I mean the speech alone - 'I understand all that. It's okay.'

You’re beautiful

Request: Can i request a sis fic? Maybe something that the Reader is really insecure about her body and has a really tough time.(She’s 14/15)and her brothers do anything to help her? Idk.Its a hard idea.If it’s okay to do it it would be amazing.Ly Kay❤       

A/N: 5 months later I write it….thanks for your patience! I kinda made it so that the reader wasn’t too happy with her body & was having some mental insecurities as well, hope you don’t mind, it just sorta happened. The reader can be really age cause we all have body insecurities no matter what age we are, even though we’re all perfection, we all need a reminder sometimes.

A/N Part Two: This fic was hard to write, mainly because my brain didn’t wanna function while writing it. In the end it felt like pulling teeth but I wanted to finish it because I’ve been taking wayyyyy too long on requests.

A/N Part Three: I lied, I actually kinda love it now that I edited it.

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You stared at yourself in the bathroom mirror, not quite sure what was looking back at you. It had all begun as a joke; you were just getting out of the shower when Miranda Lambert’s song Vice started playing on your phone. You were playfully singing along with the song as you finished drying off, however when a certain verse started to play you couldn’t help the sadness that overtook you.

Standing at the sink not looking in the mirror,

Don’t know where I am or how I got here.

You zoned out after that part, because you realized it was true.

Lately you could never look at yourself in the mirror.

You hated what was looking back at you.

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Meant to Be - Part Eight: Silence

All Parts

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

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Word Count: 2485

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks

Dedicated to: @falling-open, @jamiltonhivemind, and @sovroski for drawing me tHE BEST ART PLEASE YOU ARE ALL AMAZING 

also @mymintispeeling for adding tags that literally make me laugh out loud (ex. #we’re reaching new tips of the yikesberg)

A/N: this is a lot… i feel like it’s badly organized aaah, but enjoy anyway <3

“You can’t be in here.”

“He was just trying to work on his art project.”

“School’s over, boys. Pack up your things and leave.”

“He can’t! He passed out.”

“That’s not my problem. We could have a lawsuit on our hands if the board found out one of you got hurt when the school’s supposed to be closed.”

“With all due respect, sir, that’s not my problem.”

John’s eyes cracked open slightly. His mouth felt dry. His head was pounding. He blinked twice to clear his vision, and tried to take in his surroundings. He was staring at a pair of loafer-clad feet. He was very close to the floor, but his head felt cushioned. He rolled his head to look up, and found himself staring at Aaron’s chin, set forward defiantly. He realized then that his head was nestled into the boy’s lap.

Aaron looked down when John shifted his head, and his eyes brightened. “John, you’re awake! Are you okay?”

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Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 7

A/N: here ya go (oops it ended awkwardly)

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“Okay, time to teach the proper etiquette. Men, you don’t have to call me miss all the time. Y/N is fine, no one really says that anymore. Unless you don’t know what their name is.” You said, looking at all of them in their small desks. You bought it from a toy store, giving them pieces of lead and small scraps of paper.

Hamilton was writing paragraphs on his paper. You couldn’t read the words, since they were extremely small. Laurens was doodling, you could barely make out the shapes. Mulligan had his feet up on the desk and Lafayette was watching you, a small smile on his face.

“But why, Y/N? Isn’t it polite to say that?”

“It is, Lafayette, but it’s just weird, you know? We’ve downgraded in society. And we don’t go around wearing fancy dresses and suits every day. Most wear jeans and shirts.” You replied, looking at the fancy clothing they were wearing. This time, Mulligan’s ears perked up, his eyes meeting yours.

“Wait, I’m sorry, what? What are these jeans and t-shirts?” He looked over at Alexander’s casual wear. “Do you mean this nonsense that he is wearing? Is this why you wear that loose fitting clothing all of the time?” He asked, gesturing towards your sweater. You looked down at it.

“Yes, why? Is there something wrong with my clothes?”

He nodded. “You looked very improper. No woman of your status would be wearing something so, so shameful.”

“We’re not in the 1700s anymore, Herc. It’s 2016. No one wears those white wig things or those puffy scarves things,” you said, pointing to the fabric, “And what do you mean by a woman with my status?”

“You’re an educated woman, Y/N. I could create you a gown if you would like.”

“No, I’m fine with what I have.”

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fee i need autistic reyna pls ud be good at this

i just had a fucking RAGER of a shutdown like the worst one ever and i’m trying to pull myself out of it so really what better of a time than this

