I might even make something else

I’ll let you talk about English and origins of words even though it doesn’t interest me as much but I know you love words so I’m going to let you talk about it all you want.
I’ll let you tell me about all your collections even though I don’t really want to know but that’s okay because it’s what you’re interested in so I’m going to let you talk about it all you want.
I’ll let you vent about your life even though it might take hours because I want you to feel better so I’m going to let you talk about it all you want.
I’ll let you talk about things that make you happy even if i want to talk about something else because you deserve all the happiness in the world and I don’t want you to get hurt anymore.
—  you’ve been through so much pain in your life already and I vow to always always listen to you and make you happy

so I was sitting here thinking about klaus and how adamant he is that he can save his daughter, how he just has to save her and how he feels he’s the only one who can save her. I talked a lot today about why he would feel that way but while I was thinking about something else a little while ago I realized something else that might be on his mind and factoring into his feeling that only he can save her and why he’s acting the way he is about keeping Hayley and Hope close to him so that he can. These are just random thoughts that I hope make sense 

If we go back to the season premiere Klaus was VERY broken over loosing his daughter. He knew she was alive but still he grieved not having her and a major part of his intense grief he felt was because of his guilt over what happened, over what his actions lead to and how he wasn’t able to stop what happened to Hayley and almost to his child until it was too late. It was eating away at him, he couldn’t even be around Hayley and could barely look at her in the eyes when he finally had to face her because she had died, she had died after giving birth and their child was taken and was seconds away from being sacrificed and because of the mess they had to send her away. He felt such guilt over that whole thing even though he did everything he could to get to hayley and hope and save them before the witches did anything. technically he failed to save Hayley and he almost failed to save Hope. 

I thought about this because that whole situation in the finale happened because Klaus took his eyes off of Hayley and didn’t know where she was. When the vamps attacked the compound he told Elijah to get Hayley to safety, that’s it and Elijah didn’t do that but HE DIDN’T KNOW. not only didn’t he know that Hayley hadn’t gotten away from the compound but he also didn’t know where she really could have been until it was too late. By the time he had realized Genevieve’s treachery his power had been drained and Hayley was already gone and in the hands of the witches leaving him completely unable to save her and hope. 

That can’t happen again in Klaus’s head. He can’t make that same mistake twice he just can’t because it would be too costly. So that’s why he feels like he needs to keep them close to him and he needs to have as much control over there whereabouts as possible, because last time he relinquished that control Hayley ended up dead and his daughter almost did too and that guilt tore him apart. At the safe house he knows where they are and that they are for sure safe for the time being even if he’s not watching them every second. There is no doubt there since the spell is still working and Dahlia cant come in there. At the compound he would know where they are, he would get to them in time, he has a chance to do something in time. Last time he had no idea where Hayley was until he instinctively picked up her screams/howls and once he did get there it was too late, she was in labor already and there was nothing he could do because he had no strength. That’s why he wants them where she has control, next to him of at the very least where he knows how to find them anywhere else he doesn’t have that control. Any other alternative threatens to have history repeat itself because if Hayley is out there without him, where he doesn’t know where she is exactly and can get to her and hope then he will for sure loose her and his daughter, two things he can not handle.If Dahlia finds Hayley she will kill her, Hayley will die and his daughter will be taken AGAIN and by the time he finds them, by the time he gets there it will be too late to prevent it AGAIN  and it’s even scarier this time because If Hayley dies she’s not coming back and he will feel the devastation of her death again and even greater this time and if Hope gets taken he’s not gonna get her back, as skilled of a witch Dahlia is she could hide her forever if she wanted too so he will feel the devastation of loosing his daughter again and it will be an unbearable. He can not loose Hope, he can’t, he can’t loose Hayley either. 

Klaus is terrified of his own potential failure and history repeating itself in a more devastating fashion 

I try not to look at everything through my ship-colored glasses, but I can’t help thinking that what made Athelnar shine so much was also the fact that this show has basically no other ship that has a true, loyal love that lasted. In season 2 they might have been one of the many ships, probably even the one that, although strong and fascinating, was happening more in subtext than text - but season 3? Athelnar in season 3 got on some epic heights of canon romance that was getting better and better with each episode, while everything around them was basically getting destroyed. I think it might have been a coincidence and not something Hirst planned, but the more I think of it, the more contrast between Athelnar and everybody else I see. Almost as if everything around them conspired to make them look like that One True Pairing.

Let’s check:

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While I’m waiting for prompts, I thought I’d dabble in a…different direction with the snowgies. As in, what would happen if Elsa had accidentally created one years ago when their parents were still around. So, uh…needless to say, this won’t be fluffy. Not until the end when I fast forward to the present and Anna makes things happier.

