I mean when you take it frame by frame this hug is just wow

Late Late Shit Show

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Hi! This is just a fun little one shot I recently thought of. I am by no means an amazing writer but I wanted to share this story line anyways. I hope you enjoy reading this one shot. xx


Late Late Shit Show

You had recently started promoting a brand new movie you were starring in. As a new actress, everyone wanted to get to know you. They wanted to know anything and everything. You didn’t mind, you always liked the attention. You had already been interviewed by Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, E! News, and various others. But you were most excited to appear on the Late Late Show with James Corden. You always found his show to be the most entertaining and relatable.


The stage lights were particularly bright which made you sweat. James had already asked you the basic questions about your movie but this next segment was a surprise. James loved getting celebrities genuine reactions so this next bit was not rehearsed, not scripted, and you had no earthly idea what was about to happen.

“Alright, Y/N, I heard you were single.” James said with a smirk. You laughed, “unfortunately I am”. The crowd let out an audible “awww”. “No worries! That’s actually why I created the next segment. It’s called Live Tinder!” The crowd cheered. All you managed to say was, “Oh God!” James laughed. “We typically make members of my staff play but since you’re so single we decided to let you give it a try. If you like the guy, he gets to sit in the chairs on the right. If you choose to swipe left, he will have to fall into the ball pit.” You were nervous. Your friends always made fun of how picky you were with guys. You had standards and you were not willing to settle for any guy who wasn’t going to move mountains for you.

“Okay, here’s the first contender!” The first guy stepped up on the stage and into the tinder picture frame. He looked like Mr. Clean. He looked like Howie Mandel. He looked like he wasn’t your type. “Um…I’m swiping left.” You said nervously. The guy immediately fell into the ball pit. “Wow starting off on the left foot I see!” James giggled.

James brought up a few more guys and you finally had two guys sitting in chairs on the right. But naturally James had a trick up his sleeve. “So Y/N, I hear you have a massive celebrity crush on one of my friends.” Your eyes grew wide. Your heart was racing. You were horrified. “Um…I don’t know what you’re talking about, James!” You were trying to play it casual but you were a nervous wreck. “Okay well let’s bring up the next possible match!” A tall brown haired man made his way on the stage. His hair was short but had a slight curl. His eyes were green but not a green you had ever seen before. He was tattooed. He looked at you and smiled, his dimples showing. You froze. “So Y/N, is it going to be a swipe to the left or right?!” James questioned with the biggest damn smirk on his face. “Cheeky bastard” you thought. “Well I mean I’ve been on Tinder and I know you can Super Like someone so this is me using my Super Like.” you quickly stated. The man just looked at you and laughed.

But, James wasn’t done yet. “Okay well Y/N let me properly introduce you two beautiful people. Y/N, this is your celebrity crush, your dream man, your Super Liked Tinder match, Mr. Harry Styles! Harold, this is Y/N.” Harry immediately walked towards you and engulfed your small frame in a hug. He smelled like sex, love, and all things holy. Damn, he smelled good and you hoped his scent would rub off on your clothes. His hug was perfection and if you could stay in this moment forever, you would.


As soon as the show ended you found yourself in your dressing room. The taping had shot your nerves and the best medicine you could find was listening to some Ed Sheeran on Spotify. You sang along softly to the music. As you were gathering your belongings, you heard a knock on the door. “Come in! It’s open!” you shouted above the music. As soon as the words left your mouth you continued to sing softly not bothering to look up from what you were doing. “You’re even cuter when you’re singing, pet” a low British voice said. You froze. You thought it was just your stylist and friend who had come in but nope. It was Harry. “Oh wow sorry you had to listen to that. I’m so sorry James made you come on the show just for that segment.” You couldn’t stop apologizing. It was like word vomit.

As the words and apologies continued to flow out, Harry walked closer. You began taking the smallest steps back until your back was up against a wall and there was no where else to go. Harry towered above you. The word vomit had stopped and now you were speechless. Your breathing picked up and you swore he could see your heart beat out of your chest. His strong hands slowly found their way to your face. He smirked seeing you squirm out of nerves. Your eyes darted back and forth from his eyes to his lips. Harry bit his lip. He pushed his body against you and before you knew it, his lips were colliding with yours. The kisses suddenly got deeper and longer. He was yearning for your affection. He pulled away slowly and put his head on your forehead while his eyes never leaving yours. Harry slowly breathed in as you tried to steady your heartbeat. Harry’s voice immediately got deeper and sexier, “Always wanted to kiss my celebrity crush”.

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Bubble bath with Jeonghan~

lmao I hope this is to your liking anonnie~ ♥

You huffed when you closed the door behind you and dropped your gym bag to the floor.

“Welcome home!” Jeonghan called from the couch, and you greeted him while toeing your shoes off. Rubbing your shoulders one by one, you walked to the living room. He moved his eyes from his phone screen to you and grinned. “How was the gym?”

You knew full well that while you had been working out, he had been more or less just lying down on the couch, and you sighed while stretching a little. “Exhausting. I could really use a bath…”

At that, Jeonghan suddenly sat up and put his phone away, while a playful grin took over his features. “Got it. Sit down for a bit, babe, and I’ll get you real soon.”

With widened eyes, you could only nod and mumble “Okay…” while Jeonghan quickly kissed you on the side of your head and disappeared into the bathroom. You sat down on the couch, still confused about what your boyfriend had in mind, and began fiddling with your phone to keep yourself entertained while you waited.

You didn’t keep track of the time, but it was probably no more than ten minutes or so later that Jeonghan opened the bathroom door and peeked through it, his torso bare and his lips stretched to a wide smile. “Alright, Y/N, everything’s ready. Come on.”

Unable to keep the smile from spreading to your lips, too, you got up and walked to the bathroom, unsure of what to expect. Once he had let you in, Jeonghan observed proudly how your expression went from curious to amazed, with your eyebrows rising and eyes widening and your lips parting into a fascinated “Wow”. 

“Not bad, huh?” Jeonghan asked with a snicker, referring to the bubble bath he had set for you, as well as the candles by the sink and counter, placed so that they gave you some romantic lighting but wouldn’t set either of you alight. Your towels were hanging neatly from their hooks and even the small mat you had by the bathtub was placed a lot more carefully than it normally was. While you remained speechless, Jeonghan wrapped his arms around your shoulders from behind and whispered in amusement. “I also put that bath salt of yours into it.”

You turned around in his embrace and smiled at him as you wrapped your arms around his neck, smiling softly before bringing your lips to his for a moment. “Thank you.”

Jeonghan gave you another quick kiss and shook his head before grinning and sliding his hands down to your butt to squeeze it. “Now, let’s get in.”

Already nodding, you only registered his words a few seconds later. “Wait, so you’re joining?”

Your boyfriend shrugged, the playful grin still present on his face. “Unless you have something against it?”

After some quick thought, you shook your head and tapped Jeonghan’s cheek before pulling away from his hug so that you could undress. “Not at all.”

Jeonghan took off his joggers and boxers, and silently watched you take off your clothes as well, piece by piece, and by the time you were as bare as he was, his Adam’s apple had already bobbed more than once. 

You grinned at him when you had finally put your underwear to the laundry basket. “Were we supposed to get in, or?”

“Ah, yes,” Jeonghan said hurriedly and laughed while motioning you to get in first, and you did just that. You let out a satisfied sigh as you soaked in the water, which was pleasantly warm around your sore muscles and overall tired body, and held a faint scent of your favorite fruit. It was strong enough for you to somewhat smell it, but weak enough not to be unpleasantly sharp - definitely a good buy. Jeonghan stepped in on the other end of the tub, and you felt his feet by your hips while he lifted your legs on top of his. “Do your legs need a massage?”

Squinting, you nodded slowly. “Sure… But what are you trying to make up for?”

Jeonghan’s bubbly laughter filled the dimly lit bathroom, and even you laughed a little. “What do you mean? Can’t I just pamper you because I feel like it?”

He had already started to gently massage your left calf muscle, although if you were asked, the massage was more tickling than it was relaxing. You shrugged. “Of course you can, it’s just… weird, I guess.”

“Don’t tell that to others, that doesn’t really make me sound like a good boyfriend,” Jeonghan hummed jokingly while thoroughly massaging your muscle before moving to the left one. “Either way, in that case I suppose I should pamper you a bit more often.”

You shrugged and stroked Jeonghan’s legs slowly, affectionately, and giggled. “You don’t have to. You’re the perfect boyfriend the way you are.”

He lifted his face, since he had been focusing more on your legs, and gave you a smile that was so soft that you knew your words had hit him hard. You freed your legs from his touch and got closer to him, and with some of the foam getting stuck to your hand, you caressed Jeonghan’s left cheek. 

“I love you,” you said quietly and leaned closer to press a kiss to the corner of Jeonghan’s mouth, after which you pressed another soft kiss on the mole on his right cheek, from where you moved to his lips, this time giving him a full kiss. He chuckled and held you lovingly as you slowly found a comfortable position between his legs with your back facing him.

You played with Jeonghan’s feet with yours, and his arms wrapped loosely around your waist. He leaned down to kiss you gently on your neck, after which he merely leaned his head on your shoulder, and a lot less sensually brought his hands to the top of the water and caught a lot of foam with them before bringing them to you and covering the part of you that wasn’t underwater with it.

“A foam beard, really?” you laughed out when you felt him giving you one, and you turned back playfully. Jeonghan snickered.

“It suits you,” he said in amusement, and only laughed more when you brought some foam to his jaw, chin and cheeks as well.

“Now we’re matching,” you giggled, playing with Jeonghan’s hair while looking deep into his eyes, slightly hooded as they always were.

“Have you ever seen a beard be kissed away?” he asked with a straight face and started to lean closer to you. The corners of your mouth tugged upwards as you shook your head, and a mere second after that Jeonghan’s lips were on yours, playful and daring and passionate.

And when he later pulled away, neither of you had any foam on your faces, except a few rare spots.

When you had calmed down again and Jeonghan was playing with your fingers, he called your name, and you hummed.

“But actually… I wanted to tell you that I kind of accidentally dropped the photo of us that you had framed, and the frames broke.”

“Were you stretching on the couch again?”


You shook your head. “We’ll just buy a new frame.”

Jeonghan nodded and pressed a kiss to your shoulder.

You murmured. “I knew you were making up for something…”

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Eye Contact Pt. 2 (M)

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: smut

Word count: 5.8k

Description: After you two had sex for the first time, Jungkook thought he could just be shameless while being at a restaurant. So you wanted him to proof you that he really is willing to be a good boy for you.

Content: slight sub!jk, thigh riding, anal play

Parts: 1 | 2

“Oh so you wanna be a good boy for me?”

He turned his head away and blushed.

He mumbled something but you couldn’t understand. You pushed yourself up a bit so you could get your face closer to his. “What did you say, baby?” you asked with confidence.

Jungkook turned his head back, your noses were slightly touching now.

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Jealous- Chanyeol

Being the talkative and friendly person you are you didn’t think much of it when you sat between Chen and Kai after you and Chanyeol had arrived to their dorm. Chanyeol went off to his and D.O’s room to change and when he returned he sat quietly across the room on his phone. You didn’t see his glances or eye rolls when Chen would make you laugh or when Kai would nudge your shoulder after telling a dirty joke. You thought Chanyeol was dealing with an important email or looking at fan accounts of himself so you didn’t want to bother him. It wasn’t until Chen put his hand on your lower thigh after a joke he told that made you lean on Kai from laughing so hard Chanyeol decided he had enough.
Getting up off the couch, with a growl in the back of his throat, he walked off to his room slamming the door so hard the picture frames on the wall fell to the floor. All laughter stopped mid breath. You look from Kai to Chen with questioning eyes. They both shrug their shoulders not know what was wrong with Chanyeol either. You had no idea what made Yeollie act that way. You had only seen him angry a handful of times and they were all scary. Getting up you tell the boys you are going to check on him. They give you worried looks knowing how Chanyeol gets when upset, but they let you go.
Walking down the hall you stop and pick up the frames that fell and place them back where they belong. Stopping right outside the door you take a deep breath to calm yourself before knocking and going in the room. You see Chanyeol leaning over his desk with his hands balled in fist taking shallow breathes. “Yeollie?” you call out his nickname you know his loves hoping it will help with whatever has upset him so. When he doesn’t respond you step closer reaching your hand out to rub his back, “Chanyeol, baby, are you okay? What’s wrong?”
As soon as your hand comes in contact with his back he spins around knocking your hand away and staring down at you with angry eyes. Your own eyes widen and you backup, not expecting that reaction to come from him. Being almost a foot taller than you makes him even scarier when he is really angry. “What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Really, are you serious right now?” Chanyeol says to you. “Babe, I don’t understand. What has you so upset?” You have never seen him this upset and it was hurting your heart not knowing how you could help him. “Maybe I’m upset because my so called ‘girlfriend’ is falling all over my ‘friends’ and flirting with them right in front of my eyes!! Maybe that’s why I’m so upset.” with every word he took a step forward making you take one back each time.
By the last sentence you are against the door with Chanyeol in your face with an angry expression. You didn’t know what to say. You thought nothing of it while sitting and laughing along with Chen and Kai. Looking up at Chanyeol you find it hard to form a sentence. Just now noticing his expression isn’t one of anger but one of hurt and sadness and maybe even fear? “Chanyeol, Yeollie, what are you talking about? I was talking to Chen and Kai. Just talking. You know how they are and how close I am with all the boys. They have become my brothers. That’s it, my brothers.” you try to explain to him. “You were all over them! That’s not just talking.” he fights back. You sigh knowing why this is happening. Knowing Chanyeol’s past, knowing how many girls have used him to try and get to other members made you upset that he would think that lowly of you.
You start to get mad. “Really, Chanyeol? You think I am like them? All the other girls that were trash and worthless for doing something as low as using a kind and caring person like you to get someone else? Do you think that low of me? Wow, and I thought you said you trusted me. Maybe it’s me who should be yelling and upset and scaring you.” you finish off yelling the last few words with tears in your eyes hurt by what was happening. He backed away, “Scaring you? I’m scaring you?” he looked more hurt than ever after he realised how close he was and how loud he was yelling at you. He never wanted to scare you. He was just so upset he was blinded by it.
Looking back up from his feet he sees the tears in your eyes. He rushes to you and hugs you. Whispering, “Baby, no. I didn’t mean it like that. I know you aren’t like them. I just get scared that one day you will realise how much better you could do than me. And Chen or Kai would be my first picks for someone better than me. It scares me to no end when you get around them.” As your tears soak his shirt you feel his own fall on your head. Looking up at him you give him a gentle and short kiss on his lips saying, “Chanyeol, there is no one sweeter, more caring, more loving, and more precious than you. You, Park Chanyeol, are the one who has my heart. I am the one who doesn’t deserve you. When are you going to realise that?”
Smiling, you lean in for one more short kiss. “How did I get so lucky?” He asks aloud after pulling away and leading you over to his bed where his lays down and pulls you beside him so you can cuddle. You snuggle into his chest, loving his warmth. “I’m sorry for how I acted. It’s not that I don’t trust you it’s just it has happened so many times before and I really, really care about you. If something like that happened with you it would kill me. I can’t lose you.” Lifting your head you put your hand on his cheek and wipe the lone tear rolling down his face, “Baby, you are stuck with me whether you like it or not.” you smile and put your head back on his chest. Feeling him laugh and kiss the top of your head you slowing start to drift off to sleep knowing Chanyeol, with all his baggage from the past, was the one for you. You were determined to prove to him that you were nothing like those other girls who took your sweet Chanyeol for granted. 

don’t push it cowboy, part 2 (carl grimes x reader)

You have been on your own since the beginning, always keeping yourself away from people. So when a boy in a sheriff hat came fighting into your life you were more than surprised.

pairing: carl grimes x reader

warnings: violence, and swearing

a/n: QUITE A LONG PART IM SORRY! Unedited I hope you guys still like it :) want a part 3???

Y/N= your name

  The metal from the top was so cold you could feel it threw your shirt making you slightly shiver as you continued to shoot at the walkers along with your new group. The herd had dwindled down quite a bit since they have come into your line of sight. There was not even half as many walkers as there was before when Rick said, “ok we shouldn’t waste anymore ammo and they don’t have a way out, we only have one extra car so anyone thats uncomfortable walking should go in the car.”

You and Carl where still on top of the truck putting away your guns when Rick yelled up saying “y/n are you good to walk?” you nod.

“Carl?” he looks at you “are you sure your group is okay with a random stranger joining your group?”

“don’t forget a random stranger who can’t drive.” he says with a chuckle looking back to his rifle, you hit his arm playfully.