  • she uses the exact same communication methods when she’s commanding a crowd as she does in every day conversation. it’s a little offputting and perplexing to everyone else, and she struggles very hard to communicate one on one.
  • she always thought she’d be a terrible leader because she really just doesn’t seem to be very good at talking to people and making people like her, but she’s stunned to find that 1. giving uninterrupted speeches where she gets very passionate about her topic go over quite well in front of a crowd 2. being very Intense and Focused when making a point in front of an audience is perceived as a sign of strength and wisdom, rather than aggressive or a turn off like it is when making small talk
  • her movements seem kind of mechanical or stuttered to most people. the only time her body seems to work the way she needs it to is when she’s fighting.
  • her lending her strength out to other people is genuinely the most selfless and compassionate act she’s capable of making, because it depletes nearly all of her spoons and makes her enormously vulnerable until she has time to recharge
  • she has such a difficult time with sarcasm. she ends up being grateful for her reputation as a super intense and slightly terrifying leader because this is the facade she uses to disguise that she literally cannot understand other people’s senses of humor sometimes.
  • she’s actually a super sweet and sensitive person but she often panics and feels so uncomfortable when other people start making jokes or using heavy sarcasm or excessively dry humor that she doesn’t understand, so she’ll leave the room.
  • it’s really sad and makes her feel sort of helpless because she can’t quite make friends and everyone seems to think she hates them, but she doesn’t realize that she has a resting bitch face and she just really truly genuinely forgets to say basic greetings sometimes.
  • she h h h h aa a a t e s showering, the water pellets feel like they’re attacking her and bar soap is hopelessly dry and starchy feeling and scented shampoos or shower gels feel nice but are so strongly scented that it sends her into sensory hell
  • she is absolutely floating on cloud nine when she discovers the roman baths.
  • sometimes she’ll be doing okay and everything will be cool but she just. needs a second. so she’ll quick find a door to lock herself behind and FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP….”phew.” and then go resume whatever she was doing.
  • she has a playlist of instrumental music (her faves are strings) and after a hard day of praetor work, she’ll put her headphones in and slowly rock back and forth to unwind. that’s like her favorite activity to do she could sit like that for hours.
  • she doesn’t really have meltdowns or shutdowns in the traditional sense but she DOES dissociate when she gets like really agitated. it’s a fairly new symptom (or it used to happen rather a bit when she was younger but she seems to have blocked it out, because it stopped when she arrived at camp jupiter and only starts up again once the war is over.) it’s more connected to her emotional state than anything else.
  • she looks very outwardly chill when she’s dissociating and it tends to be the “my body is moving on autopilot but i actually have literally no control of what i’m doing rn and i feel like i’m watching myself from outside my body” kind. if it gets REALLY bad though (like as in she’s very very agitated and emotionally distressed) it’s the “who’s fucking hand is this” kind
  • her dogs act like therapy dogs, really. she’s such a lucky bastard to have them i swear
  • she can usually sense when she’s going nonverbal before it actually happens (Luck y BASTARD) so she’ll start communicating in grunts and one word answers on purpose to like, charge up, or store energy or whatever.
  • she’s really good at keeping several spoons on reserve for important moments. she unfortunately had a lot of time to practice this with a childhood as rough and awful as her’s was.
  • if she says “i don’t want to talk about this” she really fucking means i literally do not—cannot talk about this right now and if you do not drop it i am literally going to fucking lose it. she usually leaves the room before it gets that bad.
  • cc’s spa is such a nice place for her because she can just braid people’s hair for hours and hours and she doesn’t have to talk to them or look at them she can just like use their hair and it feels so stimmy and nice
  • she is a hu m m e r she does a steady monotone hum when she’s happy or content or relaxed. circe’s customers used to gossip about it and she got really embarrassed so she made herself stop, and she doesn’t pick up the habit again until she’s at camp jupiter.
  • jason always thought it was really cute and he wisely never commented on it because he had a feeling it would make her self conscious (he was right). he always felt strangely honored that she felt comfortable enough that she would do it in front of him (even if he didn’t understand that it was a stim, he clearly knew it was something she did when she was happy and relaxed and only when she was alone or alone with him).
  • she was selectively mute (partially nonverbal??? idk what the terminology is for this is actually but It’s A Thing) as a child and so that was how she got diagnosed, because her teachers were always like “um HELLO sir your daughter doesn’t speak to us?? literally ever???” and her dad was like a total deadbeat, so he probably just punished her for it or called her stupid or whatever, but hylla exhausted all her resources researching it and was the best most supportive big sister any autistic kid could ask for.
  • eye contact is super bad in one on one or small scale situations but once again she looks a lot more comfortable in a crowd because she can just stare at everyone’s forehead or scan faces without really seeing
  • she’s super hyperempathetic towards animals!!!! (don’t fucking make me think about scipio!!!!!!! there was no fucking reason he needed to die!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • also animals really like her. this is a helpful skill when meeting lupa, understandably. she’s very good at wolf language, considering she doesn’t use words as her like most primary kind of communication (and sometimes feels like verbal speech is impossible)
Routine Part Four (Lin x Reader)

Prompt List||Request Something||Masterlist

(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Three)

requested: yes

Prompts Used:

75) “I’m sorry that I slapped you across your stupid face.” “Are you really sorry though?” “No, and it’s probably going to happen again.”

Summary: What to Avoid When Writing a Musical

Warnings: a lot of swearing, teen!lin being a total asshole (the peak of jerk teen!lin so far), reader not dealing with his bs

Words: 3175

People who want to be tagged (for some reason that will never make sense to me): @yayhamletnonstop, @old-manmiranda, @sharkastic-issues, @fangirlwithasweettooth, @nesthemonster, @defenestrate-yourself-please, @randomfruitsofhappiness, @always-blame-jefferson, @itsjaynebird, @just-a-random-fandom-24, @unknown1200, @theselfishllama, @chloehamiltonn, @love-doesnt-discriminate

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“Hey, Y/n! I have a question!” Lin runs up to you and starts talking as you start to walk home after school on a Wednesday. “So, for this whole ‘what to avoid thing’, what topics are we going to use?”

“Oh, I have a whole list, but it’s at my house.” You point to the dirt path that leads to your neighborhood. It’s the you take every day.

“Oh. Okay, that’s fine I can wait until I come over later. See you then!” He starts to walk in the opposite direction. You mull over a thought in your head, and before you know it, it tumbles out of your mouth. 