Elsa used to sneeze snowflakes. But as her power grew, her parents soon learned that even something as simple as a sneeze had grown into something…more.

“Agdar, what should we do?” Idunn whispered anxiously, closing the door after checking in on the crown princess.

“I don’t know,” the King of Arendelle muttered, tiredly running a hand down his face. “This…has never happened before. But we can’t let it run around, or else Anna might accidentally find it.”

Both of their gazes fell to the creature struggling in Idunn’s arms. It was small–even smaller than a baby–and it was made out of snow, with two small coal eyes and a single coal serving as a button. It had no arms, but its puny legs were swinging back and forth as it tried to wiggle free. The creature’s mouth was parted slightly, curled downwards into a frown.

Agdar tore his gaze away, unable to look at the clearly distressed creature any longer.

It was so small.

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Can I say something? Like a personal something

I always kinda keep this to myself but I don’t feel like it anymore
I’m a Ridiculously jealous person
I compare myself to artists and get so mad with myself when I see how far someone else has gone in life
I actually didn’t Want to see Steven Universe at first because I was jealous that Rebecca Sugar got the chance to make her own show
But I’m SO glad I sat down and gave it a chance because I Love it!
and I only just realized something today

I might not be as popular as some artists (hell I’m even jealous of some of my followers. You’re All So good then I’m just like “sketches of faces” “standing bodies” “cartoons as teenagers”??) but SOMEBODY likes my work somebody sees my work and likes it enough to share it or reblog it or even write in the tags! 3,780 some bodies to be exact and That makes me want to keep trying and keep working!

I need to stop worrying or caring about what other bigger artists think of me and just be myself

Because myself is Bigger than I could have Ever dreamed to be

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Why am I always told that pagan ideas are less than anyone and everyone elses. Why is it so necessary for other religious people to blittle my ideas. Will I have to deal with this forever...?

A fun little fact about the world: Every group likes to pretend that their religion is better than everyone elses. Even pagans like to pretend they’re superior to every other religion. I think it stems from both ignorance and insecurity. We all want to believe that we’re on the right path spiritually, but some people become so fearful of being wrong and that fear transforms into something ugly - the need to attack and belittle anyone who doesn’t follow their faith because it somehow reaffirms to them that they’re right. I don’t get it, I never will, but it might make it easier to deal with these people if you keep in mind that most of the time they’re incredibly insecure about their faith.

You don’t have to deal with this forever, though. If you don’t know the person who does this to you, try to brush it off. They’re not going to be in your life for very long. If you do know the people doing this, talk to them about it. Tell them how it makes you feel. If they refuse to listen you may have to ask yourself if they’re deserving of being a part of your life. People who make you feel like garbage are not people you should keep in your life. It’s not going to be easy, but life gets a lot better when you come to terms with the fact that you don’t owe poisonous people anything and you’re better off without them.



: “Because it doesn’t fit me, maybe you can seduce Aiden with it later” she said with a laugh after gathering all of her linens and pillows, planning on making the best blanket fort ever. The nurse costume was for something else, but considering she didn’t feel like binding to wear it, might as well give it to Nathaniel.

“Maybe I can make it even sexier if that’s the case”

“Ohhh~ I don’t need anything like this to seduce him, trust me…”

He stared at all the pillows, not knowing why she was going to make a fort.

“Sexier?… Don’t make it shorter!” Nathaniel pulled on the dress as if he was trying to make it longer. “Are you planning a movie night or something?”

yanno what i hate? when I’m like “tumblr is great because it allows a lot of people to express themselves who dont have anywhere else to do so”


aND IM LIKE ??? you’re saying this oN TUMBLR?? If you hate it so much fucking LOG OFF??? delete your blog?? because though it might not be perfect, dont fucking “oh honey…” me, because it makes me happy and gives me a lot off support for just being me which is something i’ve never gotten outside of tumblr and it’s saved me from dark days so if you aren’t appreciative of the positive sides to this website why are you still here

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Do you think they're trying to make this album 'an album you can listen to anytime' because they know it's going to be their last so they want songs that people will listen to for years and not get sick of them

No, I think they keep saying this is going to be a great album because you can’t promo an album saying it’s going to suck and everybody is going to hate it, you’re always going to say the usual ‘you guys are going to love it, best album so far’ speech because what else can you say? It might be the last one for all we know but going straight to that conclusion seems a bit pessimistic, in my opinion.

They were very excited about FOUR because they were finally doing something they liked and getting involved in the production process, so I expect them to be even more excited for this one because they have more experience, more free time and what looks like a new team. I think they’re making this “an album you can listen to anytime” because they’re working their arses off and they’re proud of it.