“come on we have a long walk ahead” he says and you follow him down the ladder on the back of the truck.

You join the group of people walking with Carl next to you when Rick walks up next to you. “y/n can I ask you a few questions before we get to Alexandria?”

“sure.” you respond turning to look at him

“How many walkers have you killed?” he asks

you consider it for a second then answer “honestly too many to count..”

“How many people have you killed?” he asks

you exhale and bite your lip before answering worried about what they may think of your for your answer  “4” you look at the ground after answering

“why?” he asks finally making you look up

“2 were bit the other had already turned, and the last on attacked me…” you answer looking at the ground kicking a pebble as you walk, you don’t like thinking about them. You suddenly feel something brush your hand lightly and you turn to see Carl trying to take your hand but obviously being a little nervous. You take his hand and he squeezes your hand reassuringly you squeeze back before turning back to Rick.

“The last guy” you stopped for a second “I don’t regret, and I don’t think I ever will.” You answer honestly.

“Okay we will get you settled in back at Alexandria, i’m sorry for your loses.” he says and you nod as he walks away.

You continue walking next to Carl holding hands but not talking, you didn’t know what it meant but you weren’t ready to try and figure it out right now.

  You arrive back at Alexandria and Rick tells you to follow him, you hand the weapons you borrowed from the armory to Carl and walked with Rick towards one of the houses.

“You can stay here with my family and I,” he pauses for a second as he walks you up the stairs “this will be your room the bathroom is down this hall if you wanna get cleaned up, and I think we might have some clothes that will fit you-“

“i’m sorry did you say cleaned up,” you pause “as in a shower?” you say with a with your mouth slightly agape not believing what you were hearing.

“Yeah we have running water here” he says with a chuckle and a laugh, before you know what your doing you give him a huge hug and to your surprise he hugs back.

when you pull apart you say “I’m sorry its just been a while since i’ve had any of this” you say laughing

“no problem at all, now go.” he says pointing towards the bathroom with a chuckle and you both smile.

When you get into the shower and the water starts hitting your face it’s one of the best feelings ever, you smile while putting your face under the spray from the shower head, you could get used to this, maybe just maybe.

  When you step out of the bathroom you walk to the room Rick had assigned you, you open the door to see a room similar to yours before the world went crazy. A dresser, desk, night stand, a small closet and a bed. An actual bed not a tree branch or the pile of blankets you would make to sleep in when it got cold, a real bed. In a neat pile on the bed was a pile of clothes, a pair of black jeans that might just fit you, a flannel, and a fresh pair of socks.

You pull on the new clothes and start to towel dry your hair while sitting on the bed going threw the stuff in your backpack, the backpack you’ve had since the beginning, when you here a knock at the rooms door, and then Carl peeks in “hey, can I come in?” he says

“sure” you say looking up at him

“whats all this?” he says motioning to your stuff from your backpack.

“basically everything i’ve owned since this all started” you say with a laugh

he sits down on the end of the bed, one of the only places that isn’t covered in stuff “can I look at this?” he says motioning to a photo frame you had with a photo of you and your family inside you nod as he picks in up.

“wow, is that you?” he says pointing to the small Y/H/C haired girl in the photo

you hit his shoulder lightly “whats that supposed to mean, I was a small kid I know.” you say and you both laugh

he sets the photo frame down and reaches into his pocket which catches your attention causing you to look up at him as he pulls out a small folded up piece of paper and starts to unfold it. You turn your head slightly trying to get a better view of what it is when he hands it to you, you understand what it is, its a photo of a man that resembles rick. a women with long black hair and between them a small boy with short brown hair.

you look between him and the photo a few more times before saying “the only thing that I’ve seen change is the hair and height” you say laughing a bit and he chuckles

“and the eye…” he says sounding almost upset

you turn your head slightly trying to get him to continue.

“your the only one that doesn’t acknowledge it you know? he says

“your missing an eye that must suck but I don’t think of you any differently for it.” you say with a small smile.

he laughs slightly but its almost like a pity laugh for himself and for some reason it bothers you, it bothers you that he thinks him missing an eye makes him any less of a person.

you pick up the photo of him and his family and place it next to yours then you hold up the photo and point to the women in the photo which you kind of figure is his mother.

“do you think she would care?” he looks up “she obviously loves you look at her I don’t think you missing an eye would change that.” you say

“well i’ll never know…” he says looking down at his hands and fiddling with his fingers. Then it hits you, she didn’t make it you think about what to do for a second before you move forward a bit and give him a hug. He freezes at first not sure what to do and your about to pull away when he starts hugging you back “I didn’t know I’m sorry” you say still hugging him

“Its fine you couldn’t have known.” he says

You pull apart and smile at each other when Rick walks in, “y/n Michonne and I are making food I bet your hungry.” he says then glancing over to carl.

“thank you,” you look at him and give him a small smile “for everything.” you say

he nods then opens the door more for you to walk out, carl follows behind as you walk into the most beautiful kitchen you have seen in a while.

“hi,” a woman behind the counter says “you must be y/n i’m Michonne”

You smile “nice to meet you” you say

“oh sorry you must be starving here” she says as she pushes a plate towards you and you sit down at the table, the first one you have sat at in a while

Carl sits across from you while Michonne sits at the head of the table.

“so whats your story?” she says after a few mouthfuls of food

you look up at her after a second turning your head to the side you swallow the rest of your food before you begin your long story.

“I was with my family when it first started, I was too young to shoot a gun or know anyway to survive. We started outside Chicago when my family decided it would be safer on the road than in our neighborhood. We started driving towards Atlanta and met up with a small group there. We were good for the first few months,” you pause for a second all the memories rolling back “the first few months were good until everyone got a little too comfortable with the situation and walkers attacked our camp in the middle of the night, most people were bit or ran off. My family didn’t make it,” you pause once more looking down at your hands then you continue looking up at Carl then back to Michonne “My mom turned first then my siblings, I couldn’t leave them like that.” you could feel the tears picking at your eyes so you skipped ahead. “I’ve been on my own since then, I kept to myself except for one time when a group attacked me.” you took a death breathe “I killed one of them and the rest ran. Thats why I was pretty on edge when I first met Rick and Carl.” you explain.

“your a survivor y/n, you will be safe with us.” Michonne says and you look up at her and you both smile.

“that smells amazing” Rick says entering the kitchen. You look up and see him carrying a baby, your eyes go wide. She was so small and full of sunshine smiling. “Carl can you hold Judith?” Rick says

“yeah,” he says taking Judith from Rick “Oh y/n this is Judith my sister.” he says looking between you and Judith.

You smile in response

“Do you want to hold her?” he asks

“Sure..” you say unsure she reminded you of your siblings when they were little

You take Judith and bounce her in your lap and she starts giggling uncontrollable and you can’t help but smile.

“she likes you” he says smiling

“yeah I guess she does” you say smiling up at Carl before looking back down at Judith.

  You all finish your food and Carl offered to give you a tour of Alexandria your following him having a normal conversation about nothing in particular when he says “I’m sorry about your family.” he stops and turns to you.

“not your fault.” you say brushing it off

“I know what its like…” you turn your head motioning for him to continue

“my mom didn’t make it after giving birth to Judith,” your face softens as you look up to him he stares at the ground before continuing “I shot her.” You look down at his sudden confession, you reach for his hand and squeeze it then you look up to him and say “you did the right thing,” causing him to look at you in the eyes as if he’s searching for any doubt you have “the ones we love don’t deserve to walk around mindlessly like those monsters.” you meet his eyes once more.

he nods you let your hands drop and get back to the tour pretending that it never happened which is what you both need.

“and back to the house” he says with a small smile

“thank you,” he looks to you “thank you for saving my life.” you say repeating the words he said to you just hours before.

he smiles then says “you didn’t think i was just gonna leave the girl that beat me up in a gas station did you?” you both laugh remembering when you said almost the same thing to him in the tree, before entering the house.

You say hello to rick and michonne before heading up to your room, you were planning to change out of your clothes but once you sat down on the bed you knew you weren’t moving instead you placed your weapons in the side table before falling completely asleep for the first time in a few months, oddly you felt completely safe with these people you just met.


  Your awoken by a crashing sound, you immediately grabbing your gun and knife making your way to the door of your new room.

When you silently open your door you walk into the hallway to see carl doing the same thing, when he sees you he simply puts his finger up to his lips and points his gun up while moving down the hallway you do the same, before getting to the stairs at the last door Carl takes out a key and locks the door of what must be Judiths door.

You and Carl make your way to the corner before the stairs when you see a man sitting on the top step you and Carl make eye contact and for a second its like you can communicate without speaking. You both nod then Carl brings the barrel of his gun up to the intruders head and says “what the hell are you doing in our house.”

“I’m waiting for your parents to get dressed and no offense kid but I could take you down no problem.” the man says

“How about two of us?” you say while putting the barrel of your gun on the other side of the mans head.

You and Carl make eye contact and a small smile at each other before focusing your eyes back on the man in front of you. Just then Rick and Michonne walk out wearing barely any clothes at the same time the people you recognize as Glenn, Dayrl and Maggie make their way up the stairs weapons raised at the man. Then you say “scratch that how about all of us.” with a smirk

“No guys its ok.” Michonne speaks up first making everyone look at her

“You said you wanted to talk,” Rick says looking at the man “lets talk.”

you and Carl look at each other before lowering your weapons from the mans head. As everyone makes there way down the stairs with the man, Michonne says from behind you “You two make a pretty good team, you were out there within seconds and I didn’t even hear you guys until you started talking.”

you and Carl smile at each other before looking back down at the stairs joining everyone in the dining room as the man known as Jesus explains how the communities can work together and Rick seems very intrigued by the idea. “y/n, Carl suit up,” you both turn to Rick “you two are coming with us.”

you both nod before going up to your rooms to collect your things to head to jesus’s community or as he called it the Hilltop.

When you walk back downstairs everyone is loading up into the RV and another car. You get into the RV and Carl follows Jesus sits right across from both of us. Practically staring us down before speaking “What you guys did this morning was pretty cool,” you look at him skeptically “I didn’t even know you were there until you spoke.” You smile slightly before looking at the floor of the RV for the rest of the drive.

When you arrive at Hilltop you all step out of the RV and car and walk threw the groups and it seems like everyone is staring at you and the group as Jesus leads you all into the big building in the middle of the town. Hilltops leader seems very stubborn and doesn’t want to partner with Rick until he talks about taking out the group known as the Saviors for them. The leader of Hilltop practically laughs at Rick causing you and Carl to stare him down before someone calls for him outside.

Everything happens so fast Rick attacks the 2 people that just showed up to attack the Hilltop leader, Rick seems to be struggling so once again you look at Carl for a sign when you both look at each other you know your thinking the same thing, you jump at the person thats pinning Rick to the ground rolling her over so that Rick is free and your fighting off this full grown woman. Carl quickly helps you get her off but not before she lands a good punch right to your lip, you roll over pinning her to the ground with one arm held behind her back. As you grab your gun from your holster and aiming it at her head, “move and I shoot.” you say as you start to taste blood from your lip from the punch she threw at you.

When you look up Carl has the other man held at gunpoint as a doctor tends to the hilltop leaders wounds Rick gets some hilltop residents to tie up the 2 people you and Carl had just held at gunpoint. You get up wiping the blood away from your lip and holstering your gun. “you okay?” Carl asks

“yeah,” you say wiping the blood off your lip once more “a busted lip never killed anyone” you say with a small smile

“good work you two, thanks for your help with that one y/n” Rick says

you both nod before walking back into the building. Maggie goes in to talk with the leader and when she comes out she says we have a deal for food as long as we take out the Saviors. Its a small win as we still have to do it but we have a way of getting food, and from what I’ve seen from this group taking out a group of horrible people won’t be hard.

Everyone gets back into the RV but once Carl sits down you notice the big red spot growing on his arm under his shirt. “Carl, what the hell your bleeding.” you say pointing to his arm

“One of the guys had a knife he tried to cut me” he says obviously trying to make it sound like a big deal. “well you bleeding out from some idiot with knife kind of sounds like a big deal” you say getting up to grab the first aid kit.

“what are you..?” he asks but you cut him off “I was on my own for a pretty damn long time you don’t think i know how to clean up a wound? roll up your sleeve.” you say and he does

Cleaning up his wound doesn’t take to long except for the fact that he kept moving. “Carl just sit still.”  you say

“Your jabbing me with antiseptic how do you expect me to sit still.” he says

Once its clean you still have another 30 minute drive back to Alexandria you were a little tired from the mornings events so you did fall asleep but the fact you fell asleep wasn’t the important part it was where you fell asleep. When you woke up you were sitting at the table of the RV leaning on Carl’s shoulder with Carl’s head leaned against his arm on the table still asleep. You sat up a bit causing Carl to wake up he blinked a few times then looked out the window, you did as well you  were stopped just outside of Alexandria.

“ok sleepy heads wake up.” Rick said in a playful tone

You and Carl both groaned and you stretched before getting up and walking out of the RV.


  Rick had wanted to take out the saviors as soon as possible and as soon as possible happened to be that night. Rick told everyone they did not have to go if they didn’t want to meaning most of the original people of Alexandria stay behind. You and Carl were loading weapons up into the RV when Rick came up to you both.

“y/n if you don’t want to do this you don’t have to.” he said

“Rick,” you look at him directly in the eyes so he knows you mean it “you guys saved me I will  fight with you guys even if you don’t want me too.” you say fully serious

“We are happy to have you y/n,” rick says with a smile “you two are partnered up for this, I see how good you guys work together.” he says referring to you and Carl.

you both nod then go back to cleaning the guns, you had only known these people for 2 days but it felt as if you had known them forever.


  Getting rid of the saviors at the satellite base had been a success you and Carl barley had to speak making the job a crap ton easier. Until the end when you were loading up the RV when a few people taking Carol and Maggie got the jump on you, you fought back trying to free Carol and Maggie until they shot.

The bullet hit you right above your hip Maggie yelled while Carol fought to get out of they’re grip to help you. As they pulled them out of sight you rolled onto your back the pain becoming unbearable. You reached for the walkie you had dropped, grabbing it and pulling  it up to your mouth before you began to speak “Carl, Rick, Dayrl anyone co-..” you got cut off by a sharp pain.

No answer, the walkies were blocked by something. If you were going to get to them before you bleed out you had to walk. You got up with a painful shock when you sat up. You started wobbling to the front of the building. You were trying your best to apply pressure to the gunshot in less than a few moments Carl came out of the building just as you fell over unable to bare the pain. He yelled out then grabbed his walkie and said something into it but you couldn’t hear anything your eyes got heavy as Carl pulled your head into his lap. He was saying something but nothing made its way to your ears. You saw the rest of the group come running next to you guys. Right before you passed out you tried your best to choke out “thaa-nnk y-ou” and then you were out.

  You wake up in a white room blinking a few times to adjust your eyes, you were in the infirmary, you try to sit up but a sharp pain in your stomach stops you. You groan in pain, then you start to remember taking out the saviors, loading up the RV, seeing Maggie and Carol get taken and finally getting shot. You look down and see a certain brown haired boy sleeping on the side of your bed, his hat was placed on the nightstand. You moved your leg a bit waking him up he picked his head up blinking a few times before noticing you were awake. “oh my god, your ok.” he says

“How do you feel?” he asks

“Like I got shot in the stomach” you say trying to laugh

he smiles then the groups doctor walks in “good your awake,” you look at her “how do you feel?”

“fine.” you say then wincing in pain after speaking

“sure” is all she says dragging out the end of it

“where are carol and maggie?” you say brows furrowed worried because last you saw them they were getting dragged away.

“the whole group has been waiting outside, except for carl,” she says glancing over to Carl “he hasn’t left since you got here” she says

you smile at him and he smiles back before looking at the floor.

“is she awake?’ you hear Dayrl say as he walks in.

“yep, everyone you can come in now!” she says

Right as she says that the whole group starts flooding in Maggie runs up to you hugging you and repeating “I’m so sorry” over and over again.

“Maggie, your safe its fine i’m fine. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you both.” you say looking between Maggie and Carol

“the group came back for us we are ok.” Carol says

You smile and nod, overwhelmed by how much love the group is showing you, a small tear escapes your eye and Carl sees it immediately.

“Are you in pain? Should I get Denise?” he says quickly

“no, no i’m fine its just been a while since people cared about me.” you say smiling at everyone

“your one of us kid.” daryl says

“y/n you fought with us, we will protect you thats what families do.” Rick says

Suddenly it all made sense groups don’t work, families do always.