“Why don’t you just walk home with me? I m-mean if you don’t want to or if you have something else to do, t-then you can come at the normal time-” You start muttering random things, in the hopes of redeeming yourself from something potentially very awkward, while looking at anything but him.

“Hey, hey!” He tries to stop you, but you don’t recognize it so you continue to mumble words under your breath. “whoa whoa WHOA!” He chuckles at your nonsensical rambling, which cause you to stop. 

“Stop talking for two seconds, please? I mean, I know you like speech but geez.” You glare at him, about to yell a response at him before he cuts you off once again. “Uh-buh-buh. No more talking. You talk way too much. Anyways, I’ll walk home with you, but you might have to wait here while I go to the creative writing room to get my project from my teacher.”

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Title : Foreign

Pairing : Jinyoung x Reader

Genre : Fluff, Romance

Author : Myself

Summary : You’re supposed to meet your boyfriend’s parents, but you’re a foreigner and you start freaking out, so your boyfriend comforts you.

Red dress? Too fancy. Long skirt? Too Tacky. Jeans? Too casual.

You shook your hands in the air, throwing yet another piece of clothing and hating yourself for not being able to buy one single decent outfit for this important day. There was nothing worth being shown, and even less parade into in front of your boyfriend’s parents. You selected a pair of black pants and took a pale blue embroidered tunic, hoping it would have a girly effect on the people who were pictured as severe and merciless. You checked on your reflection in the mirror and sighed.

You looked like nothing they would love. Nothing at all.

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westallen pushing daisies AU 1/?

Since the particle accelerator explosion, Iris has been able to bring things back to life, temporarily and even permanently. You can imagine that this makes her life a little complicated, especially when she has to bring her own best friend back to life (because, hey, he’s a superhero, surprise!) at the cost of never being able to touch him again. 

- - -

Iris thrums her fingers on the table, sat on the tall chair in Jitters. Waiting for Barry to get here, her pulse thrums with nervousness. She’s finally going to tell him the truth, after months of indecisiveness.  

The bell above the door jingles and she startles with it, smiling instinctively as Barry walks straight towards her. As he sits opposite her, she pushes one of the mugs towards him, even making it slop over the rim and spill a little onto the saucer in her enthusiasm. “I got you your coffee for you, but it might be a bit cold because I got here early, and you obviously got her a bit late.” Her fingers twiddle between them, “Extra shot americano, right?”

He’s giving her an odd look, and, yeah, she realises she’s being really weird. God, she’s acting more like Barry than Barry himself. She forces her hands to still by clasping them tightly together, and she tries to make her face less crazed.

“Are you okay?” he asks.

“Sorry,” she says, her voice thankfully more toned down now. “This is, uh my fourth cup today.”

His eyebrows raises and he teases, “You know it’s only eleven am, right? Even for you, that’s impressive.” Then his expression clouds. “Wait, is that what you wanted to talk about? Are you stressed? At work, or-?”

He reaches out to fit his hand over hers, and she turns it so their palms slot together, familiar and comforting. His immediate concern fills her with confidence, and wipes away the fear she had about telling him, about how he’d react - he’s her Barry. He won’t be mad. He might be a little freaked out, but they can move past it, she’s confident.

She takes a deep breath. “Barry, I- I have to tell you something.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I love your blog btw and its always quick to update, yay! I was wondering if you could do Atsushi, Akutagawa and Chuuya how they'd react to a lover with supraventricular tachycardia arrhythmia? Basically when her heart can beat really fast at any random moment and make her start crying, squirming and sometimes screaming in pain and there's no real way to calm it down? Sorry if you don't want to do it.

(I did some research but I’m obviously not a doctor so please forgive me if I use terms incorrectly or don’t have strictly accurate facts!)

Nakajima Atsushi

  • When you explain to Atsushi that you have this condition, he’s instantly a bit panicked. The terminology goes straight over his head and he hasn’t the foggiest idea of what you’re actually suffering from, but it sounds complicated enough that the name alone intimidates him. After you elaborate on exactly what supraventricular tachycardia arrhythmia is, this time using speech he can understand, Atsushi’s concerned, but determined to become the best-equipped caretaker possible. For weeks after he learns of your condition, he spends hours on the computer researching. When he has questions, he bugs Yosano to clarify. Atsushi dreads the inevitable moment when he has to handle an episode, but he prepares as best he can to tend to you.
  • When your first fit rolls around, Atsushi’s completely frenetic. Before this happened, he was convinced that he could handle an episode, but witnessing how much pain you’re in only short-circuits his brain. Atsushi’s carefully-prepared first-aid plan goes completely out the window. Within seconds, he’s dialing Yosano, almost on the verge of tears himself.
  • Atsushi’s at a loss for what to do. There’s nothing he wants more than to wrap you in the tightest hug he’s ever given you and hold you until the pain fades away, but he’s afraid that he’ll only hurt you more. Instead, he simply grabs your hand and squeezes; that action, at least, seems safe enough. His heart shatters as he watches you suffer. Atsushi rubs tiny circles over your knuckles, pleading with you to hold on until Yosano arrives.
  • After your first attack, Atsushi’s intent on being actually ready next time. Yosano’s number is promoted to the top of his speed dial. Atsushi checks beforehand where he can touch and hold you, so that he can actually comfort you next time, without fear of hurting you worse. He asks Yosano to teach him all of the vagal maneuvers, so that he can walk you through them and hopefully halt an episode in its tracks.
  • Whenever you have an attack, Atsushi cradles you, setting your head in the crook of his shoulder and chest. He leans down, nose burying in your hair, and simply babbles. Atsushi never drones about anything of consequence; just little tidbits about his day, or an explanation of the latest book he’s picked up, or that he likes the shampoo you’ve been using recently. He’s not quite sure how to comfort you, and he hopes that his senseless little monologues take your mind off of some of the pain.

