I miss Moira

Cat Grant and Moira Dearden-Queen are the best business women the other has ever met. Moira lost her husband and son in a yachting accident, ever since which she’s been the head of Queen Consolidated. She eventually conceded to an interview with Cat. Their initial antagonistic journalist-businesswoman banter fades into a conversation about motherhood. The two become best-friends. On one of the rare occasions they see each other in person, their relationship becomes sexual. As the two fall for each other deeper, they must contend with balancing their love for each other with their responsibilities in two entirely different cities.

Moira tires of Robert’s endless affairs with younger women and begins a relationship with intern Isabel Rochev. When she ultimately decides to divorce her husband, he threatens to sue for custody. Faced with losing her children, she reneges on her promises to Isobel, who vengefully transforms to The Ravager.

I miss Arrow. No, I’m not talking about that crap that pretends it’s anywhere near as good as your average fanfic. No, I’m talking about the days where Oliver was a vigilante who shot arrows and had awesome fight sequences, instead of just being Felicity’s love interest who gets ten seconds of taking it in turns with Damien Darhk (the main villain of the season) to punch each other in the face (seriously, the choreographers thought they deserved an Emmy for THAT?!). I miss when the hacking was at a realistic level and solely for finding information, rather than being the primary fight action like some shitty anime about hackers. I miss people handling their relationships maturely. I miss the days where Moira let Oliver know that she knew his secret and told him she could not be more proud, without making some massive melodramatic deal about it like her discount replacement. I miss villains who mattered to Oliver, rather than just being the latest to want to destroy Star City. I miss Felicity being quirky and actually funny, instead of just being a sociopathic asshole who has to make everything about her, yet never gets called out on anything she does wrong (and she does a lot of things wrong). I miss Diggle being the perfect foil to Oliver with proper baggage instead of just the olicity cheerleader whose backstory is completely undermined. I miss Laurel getting actual storylines and development, instead of just being treated like yet another vigilante who gets to go out with the team a few times, then is killed off for reasons that the writers prove themselves to be bullshit, when we all know it’s because of fucking olicity thanks to that shitty deathbed speech. I miss writers who knew how to write people, who knew how the real world works. I miss being excited to start a new season, instead of wishing it would go die in a hole, but at the same time being glad because it kept Guggenheim busy and away from the now superior Flash.