  You had been in that hospital room for a week now. You knew it was cause they all cared but you missed the outside and being stuck in that room 24/7 was gonna drive you crazy. Rick said you could leave that night Carl came to help you, most of your stuff was moved to the infirmary since you practically lived there for a week.

When you both finally got all your stuff into your room Carl said he was gonna grab some water so you were left alone in the room, your room. You looked out the window and in a split second without even thinking what you were doing you opened the window and crawled out onto the roof climbing to the top and sitting there.

From the point of the roof you were at you could see just over the wall, you were looking down the road that lead to Alexandria when Carl poked his head out the window.

“I knew you would do something like this” he says

“like what?” you say faking innocence

“you could get hurt-“ he starts but you cut him off “I could get hurt getting out of bed or even going to the bathroom,” you say

“please don’t treat me like I’m glass that can break at any moment I can’t stand it.” you say laying down on your back to look at the stars

“y/n you got shot..” he says

“Carl you have told me about both times you got shot.” you say smirking sitting up

“you didn’t see me with the bullet wound though, when I saw you bleeding I thought it was going to be the last time I saw you,” he says looking down at his hands

“But it wasn’t Carl i’m sitting right here right in front of you.” He wouldn’t look at you, you ducked your head trying to get him to look at you. You bit your lip thinking.

“Carl,” you breathe out “look at me.” you say

He looks at you and suddenly you understand why he is reacting like this its the same way you did when he got his arm cut but more serious, you’ve known each other for such a short time but in this world thats the only time you have. Now is all you have.

“I’m. not. leaving. you.” you say  looking directly into his eye you suddenly notice how close you are, your noses practically touching. Now is the only time you have keeps repeating in your head. You slowly lean forward tilting your head even though you knew what was happening you still were surprised when his lips were on yours. You kiss then break apart just to get a look at his face before you reconnect your lips he places his hand on your cheek, its like you were both explaining to each other how you felt without actually speaking which you never had to anyway. After a few minutes you break apart but lean your foreheads against each other. “I’m not leaving you.” he says repeating the words you spoke a few minutes before and you both smile

You didn’t know when you were in the gas station that day, but the boy in the sheriff hat would be how you survive and why you wanted to. Him and his group now your family, and in that moment you felt like they could deal with anything the world threw at them. The cowboy and the girl who can’t drive a car and used to sleep in trees.


Supercorp for Days

Note: This was my take on the International Kissing Day prompt-of-sorts that I saw across my dash today. 

Second Note: I know it’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Supercorp is waking my muse from her coma, hopefully I will be writing more. 

Kara always made it a point to take her time on a gift, to be sure it was thoughtful, although practical was also okay, as long as it was something that reminded her of the person or would mean something to them. There was nothing like receiving a present that was picked out just for you, not some end-of-the-aisle promotion or next-to-the-checkout-counter last minute addition.

This holiday season, Lena was on the gift list, too. 

“You have to promise to follow it if you can,” Kara urged her, as she unwrapped the present.

It was a desk calendar. The box proclaimed “Daily Reasons to Celebrate!” and Lena promptly set it on her desk on the first of the year, expecting to see “New Year’s Day” as the obvious choice, but the text on January 1st revealed it was also “Bloody Mary Day.”

Lena chuckled and celebrated appropriately.

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Calm Down

Flustered and confused were the words that fit your mood at the moment. Tonight was the only night left before your finals in the morning and you were going all out on studying and reviewing every subject you knew. Tomorrow’s  would consist of Maths, Science, English, History, Geography, etc. and you were definitely on edge about the whole thing.

You let out an irritated groan of displeasure and let your head fall to the mattress of your bed to which you were sitting on.
“This is hopeless! How can one human hold all this knowledge in their brain? Ugh.” You threw down your pencil on the open Math book in front of you, the advanced algebra really threw you off your game and made you acquire a throbbing headache. You rubbed your eyes desperately  and persistently in hopes of soothing your bad mood, it didn’t.

“Knock knock, can I come in?” The sound of Percy’s voice sounded through your cabin door. 

You rolled your eyes at this, “What could you possibly want?” You didn’t mean to snap. In fact, you already planned on apologizing later on.

He came in with a sour look on his face, closing the door behind him he walked over to lean on your bed frame. 
“Why are you so mean to me? What did I do this time?” He spoke softly yet playfully.

You shook your head and threw your legs over the side of the bed and let your feet sway back and forth with the sway of the Agro II’s sail since Leo decided to take her out for a joyride once more. “I’m sorry it’s just-” You sighed, “ finals are in the morning and I have to be there to finish the semester. I’m not ready for it just yet, I-I need more time!” You quickly realized the little time left and went back to re-reading the first section of the page.

Percy swung his leg over the bed frame and leapt onto the bed to sit, jostling your books and papers. “ Chill out and relax-          ”

“Relax?! I can’t relax Percy, I have to pass this in order to get a good mark on my college application. I don’t think I can do this, it’s way too hard!” You interrupted feeling like your  nerves were sparking up and dissolving from so much stress and tension. 

Percy raised his hands up to stop your rambling, “ Hey, calm down and breathe. My dad always said that a smooth sea never made a skilful sailor or something like that. My point is that maybe it’s hard now but at least you’ll know these things and they may come in handy someday.”
You dropped your head to your hands and groaned loudly into your hands.

Knock Knock
“Hey it’s Jason, are you okay in there?" 

With you not answering at the moment, Percy shouted to him. "She’s okay I think… you might wanna come cheer your girlfriend up though.”

The door creaked open gently. The gap in the door was soon replaced by Jason’s head poking inside to look before opening all the way.
“Hey, what’s going on?” He walked over to your bedside and pulled up your desk chair to sit in, he looked down and saw your school books spread out across the duvet and sighed heavily. “I told you not to stress about it, Y/n. You got this in the bag already, I can already tell you passed,”

You lifted your face to look at him with wide puppy dog eyes full of hopelessness. You honestly felt so overwhelmed about all of this and actually considered dropping out if you failed. 

Percy rested his hand on your shoulder and gave a comforting lopsided smile. His sea-green eyes spoke volumes of comfort and security, just like the sea itself. “Look I got to go check on Leo, Jason, get her to chill out, please?” He laughed out and stood up from the bed where he sat, “Good luck!” With a wave and a much-needed hug he left.

You turned your head in Jason’s direction and gave a ghostly smile.

Shaking his head at you, he opened his arms for you to be embraced and comforted by him, “Come here..”

You gladly accepted his offer and abandoned your schoolbooks for relaxation and your boyfriend. All cuddled up in his arms now, 
he spoke softly. “You can’t do that to yourself, Y/n. It’s not fair to yourself that you put yourself through all this stress.”
You didn’t say anything back to him, instead just nuzzling your head to hide in his arms.

“You’ll do great, I know you will. But, if you keep stressing about it, you might forget everything you studied for.” Jason whispered into your hair as he gave gentle kisses to the top of your head.
You scoffed at his words, “Gee thanks, Jase, now I know all that studying I did earlier was for nothing. Better hit the books again.” You sarcastically said, rolling your eyes and shoving yourself out of his embrace to lean over the open book once more.

Jason groaned and sat up to close your book and pull you back to him, “ No~ I didn’t mean it like that! I just meant that with you worrying so much you might not retain anything you might need to.” He rested his chin on your shoulder and kissed your cheek in efforts to comfort you.
You rolled your eyes again and turned your head  away from him.

“Go away now. I won’t stress about it, but I still need to stud-     ” You were cut off by Jason kissing you in the middle of your sentence. When he pulled away you sighed half frustrated and half happy from the kiss, “ I hate it when you do that. I never get to finish those kind of sentences around you, especially if you disagree with them.” He chuckled and smiled at you in triumph.

Just as he was about to speak, Percy swung open the door, Leo and Annabeth in tow behind him. Annabeth looking slightly annoyed and Leo looking utterly confused.

“Okay, you are going to love me for this, Y/n. I’ve brought you the master of work,” He gestured to Annabeth like a TV host,“ And the master of play.” He gestured to a waving Leo,“ Together they make the ultimate study buddy group!”

Jason grimaced at the pair, suddenly worrying about the squabbling to come if he stayed. He stood up quickly which made you fall backwards a little, “ Well I did my part. Heh, I gotta go~” With that he fast-walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Annabeth scoffed at his actions and cracked her knuckles in preparation, nudging Leo with her elbow she walked over to sit next to you and the open school books, “ Alright let’s get down to business.”

**Wow the ending sucks. sorry for being MIA lately, I’ve gotten all the research I need done so I should be updating more often. I really hope this is ok**

Suho – Own Accord?

Characters: Suho x You

Type: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1702

A/N: [2/9] Happy new year everyone, I wish you all a great 2017 with many happy moments and hopefully more positive happenings than negative!

“I’m so sorry, Sweetheart.”

Working during holidays was one of the worst ideas I could ever come up with, especially because I didn’t need the money, but only something to occupy my time. I could seriously have done something way better, like reading at home and chilling on my bed. But no, I was not really thinking further and about all those side effects of working six hours a day. Or the fact that the job itself could be pretty boring.

Wasn’t there any other fun jobs around? I was seriously questioning my mental health at the time I choose the job at a dry cleaner as something that would nicely occupy my time.

But what is done is done and I needed to live with it. Just a month and a half and I will be able to have another month of real holidays and the experience and knowledge to never do the same mistake again. And hopefully, I would be smart enough to sort out my priorities to schedule a small plan of things I can do as a hobby. I seriously needed one, and hopefully, one that has nothing to do with a freaking ball. I may be on the sporty side, but definitely not when it was about any ball sports like football or basketball. Whenever I played one of those, I would end up on the ground with a serious injury.

“Haera, here are the car keys and the two suits. Please deliver those to Kim Cooperation. You do know where that is, right?”

“Who doesn’t.” I rolled my eyes and took the car keys from Mark, my co-worker and friend. I must say, he was one of the reasons why I choose this job out of the other options I had. Another mistake, seriously. That guy was like a little brother you never wanted, why we were best friends was beyond me.

The drive took only twenty minutes and I found myself standing in front of the desk of the secretary on the top floor, which another worker send me to. The only problem? There was no one here. No one sitting behind that desk, walking around or in any other rooms around the place. I ought to know, I checked.

Frowning, I groaned out in frustration. It was pretty suspicious for a company to have no workers around the building when it’s only six in the afternoon on a Wednesday. So either no one was really working here or everyone got they day off, both options weirder as the other. I mean, since when could a company let all workers off. I’m pretty sure that there need to be at least some people holding up everything and trying to cope up with the day’s workload.

Shrugging, I walked around aimlessly. Checking even the bathrooms for any signs of human beings. But every single office door was open, without a trace of anyone. Until  I found the only office with its door close and actual walls that are not made out of glass. The tag at the door read Kim Junmyeon, CEO.

If I was lucky, then the door wasn’t locked and someone was actually sitting there. The question was if I was actually allowed to enter?

Taking a deep breath, I knocked twice before opening the door and walking in.

“Have I allowed you to enter, or why are you opening the door?” A voice growled at me and I froze in place, startled. The voice belonged to the figure standing behind a desk, his back turned towards me as he looked out of the big windows.

Turning towards me, his hard and cold expression morphed into confusion as he eyed my figure up and own.“Who are you?”

“T-the dry cleaner’s?” I stuttered out, not being able to cope up with the situation at hand. I was never good with people being all dominant, especially if they seem to be angry.  “I was sent here to deliver those suits, but no one was around. I am sorry?” I meekly replied.

He raised his eyebrow before he broke it a chuckle. Biting my lips, I just placed the suits onto the couch in front of the desk, ready to turn around and leave as fast as possible.

“What’s your name?”

“Excuse me?” I blinked at him, startled again. Wasn’t he all cold and emotionless a moment ago?

“Your name.” He smirked at my state, looking at me amused. Wow, I never thought I would meet a bipolar person. A good looking one at that.

“Yoon Haera,” I whispered out and instantly walked out of the office and the building. I thought that would have been the first and last time I would have seen Kim Junmyeon, the good looking and young (slightly bipolar) CEO. But after approximately two weeks, I was back at the building, standing in front of the (again) empty desk just to find out that he was already awaiting me. With an amused smirk on his face as I grew pale.

Yeah, well, I wasn’t really fond of meeting him again. But he proved to be a royal pain in the ass, with every meaning. I mean, he instantly admitted that he was asking only for me to deliver his suits. Now, this didn’t just happen once, I mean twice, but for the next three weeks as well. And who needs more than seven suits dry cleaned in a week?

Being with Junmyeon was strange, someone around all the teasing and annoying each other, he started to show me his real self; A charming and gentle young man, who had my well being in mind. Often, if not always. Sometimes too often though. He loved teasing me and was amused at every single reaction of mine.

Dating him was bliss. It was strange how we functioned together and while I never believed it could be possible for me to date a freaking CEO, it happened almost naturally with him. He was listening to me whenever I needed him to, giving me advice. Till I smelled it, the horrible scent of blood.

Not once, and definitely not twice. It was too often, countless for me to state.

I held it in me until I couldn’t stay silent anymore. I needed to know why a CEO was smelling of blood whenever he came from his job to visit me, so I asked.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” He dismissed the topic easily. Yet I knew his habits when he lied. He would never look into my eyes, dismiss things without really talking about them. I knew because I was similar.

“You are looking away from me. Don’t lie to me, why are you smelling of blood. Why?!”

I would have never thought that he would be a mafia boss. That his CEO exterior was just a show, a mask to hide his job. The people not around in his company made sudden sense. It was too much for me, I couldn’t take it. I ran away from him.

A mistake. Especially because he warned me of all the consequences I would face. He never said what, only that he would always be anywhere. That the power of the mafia boss Suho didn’t know any limits.

I broke contacts off with him while living my normal life like I never met him. It worked for the time being until I noticed it.

No one was there for me. My friends have changed all their numbers, broken off any contact with me. My family not being able to be reached, having sent me only a letter telling me how they don’t want to have anything to do with me. I was suddenly all on my own in the world as everyone I knew turned their backs on me.

I was down for a long period of time, but somewhere along the way I gained strength again and tried to get to meet new people. But it wasn’t working,

Everything hurt too much and while I lived another three months alone, I was not able to create any friendships, any kind of bond with anyone. Whatever I did, they always seem to ignore my presence. The moment I gave up, I was sitting down on a bench in the park. Silent tears were running down as I closed my eyes. The moment I opened them, I found him standing in front of me.

I knew that it was his doing and that I would be seeing him again. His consequence was not only to make me regret leaving him but coming back to him on my own accord. Which is why I expected him to smirk at my state, a victorious gaze in his eyes.

But it was everything but that. His gaze was sad, even with the small smile on his lips. His whole posture oozed sadness, and even a bit regret.

He walked up to me, standing between my legs as he pulled my face into his frame. Hugging my head to his belly as he patented my head. I expected the hug to be too warm, suffocating. But it was strangely reassuring, calming.

“I wanted you to come back to me, on your own accord and free will. But I knew that you would never, you hated the underground scene too much.” He started to talk, his voice soft and light. “It was me, indeed me, who warned your friends from getting too close to you. Only the males though because I am such a jealous shit. But I would never make people leave you, it would only hurt you in the end and that is the least of what I want. I wasn’t the cause of your family breaking the contact with you, Haera. But seeing you in this state now makes me wish I was the cause of it so that I could take it back and make the pain go away. I’m sorry.”

After more than five months on my own, I started to let all the pain free, sobbing into Junmyeon’s frame while hugging him closer. “I’m so sorry, Sweetheart.”

EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series Masterlist

                      - PART VI

Kai Parker x Reader x Kol Mikaelson
word count : 4 787
warning :
smut / threesome
note : first time ever writing something like this and i know its probably a mess but … hope you still like it. i really tried my best 🙈
* gif by fondu-with-downey
keep reading after the cut 😈🔥🔥

Friday came too fast. Y/N woke up in her bed , seeing a tiny box and a note on her night stand. She stretched her hand for it , taking it in her hands.

“For luck.”