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

  • After you walk him through your condition and how it affects you, Akutagawa’s relatively calm. He’s dealt with tough situations before, and he’s sure looking after you will be no different. Surely, it can’t be that hard to handle something so simple as a heart problem!
  • As soon as he experiences one of your attacks, Akutagawa instantly realizes how wrong he was about the ‘easy’ part. Actually seeing you on the floor, writhing at the mercy of your own body, shakes him like he never could have predicted. He’s immediately next to you, pulling you into his arms and berating himself for not being more prepared.
  • Akutagawa’s pissed after looking into the condition and realizing there’s no cure. He doesn’t care about the cost; he’s in the Port Mafia, after all. Expenses mean nothing. There isn’t a length Akutagawa wouldn’t go to take your pain away. The cold truth that there’s really no way for him to fix your problems infuriates him. Every time he’s stuck just watching, holding you as you ride out the pain, Akutagawa’s jaw clenches tight. Anything that causes you pain angers him, and even your own heart is no exception.
  • It doesn’t take long before Akutagawa knows your body inside and out; whenever you’re about to have an attack, he recognizes the signs instantly. Since he’s always got such a close eye on you, you’re never surprised by an arrhythmic episode again.
  • Whenever you suffer an attack, Akutagawa guides you until you’re practically laying down on his lap, head tucked in his elbow. He tugs you close until your skin’s pressing into his through your clothes, and holds you long after you’re through the pain. It doesn’t matter whether  you’re in public or private; nothing, and no one, is going to threaten you. Even something so mild as a strange look leveled at you by a passer-by is enough to attract Akutagawa’s ire (they’re lucky he’s attending you, because if he wasn’t, he’d dismember them for such a bold insult to his beloved). You’re safely locked in his arms until the pain passes.  
  • Akutagawa’s completely silent through your attacks. He’s not quite sure what to say; after all, nothing from his lips can ease the pain. He waits until he’s sure you’re recovering to ask if you’re alright. Akutagawa’s not one to waste words, and checking in on you in the middle of an episode is just stupid; he knows you’re hurting, and wondering aloud if you’re okay is only going to make both of you more upset.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • News of your condition alarms Chuuya; his mind blows up its severity before you can fully explain. Truly calming him is beyond your (or anyone’s) ability, but he puts on a brave face for you as you elaborate on your condition. Anything that could harm you dismays him, and the possibility of something totally beyond his control causing you pain is terrifying.
  • Refusing to accept the fact that there’s truly nothing he can do to cure your arrhythmia, Chuuya spends about a day mulling over all of the possibilities before coming to you with a list of ‘feasible’ solutions. Naturally, every one is extremely expensive. Where you’re concerned, however, no price is too much for Chuuya. He’s willing to do anything from hire a full-time personal cardiac doctor to funding an entire research project searching for cures. Dissuading him from blowing his entire fortune is a drawn-out process; very little that you say can discourage him from trying to eliminate this problem.
  • One thing Chuuya will absolutely not bend on is your day-to-day health care. Even if you can get him to abandon a 24/7 doctor, he’s still going to ensure you have the best cardiac surgeon on the face of this earth at your beck and call. No matter how much this professional wants to be paid for such a demanding client, Chuuya will pay. Nothing is too expensive when it comes to your safety.
  • Anytime you have an attack, Chuuya’s feelings shut off and his inner executive comes out in full force. He knows that if he lets his emotions get the better of him, he won’t be able to help you in the way you need. There’s plenty of time to worry over you when you’re not writhing in pain, he reasons.
  • Whenever you suffer an attack, whether in public or behind closed doors, Chuuya’s fully equipped to handle the situation. He leads you to a calm, private corner and guides you to the floor, sliding down to sit with you. Although Chuuya knows you can’t be anything close to relaxed in a time like this, he tries to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible.
  • Chuuya practically morphs into your mother when you’re suffering. As long as the position doesn’t pain you, he tugs you into tight hug, resting your head on his shoulder as he rubs tiny circles in your back. Murmuring sweet nothings in your ear, his fingers run through your hair, massaging your scalp as you ride out the pain. No matter how long an episode lasts, Chuuya never leaves your side until you’re back standing on your own two feet.
God Gave Me You

Warnings: slight cursing, fluff, angst (I’m so sorry)

A/N: This was written for @jpadjackles Double Birthday Challenge, and I chose the song “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton. Happy birthday to you and your blog sweet girl! Don’t forget you deserve all the sunshine and happiness in the world! <3. Also a big thank you to @impalaimagining for catching my mistakes before I posted this. I love you <3

Everyone knew Dean wasn’t a particularly religious person. He stopped believing in all that when his family was ripped at the seams after his mother was killed by that damn demon. “The angels are watching over you, Dean”, she used to say. Yeah right. His mother was gone, he lost his father, he lost Bobby, Kevin, Charlie, and even Sam a few times. When he first met Castiel, he didn’t believe he was an angel. Why should he? Even after Chuck revealed himself as God, Dean still had a hard time believing that was true. He never wanted to believe that God was truly good, he never thought God could do anything good for him, until he met Y/N.