So I’ve made a pact with myself for this year’s costuming and Dragon*con:

Or rather a list to abide by…

1. Stop stressing out about costumes. It’s stupid. : There’s literally no need to give a shit what people think about your craftsmanship or how accurately you made something. WHO CARES. They’re shit fucks for pointing out anything anyway. I’ve tried making things incredibly accurate in the past…and guess what? IT’S UNATTAINABLE! Like perfection. At least for me it isn’t. And perfection is unattainable by all. So I’m trying to take more comfort in that.

2. If someone comes up to me and says something about my costume, for which they try to pass of as “creative criticism”. Be prepared, I might flash you my asshole. Good day to you.: No but seriously…I’m not even standing this shit any more. Nor am I going to humor any one else that does this. Or if I see it happening to someone else. I’m done with it. Try it on me and fear my wrath.

3. I’m not paying a good chunk of change I could be spending on something more clever, to babysit, give a shit about or follow around people who need to learn to have their own good time at a convention. : I don’t follow anyone around anyway, and I’m not keen on other people following us around. We’re loners and we like it that way. If you have a problem with that and I receive some tacky social media private message from you about it…AH GOOD DAY TO YOU.

4. Done with overly dramatic people who feel as if the world revolves around them. : Self explanatory.

5. If something breaks, rips, sweats off, etc. off of our costumes…I’m not giving a shit. : And if someone points it out, we’re reverting back to #2. It’s a convention. You’re meant to have fun. DEAL WITH IT.

6. I don’t buy the right fabrics. I’m learning to like that again. Because I do not have the money to be able to afford $$ -$$$ and higher range fabric. : When I can afford it, I get it. If I can make it work…I’ll make it fuckin’ work.

7. Stop letting no good, fuck face, pieces of shit get me down. : If you’re gonna act like a taint waffle, I’m not even going to give you the time of day. And yes, I realize there are loads of taint waffles at conventions. I’ve ignored far more annoying kids in middle school when I was 100lbs over weight. I can handle these douche canoes. I’m tired of letting others ruin a perfectly good hobby for me.

8. Be happy with the skills I have. : They’re what I have and I can’t change them. Only work as hard as I can.

9. Don’t work so hard for just a costume. : It’s just a costume. You’re getting too old to cry in the middle of your own floor because something doesn’t fit like it did on a size 2 actress. Fuck it. I don’t compete nor do I care to. I never started to sew to compete. I started it to be a part of a community during LotR. When no one gave a flying fuck if you had done something accurately or had any type of following on a social media site….because there wasn’t any social media sites! And I loved that…Miss it really…

10. Love what you’ve done in the past and embrace other things. : I like what I like and making costumes isn’t the only thing I do. It’s only part. 

Getting so seriously invested makes me feel like a fool. It makes me look like a fool too. I’ve treated others spitefully, inadvertently because others around me made me feel like I need to “up my game”. And for what? Ya know…piss off. I have no game to up at a convention and neither do you.

The spite, the dramatic over kill. The literal VENGEANCE….it’s taken a toll on me for the past 10 years. And if I’m going to step foot into a convention again, I’ve got to reform everything that I’ve witnessed in those years. 

It wasn’t the whole 10 years. Several were still light hearted. No cares of costumes being up to some sort of weird, invisible standard. It was merely to have fun. As the con scene got popular, the cattiness really revved up. And I feel like I became a damaged product of my con environment. 

Listen, I don’t care how big or small I look in a costume…why am I doing 300 situps to look skinnier in spandex? I should be doing it for my health. And I should be doing it when I want to do it.

If you don’t like my fat ass in spandex, well too bad. My significant other of 10+ years does.

And I don’t care. I’m older, wiser. I’m happier not giving a shit about how good my costume looks. I’ll still make stuff, as I still get excited for researching, fabric hunting and crafting. But I am completely removing the negative. 

So if you see something that you believe is “inaccurate” on our costumes this year and you come up and say something about it? Don’t be shocked when we flick you off and walk away. It’s the last childish act I’ll lend to this hobby of costuming and convention going.