Y/N opened the box finding a charm bracelet in it. She turned the paper trying to figure out who had stopped by leaving her this present but there was no name.
Must’ve been Kol … or Kai. she thought leaving the box back on her nightstand and heading to the bathroom to take a shower.
Y/N walked downstairs to the kitchen , bumping into Rebekah in the hallway.
“Oh hey , I was just going to look for you to see if maybe you could help me with something.”
“Of course. What do you need my help with ?” asked Rebekah pulling Y/N into a hug.
“Clothes… hair…” said Y/N quietly. “I am going out with your brother and Kai later and … I … have nothing to wear. And you have the best closet in history.”
“You have come to the right person. Lets go now. There is not enough time to get you ready.” said Rebekah grabbing her hand.
“Its 10AM.”
“Exactly. Perfection doesn’t happen in 5 minutes , even by magic.” Rebekah pulled Y/N behind her down the hallway and up to the attic. “So , do you really think you can get them to get along ? You know they both agreed to go to that dinner because of you.”
“I hope so.” sighed Y/N. “Being stuck in the middle is just … so confusing.”
“Confusing?” asked Rebekah opening a large chest a few steps away. She looked at the dresses inside , clearly looking for something in particular. “What’s confusing about that?”
“Just … stuff.”
Rebekah looked at her confused for a moment and then seemed to pick up on something in Y/N’s voice. “I’m sure you can figure it out.”
“It’s what your brother said… but I don’t know anymore.”
“Well , I do.” smiled Rebekah pushing Y/N to one of the mirrors , while holding a few dresses in her hands. “Alright , try these on. Just because you can’t figure it out doesn’t mean you can’t torture both of them with you outfit.”

* * *

Kai felt nervous about spending the entire evening with Y/N and Kol , mostly because he wasn’t sure how he’d be able to control his anger around Kol. Every time he saw them kissing it felt as if a part of him was dying. He wasn’t sure what to wear so he went with gray jeans , a white shirt and later on his dark blue / black jacket.
Around 5.15PM there was a knock on the door and he opened it finding Y/N standing there with a large smile on her face. Kai’s breath got caught in his throat - Y/N had done her hair in a side braid , her make up was light almost as if she wasn’t wearing any and she was wearing a knee high black coat with ankle high black boots. In her hands she held a small white paperbag.
“Hey.” she smiled. “Can I -”
“Like you have to ask.” said Kai stepping aside and letting her inside before pulling her into a hug. “Mi casa es tu casa. You know that.”
Y/N had decided to go there early , hoping to get to speak with Kai before they went to meet with Kol. She knew Kai better than anyone and could see he felt uncomfortable being around her when Kol was around. She took off her coat ,leaving it on the couch and gave him the small paperbag with the present she had gotten for him.
“This is for you.” she said. “I already put a picture though you can replace it any time.”
Kai pulled out the picture frame from the paper bag , smiling at the picture. Y/N had chosen a selfie of them together while they were stuck in Mystic Falls looking for the right place to do the spell to get out. Behind them Kai could see the clock of the clock tower. He recognised the picture as one they had taken on the day she had tumbled off the clock tower. The day he had realised he is in love with her.
“I love this picture.” he said looking at both of them smiling remembering that day. “And I know just where to put it …”
Kai spun around heading for his bedroom and Y/N followed him closely behind , tracing her fingers around the wall on the way there. He placed the picture frame on his night stand , sitting on the bed as he did so.
“There. That way it will be the first thing I see every morning.” he smiled turning towards her. “Wow..”
“What?” she asked looking down at her feet following his gaze. “Please tell me I didn’t get a stain on the dress. Rebekah would kill me if - ”
“No. No its not that.” said Kai clearing his throat. Y/N was wearing a white puffy dress just above the knee. “It’s just … you look breath taking. Like an angel. Literally.”
Y/N smiled shyly.
“Thank you.” she said sitting on the bed next to him , looking at the picture of them together. Her head rested on his shoulder and Kai took one of her hands only then noticing her charm bracelet. He wondered where she had gotten it.
Probably Rebekah or Freya. he thought , refusing to let the thought that Kol had gotten it for her. Kai turned around towards her , his palm brushing against her cheek. Y/N looked up feeling Kai’s breath on her face. He leaned in towards her unable to control his emotions around her anymore and kissed her. A slow gentle kiss. He just had to kiss her , just once.
“I .. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done th-” he cleared his throat.
Y/N felt out of breath , the lingering feeling of Kai’s lips on hers making her want more. Her hands snaked around his neck , pulling his lips back on hers until he had backed her against the bed. Kai’s hands slid down the side of her body towards her hips and back up again , sending waves of electricity through her body on their way. Kai couldn’t believe she had pulled him into a kiss. All he knew was that he wanted her and he no longer cared about anything else but her.
Y/N’s fingers tangled in his hair massaging his scalp. His crotch grinding against hers , making her moan into the kiss. Kai’s lips kissed her jawline down her neck towards her collar bone sending butterflies in her stomach. She felt herself getting wet , everywhere his hands touched her it felt like wild fires starting. Her hands gripped his shirt tearing it off him in a second a split second before Kai’s lips smashed against hers again and she opened her mouth allowing him to explore it with his tongue. His kiss was demanding hiding a hunger he had clearly been holding back for a long time. Kai’s hand slid under her dress , his fingertips grazing her inner tight moving towards her heat.
“I’ve wanted you for so long.” he whispered as his fingers teased her folds making her throw her head back a little. “I don’t care about Kol or what his brothers would say or do to me. All I care about is you.”
In a haze Y/N heard Kai’s words and a part of her tried to push through to the surface , realising how badly things will end if Kol or any of the Mikaelson’s ever found out about any of this. Problem was , she didn’t care either. All she cared about was Kai and how much she wanted him in that moment. Y/N felt Kai push her panties to the side , his fingers drawing soft figure eights on her clit making her body feel like it was on fire before two fingers slid inside her making her let out a small scream of pleasure.
As if from a distance came the sound of the door being kicked open and Kol’s voice calling out for her followed by footsteps heading towards Kai’s bedroom.

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It’s Over…Were Over


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Prompt: “It’s over”

Summary: You break up with Theo because you found out that he kissed Tracy, despite him trying to explain to you that it meant nothing.

You felt like an idiot, you felt like the worlds biggest fool. Everyone told you stay away from Theo, that he was only going to hurt you and if he had the chance to cheat or walk away that he’ll take it. But you didn’t listen, and now you were left heartbroken because of it.

Anger, disappointment, hatred and so many other emotions were pulsing through your veins. Phone call after phone call, as well as text message after text message was making your phone go off like crazy. He just wouldn’t let things go, he just wouldn’t listen. Even after you told him that you needed time and lots of space away from him.

Covering your face with your hands you let out a small scream, your mind was painting a mental image of Theo’s lips on Tracy. That’s all you could see and think about, it made you shiver with disgust just knowing his body and lips were on another women’s.

No warning was issued when Theo bolted through the front door, you knew why he was here. He was here to plead and beg for your forgiveness but there was no way you were going to give him that.

“Babygirl I-”

“Really, babygirl? I can’t believe you have the guts to call me that after what you did”.

Everything about his appearance didn’t make your heart flutter like it did so many times before. It was like looking at a completely different person, one that you didn’t recognize and one that you were sure you couldn’t love.

“Let me explain, what you saw wasn’t what it looked like”.

“How stupid do you think I am? Theo you had your lips on someone else’s, I saw it with my own two eyes and you want to stand here and make me feel like a bigger idiot than I already am, just because you can’t man up and admit what you did”.

“Babygirl I’m all man and you know that. But if you want me to admit it than fine, yes I kissed Tracy. But it wasn’t because I had feelings for her, I needed her power and I needed her to trust me. That may sound like a dick thing to do, but you knew what you were getting into when you started dating me.”

Theo couldn’t flirt his way out of this, he couldn’t fight his way out of this. So of course his only option was to turn around and make you feel guilty for not realizing that his true nature was to deceive.

“So don’t stand there and act all surprised, because this is who I am Y/N and I haven’t not once lied about that”.

You applaud him by clapping your hands and he looked at you, “Wow Theo, that’s a great speech. No really it is…it’s so enlightening to hear you say all those words. Because it makes what I’m about to do so much easier, so thank you for that”.

Moving around the room you started too grab some things, “So here’s your favourite shirt back, I won’t be sleeping in it anymore”. you threw the shirt in his direction which he caught, “You can take back all the photos we ever took together” grabbing the nearest photo frame and throwing it in the trash, “You can delete my number and all the messages from your phone, because you won’t be needing it ever again” you turned to him, “And I’ll give you the rest of your things tomorrow”.

He tried to grab onto you, to pull you into a hug or just to feel your embrace. But you denied him that and pushed him roughly away. Having him touch you when his hands were on her made you feel sick, who knows what else happened beyond that kiss. And you didn’t want his hands anywhere near you.

“Don’t you think this is all too extreme. It was just a kiss Y/N and I swear to you it meant absolutely nothing”.

“And I suppose our relationship meant nothing as well, because what possessed you to even think that kissing some other girl would be a good idea anyway!”.

You moved around your house and started throwing his belongings in an empty cardboard box. He came over to you and took the box from your hands and placed it down on the table nearby. “Stop Y/N and just listen to me”. he said

“Why so you can lie your way out of this. You hurt me Theo! So you don’t get to stand here and say that you didn’t.”

You bended down to grab the box again, but Theo harshly gabbed it from your grip. His eyes showed that he wasn’t playing anymore, “Listen to me!” he shouted.

That’s what you were waiting for, for him to lose his cool because that was the only way honestly was going to come out. “No” you said to him in a cold, harsh tone that had the power to send shivers down someone’s spine.

“You lost any right to tell me what to do the moment you cheated. So leave, because your not welcome here anymore”.

The tension was so thick that not even a knife could break. Theo didn’t move, not even an inch. “The only way I’m leaving is if you make me. Because we’re not done, and I’m not going to lose you”.

Boy did Theo mistake how angry you were, he didn’t want to know the lengths you would go to get him out of your house. “Get out Theo”.

“No” now his tone matched your own from before.

It happened so quickly and there wasn’t even a chance for him to blink or register what had occurred. You had thrown one of the picture frames that was in the cardboard box seconds ago, and now the glass was shattered on the floor just meters away from Theo’s foot. It took a lot to shock Theo, but there was no doubt that action shocked him.

“I may not be a werewolf, but I don’t need any supernatural abilities to win this argument Theo. "It’s over. Were over, and that doesn’t mean that you try and convince me that were not, or to do everything you can think of to win me over.”

You pushed him towards the door before adding “It means leave me alone and don’t contact me".

You thought that this was going to be the end of the fight by slamming the door in his face, but considering he was much taller and stronger than you he prevented that.

“You can be angry at me all you want, you can even hit me if that is what it takes to make you feel better. But there is no fucking way babygirl that I’m going to give up on you, on us. I made a stupid mistake and I lost you because of it, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t get through this”.

Feeling completely empty and beyond exhausted you told him “Go home Theo…actually go back to Tracy, I don’t care what you do just go”.

Both you and Theo were stubborn, that was the cause of many fights within your relationship. Neither one wanted to be wrong and neither one wanted to let go of things, so it was no surprise that this is how the conversation ended up being. He wasn’t going to leave, and you weren’t going to stay…and that is where the problem arose.

“Remember when everyone said that this wouldn’t work, what did we do babygirl? We proved them wrong. So let’s prove them wrong again, let’s show them that we can get through anything and the only thing it would make us is stronger”.

“The only thing that we did is break this relationship apart. And now were both standing here with broken hearts, because we were so naive to think that someone like you who only cares about power could ever love someone like me, who only wants to protect people. And the only person I failed to protect is myself…I failed to protect myself from you”.

You left and came back with the box in hand, you gave it to Theo who looked hurt. “We just weren’t meant to be, and you know what Theo…that’s okay. It’s a lesson learned.”

“I refuse to say that were over. Go ahead and give up on us so easily, but babygirl I’m still going to fight for us”.

Closing the door you waited until you heard his truck leave the driveway until you sunk down on the floor, completely letting all the emotions take over.

All I Wanted; C.H. 10

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 , part 5, part 6 , part 7 , part 8 , part 9

A/N; Sex, sweet sweet sex.

“Y/n, you have to come help man. We’ll never get this done with just the two of us. My parents are coming home earlier, like this night earlier. We’re so screwed. Call me back asap!” Meredith her frantic voice chimes through my ear, my voice mail filled up with calls from my best friend while I was napping the day away. I decide to not call her back, but just head over and help her out – she would do the same thing for me anyway.

I do take my sweet time getting there though. It’s been quite some time since the Halloween party, which was a little over a week ago. My mind has been with Calum and the kiss we had shared ever since, guilt sometimes sneaking in when Meredith popped in my mind. I hadn’t heard or seen Calum since then, and I didn’t know how he would respond. But somehow, when my mind always tried to find the positive and happy things, it would turn out in the completely different direction. And which would mean in this case, that he’d be a complete dick and I would have been played. And that’s a real possibility and a harsh reality check.

I drag my ass up the driveway of the Hood residence, making a left turn to the back door. I hear music loudly blasting from the living room window as I pass it. I can hear the distinct sound a vacuum cleaner as well and I’m sure I’ll get a mop and a bucket in my hand as soon as I enter.

When I do though, I see Michael wiping the kitchen counter but he stops in his tracks when he hears the door squeak. “Oh, you’ve made a horrible decision, Y/n.”
Before I can ask him what he even means by those words, Meredith appears in the kitchen and her eyes widen when she spots me, frozen in my spot in the open doorway.

“Oh my god, I’m so glad you’re here. Couldn’t you answer your phone? The whole house is a mess. Would you please clean the hallway because I think there are some beer stains from the Halloween party.” I refrain from rolling my eyes as I nod my head, taking the tiny rag from her hands and disappearing into the hallway, picking up the bucket as I pass it.

“Wow, I don’t even get a hello.” I groan to myself and I hear the deep chuckle of Calum, so my head shoots up to see him leaning against the doorway, arms crossed over his bare chest. “Hello, Y/n.”
“Not from you, ass hole.” I laugh and throw my rag in his direction, his eyes sparkling as he lets out a laugh of his own. “Thanks for coming to help, we can use the extra hand.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it. But can I have that back?” I giggle as I point to the rag dangling from Calum’s crossed arms, him reciprocating by throwing it back in my direction. I see Calum’s eyes glide over me as he seductively licks his lips, before disappearing back into the living room.

I finished the hallway, Calum has finished the living room and Meredith and Michael are fixing the last bits of the kitchen, the last plates going in the dish washer. “So, was that all?” I wipe the droplet of sweat from my brow as I drop the rag on the kitchen table, dropping onto one of the chairs.
“No, the upper floor isn’t even done.” Michael laughs loudly and I groan hoarsely, dropping my head in my hands as I feel the muscles in my neck strain.

All of us are standing around in the kitchen – well I’m sitting but still –  when “Michael and I are going out for dinner. Calum, you can clean the rest of the upper floor by yourself.” Meredith suddenly speaks up and all of us stop our motions to stare at her while she has this sudden outburst. “Why the fuck would you leave me alone? I wasn’t even home half the time this is your fucking mess!” Calum’s loud voice booms through the kitchen and I flinch just a split second. Sometimes, and most of the times it’s directed towards Meredith, I can see his aggression seep through.

“Calum, don’t be such a bitch. You’ve been in bed until a fucking hour ago, you can do the upper floor!” Meredith growls agitated as she grasps Michael by his hand and pulls him to the back door. “Ah, Y/n? You coming?” She abruptly stops, as if she even forgot I was here in the first place, and leaves Michael’s hand dangling next to his lanky frame. Calum sighs loudly but he seems to have given up already. Michael shoots both of us an apologetic grin because he knows his girlfriend is being unreasonable.

“I have to collect my stuff in your room, you guys go out I’ll let myself out in a minute.” I smile, waving at Meredith as I disappear from her sight into the hallway. When I hear the door slam closed, I turn around, one foot in the stairs and my back leaning against the banister, eyebrow cocked in Calum’s direction. “Come on, I’ll help you, you’ll be done in no time.”

His eyes light up like a child on Christmas morning before he flies in my direction and his large arms envelope me in a tight hug. “You are the most amazing person ever.” I breathe in his cologne, a shiver running down my spine as I let my hands slowly rest on his shoulders. “I know.”

I skip up the stairs, Calum behind me. I think I’m not fast enough because I feel his fingertips dig into my sides and I squeal before abruptly turning around and playfully glaring at Calum who is grinning from ear to ear. “Don’t do that!”
His grin grows even brighter and he lifts his arms again to tickle me again and I shriek before darting up the stairs as fast as I can.

I make the first turn I can and end up in Calum’s own bedroom, my eyes widening at the atomic bomb that seemed to have went off here since the last time I’d been in here.

“I’m not helping you clean your room, you know. You’re a filthy pig.” I laugh as I let my gaze wander over all the dirty clothes scattered across his room, various articles laying around where they clearly shouldn’t be, his bed like a mountain of sheets and pillows – it hadn’t been made since his parents left.