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anonymous asked:

Ok I don't know what it is but like every time I see on Tumblr Cassian's speech to Jyn on the flight back from Eadu I start to get annoyed with Cassian. Like yes he makes valid points but like did he think Jyn was living in luxury or something?!?? She was out there surviving day to day and

Damn it sent early. Ok Jyn was out there surviving day to day. And yeah so what if she wasn’t actively trying to fight the empire ( which going by her crimes she was) she has good reason to want to stay out of anything the rebellion has to do. I’m just like so annoyed especially when Jyn haters like to use that as something to smack her down with. I just needed an additional scene where they both addressed what they said to one another and an apology from him to her and vice versa. (2/2)

I’m actually mostly okay with the Eadu speech that Cassian makes - in fact, I love large chunks of it. The only part that sounds off to me is “we don’t all have the luxury of deciding when and where we want to care about something”. That is clearly not the case with Jyn. She hasn’t had that luxury (or really any luxury) in her life. It seems more a general complaint about people who don’t fight the Empire as opposed to a specific criticism related to Jyn. Child soldiers don’t have the luxury of choice, let alone the luxury of choosing when and where to fight. But I mostly like the speech. I don’t like how Jyn antis commandeer it into an attack on Jyn’s entire character and existence as opposed to being a thesis statement for Cassian but *shrugs* the Jyn antis and I don’t see eye to eye on many things. They seem to like twisting Cassian’s words into attacks on Jyn instead of reveals about himself more than anything.

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anonymous asked:

hello i've seen/been told a lot of stuff about you condoning pedophilia... the term "pedophile apologist" has been used to define you... can you explain where this is coming from and why people are saying this about you? i want to hear what's going on from the source itself instead of blindly following what everyone else is saying.

i dont condone or defend pedophilia at all. like its disgusting and evil. i dislike re//imob. again, im guessing that this is because i dont get involved in ship drama and i dont usually check where i reblog stuff from? i also interact and follow people on twitter who have drawn/posted about re//imob as well but sometimes people are problematic and i choose to ignore it so i can see their other content

what also may have granted that title is my Personal Opinion: if someone likes something in fiction only, i have no reason to condemn them. is it still a red flag? yes. should you be wary of someone who posts that kinda stuff? probably. does that objectively mean theyre a bad person? not necessarily. i mean i like gore and violence in fiction but does that mean i want/im going to chop someone up? of course not! and i understand the reasonable concern that someone would have over my obsession over fictional violence; if theyre wary of me because of it then thats okay because i understand the consequences of drawing it

if someone is genuinely attempting to make a case for real life pedophilia, or incest, or anything else like that being okay then you have every right to shame and attack that person. seriously. i’m not cool with the normalization of pedophilia and thats why we all collectively agree it should be stigmatized, even in fiction. if anyone who complains about “antis” says stuff about how people should leave their ship alone, theyre the people you should worry about. the people that watch what they post and understand that people would be upset with them for liking it? im not worried about those kinda people personally but you can be if you want

okay thats my long speech lol. on a final note, if you are a minor, get xkit! block those things! block people that make you nervous! be safe! this website is technically 17 and up but if an adult is making you uncomfortable, don’t interact with them! 

TL;DR i don’t like pedophilia but i can’t ass myself to get angry at people who are upsetting/deviant because i hate drama

#9 - Wake up call

(Mon-El is mentioned here to follow the BULLSHIT canon but it goes better I promise)

The ringtone is loud and unnerving. She groans and try to grab her phone but she misses and the device falls on the floor with a dull tud. She swears inwardly and lean over the edge of the mattress to finally get a hold of her phone and the name on the screen makes her heart race and her eyes widen.

Her reflexes finally kicks in and she picks up.

She’s trying to compose herself as she sits up on the bed, covering her body with the sheet at the same time but her voice is still hesitant and surprised when she speaks.

“Miss … Miss Grant?”

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hii may i request an astro scenario of how they would comfort you after you had a nightmare please

No Problem~ Sorry it’s late and thank you for requesting ! 



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JinJin was in his mini-studio across the hall working on music, headphones only half-on in case you needed him. A good decision, he thought as he came rushing into your to your side as soon as he heard your soft panicked call for him from your room. “Baby, baby, shhh, I’m right here, everything’s alright, okay?” he murmured as he slipped into your bed, your arms immediately wrapping around his waist. He frowned and ran a comforting hand over your hair, now tangled from cold sweat and frantic tossing. “Really baby, everything’s okay just breathe with me, okay?” he pulled you in-between his legs and ran a hand slowly up and down your back, whispering gentle “1, 2, 3”s with deep breaths in-between to calm you down. Finally, your breathing synced up with his and you placed your head on his shoulder in defeat.

“I’m sorry,” You sighed, fingers fiddling with the fabric of t-shirt, desperate for any kind of distraction. You hated having these little fits of nightmares, it seemed like each one is worse than the last and Jinwoo has so much patience putting up with you. “You shouldn’t have to be pulled away from your music just for something stupid like-”

He just laughed and started rocking you side-to-side, disrupting your speech as he blew bubbles into the side of your neck, warm laughter filling up the small space of your cold room. “It’s fine baby, nightmares happen, but I’m gonna be with you until you fall back asleep, okay?” He reassured you, eyes turning upward from his glowing smile, a sight that never failed to make your heart soar. “Besides, that song is for you anyway,”


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You sat up with a cry, stumbling out of bed and running to the bedroom wall just to switch the lights on. You slid down against the wall and glanced around wildly, praying the images would leave your mind before you curled in on yourself, letting the sobs run their course from your lips.

