I might actually color this one in eventually


so this is a shoddy thing i did yesterday w/ one of my conceptual designs for rhodo (except i added some ruffles at the end of her sleeves as like a finishing touch i guess? the reason i chose C for this is bc not only was it my personal favorite (ironic, since only one person chose C as their fave… sorry @ everyone else) but it was also the easiest to draw imho) 

(yes, eventually i’ll actually draw out her face when i make a proper ref for her but these are just conceptual designs so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

i was also planning out a color palette for her as you might see; both versions have the same palette (i might try to come up w/ more later)

but the difference here is w/ her hair; yesterday this idea came up in mind; what if she had streaks in her hair similar to that of a irl rhodochrosite gem? so, i made one version w/ the streaks, and the other w/o them. 

do you think she’d look good w/ her streaks, or are they a bit too much for the design? also, does this design look okay? or do you maybe like one of the other ones i made better? (link is already at the top of this, bolded)



had one of the prettiest walks today. Everything was so colorful and the air made me feel so alive! I can’t believe how autumn never fails to excite.

I’m actually filled with so much happiness and joy to be alive today. So here’s something I want you to ALWAYS remember:

Stop hoping for happiness to make its way to your life. It’s your duty to get up NOW and start creating the life you want in this present moment. Some things might not be possible now, but that’s no excuse for not being happy now. No one can promise you, that you will be alive in ten years, not eventuate you’ll be here tomorrow. So stop waiting for happiness in the future and start appreciating every present moment. Try to travel, write, watch shows, go for a walk or just relax in bed. If you find yourself in a routine that is everything than satisfying - leave. Happiness is a now thing and there’s nothing stopping you! Remember that.

(old picture// 2015)