I feel another shiver run along my spine when I sense his close proximity but I don’t move. I feel my heartbeat speed up, my breathing becoming shallower as his fingertips glide along my exposed arm, creating goose bumps in their wake. It feels like all my senses are on fire and the main reason isn’t alcohol for once. His breath is hot against the shell of ear, my heart pounding in my chest.

“You seem tense Y/n.” Calum whispers, his hands now ghosting over my sides, his flat hands resting against my abdomen. A humourless laugh leaves my lips. “Wouldn’t you be?” I let my head rest on Calum’s shoulder, letting my eyes drift closed as I enjoy his close proximity.

“Is just let it happen.” His voice is low, seductive. His lips trail over the sensitive skin of my neck, a breathless sigh leaving my lips. I can’t hold myself back any longer and turn in his embrace, my hands rapidly trailing from his chest to his neck, thumbs brushing over his sharp jawline.

Our lips connect and the first moment it’s soft, loving and a little bit apprehensive. Soon his arms wind around my waist, pulling me impeccably closer to his large frame, deepening his kiss. One of my hands trails up to course through his thick, curly hair. It seems to trigger something in Calum because before I know it, I’m pressed against the wall, his hands roaming over my ass as he pushes me off of the floor with just his body against mine.

I throw my leg over his hip, his tight jeans pressing against my core as our kiss heats up. A low moan leaves my lips, my back arching off of the wall to be closer to Calum. He seems to sense my needs and both of his hands cup my bum and he lifts me off of the floor with the greatest ease.

Our kisses get more heated as he carries me across his room to his unmade, messy bed. I’m gently put down, bouncing a little off of the mattress as Calum raises to his feet again. His gaze wanders over my body as he licks his lips. “Come on.” I stop him from saying anything, reaching my hand out for him. He happily obliges and lets his hand slip in mine before he crawls on to the bed, hovering over my much smaller frame.

His lips ghost over my collarbone, one of his hands cupping my bum while the other slowly trails along my waist. My heartbeat quickens rapidly, my breathing shallow as Calum sets my senses on fire. Every inch of my skin tingles as his hands trail up towards my neck, cupping my head in his large hands.

Calum groans as his gaze flicks from my widened eyes to my lips. I’m rather impatient and I raise my head to lock my lips with his. A loud moan leaves my lips as my back arches off of the mattress, pressing Calum and I’s bodies impossibly close together.

It causes Calum to bite my lip roughly, his nails digging into the tender flesh of my skin. My hands wander nervously over his exposed back before ending on his bum. I roughly press down, his erection grinding against my dampened core. “Calum I-” I moan softly, my hips involuntarily grinding against Calum’s erection for just the littlest bit of friction.

“Moan my name, Y/n.” Calum groans as he rips my shirt off of my head, fingers immediately fumbling with the clasp of my bra before it goes flying across his bedroom. “Calum please.” I breathe, my pointer finger dipping in the waistband of his sweat pants, slowly dragging them off of his hips.

Calum rids himself of his clothing, leaving him completely bare in front of me. He rests on his knees at the end of the bed. His gaze is so lust filled, as if he can’t wait a second longer and it makes me squirm in my seat on the mattress.

I flinch when his cold fingertips drag my jeans and knickers down my legs. When he crawls back over my body, his hands cup my breasts roughly, drawing another loud moan from my parted lips.

I’m not in the mood for fore play, our teasing throughout the last days, maybe even weeks having to have riled me up enough to tear his clothes off of his broad frame. Our hands are wandering, our teeth clashing as our cores melt together. My back is arching off of the mattress, pressing my breasts against Calum’s hot, flushed skin.

I think Calum realizes that I’m not in the mood for more teasing as he presses himself flush against me, his erection prodding at my entrance. Our lips leave one another for a split second and his eyes lazily open, a look I can’t decipher thrown my way before he pushes into me.

A low whine leaves my parted lips, my nails digging into Calum’s biceps as he slowly starts to move his hips to find a rhythm comfortable for the both of us. Soon, strings of swear words and breathless moans start to tumble past my lips. Calum’s pace picks up, his face hidden in the crook of my neck as his breath heats up my skin.

My whole body tingles as I feel Calum’s teeth sink into my skin, my hands gripping the first things I can reach for leverage. Calum laughs against my skin before granting the now sore spot with a soothing kiss, pushing himself up on his arms to he could gaze down at me.

“’M close.” I hum in response, nodding my head, indicating him I indeed was also at the brink of euphoria. Calum shifts his body weight, one of his hands disappearing between my legs to stimulate my clitoris. He knocks the wind out of my lungs, my eyes drifting closed as I feel pleasure shoot through my spine.

“Calum, I –“ I can’t even finish my sentence as I feel my orgasm hit, me being a moaning mess underneath Calum who keeps up his pace to let me ride out my orgasm. As I feel his hips stutter, I know he isn’t far behind either. I’m sore, extremely sensitive as Calum’s movements still, a whimper leaving his lips as he squeezes his eyes closed.

When he reopens his eyes, he lifts his hand up to cup my cheek. His thumb brushes over my cheek bone as he lazily smiles at me, his arm still shaking from holding himself up. After, he drops down next to me with a loud groan, his arm thrown over his closed eyes. “Shit, I feel – I don’t know.” I laugh loudly as Calum speaks, his chest still heaving as he stumbles over his words. I kiss his shoulder briefly before sprawling myself out on his sheets, a chill running over my body as my sweat starts to evaporate.

Calum groans as he flips himself over, pressing his face into the mattress. I chuckle as I raise my hand to draw lazy circles on his bare back for a while, before my stomach grumbles and demands my attention. As I stop my motions, Calum lets out a whine of protest as he lifts his head off of his pillow to grant me with a glare.

“Now you can go search my bra and I’ll make us some dinner.” I laugh as I pat Calum’s bare ass as I crawl off of his bed and grasp one of his shirts off of the floor. I stop in the doorway to wink in his direction and see him scramble off of the bed and to the general direction he had thrown my lingerie an hour prior.

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“Okay.” Todd led the way into his safehouse and switched on the lights. “Make yourself at home, I guess. This is what I’ve got.”
Damian followed him inside, with Grayson close behind— the two of them stopped at the doorway to take a look around. It was very Todd, Damian decided: a neat space with a bed, a set of drawers, and a lot of weapons. Weapons everywhere. He wasn’t particularly surprised.
“I think there’s a couple of air mattresses in the closet,” Todd continued. “Blankets are in the bottom drawer. Um, there’s a coffee maker in the kitchen? And I wouldn’t eat anything from the fridge— I haven’t been here in a few weeks. I’m gonna go get your bags.” He started for the door, then stopped again.
“If you take anything off the bookshelves, make sure you put it back in alphabetical order. Okay. That’s all.” He slid past Damian, out the door and back towards the car, leaving the two of them alone. Grayson headed for the closet.
“This is nicer than I was expecting.”
Damian nodded— he wasn’t really in the mood to talk. He pulled a stack of blankets out of the bottom drawer and set them on the bed, then checked the other two drawers for the hell out it. There was a stack of money in one, with a fake passport and a large, twisted knife. Typical. The second drawer was locked— Damian pulled a pick out of his sleeve and forced it open.
There was a framed photograph inside: Wayne Manor in the autumn. Grayson and Gordon were walking together under one of the oak trees, and Drake was sitting on the grass with a stack of textbooks spread out in front of him. His father was there too, standing with his back to the camera. Damian wasn’t in the picture. Before his time, he figured.
He hefted the frame in his hands a few times and then passed it to Grayson, who inspected it with a smile.
“Wow.” Dick raised an eyebrow. “I wonder where he got this. He wasn’t there that day.”
“Maybe.” He set the picture down on the dresser and began rummaging in the closet for the air mattresses.
“You’re leaving tomorrow?” Damian asked.
“Yeah, I have to get back.” Grayson hauled out a pair of boxes. “They say that if I don’t report to work, they’ll tell the world that Bruce is— was, I guess— Batman.”
Damian sat down on the bed. “Maybe you should let them,” he said quietly.
Grayson stared at him. “What?”
“Let them. If everybody knew, he would know too.”
“You don’t really mean that.” Dick set the boxes on the floor. “That would change everything. It’s not fun when everybody finds out— trust me.”
“It would still be better than—” Damian cut himself off. “Never mind.”
“Listen, I know it’s hard, but he’s happy. He told me.”
Why did people keep saying that? Damian pulled his legs up on the bed with him and wrapped his arms around his knees. They wouldn’t stop telling him how happy his father was, now that he didn’t have Batman, or his memories, or… Damian didn’t want to start a fight, but before he knew it, it was pouring out of him— the same idea that had been twisting around his insides ever since he’d found out.
“He was happy before.”
“He was. He had us. He had— We were together, and we were getting along, and I— These last couple of months—”
“But you wouldn’t know about that, would you?”
“Just because you’re prepared to pick up and leave your family, it doesn’t mean the rest of us are.” Damian wasn’t mad at Grayson— not really— but he couldn’t stop himself. He was angry and Dick was an easy target. “Some of us don’t abandon people.”
“That’s not fair, and you know it.” There was an edge in Grayson’s voice, but Damian ignored the warning sign.
“It’s all right for the rest of you! You can leave, but I don’t have anywhere else to go. I don’t— That’s my house and my father, and it’s all I have. What do you want me to do? Go back to the League?”
“You’re being ridiculous.”
“I spent years on this! I did everything you wanted me to. I gave up everything so I could have— You don’t get to take it away from me now.” Damian lay back on the bed, glaring at the ceiling. “I don’t want to stay here. I want to go home.”
He wanted to watch the leaves fall off the oaks from inside his bedroom— the one that was his own, private, just for him. He wanted to walk Titus through the first frost of the year and play fetch in the graveyard that housed his ancestors’ bones. He wanted to sit on the countertops in the kitchen while Alfred made dinner and his father set the table— the three of them together in the big house that was his— not just by birthright, but because he lived there. Home. He wanted to go home. He wanted his father.
“I want—” Damian sat up, looked Grayson in the eye, and remembered how terrifying Dick could be when he was angry. “I just—”
“Well you can’t. He’s happy.”
Damian slid off the bed and walked towards the door, nearly colliding with Todd on his way back in. “I’m going to sleep with Drake,” he snapped, snatching his overnight bag out of Todd’s hand. He pushed past him, out into the street as fast as he could, away from Todd’s voice (“What the hell did you do?”) and his safehouse. He didn’t quite know where he was going.
Happy, he thought as he ran, happy like the weight of his father’s arms around him when he woke up in the Cave, or the feeling of flying over the city, powerful and alive. Happy like an empty gravestone or a single pearl. Like a paper boat floating away into the darkness. Happy like a rooftop or Batman’s smile.
He was happy, before. Surely his father was too?

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Void / Stilinski Triplets

Request- Hey! Can you do an imagine with the Stilinski triplets and y/n (the sister) where Stiles is void? Like she tries to get him back but the others won’t let her in case she gets hurt? Thanks!

A/N- This was my favorite piece to write so far! Sorry about the length again, I’m officially incapable of writing anything short. I changed a few things from this episode so that I could include Thomas, Stuart, and Y/N in the chaos. Keep sending in requests, I love love love writing them for you ♡


“C’mon, Tommy. I’m going with you.”

Y/N huffed before crossing her petite arms in front of her chest as she stood in front of two of her older brothers, pleading to be apart the pack’s master plan that was put together as a final attempt to save Stiles.

“Dammit Y/N, can you just listen to us for one goddamn second?”

The room fell silent as the eldest brother slammed his fist against the now shaking kitchen table. The sharp tone in Thomas’ voice took both of his siblings by surprise; he was always the calm one who usually managed to keep collected in times of chaos, but the thought of losing his youngest brother to the void was too much for him to bear and as much as he hated yelling at his baby sister, her stubbornness was keeping him from doing anything else.

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Midnight (Part 2) [John Murphy]

Part 1

Title: Midnight (Part 2)
Fandom: The 100 (TV Show)
Characters: John Murphy aka #stophurtingmycinnamonroll2k16 x reader, Murphy’s parents
Warnings: A tiny bit of cursing, some jokes that are probably a little inappropriate for young readers lol
Word Count: 1,086
Requested: No
Short Description: Part two of ‘Midnight’, which is before Murphy’s parents died and before the 100 were sent to Earth in the drop ships. You go to dinner at Murphy’s house and his parents frequently state how perfect you and Murphy are together; despite the fact that you guys aren’t dating.

“I’m heading over to dinner at the Murphys’!” I called to my parents, before leaving our home and making my way into the corridor. It was cold in the Ark, the way it always was, and so you pulled the sleeves of your sweatshirt over your wrists.

Once you got to Murphy’s home, you reached out your arm to knock on the door but stopped halfway when the front door was ripped open, revealing a frantic-looking Murphy. “John?” you asked, and he pulled you towards him in a hug before you could say anything else.

“Please don’t come inside.” Murphy pleaded quietly, hiding his face in your hair. “They’ve already embarrassed me and you’re not even inside yet,” He added, which made you break out into laughter.

“Your parents are amazing!” you reminded him, detaching yourself from Murphy’s body so you could examine Murphy’s expression. “What’s wrong?” you asked, knowing there was something else.

“Nothing,” Murphy lied, his eyes focused on the floor. “I’m just… not in the mood to listen to my parents tell me how perfect you are, and how much I should be more like you,” he added, meeting my eyes again and giving me a fake smile.

“John,” you frowned, running your hands up Murphy’s arms and cupping his cheeks. “That isn’t true and you know it,” you stated firmly. “You’re a really great person, and your parents love you so much.” You reminded Murphy. “And I’m not perfect.”

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Title: Unsupervised 

Summary: You love your adorkable angel, Castiel.  But when he has to entertain himself while you study for a big exam, you realize that you should never leave him unsupervised. 

Warnings: none? 

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You sat down at your small desk as you worked through the problem set.  Advanced quantum physics, it was a rough class, but it was necessary to get your degree so you could become a professor someday. You worked through the first question, making notes on the equations and everything you would need to know for the exam on Monday.  You were so engrossed in your work that you failed to notice the sound of ruffled feathers behind you.  In fact, it wasn’t until his deep voice called out your name did you realize Castiel was standing there.

“Cas, what are you doing here?”  You asked as you smiled up at him.  His trench coat swayed around him as he gave a slight smile back down to you.  

“I believe we had made plans to spend time together today.  Sam and Dean said they do not need my assistance on their hunt, so I should not need to leave for a while.”  

You got out of your seat and walked over to him with a big smile on your face.  It had been a few days since you last saw Cas and you missed him.  A few months ago, the Winchesters had come busting into your house tracking a werewolf. They had meant to bust in your neighbor’s door, but in his hurry to be a badass, Dean busted in yours by accident. Castiel, the angel of the Lord, had been with them and you instantly found him attractive.  

The guys checked in on you over the next couple months, at Cas’ insistence, saying there was something strange about you.  Turns out it was his own way of saying he had a crush on you.  About a month ago, you finally made him sit down with you to talk and you two had been in a quasi-relationship ever since.  Castiel would come by and see you, you went out on some small dates, and even had some very fun nights in.  

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Well...That Was Awkward (Austin Carlile)

a/n: Wow. Jesus. This may be cheesy and I might’ve sorta maybe changed it up a bit. Them Austin feels, man….they hit you hard.


Your P.O.V:

Alright. Everything was packed and ready to go.

Clothes? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Bathroom necessities? Check. Paperwork and computer? Check and check. I let out a sigh as I finished shuffling through my suitcase. I had everything I needed. Moving my eyes from the zipped bag to the nightstand, they landed on a picture frame. It was a photo from the beach that was taken on a family outing. Two smiling faces in that picture brought one of my own to my lips. My husband, Austin and Bryn, our 15 year old daughter. I moved forward to grab a hold of the frame and starred at it for what seemed like an eternity.

Tears were starting to spring up to my eyes, but I didn’t noticed until one fell onto the glass, splashing our smiles. Stop crying. It’s just for a couple weeks. No big deal. I was leaving for a business trip and wasn’t going to be back for 2 weeks. Just the thought of being away from my family made me sad, but I knew I would be able to call whenever. Sucking in a deep breath, I put the frame back and lifted the suitcase off the bed and carried it downstairs. There, waiting for me, was the two most important people in my life.

“Mom! You need help?” Bryn jumped up from the couch when I reached the bottom step. Shaking my head no, I was quickly stopped by Austin as he followed her and came to grab the bag from me.

Sighing, I smiled at them, “Thank you,” Austin smiled back and leaned down to kiss my cheek. “Okay, you guys ready to go?”