“Y/n!!” You could hear your boyfriend call your name from your shared bed as he rushed off of it and tripped over himself to get by your side. “Y/n, angel, what happened?” He asked as he tried to pry your trembling arms away from your head, to no avail. You barely registered the weight of his hands on your skin or his familiar scent, too caught up in re-living your nightmare again and again, the pain overtaking your senses and keeping him out 

“Angel listen to me, I want to help but I need you to talk to me,” He was the image of calm and reasonable, but not without urgency. He never beat around the bush when it came to your feelings, he wanted to help, he just needed you to let him in.

He finally managed to pull your head up, immediately peppering your cheeks and forehead with kisses. “That’s right, angel, we’ll get through this, just tell me what happened,” his voice washed over you in feather-soft waves of comfort. You spent the next few hours curled up in his arms, recounting your dream in sleepy detail as he hummed politely along with your story before he lulled you peacefully back to sleep with his soft voice.


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You woke up, a cold sweat slipping uncomfortably down your back as flashes of your dream re-played behind your eyes. “Dongmin?” You whispered meakly into the darkness of your bedroom, heart-sinking as you remembered he was out of town filming for a drama. Your limbs felt empty, but you managed to roll yourself over to your nightstand, shaky fingers ripping your phone off of its charger. You winced against the too-bright screen before opening a new message to your boyfriend.

From: Y/n

2:34 am

hey dongmin… do you think we could facetime?

From: Flower Boy~

2:34 am

of course, gorgeous, just let me turn on a light

You let yourself smile at his response. He didn’t even question the time of night, he really was the best thing that ever happened to you, always calling you things like “Gorgeous” and “Beautiful” as if he couldn’t stand to let you forget it. Your smile widened as your screen came to life with his image, quickly accepting the call. “Hey,” your smile became strained, your scared feelings threatening to bubble over your shaky resolve 

Dongmin frowned from his side of the screen, smooth, glowing skin wrinkling in concern. “What’s wrong, gorgeous? You look like you just saw a ghost,” his, thick, groggy voice filled you an equal sense of calm and panful longing, your whole being suddenly craving that voice much closer than the dull fuzz of your phone speaker could provide. You saw the understanding cross his face and winced at how well he knew you. “It was another nightmare, wasn’t it? You haven’t had one in a while…”

The two of you talked until the sun was peaking over your bedroom window, his words of encouragement and gentle jokes easing you down enough to go back to sleep. You didn’t want to go to class today anyway.


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Moonbin slipped his phone back into his pocket, finally tired enough to carry both you and him upstairs to go to bed. He smiled down softly at your sleeping figure; curled into his side with your head laying comfortably across his lap. He loved moments like this, when he could just appreciate his girlfriend’s gentle face and beautiful body. He leaned down, pressing a kiss to your temple as he slid an arm under your leg and the other around your head.

You reacted, though, suddenly cringing away from his touch and moaning in pain. “Please, just… leave me…. lone…..” your cries faded in and out as your eyes scrunched up in frustrating.

Moonbin frowned and tried to sit you up. “Y/n, wake up honey, you’re just dreaming,” he shook your shoulders gently, trying to pull you out of sleep. You whined against him and tried to pull away again but he held you in place, running the pads of his thumbs over your cheeks slowly. “You’re still sleeping, Y/n, I mean it, wake up,” he chided softly 

You sighed, slowly opening your eyes and, a blush of embarrassment dusting your cheeks when you realize what you had been doing. “Moonbin?” you croaked, voice barely above a whisper from its sleep-laden spell.  “Moonbin I’m so sorry I was dreaming- I mean, you knew that- but I thought I was being chased-“

He stopped your apologies with a gentle kiss on your lips before picking you up, his hands locked under your backside. “Alrighty, no more apologies, only more sleep, got it?” He beamed, gummy smile making you grin just as brightly back.


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Minhyuk slid across the floor gracefully, too caught up in his practice at 2 am to be sure if he was tired yet or not. He dropped to the floor, twisting his body and letting the choreography push him back up, lost in a world all his own as the music thumped low over his phone speaker. His focused mind broke down in a heartbeat when his phone went off suddenly, the ringtone he picked for your contact alone replacing the track he was playing. “You’ve got Rocky babe, what do you need?” he answered, albeit a little out of breath and shaky.

“Minhyuk, are you busy? I’m sorry…” He could hear the guilt in your voice that did nothing to hide how shaken up you seemed. “I’ll just go, then, but go to sleep, okay?” he frowned at your dismissal.

“Y/n, babe, you obviously need to talk so what’s up?” He asked as he went around the studio and packed up his things.

“Really, it was stupid, don’t worry-“

“Y/n,” his voice was low as he shouldered his way out of the dim practice room. “I’m headed to your apartment right now, but it’s a long walk so you might as well keep me awake,” he smiled at your surprised, little gasp, satisfied when you gave in and told him about what had you panicking to hear his voice.

By the time he made it to your apartment, you had already fallen asleep over the phone. The thought comforted him, glad you could rest well the rest of the night as he slunk into your bedroom and crawled under the sheets with you. (Unwashed and sweaty,yes, but you can complain about that in the morning)


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Sanha sat up tiredly, your tossing and turning all but throwing him off of your lap where his head was laying comfortably, the two of you crashed on his couch in the middle of your 4th Harry Potter movie that night. He watched you turn on to your side uncomfortably and push your face into the pillows on the other side of the couch, obviously trying not to disturb him.

But he wasn’t stupid.