to hayestbh - you are without a doubt my internet bestfriend, maybe even just bestfriend. I can legit tell you any and everything (which i do) and i dont feel like im being judged or put down for it. You’re crazy, funny (hilarious i might add) and always know how to make me laugh. We had that one falling out for a little bit and it kinda sucked bc i felt kinda alone…hah and i was super bored lol. shit i was gonna say something else but i forgot..hahah I hope i meet you soon somewhere in the near future and ily and hate u

to itsnaeloves - BAEEE whats up? how ya been? .. hahah i miss talking to u and fangirling over aaron and johnson.. lol I cant remember if i told you this or not but ily

to shennmendezz - BABEEE. I miss you :( where have you been. Like i havent talked to you in like forever and i miss you :((( I hope everythings okay and yeahh ily  

to my gc or blanket squad- i love each and everyone of you. If jordyn wouldnt have messaged me and asked me if i wanted to join the gc idk what i would be doing instead of oovooing you guys like every other night. Without a doubt you are my squad and I cant wait to get a beach house in LA in like 3 years..hahah Lol im glad you guys think my awkwardness is cute and i love you guys :) 
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There’s a thing dad always said to me:
“When people hurt others they, many times, forget or never know what they did wrong. However the one that got hurt will always remember.”
So many times I wonder, maybe I did hurt people and do not remember. I know for sure that I remember the times I got hurt. Many times people deny they did something, mostly because they really don’t remember I guess.
My point is yeah scars hurt more to the ones they belong to, it’s not just the same as looking, or even opening it up.
This is something I think about a lot.
That goes fo scars you make on yourself too, so you know why they’re there.
At least for me that’s how it goes, idk.
Thing is, it might not hurt you, but you never know how much it will hurt someone else.

i’m such a sucker for queerplatonic johndave…. like its the only ship im really passionate about for either of these two. just…. these really close friends who love each other so much. maybe john has romo feelings for dave and they make it work. they hold hands and sleep in the same bed and say “i love you” to each other, sometimes they even kiss. they’re soulmates, and for john it’s a romantic kind of love, and for dave it’s something else, and what they have is still perfect for both of them and they don’t have sex or anything because they’re both ace. john might be sex neutral and dave is sex repulsed and so neither of them are interested in that. and it’s just perfect for them and they wouldn’t want it any other way.

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Hello! Do you think Rosalie would give up on Emmett to become a normal human again? I mean, she can hate all the vampirism and stuff but I cant imagine her letting go from the cullens, she really really love them

I think Rosalie says she would give him up, I think she might even *think* she would given him up, but it’s easy to say those things when there is literally no chance of it. I think she would feel differently if she actually HAD that choice (if, IDK, there was one dose of a cure for vampirism and she could take it and become human but Emmett would stay a vampire and so would everyone else), I don’t know that she could go through with it. 

It’s easy to say “I would give anything to be human again!” when it’s not a deal you can actually make. It’s not something she ever has to actually follow through on. I think she does have her limits though, I think there are prices that would be too high for her to pay. 

I think in Rosalie’s ideal world, she would want them all to become human again. Yes, even Edward. 

I am sick of it. I am so sick of it. I am sick of people justifying the riots and destruction in Baltimore, I am sick of people saying all police are evil. I am sick of people telling lies and believing lies thats sole purpose is to make a certain group look bad. Someone says something, someone else says that it didn’t happen, a random person said they saw it, and the person who first said it later said he didn’t even see it, but everyone just cut out the part that shows they might be wrong, because it can help ‘justify’ their hatred. I am sick of people outright saying 'white people/men are disgusting’ and saying things like that, and having thousands of people support them. I am so sick and tired of this, you say you want equality but all you care about is demonizing a group, it’s disgusting. Don’t believe absolutely everything a website tries to feed you, especially when it has been wrong on so many things in the past.


If you answer no to all of these questions, why should you even worry about it. Who really cares if someone else identifies as something other than what you do? Let them be a ‘rabbit/tree/dragon/angel/void’ if they want to. It’s their prerogative. They aren’t hurting you at all just by being on the internet, and if they somehow ‘are’ hurting you by existing then you might want to see a doctor about that. 


I’m otherkin and I hate the little shits on tumblr and FR that never, ever, shut up about it.

They make me 100% embarrassed to say anything about being otherkin. 

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This might just be me personally, there really isn't any evidence to back it up, but I always looked at Arquius as a sort of concentration of all of Dirk/AR and Equius' worst/most obnoxious traits. It's something I always laughed at, and even in this recent update I found Arquius relatively funny (though still OOC maybe?). But anyway, it might not make sense to anyone else, but to me it makes sense for Arquius to say or do things that Equius (or even AR) might not say.

yeah … how i think of its kind of like …

alright so i go by the idea that whats prototyped first is the less dominant .. its more the body then mind but still a part of the mind … so equius has less say in things

now Imagen you are a imature 13 year old and suddenly you get tossed these conflicted ideas of some around 18 year old alien that is already pretty conflicted about these things BUT you dont have much emotion cause guess what your a robot so you just shove aside the emotional part (the part thats stopping equisu from being an ass hole) and take on these feelings and opinions head on and they fuck with your head and you end up being an ass hole cause only half of you properly feels 

i mean dont get me wrong arquius is adorable and funny but just .. hes a problem .. a great head cannon confirming problem but hes a problem