“No. Do you have to go?” Bryn groaned, pouting her lip slightly.

Chuckling, I put my arm around her shoulders. “Yes sweetie, I have to go. Now come on, my plane leaves in a few hours.”

Driving to the airport was tough. Austin hadn’t said a word, which I knew was because he didn’t know what to say. Bryn, however, was begging me to stay the entire ride there. I hadn’t been away from her this long. Ever. I mean, with Austin it was different because I had to deal with him being gone for months, but I never was away from my baby. Pulling up to the curb, we got out and Austin went to retrieve my luggage.

“It’s just a couple short weeks,” I said calmly when I saw tears building up in my daughters eyes. “I’ll be home before you know it.” Pulling her into a hug, I tried to keep it together as she started crying into my chest. Stroking her long, dark brown hair that resembled Austin’s, I whispered, “Shhh, hey it’ll be alright. You can call me whenever you want. We can Skype and FaceTime anytime. Okay?”

She nodded and sniffed, pulling away to look up at me. “Okay.”

I smiled and cupped her cheeks, wiping away her tears. “That’s my girl.” She smiled back and looked up at her father. Austin was standing there silently, hands in his pockets and eyes glued to the ground. I frowned and glanced at Bryn, raising my eyebrows as if saying “Awwh the poor baby”.

With a slight frown, I reached up to take his face in my hands and lifted it. Looking in his eyes, I could see the worry, sadness, and helplessness swirling in them like raging storm clouds. He sighed and covered my hands with his.

“Y/N…I-I don’t know if I ca-”

“Hush. I know you can handle this. You got this, okay? Everything’s going to be the same, it’s just that I’m not going to be there.” I think I was saying it more for myself then for him, but we both needed it. The boarding call for my flight echoed through the speakers of the intercom, “Flight 0037 for New York now boarding.”

I sighed, smiling sadly up at Austin and stood up on my toes. He leaned down and met me half-way for a kiss. It was short, but the love that passed between us could be felt. We pulled away and I looked over at my daughter, her cheeks already tear stained. I pulled her into another hug and whispered that everything would be fine.

Once I had my luggage in hand, I smiled at my family. “Alright, I’ll be back in a couple weeks, okay? No parties at the house,” I said sternly as I pointedly looked at Austin. “Be good and don’t set the house on fire. And for Christ’s sake, stay out of trouble you two!” Bryn and Austin looked at each other and grinned deviously, chuckling. I rolled my eyes at them and kissed both of their cheeks. I turned to walk into the airports entrance, but just before I went in, I turned around and waved, “I love you both!” And with that, I hurried off the catch my flight.

Bryn’s P.O.V:

The drive home was quiet. Dad hadn’t said a word the whole time and I just stayed silent, because I didn’t know what to say and it was a bit uncomfortable to be honest. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I loved my Dad to death, but we hadn’t been that close since I was younger.

Suddenly, he cleared his throat, drawing my attention to him. “So, while your Mom’s gone, what do you want to do?” It came out a little hesitant, and I didn’t blame him. I was nervous too. How were we going to survive with Mom?

“Uhh…well, we could just stay home and play on the Xbox.” I said with a shrug. “I don’t really feel like doing anything.” That was a straight up lie, but I guess he bought it because he didn’t sigh like Mom did.

“Oh…sure. But, like, we’ve got a whole full two weeks, Bryn. Don’t you want to do something else?”

Yes. “Naah, I like staying in doors.” I looked over at my Dad at smiled and it got bigger when he smiled back.

Focusing on the road again, I could’ve swore he said, “Just like your mother..”


It was early evening when we got back to the house. As soon as the car stopped, I hopped out and walked to the door, waiting for Dad to unlock it. Once inside, we just stood there. We didn’t exactly know what to do with ourselves. Dad looked completely lost and I could sort of understand why; he was usually on tour and never got to stay at home for more than a month or so. Even then, we hardly did anything but the only time we did end up doing something was when Mom forced us to go out.

Reaching up, Dad rubbed the back of his nervously. “Uh…are you hungry?” I nodded, feeling my grumbling stomach. “I’ll order us some pizza, them.” With that, he smiled, probably happy he did something right and pulled out his phone to call.

I walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch, pulled out my phone and kicked up my feet on the coffee table. Opening the tumblr app on my phone, I started aimlessly scrolling and reblogging. There were several messages in my ask; most gushing over the fact that my Dad is the famous Austin Carlile, others pointless hate about the same thing. But, that was expected, unfortunately. Bryn Carlile, 15-(almost 16)-year-old getting hate for something I couldn’t control. Sad. But it never bothered me. Not really.

I had just switched to Twitter when Dad walked in and plopped himself down next to me, making the cushion underneath me push up and sent me almost flying off the couch. I let out a shriek and turned to look at my Dad with wide eyes. His matched mine and we stayed still just looking at each other with a ‘what in the actual fuck’ expression, then all of a sudden we both burst out laughing. We laughed until our stomachs hurt and I ended up on the ground.

“Oh my god…I can’t…I can’t breathe!” I wheezed out, clutching my abdomen. Dad was wiping the tears from under his eyes and covered his mouth. Our laughter started to calm down then he shook his head, still laughing pretty hard and suddenly snorted. Starring at each other again, we started laughing again. I was dying on the floor and Dad was wheezing on the couch.

Coughing, he waved his hands in the air. “No! No more! Don’t do anything. You’re gonna make me lose it again.”

“Me?! More like you! Don’t even look at me, I’m not going to be able to stop.” I laugh for a couple more minutes and then smile up at the ceiling. I hadn’t laughed like this in a really long time. The last I did was a long time ago, probably when I was still super close with my Dad. Maybe things could be like this again…

I popped up to my feet and turn on the tv, then switch on the Xbox. Spinning around, I grinned at the sprawled out heap on the couch. “Wanna go a few rounds while we wait for the pizza?”

A competitive glint sparked in his eyes and he sat up. “You’re on, princess.” Just when I handed him a controller, the door bell rings.

My eyebrows furrow. “Wow. That was fast..” But Dad had this guilty look on his face. “Uh oh…what’d you do?” He shook his head and nodded to the door as a gesture for me to go open it. Hesitantly, I walked to the door and opened it and gasped. “No fucking way.”

“Hey! Watch your language, missy.” The shortest man said, ruining his stern look and grinned at me. The entire Of Mice&Men band was here. Or in other words, my uncles. I smiled shyly and covered my mouth, stepping aside to let them in. “Sorry, Uncle Aaron.”

The guys filed in and they all greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. I turned back to see them greeting and talking with my Dad. Except, wait, I only saw thre- “Ahhhh!!” A pair of gangly arms picked me up and rushed inside.

“Aha! Got you now!” the voice of my attacker shouts in triumph.

“Alan! You little shit, PUT ME DOWN!” I shouted at him, kicking my legs around as he runs around with me over his shoulder. He just laughs and shouts 'NEVER!’. I sigh and glare, but secretly I’m enjoying this because I hadn’t seen them in so long.

“Dad! Dad, come oooonn!” All I can hear is laughter. “DADDY!” I finally scream out as Alan throws me down on the chair and starts tickling me. Squealing, I try to crawl away while laughing. “ALAN! Oh my god! Stop, I’m not 5 anymore!”

Finally stopping, he stepped back and laughed at me. “Jesus Bryn, brush your hair.”

Groaning, I adjusted my shirt and pushed the long chunks out of my face, running a hand through it to tame the messy curls. I locked my glare on Alan as I stood up and fixed my hands firmly on my hips. “You’re such a little kid, Alan. For christ’s sake, you almost made me shit myself.”

Alan just snickered and ruffled my hair. “Don’t you have a potty mouth. Austin, what did you do to her?”

Dad shook his head and shrugged. “Nothing. That all Y/N, right there.”

“Yeah, Y/N could swear up a storm. ” Tino added in. “Hey, remember that one time we all got drunk on the American Dream tour and she got into trouble…” He started up with a story that I’d heard countless times before but listening to them talk was hilarious. I rolled my eyes and laughed, going to sit down by my Dad as the guys grabbed a beer and joined in on the story. This might just be a fun two weeks after all.


“Bryn! Get up, we gotta leave in a few hours.” A muffled voice said through the closed door. Groaning, I cracked my eyes open to see the sun peaking from behind the curtains. Ugh, morning. Never cared for them and probably never will.

Rolling over, I glanced at the clock and it read 9:48am. What the hell, Dad? It’s too damn early for me to be up on school break. At least we had survived a whole week without any trouble. I let out an exasperated sigh and dragged myself out of bed, but stilled as a sharp pain shot through my lower stomach. Oh on. This wasn’t happening, not yet. I wasn’t supposed to get it until next week…another shock of pain made itself known. “AH! Jesus, I’m dying!” I cried out to no one in particular.

Crawling out of bed was painful but I needed to get to the bathroom before there was a mess. When I got to the bathroom, I rushed towards the toilet, not even bothering to close the door. Sitting down, I propped my elbows on my knees and dropped my head in my hands. A groan slipped out as I lifted my head up and reached over to open the cabinet under the sink, only to find it empty.

“Shit…” I mumbled under my breath. No, no, no no. This could not be happening. No pads. Not even a tampon in sight! Mom probably took the last ones. Quickly ripping a towel from the rack, I covered my lower half and squeezed my eyes shut. “Dad!” I yelled. No answer. Just as I was about to call again, my lower stomach tightened in a cramp, making me moan in pain. “Daaaad!!” I shouted louder, sounding like a strangled animal. This time I heard footsteps rushing up the stairs.

“Bryn?! Bryn, what’s wrong? Are you oka-” Dad stilled when he got in the doorway, taking in what was going on. “Uh…I uh, what?” He stuttered, shutting his eyes and turned his back to me. “Can you please explain to me what is happening?”

I cleared my throat. “Well, uh…mother nature decided to arrive early to the party. And I am not prepared so, if, you know, you wouldn’t mind…could you go to the store and get me decorations?” I winced. Wow, that sounded a lot worse then it did in my mind.

Dad was silent for a few seconds. “Wait..what? Decora-”

“PADS, DAD. I NEED PADS!” My voice was snappy and edged with irritation. I was so uncomfortable right now, but as soon as I snapped, I regretted it. “Sorry..but, yeah, could you go to the store, please?”

I saw his head nod in agreement. “Yeah, um…sure.” His voice voice sounded so hesitant I almost felt bad but I needed those damn necessities. “I’ll just go…go get it now. Be back soon.” He quickly left the bathroom and I could heard his keys jingle as he grabbed them. “Don’t bleed out or something!” He called out just as the door shut closed.


Thankfully I was able to get in the tub and take a shower to freshen up. While showering, I heard my phone go off. Sighing, I pulled back the curtain and dried my hand on the towel before answering it.


“Bryn. Uh, which…which one do you need?” Dad’s voice crackled through the speaker, sounding just as uncomfortable as I did.


Austin’s P.O.V:

“Okay.” He said before hanging up. He sighed as his eyes scanned the shelves of lady necessities. There had to be at least a hundred different brands. How was he ever going to find the one Bryn said to get? She didn’t exactly remember what the package looked like, so that didn’t really help.

Finally giving up, he got out his phone and dialed.

“You didn’t burn down the house, did you?” the relief spread through him, relaxing his nervous state.

Chuckling, he smiled to himself. “No. Uhm, but I do have a slight dilemma.” Deep breath. “What pad brand do you usually get?”

The line was silent for a few minutes and Austin was about to ask if Y/N was still there, when suddenly laughter erupted from the speaker.

“What? What pad brand do I buy? Austin, are you feeling okay? You know, you don’t have to go out shopping. I can do it when I get ho-”

“It’s not that. Bryn kind of…well, you know…started…” he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Oh. Oh, shit. I didn’t even think about that when I took the last of it.” Y/N was probably freaking out and feeling bad. Austin frowned; he didn’t want her to feel like that just over a simple mistake.

“Y/N, baby, it’s okay. I’m at the store now, so just tell me. And you better hurry up - I don’t want to know the power of 'Satan’s Sacrificial Waterfall’s’ wrath.” he teased, making them both laugh, but he quickly stopped when he caught an elderly woman shaking her head in disapproval at him. Once Austin got the correct information, he bolted out of the store and headed home, worried about Bryn and even more worried about how this was going to go down.

Awkward was the only thing that came to mine.


Bryn’s P.O.V:

“Ugh.” I huffed out a breath. I was sitting in the tub. Yep, thats right. In the tub. I didn’t know where else to go, so I decided to just wait in here until Dad came back with the goods.

It hadn’t even been half an hour when I heard the door slam shut. Footsteps sounded up the stairs and stopped in front of the bathroom. Peeking around the curtain, I was relieved when I saw the door swing open to reveal my Dad. He saw my head poking out of the curtain and smiled, putting a plastic grocery bag on the counter.

“Thanks, Dad.” A grateful smile pulled at the corner of my lips. Dad nodded and smiled then turned to leave, closing the door as he left.

Shutting off the water, I got out of the shower and grabbed a towel, drying off. Reaching for the bag, I ripped open the purple package like a present on christmas and pulled out the small square. “Hallelujah! I’ve never been so happy to see you.” I cheered as I carefully ripped open the plastic wrapping and placed it in the center of my panties. Sighing in relief, I finished getting dressed and made my way to the living room.

As soon as I turned the corner, I could hear the tv quietly showing a random football game and on the couch sat my Dad. He had the remote in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. Alright, everything was normal, nothing weird had really happen. He was just being a good Dad and getting something I needed. Deep breaths, Bryn. Don’t be weird about it, the little pep talk in my wasn’t exactly great but it helped a bit.

Walking to the couch, I plopped down next to him and pretended to watch the game. Clearing my throat after a while, I asked, “So, you wanna do something before we gotta go meet up with the guys?”

He seemed to perk up at my question. “Like what?”

I tilted my head and tapped my fingers against my cheek. “Oh, I don’t know, possibly a game of COD?” A grin ghosted across my lips, knowing that I had his attention.

“But we only have a hour and a half,” he warned, a taunting hint in his voice.

I rolled my eyes. “Please! That’s enough time to kick your ass, Dad.” The grin was fully on now as I challenged him.

A disapproving was shot my way. “Bryn.”


He just shook his head and laughed, grabbing the controllers and switched the screen to connect to the Xbox. “I swear to god you get that language from your mother.”

“Oh shut up! It’s not all from Mom. Ahem…” I shot a pointed look up at him before choosing the setting for the game. Dad just gave a 'pffft, whatever’ look, sending us into a fit of giggles.


Surprisingly, the rest of the week went by amazingly. There was no awkward moments from then on, and I could see that we were both thankful for it. That close knit father-daughter bound had re-emerged and was stronger than ever; we went to the beach almost every day, cooked together - or tried to - and always ended up laughing with each other. My mood never snapped because of what time of the month it was, thankfully.

Although we were having so much fun with each other, Dad and I missed Mom a lot and we let her know ever time she called. She had been super worried about the whole 'pad mishap’ and felt terrible, but I assured her it was absolutely fine and I was okay.

But finally, today was the day she came back home. Dad and I had gotten up super early and drove to the airport to pick her up. It was around 9:30am when the flight landed; excitement was evident in the look on our faces when we saw her walk through those glass doors.

“Mom!” I shouted as I ran to he and hugged her tight, almost knocking her over. Luckily, Dad was right on my heels and wrapped both of us in a bear hug, steadying us.

“Awwwh, I missed you two!” she mumbled into my shoulder, squeezing me before releasing her hold. “How was it?” She asked before Dad replaced my spot in her arms. He grinned and leaned down to kiss her, which lasted a little too long.

Sighed, I cleared my throat. “Okay, hello! Public area!” I waved my arms around, getting embarrassed by the stares they were attracting. Mom just waved me off. “Ugh, get a room you two!”

They started laughing and broke the kiss. Mom looked up at Dad and gave him a small wink, which he returned with a sly smirk. I wanted to gag; seeing your parents display affection was alright but when they took it to the next level like this was unbelievably traumatizing.

“It was great! We didn’t break or burn anything, so that’s a plus. I beat little missy here 28 times on the Xbox,” Dad grinned triumphantly and we started making out way to the conveyer belt. “And she also helped me with a few lines for the next album.”

Mom smiled at me. “Really? That’s great! Seems like you two had a blast.” She chuckled when Dad and I smiled mischievously at one another. When the suitcase was in sight, Dad leaned over and retrieved it and off we were, walking to the car while talking about our times away.

“Oh oh! I’ve got a ton of stories for you guys. There was this one bitch in my hotel…” Mom went on to tell her story. My Dad looked over at me and gave the 'see what I mean’ look when she started swearing. I just shook my head, trying to contain my laughter.