“Y/n, what happened?” he asked gently, giving your shoulder an encouraging shake. You didn’t say anything, body rigid and entirely still in a poorly executed act of being asleep as you held yourself back from pulling the blankets tighter around you. Sanha sighed, pulling the blanket off of you entirely. “I know you’re not sleeping, goofball, so tell me what’s wrong,” you shivered at the lack of warmth as you were forced to meet your boyfriend’s pouting face.

“Sanha,” you whined, reaching for your blanket back. “It was nothing, honest, just go back to sleep okay? We need all the rest we can get to finish the series by tomorrow,” you pretended to yawn, wrapping the blanket snug around your frame.

You could practically hear your boyfriend roll his eyes as he flopped down on top of you, wasting no time in blowing bubbles into your cheeks. “Tell. Me. What’s. Wrong.” He demanded in-between bubbles, the act so cute and purely him coercing giggles to leave you without hesitation.

“Stooooop, stop stop, Ha-Ha, I’ll tell you just stop!” You managed breathlessly in-between giggles. Your thoughts sobered you up quickly, though, as you began to explain your dream in detail to the lanky boy draped over you.

Sanha gave a low whistle when you finished, boyish hands intertwining with your own. “Probably wasn’t a good idea to fall asleep right after Cedric’s death, huh?” He conceded with a hint of regret. You laughed softly, brushing the top of his hand with your fingers gently, enjoying the way you two could connect purely with no pretense.

“Probably not, but you helped, Ha-Ha, thank you,” was the last thing you mumbled before you pushed yourself into his oversized sweater and fell back to sleep.

I Hope you enjoyed and please feel free to request again~ Also let me know if you’d like shorter, to the point replies instead of drabbles c:

Good night~


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sorry but why isn't it okay to compliment a deaf person on how well they talk? like? it's a compliment? why do some deaf people get so pissy about it?

I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess that you’re talking about  @rikkipoynter recent issue regarding someone saying she speaks well in her videos. Alright, since I’ve got time in my hands, I’ll do my best to explain. 

It is not a compliment, because a backhanded compliment is not a compliment. It never is. Speaking “well” can both be a blessing and a curse. 

On one hand, you are oral and able to communicate for yourself. On the other, you are constantly questioned and judged about if you’re really Deaf or if you have “selective hearing.” Telling us that we speak well is telling us that you’re paying attention to how we’re talking but not actually what we’re saying. 

You’re not taking us seriously. 

You’re so amazed that a Deaf person can communicate efficiently for themselves because the mainstream media paints us as people who wave their hands and move their mouth but “sound like squeals.” You base our intelligence alone on our ability to speak and if we don’t fit in your criteria, we are automatically “dumb.”  I’ve heard someone say that a Deaf person trying to talk is so cute and funny because they can’t hear how bad their speech is. I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard many people who speak “well” say some dumb shit. You following? It doesn’t matter if we can speak well. Stop focusing on how well we can speak.

You’re focusing on our ability to be oral rather than what we’re saying. You “normalize” us base on our speech when.. we are NOT normal. We’re different. As much as some of us would not like to admit, but we are different. Hearing people tend to generalize oral Deafies and put us in a box labeled, “extraordinary and highly functional Deaf people.” As opposed to “other” Deaf people who just “do the hand thing.” 

That hand thing is an actual language, by the way. 

It’s a shame that I still have to write this post in this day and age, but I’m not really surprised. You can’t put a category of Deaf people in one or two boxes. It’s not black and white. We all grew up differently. For example, I grew up mainstreamed, forced to take speech therapy, and didn’t learn ASL until high school, much to my teachers dismay. I didn’t even know about it until then. For someone else, they may have grown up mainstreamed but learned ASL instead of being forced to take speech therapy, and then told to stop using ASL. For someone else, they might’ve grown up mainstreamed with no access to anything. For another, they went to a Deaf school and had access to everything and is immersed in Deaf culture.  See my point? There’s a huge grey area. 

You’re judging a Deaf person by how well they speak.. based on how well we fit into your comfort zone. You’re “normalizing” us and X-ing out our Deafness.. meaning you will “forget” sometimes that we are still Deaf. Even some of you will say that we have selective hearing. So then, you will slowly (or just abruptly) stop accommodating us when we can’t hear you.. based on “how well we talk” alone.  Meaning, you will tell us to continue to read lips, as if that isn’t already hard enough, you will stop repeating yourselves, or rephrasing yourselves, even a simple task such as writing things down for us. You use our ability to speak AGAINST other Deaf people who choose not to speak, or can’t speak as well. That isn’t fair. You have to stop that. Everyone is different. That goes for Deaf people, too. You have to stop ignoring the non-oral Deaf people and labeling them as dumb all because they have trouble with their speech, and only speak with the oral Deaf people. 

You do this a lot even with oral Deaf people. If I can’t understand what you’re saying, you will ignore me and talk to the next oral person you know, which is 99% of the time a hearing person. You will do this when you are in a room with one non-oral and one oral Deaf person. You will stop talking to non-oral Deaf person because you don’t want to accommodate with them and you will speak with oral Deaf person because in your eyes, they are “normal.” Us speaking “well” makes your life easier. Not really ours. 

So, yeah. 

“You speak so well,” is not a compliment. I won’t say it again. 

Please Don't Do It || Steve Rogers

Summary: It was the end, you couldn’t take it anymore, you decided to end your life. Until a certain handsome 97 year old finds you and tries to change your mind…

TRIGGER WARNINGS: Suicide, Depression, Reader Near-Death
If you’re depressed or suicidal then, please please please ask for help. Ending your life is not worth it. You can talk to me ANYTIME, I don’t bite.

