she does certain things to them. It’s highly fascinating to her and she likes sharing that elation with her love.

- In the same sense, she likes listening to what her partner is passionate about. Even if it’s entirely out of her field of knowledge, she asks questions and aside from that, she just likes the spark in her love’s eyes and to see them get expressive and to hear the excited tone of their voice.

- She often tends to have cooler hands, especially if she had to sit over her work for a few hours, mainly observing and only jotting down a few words here and there. When her partner takes her hands between theirs to warm them back up, her gaze softens and her smile changes into something warm and affectionate.

- While Moira doesn’t mind light touches in public and doesn’t hesitate to call her partner endearments as well - as long as they don’t seriously object to that - she’s keeping other displays of affection private.

- Moira often finds herself either waking before her partner or not going to sleep at all, her work keeping her up. When her love shuffles into the kitchen, looking sleepy or giving her a soft, warm smile, she leans over, wraps an arm around their waist and drops a kiss to their temple or cheek.

- She knows that her work takes up a lot of her time, a lot more than other people are willing to put up with, so Moira does her best to remember to organize a date night then and again, to get out of her lab early and spend the rest of the day or evening with her partner.

- While Moira has a good handle on it if other agents get hurt in the field, she finds herself tensing whenever she overhears that her partner took a bullet or that the agents lost sight of them and try to find them again. She often offers to boost her love’s constitution, to make them more resistant to damage and to give them an advantage in power and even healing abilities.

- In the nights when Moira can’t sleep or she goes to bed late, she finds herself running a hand over her partner’s head, just watching them sleep without a worry. She doesn’t say it, but listening to their soft breaths and looking at their relaxed face makes her feel more at peace.

IGN Interview Thoughts

IGN released an interview with Marc the other day. It’s pretty much the same spoilers that have been released since SDCC, but there were a few interesting tidbits that have me extremely excited that I wanted to talk about. And I have a lot of thoughts on the reaction to the Olicity section of the article as well.


“Can she ever really be normal? It’s a good question. With that DNA? Yeah, who knows? She might be a little – maybe, a little House of Cards, a little Moira-esque action going on. It might be really fun.”

Moira-esque action?

Is my dream of Thea becoming a Baby Moira actually coming true? Sweet baby Jesus let it happen! I miss the energy Moira brought to the show and I’ve been DYING for Thea to take a walk on the dark side (beyond blood lust).


Did we know Lance is playing a role in the Mayor’s office? I feel like that’s new information. At least for me. IT. IS. AWESOME. I honestly couldn’t figure out what they were doing with Lance after terminating him from the police department. This will add a new dynamic to his relationship with Oliver. I am super here for Lance spiraling over Laurel. Yes please. Paul Blackthorne kills those types of scenes.


I am very happy to hear that Diggle is getting an army storyline that is separate from Team Arrow, but will ultimately tie into Team Arrow. The more they give David Ramsey room to shine the brighter the show becomes.


Yes. I read it. First, kudos to my Tumblr peeps. Y’all were CHILL. I have an excellently tight bubble.

Twitter was not so much with the chill. I actually had to get off Twitter yesterday because the negativity was upsetting me.

So… let’s talk about the quote:

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