Your P.O.V:

It had been a very long day of watching movies, defeating both my husband and daughter at COD, and plus jet lag was taking its tole.

Pulling the covers aside, I slid into bed and snuggled up to Austin’s side. He looked down at me, taking in my smirk as one of his own started to form. “Yes?”

“Nothing. I just missed you a lot.” A content sigh made its way out. “Like, a lot a lot.”

He quirked an eyebrow. “Oh really?” I nodded. “Did we get needy, Mrs. Carlile?” That sly smirk from earlier had turned into one of the sexiest things I had ever laid eyes on.

Biting my lip, I nodded again. “Very needy.”

Austin’s gazed moved down to my lips and leaned forward to capture them with his own in a heated kiss. Pulling away, he said, “I’m sure I can fix tha-”

“OH MY GOD, WOULD YOU TWO STOP?! JESUS CHRIST, I CAN PRACTICALLY HEAR YOU FUCKING THROUGH THE WALL!” the shouts of our daughter cut him off. There was a shocked silence before we looked at each other.

“She gets the language from you,” I said at the same time as Austin when he said, “That is all you!”

The both of us busted into laughter, clutching our sides as they started to ache. Calming down, I hugged Austin with a smile stuck on my face.

“Well…that was awkward.” He mumbled, chuckling as he wrapped his arms around me and went to sleep.

Take Aim

Pairing: Jimin x Hwasa of Mamamoo

Summary: Hwasa looks good practicing her archery.

Author’s Note: This is for a lucky follower. Thanks for all of your support! I hope that you all enjoy it. I prefer Hwasa x Namjoon, but Hwamin can make my day anytime.

Genre: fluff, no smut sorry guys

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1.6k it would’ve been longer if there was smut lmao

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A heavy clicking noise followed the sudden gust of wind, and Hwasa looked forward, squinting her eyes. The sturdy arrow hit the target’s 9 range, but this obviously wasn’t satisfying enough for the female idol. She then reached down for another arrow and placed it in the arrow rest and pulled the bowstring taut, aiming for the target’s center.

Park Jimin, another idol practicing his archery for the Idol Star Athletics, stood in his place beside her, completely captivated by the repetitive mechanism. The young man had probably seen this happen five times in the past thirty minutes, but it seemed as if each shot she made was better than the last time.

Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly, Jimin wasn’t even fascinated by her notable expertise in the sport. He could care less if she was spot on every time or hitting the wall behind it. It was her, and simply her.

She was perfect.

Her everything had Jimin gaping in amazement.


The sudden call broke Jimin’s daydream. Jungkook was behind him, giving him those signature puppy eyes. “I’ve been waiting for so long.., when will you be finished?”

“Don’t rush me Jungkook!” Jimin responded, placing his hand on the bowstring. In the corner of his eyes, however, he was still staring straight at Hwasa. “I’ll let you go when I get an 8.”

“I’ll wait.” With that comment, Jungkook plopped down and took out his phone. As if he was implying that Jimin would take forever to get such a good score.

“W-Wait a minute, are you implying that I can’t get that score?” Jimin cried, looking back at him incredulously.

“Not at all, hyung,” Jungkook said, looking at his phone. “Take your time.”

Rolling his eyes, Jimin turned around and took aim again. Hyejin, however, was already ahead of him.



Upon scoring a meager 3, Hwasa let out a cry of frustration, causing everyone around her to stare. Jimin was already staring to begin with. She then quickly bowed to everyone and looked back, inspecting the target.

Moonbyul, accustomed to Hwasa’s fiery personality, looked up from her phone slowly and looked back down to finish a text. In contrast, Wheein leaped up, flailing her arms around.

“See!” Wheein yelled, ignoring the others around. “You’ve overdone it! Now your arms are tired, and your bow’s just screaming at you to stop. I can hear it from here! Give it a rest! Please!”

“No, now that I’ve missed this one, I have to try again,” Hwasa answered her matter-of-factly. “If I do this one well, I’ll call it a day.” With a sophisticated hair flip, she turned again and reached for an arrow.

Yes, please don’t stop, Jimin thought, looking at her. You’re the only reason I’m still here.

When Hwasa turned around to aim at the target again, she finally met Jimin’s piercing gaze. They locked eyes for one moment, and Hwasa felt something indescribable.

Like a shock of electricity, his beautiful brown eyes sent a foreign feeling all across her body. She couldn’t distinguish whether the feeling was pleasurable or painful, but it was addicting. It was slight and fleeting, but the sparks only lasted one moment.

Not wanting to appear disrespectful, she shook off the sudden emotion and bowed to him. Like a deer in the headlights, Jimin stayed in place, his attention trained on her. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, Hwasa cleared her throat.

Her attempt at starting a conversation caught him off guard; he jumped and released the string so painfully taut in his hand. If he was too off, the arrow probably would’ve hit the wall. Was that… a hint of shyness in her sultry voice? Could Ahn Hyejin, one of the most sexy and confident idols in Korean pop, possibly be into him, a man who’s tripped over air on national television?

He shifted on his feet. Probably not.

“Um, excuse me…” Her voice was more sultry and more intoxicating directed at him. Even Jungkook tensed up behind him. “Did my yelling distract you? I forgot that I wasn’t the only one in here.”

“N-no, you’re fine!” He stumbled on his words as he spoke. “I’m just really bad at this. That’s not your fault.”

Jungkook snorted behind him. Jimin chose to ignore it.

She looked at Jimin’s target, noting the many 2’s, 4’s and 5’s decorating it.

“Really?” She bit her lip, thinking of a solution. His eyes trailed down to her mouth, watching the suggestive display. “I can help you, if you want!”

He froze, unsure of how to react. She took his demeanor as rejection, frowning. “I don’t have to, I understand if you-”


Hwasa’s eyes widened.

“I’d really appreciate your help, but we’re not even on the same team.”

She chuckled at his remark. “I don’t care about that; it’s just a game, anyway.”

Wheein, so done with Hyejin’s practice that she lied sprawled out on the floor, rose up to chime in.

“You apparently care since you’ve been practicing for three-”

“I’ve gotten most of this stuff from trial and error, but I think it’ll work.” Hwasa ignored Wheein’s smart remarks and continued on with her assistance. “See, look.”

Hwasa reached forward to touch Jimin’s bow, and her hands made contact with his equally small one. He jolted and looked at her face to see if she detected his apprehension. Based on her intuitive explanation, Hwasa hadn’t noticed. And honestly, Jimin felt very bad. Not because he was wasting her time and getting her help. It was because he was wasting her time, getting her help, and not even listening to her advice. He was too busy focused on her flawless demeanor.

It was the little things that made his mind spin. Like the way she bit her lip when she tried to find the right words to say. Or the way she looked off into the farthest places of her mind to remember what she had learned. Or the way she giggled when she stumbled on her way to hide her embarrassment. Or the way she moved her hand away to fix her hair and put it back on top of his, sending a surge of warmth throughout his body.

How could such minuscule gestures have such an affect on him? Other than a few bows and detached greetings, he and Hwasa had never interacted in the past. He didn’t even consider Ahn Hyejin as his so-called ideal type. Yet, here he was, drawn to her every movement. Love was weird.

“Does that make sense?” Hwasa finally asked, looking up to meet his dazed expression.

Jimin hesitated, preparing to not sound completely lost. “Yeah, I understand.”

But Hwasa was too smart to not know something was up; she cocked her head to the side, confused by his expression. However, she only took it as nervousness.

“Don’t worry. Try it by yourself, and we can go from there!” Stepping back from him, Hwasa removed her hands from the bow to give him a go.

All of her warmth left Jimin’s body, and his surroundings suddenly felt cold. So cold that he trembled as he loaded an arrow and drew the string back. He just hoped that this didn’t reveal that he didn’t hear any of what she had just said.

Maybe a few things here and there, but not enough to improve. He took a deep breath, aimed, and let the string go. Afraid, he closed his eyes. Hwasa cried out, but Jimin wasn’t sure if it was from happiness or disgust.

He slowly opened his brown eyes.

A perfect 10.

Even Jungkook was surprised. Looking up from his phone, Jungkook let out a long whistle.

“Wow!” Hyejin approached him, clapping her hands. “Daebak!”

Jimin set the bow down and raised his hands to give her a high five, but Hwasa wouldn’t be satisfied with just a high five. With her arms outstretched, Hwasa pulled him in for a hug.

As soon as her arms wrapped around his muscular frame, Jimin froze once again. Though he felt as warm as a toaster oven at the moment, he was as still as ice. Yet his toned arms came around to encompass her small frame, pulling her in closer. She smelled like a mixture of flower-scented body wash and light perfume; it was so addicting.

The two idols remained like that for a few seconds, but they knew it couldn’t last that long or else others would grow suspicious.

“Hyejin-ah, Byulyi-unnie and I are about to get something to eat,” Wheein called, putting her stuff back on her bag. “You don’t have to come; that means less ruckus.”

Before it could go any further, Hwasa pulled away, looking back at her fellow members. “Wait for me or I’ll kill you!”

She looked back at Jimin, smiling. “I hope I helped! I guess I’ll see you at the actual event.”

And with a bow, she was gone, catching up to her friends. Jimin finally let out a long sigh.

Unbeknownst to him, Jungkook had grabbed the bow he placed beneath him. Then, he stood, pushing his hyung out the way.

“Hyung, if you’re done, I’ll give it a try.” He let out a whine, turning to Jimin.

“But you took so long; you know we have to leave in an hour.”

Jungkook’s words went through one of Jimin’s ears and through another; the twenty-year-old slumped down to the floor, closing his eyes. “Whatever, I have no more energy anyway.”

A few days passed, and Jimin felt better than ever.

Taking Hyejin’s advice into hand, Jimin practiced everyday and got better each time. The fans clustering the arena boosted his morale as they screamed his name.

With soaring confidence, he walked over with his fellow members and took a seat on the floor.

Nothing would’ve ruined his day, not anything, he thought, until Mamamoo walked over and made their place beside them. Hyejin turned around, giving the male idol a shy smile.

Jimin tensed up, and all his confidence rushed out like a broken dam.


Stalia prom

“Did you hear me?” Lydia says and waves her hand in front of Malia’s eyes.

Malia hadn’t listened the first time, or the second, she was thinking, she was thinking about whether she’d pass or not, she has been under a lot of stress lately, she has had a lot of catching up to do, even though she cathced up last year, she still has a bit to catch up on, she was just hoping she’d graduate with the others.

“Malia?” Lydia says again, but she has a worried expression this time.

“What? I’m sorry, i was just thinking” Malia says as she breaks from her thoughts.

“Are you going to prom?” Lydia asks and smiles.

“I don’t know, i don’t even have a date” Malia says.

“What do you mean? You’re dating Stiles, hasn’t he asked you yet?” Lydia says.

“Nah, i don’t think he will, he probably doesn’t even want to go to prom” Malia says and looks down.

She has actually been hoping all week he’d ask her, she has never went to prom before, but she remembers watching tv and seeing teens go to prom with their partners.

“What? Of course he’s going to ask you! He’s just a little late” Lydia says and rubs her hand on Malia’s shoulder and smiles.

Many guys have already asked Lydia to go with her, but she hasn’t said yes to anyone, yet.

“The prom’s tomorrow, i don’t even have a dress ” Malia says.

“Then we need to go shopping!” Lydia says and smiles very brightly.

It has been a while since she has gone to shopping with someone, she went once with Kira, but Kira doesn’t really enjoy shopping that much.

“Lets go right now!” Lydia says and graps Malia’s hand and is now dragging her out of the school.

“But we still have one hour of school” Malia says and tries to stop Lydia.

“Since when have you wanted to stay at school? Now lets go” Lydia says.

“Wait!” Malia says and Lydia stops.

“What now?” Lydia says.

“Kira, i’ll call Kira, she probably wants a dress too since she’s going with Scott” Malia says and pulls out her phone to call Kira.

It’s true, Kira hadn’t bought a dress yet.

“Kira! Come to the school parking lot, we’re waiting you here” Malia says to Kira.

“What why? Don’t you have school?” Kira answers.

“Yes, but the prom is tomorrow!” Malia says.

Kira didn’t have anymore classes that day, so her school ended a couple of minutes ago.

“Okay, i’ll be there in 5” Kira says and hungs up.

Malia and Lydia walked to Lydia’s car and are now wating for Kira to show up.

“Shotgun!” Kira shouts as she runs to Malia and Lydia.

Lydia went to the drivers seat and started the car, Kira went to the passengers seat and Malia’s sitting at the back.
Lydia starts driving.

After a while of driving, they finally reach their destination, the mall.

“What shop first?” Kira asks.

“This one, it has the best dresses” Lydia says and walks in.

All of the girls find dresses for themselfs.
Kira’s dress is long, the bottom part is black and the top part has diamonds on it (fake ones, of course)
Malia’s dress is lilac, it’s long.
Lydia’s dress isn’t that long, it reaches to her knees, it’s tight, pink.

“Okay, bye Malia!” Lydia says and waves at Malia as she’s stepping inside Stiles’ house.

Malia gets inside the house with a big smile on her face, she had a great time with Lydia and Kira, they were listening to music in the car and sung along.

“What makes you so happy?” Stiles says and walks down the stairs.

He had been planning for hours how to ask Malia to the prom in his room.

“I was shopping for prom dresses with Lydia and Kira” Malia says and walks to Stiles.

“You got a date?” Stiles says and raises his eyebrows, he’s actually thinking that some random guy asked Malia and she had said yes.

“What? No.” Malia says and kisses Stiles quickly on his cheek and starts walking upstairs.

Stiles walks upstairs right behind her.

“I think i’m going to take a shower” Malia says and takes her shirt off.

Stiles stares at Malia.

“What?” Malia asks.

“It’s just, do you want to go to prom with me?” Stiles asks.

“Wait, what?” Malia says.

Stiles asking her to go to prom with her had taken her off guard, she didn’t expect him to ask her, atleast not now.

“Will you go to prom with me?” Stiles says and smiles.

“Of course” Malia says and hugs Stiles.

Malia breaks the hug and Stiles pulls her in for a kiss.


“Stiles, are you ready? I have been waiting for like an hour!” Malia yells from downstairs.

Malia has been ready for a while already, she has her hair on curls, she had said to Stiles when he was curling her hair (yes, Stiles curled Malia’s hair) that she’d cut her hair short, simply because it’s too much work for take care of long hair and curling them took like an hour.

Malia had no make up on, she never really liked make up nor she knew how to use it.

“Okay, how do i look?” Stiles says as he walks down the stairs.

“Wow, i don’t think i have ever seen you look so, so, handsome” Malia says and is staring at Stiles.

“Well, i’d say to same for you, but you look as amazing every day, at least through my eyes” Stiles says and smiles.

“Lets go, Lydia’s waiting” Malia says and takes Stiles’ hand on hers.

“Not so fast kids” Stiles’ dad says, he’s holding a camera in his hands and is ready to take a picture.

“Smile” Stiles’ dad says.

“No! Wait! I have to close my eyes, they’ll reflect the light if i don’t and it’ll ruin the picture!” Malia says.

Stiles wraps his right hand around Malia’s waist.
Malia smiles and closes her eyes.

“Done!” The sheriff says.

Stiles already knows what his dad’s going do with the picture, he’s going to print it out and frame it and put it on the wall, he’s going to put it right next to his own prom photo with Claudia, he had told this many times to Stiles, he had told that he’ll frame Stiles’ prom photo right next to his.

“Have fun!” Stiles’ dad says before the love birds get out of the house.

“We will!” Malia says and gets out of the house with Stiles


Kira and Scott had been dancing the whole time, even tho Kira’s not the best dancer.

“Wanna go dance?” Stiles asks Malia as the song switches to a slow one.

“I don’t know, i don’t want to leave Lydia alone” Malia says.

Lydia had came alone, she was sitting at the table with Stiles and Malia.

“It’s ok, go!’ Lydia says and smiles.

Stiles guides Malia to the dance floor and wraps his hands around Malia’s waist and Malia rests her hands on Stiles’ shoulders.
Stiles is smiling.

"Why are you smiling, do i look funny?” Malia says and starts eyeing her dress.

“No, no, you look perfect, it’s, i can’t believe i’m actually dancing with the love of my life” Stiles says and he didn’t really realize the words he had said, Stiles or Malia hadn’t said the L word ever to each other.

“You, you think i’m the love of your life?” Malia says and looks deeply in Stiles’ eyes.

“I don’t think, i know, i knew you were going to be the love of my life the second i saw you” Stiles says.

Malia moves closer and kisses him, she kisses him and he know that she loves him too, he had known for a long time that he loves her, he just wasn’t sure if she did, he was scared she’d leave him.

But she wasn’t going to leave him, she’d never leave without him.

{Requested by monseborjas30 hope you liked this! Sorry for all the grammar mistakes, english isn’t my first language!:) i also added some malydira/malydia scenes if you don’t mind}

Parents Part 2 - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: G

Warning: Cute baby, pregnant fluff, and a little surprise… hehehe

Summary: Part 2 to Parents , where your baby starts kicking!

Word Count: 1553

“You need to rest.”

“Barry, I’m pregnant, not useless.”

“You are still important. The baby’s important, too. I mean, both of you are. It’s not like…. Can you just please sit, lie down, just don’t do… anything? I guess.”

You groaned. “Can you at least let me get up to get another pencil?”

Wind rushed around you. The pencil was in your hand. You sighed.

Barry just smiled. “See? You don’t need to do anything!” He appeared next to you. Your husband wrapped his arm around your shoulder and kissed your head. “You can just relax for the rest of the night. Maybe the next month, too.”

“Barry, don’t be so overprotective of her.” Caitlin patted your shoulder. “Remember, you have me as a doctor. You shouldn’t be worried.”

Cisco added, “Plus, she has a superhero for a dad, a cop for a grandfather, and is probably a meta herself.”

Barry and you deadpanned. Barry commented, “We’re not even sure if the she’s gonna be meta.”

“Or her name,” you added, gazing at your stomach.

Barry gently touched your belly. “I know she’s going to be beautiful just like her mother.”

You shook your head. “Aren’t you cheesy.” You kissed his cheek

You gasped, your hand immediately going to your stomach. She was kicking! You felt the vibrations travel from your stomach, through your skin and to your hand. You smiled, tears in your eyes. You laughed a little.

“(Y/n), are you ok? What’s happening?” your husband implored.

You just giggled and took his hand in yours. Barry was still asking and stuttering. Once his hand was placed over your baby, he stopped. Barry stared at where is hand was, his jaw slack. Then, he smiled. “She’s kicking,” he whispered. He laughed.

Caitlin and Cisco smiled at each other.

Your tears escaped. You placed your hand on top of Barry’s.

Barry laughed and pecked your lips. He kept on stuttering, trying to express his feelings in words. Your husband stopped himself and just kissed you again.

Your child kicked harder than before, making you gasp.

Barry’s eyes filled with worry and sympathy. “I could bring you to the couch, or home.”

“Barry, I’m fine,” you laughed. “She’s just very strong.”

Cisco and Caitlin approached the two of you. Cisco asked first, “I am the child’s uncle.”

“I’m the doctor!” Caitlin argued.

You smiled. Because Caitlin was closer to you, you placed her hand on your stomach. The doctor gasped, her hand covering her mouth. She smiled. “Cisco,” she whispered. She retracted her hand and placed his hand where hers was.

Your baby stopped kicking.

Cisco’s eyes widened. “Did I do something wrong? Does she not like-” he gasped. She kicked again. Cisco’s jaw dropped. He laughed. “Wow. That’s… beyond awesome.” He scrutinized the area of your stomach. “Does it hurt?”

You shook your head. “Actually, it makes me happier.”

For the next few days, Barry was insistent on making you stay home.. Despite this, you always insisted on coming to the lab. You were pregnant, not useless. You continued to read and file papers.

You gasped, your hand flying to your belly.

Barry was by your side within the second. “Are you ok?”

You laughed. “I’m fine.”

“Is Iris Jr. kicking again?” Iris asked with a laugh.

You shrugged. “I don’t know an Iris Jr., but, my baby’s kicking.” You rubbed your stomach, enjoying the thumping.

Iris tentatively stepped towards you. “May I?”

“Of course!” You lead her hand to the particular spot on your belly. Iris broke into a grin. “Why hello there. I’m going to be your auntie. If you need anything, and I mean anything, come to me. Especially love. Your parents were hopeless. I had to do most of the work!” Iris laughed and focused on you and Barry. “You do realize I’m going to spoil her, right?”

“We don’t expect anything less,” Barry commented. He faced you and grasped your hand. “Do you need anything? Water? Food? I could run to Jitters or something.”

“Barry,” you whined.

“Pillow? You might need a pillow.”


“I’m going to get a pillow.” Barry disappeared.

You groaned.

“Where’d Barry go?” Joe asked, seeing a blur fly past him.

You laughed. “He went home to get me a pillow.”

Wind swirled around you. Suddenly, there was a pillow supporting your back, your favorite beverage in your hand, and a pastry on your desk. Barry stood before you with a grin. “I got you your favorites.”

“Barry, I did warn you, didn’t I?” Joe asked. He strode over to the two of you. “About being overly… you.”

Barry blushed, shrugging. “I just-well… It’s not that much. Is it?”

You smiled. “I actually like it.” You sipped your drink and sighed. “I hope he’ll be like this after she’s born.”

“Better count on it.” Joe patted Barry’s back. “I’m proud of the both of you. You’ll be great parents.”

You beamed. “Thank you.”

Everywhere you went, Barry was with you. The only time he wasn’t was at his work. One day, you were able to sneak in. Well, Iris drove you over. Both of you wanted to surprise your husbands. You had a small frame Iris helped pick out. Barry had a copy of the last ultrasound, and you wanted to give him something for being so sweet.

“Iris!” Eddie smiled, hugging his wife. The officer shook his head at you. “You know, Barry won’t be happy about this.”

You shrugged and embraced your friend. “It takes more than Barry’s warning to keep me at home.”

Barry spotted you. careful not to use his super power, he rushed down the stairs and smiled. “You shouldn’t be here, (Y/n).”

“You still love me,” you said cheekily. You kissed your husband on the cheek. “I got you something.” You pulled out the picture frame. “For the picture.”

Barry smiled. He took it our of his pocket and placed it in the frame. “Perfect.” He kissed you softly. “You’re perfect.”

You blushed. Then, you gasped. Barry steadied you, his eyes wide with worry. “Are you ok?”

You laughed. “Fine. She’s kicking.” She smiled, looking up at your friends. Realizing Eddie’s joyful and hopeful expression, you told him, “Eddie, do you want to feel?”

He politely declined. “I shouldn’t.”

You raised your eyebrow and held out your hand.

Eddie sighed before taking it.

You placed his hand over the kicking.

Eddie blinked. His jaw relaxed, and he smiled. “Amazing,” he whispered.

You kissed Barry again. Barry smiled, then asked, “Really, you don’t need anything?”

You playfully slapped your husband. “i am fine. Now, I’ve distracted you long enough. Go back to work! Iris’ll drive me home.”

Your husband kissed your cheek. “I love you.” He then crouched down to be eye-level with your stomach. “I love you, too.”

“We love you, too, you dork. Now, go.”

Later that week, you started feeling under the weather. After waking up, you’d feel drained, more than usual. Barry highly suggested you rest, and for once, you agreed. You stayed in bed for two days.

Barry came home and immediately checked on you. “Hey. How are you?”

You grinned a little. “Better. I guess, I just needed some rest.”

Barry sat on the bed and kissed your forehead. “I could call Caitlin. We can make sure everything’s fine.”

You sighed. “I don’t know. I’m not-” Your hand flew to your stomach. It wasn’t a kick. You gulped. It was more like a constant vibration on your belly, a hum.

Barry was terrified when you didn’t answer his questions. The only thing you caught was “Is she kicking again?”

You shook your head. You placed his hand on your stomach.

The vibrations stopped. You bit your lip. What was happening? Why vibrations? How can a baby vibrate within your stomach? You shook your head. It was impossible.

Your stomach hummed again, vibrating against Barry’s hand and your stomach.

Barry’s eyes widened. “Wait a minute. What? How?” He looked to you and scratched the back of his neck. He retracted his hand.

The vibrating stopped.

Barry gulped. Your husband allowed his hand to vibrate at his super-speed. He gazed at you and laid it tentatively on your stomach.

Within your belly, vibrations shook a small patch of skin. It traveled until it met Barry’s shaking hand. Your husband blinked a few times. “(Y/n), you don’t think?”

You just nodded. “We need to call Caitlin. Now.”

Caitlin arrived with Cisco by her side. The two were able to make the ultrasound portable a few weeks ago and finally found a good use for it. Caitlin did the usual procedure. The baby was fine, still as she was supposed to be. For ten minutes, the machine examined your stomach with nothing uncanny occurring.

“Let me try something,” Barry suggested. The superhero made his hand shake at an astonishing rate and placed it on your belly.

You glanced at the screen, then at your stomach.

Suddenly, the vibrating started again. You gasped and looked to the screen. The baby’s leg  moved, but she wasn’t kicking. Her leg was gently pressed against the wall of your stomach, against Barry’s hand, and moving at an astonishing rate.

“A speedster.” Cisco beamed. “Costume doesn’t seem so stupid now, huh?”

You blinked. Then, you smiled. “She’s a meta.”

Hey guys! I finished all my homework!!!!!! I am very proud of myself. Who knew my English teacher loves homework to an excess…..

Anyway, I hope you guys like it! The baby’s a girl because it’s a little tribute to my cousin who is also pregnant. I’m going to be a auntie (sorta)!!!! I actually already am a godmother, but now I will have a godchild and a niece! I am excited guys!

There will be another part in which we will deal with the meta-ness of the baby and Braxton Hicks contractions. When that will be up…. I have no idea. Hopefully, tomorrow won’t have too much homework, but I can’t gurantee anything!

I hope you guys are having wonderful days and some good luck in school! Remember, this author, yes me, loves you! Thank you everyone! Have  great night!

EDIT: There’s a  Part 3!

EDIT: I actually like Part 4 the best!

EDIT: Part 5 is up and I finally named the baby with thanks to a certain anon! thank you, Anon!

EDIT:  Part 4.5 is up and running!

Reign 3 x 08: That Girl is Poison

How was your holiday? Did you see friends and family? Did you eat? Did you drink? Did you get some new slippers? I hope all of the above.

And now our TV’s are giving us another gift: a new episode of Reign, precious as an hour of pearls, and this episode started with Mary and Catherine fleeing the scene of a sexy murder and burning their bloody clothes!

Mary’s hem and Catherine’s over-kirtle or whathaveyou went in the fire and then Catherine was like “Well while we’re burning shit let’s get rid of some of my exotic and deadly poisons” but knock knock knock someone was at the door and the two women had to hastily pretend they were just whiling away the evening playing chess. (Before TV, radio, and internet, chess was heart-pounding excitement and fantasy adventure akin to Game of Thrones. )

Yes, Narcisse had come to officially accuse Catherine of killing her own son and to reveal a key piece of evidence he was planning to use during the inquest was the dead rat Lola had found in her bathtub, allegedly planted by Catherine, then skipped off all pleased with himself like a little asshole. Mary’s face during this whole exchange was perfect on every level.

Catherine was like “YOU HAVE TO TELL LOLA” and Mary was like don’t drag me into this.

This is a real moral quandry most of us will face at one time or another. If your friend is in a happy relationship, and you learn their partner did some questionable shit, is the moral thing to tell them or not to tell them? Obviously if it’s sex outside the relationship without conset, because of STD’s, you have a moral obligation. But slightly-shady shit? That’s a pickle of a different color.

And then Catherine was like “Also I’ve been fucking Narcisse.”

Hahahaha. Of course when Mary went to tell Lola, Lola immediately handwaved her off, as if Mary didn’t full distrust Catherine at all times and knew her better than anyone and is at this point the last person Catherine can fool. As we know Lola has always been dicks before chicks in her heart, throughout this whole series. We have the receipts. From defending her piece-of-trash fiancee episode one to right here and now helping her son’s grandma get framed for the murder of Francis, we have the receipts. I see you Lola.

Meanwhile the Spanish Ambassador was heading up an extremely slut-shamey investigation into HOW exactly the Future King of Spain ended up tied to a sex horse with his head caved in. His answer? French people.

Mary gave Greer the head’s up to clear her girls out of court before they could get slut shamed, then was like “Hmmm you look different.” And Greer was like “I am wearing 18 braids on my head for some reason?” and Mary was like “Oh okay that must be it.”

Meanwhile Catherine and Claude were having a heartwarming mother daughter talk.

Proving she’s Catherine’s daughter after all, Claude struck a canny deal: she wouldn’t mention that time Catherine tried to kill her if she could choose her next husband.

Meanwhile, Don Carlos had woken up, with Catherine poised to terminate him if he started pointing fingers.

The good news: he didn’t remember that Catherine and Mary had tipped him over in a BDSM scene gone awry! The bad news: that was because his brain was very badly injured. Very badly.

We’ve all been there Don Carlos.  Oooof, there are days and there are days.

Meanwhile, Bash then intercepted Catherine in what seemed like him policing her but was actually him asking her how he could help. When the actual scene was happening I just kept thinking about how there’s a small but loyal set of fans who ship Bash and Catherine really hard and how much they were enjoying this scene.

Meanwhile, Lola was dutifully testifying about the rat. And then she got word her brother and father had been kidnapped by the English and were being held hostages, not to be released until Lola had joined Elizabeth at her court. Narcisse was like “That will never happen” but I was like “Wow I really hope that happens. Lola at English court? Yes, hell to the yes.”

Then Mary kind of got into with Narcisse because both of them wanted to keep Lola safe for slightly different reasons? IDK. People give Narcisse a real tough time when he’s so cool and charismatic and awesome and oh whoops he killed his scribe so Lola wouldn’t find out he left the rat in the bathtub.

Hahahaha wow Narcisse turned a corner this episode! To explain how it happened: Lola was dictating a letter back to her mother, and the scribe was writing it, and then she noticed his handwriting, and I thought to myself: can Lola write? I am not sure if Lola can write.

I see your reading-but-not-writing shenanigans, Lola.

Meanwhile Mary was confronted by the growing famine in Scotland by ambassadors who had smuggled over some ACTUAL STARVING CHILDREN to guilt her with. In an age before smartphones, “pics or it didn’t happen” could get very weird.

Mary offered to sell all her jewels but Mary you can’t eat jewels girl.

Meanwhile Claude was trying to white-knuckle it through the inquest acting like her mom didn’t kill her when they confronted her with a book of painful teenage secrets.

I can imagine nothing more embarassing and heartbreaking than having to explain to a court that you lied about how your mom tried to kill you, to protect her. I mean. I need a hug after that confession.

Clearly Catherine is going to make Narcisse pay for this. But first she had to dress up like a Dickensian urchin and sneak out of the castle!

Lol. Megan Follows looks 16 in that hat. What in the world. Is she part Merlin? Why is she aging backwards? Please someone figure out the creams she is using because I need to stock tf up.

In the carriage, on the way to a safe house, Catherine was like “Marry that Spanish himbo. Take him back to Scotland. Spend his money and eat as much as you want. It’s the best life you could ask for.” then she made a break for the safe house and ran straight into Bash. It was BASHERINE MAGIC.

Also he dropped a bit of a bomb: the embalmer paid to embalm Francis kinda never did. Silver lining? If they dug up Francis he would still have his liver, disproving the murder charge Catherine had been convicted of.

Dear Lord. Not even on Game of Thrones has someone had to do something this darkly hardcore. This was Lady Stark levels of awful to contemplate.

Anyway, back at the castle the worst day of Narcisse’s life was dawning. The night before he’d killed his scribe and then when Lola confronted him about possibly bribing the scribe he totally choked, lost his shit, and she put it all together. Lola was like “Fuck you butthead, I’m going to England and while I’m gone you just think about what you did.”

Then she turned around to Mary and was like “Still very much into him.”

Yes, Catherine returned with Francis’ body to give Narcisse the tongue-lashing of a century and make us all miss Francis all over again. 

Narcisse had lost his case, probably he regency,and his wife, for selfishly overreaching and trying to frame Catherine for the most despicable of crimes. And also he had bummed us all out.

And worst of all, he had cost me my Nola.

Seeing Lola do what had to be done to help her family, ie go off to England and become Queen Elizabeth’s hostage, inspired Mary to do the unthinkable: agree to marry Don Carlos. It would mean the wealth and security and most importantly oatmeal packets all those adorable dying moppets needed. Of course it would mean a lifetime of gently mopping up drool from Don Carlos’ chin, but Mary is a Queen damn it.

And, let’s be real, we just know something will come along and save her.

So. A great return! An honestly stunning red gown! I don’t know what to think about Nola except that I would probably have instantly forgiven him, but I am excited about one of our core cast showing up in England. What did you think?