*Requests are open*




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You were alone in your bedroom, laying on the bed as tears were rolling down your cheeks. You’ve been holding it in all day. Seeing all those people smiling an happily living made you want to die. You felt like you were drowning, expect you could see everyone else around you breathe. That’s what depression felt like.

That was it for you. No one understood your pain. No one wants to help. No one.

You made your way to the bathroom, making sure to stop by the mirror, wanting to take one last look at yourself. You hated what you became, you used to be such a happy person, but now it was too late. That joy and desire to live you used to carry has been robbed from you. But then Steve came, and for a while, everything seemed to be better… but it didn’t last, unfortunatly. Not wanting him to abandon you, you never told your lover about your depression. You felt like you were a burden to him, and expressing to him how you felt would just add more weight on his shoulder. You didn’t feel like you mattered.

But what you didn’t know, is none of that was true, you did matter. You did have people who cared about you, you just needed to be brave enough to ask for help, because you deserved someone to be there for you, and help you get through those difficulties. But it didn’t really matter anymore now, did it?

Sighing for what would maybe be the last time, you opened the cap of the bottle, pourring a part of its content in your hand.

Ready to swallow the pills, you shakingly brought the pills close to your mouth when you heard a familiar voice shout.

“Don’t do it, please don’t do it (Y/N) .” No, you told yourself, what is he doing doing here?

“Baby, please don’t do it. I can’t lose you too. Please just put those pills down, love.” He gently whispered.

“You don’t get it Steve, you just don’t. I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep putting a fake smile on my face and pretend I’m okay when I’m not. I can’t live with those people who pretend to be my friends while they actually hate me. This world is cruel and I can’t live in it anymore. You can’t understand my pain, no one can Steven. You’re better off without me, you’ll find someone better, there’s so many pretty girls out there who would kill to be with you. Please just let me die Steve.

You whispered the last sentence, not finding enough strengh to use your voice. Steve was fighting back his own tears, blaming himself for not noticing sooner, all the signs were there, if only he just paid more attention to you.

“(Y/N) Look at me.” At first you ignored him, feeling too ashamed to face him. “Baby, hey, look at me. You don’t have to pretend anymore, okay? From now on, I want you to be honest with me. I want to help you fight this, I want to help you. Do you know why? Because I love you, because you’re the only one I want, those other girls mean nothing to me. (Y/N) please, just let me spend the rest of my life showing you how important you are to me.”

As he went on with his speech, he slowly took the pills from your hands, and hid them in his pockets, you didn’t take any actions to try to stop him. You were just exhausted, all you wanted was someone to hold you and tell you everything would be okay.

Steve wrapped his arms around your fragile body. He then tightened his grip around you, never wanting to witness an event like this ever again.

Please don’t let me go…” You desperately asked as you wrapped your arms around his neck, starting to sob once again.

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He kissed your hair and your forehead multiple times as you both sat down on the floor.

“I’m not letting you go anywhere, baby. Everything will be okay.  We’ll get through this together love, we’ll get trough this together.”

You weren’t alone anymore, everything was finally going to get better.


Fukawa is a shut-in. She’s been pressured her whole life, living stressed out to the point she created a split personality. She doesn’t trust absolutely anyone, she doesn’t want to, she’s afraid of having feelings, yet she’s been longing for a friend since she was a little child. Yet, even though she doesn’t think much about others, she also doesn’t think much about herself. She constantly goes on about how ugly she is, even though she tries to cover it up with saying she takes pride in it. She has almost zero self confidence, never standing up for herself, hiding in shadows. That girl is an absolute mess.

And then she comes across Komaru.

Komaru, who doesn’t seem like anyone special at first. Komaru who is your everyday common girl, who reads shojo mangas and listens to pop music bands. Komaru who just had been thrown into this mess of a world, who doesn’t understand what’s happening, why it’s happening. Komaru who is the first person in Touko’s life to actually admire her and appreciate her existence, not as a writer or anything, just as Touko the way she is. Komaru who is really happy to have “someone as amazing as Fukawa-san” around. Komaru who isn’t discouraged by Touko’s harsh words. Komaru who insists on calling her her friend. Komaru who doesn’t stop liking her the moment she acknowledges the existence of Syo. Komaru who says that both Fukawa AND Syo are her important friends. Komaru who doesn’t turn her back on Fukawa when she finds out she betrayed her. Komaru who instead tries to understand her motives and wants to help her.

The scene with the Servant was a breakthrough moment for Fukawa. She purposefully loses the battle against Komaru to let her have a chance to flee being fully aware that it will most likely put Togami in danger. She calls out her nonsense when she declares she won’t run away and instead will stay with her and help her. She truly wants her to escape to a safer place, even if it means parting their ways and endangering Togami’s life. When she turns into Syo it becomes clear - her feelings tell her to kill the servant and let Komaru go free. She gets angry when Komaru tries to stop her from killing him and remembers all the moments Komaru said she wanted to escape this city so much. But Komaru doesn’t want to anymore. Not if it means putting Fukawa in trouble. After all, Fukawa is her friend. And her only goal now is to help her. Even though Touko made fun of her for calling them “friends” before, when she turns back to her normal self she admits that she has been dreaming about someone calling her that her entire life. She stops that “Omaru Dekomaru” charade, It’s Komaru. And she never mistakes it again.

And it doesn’t stop there. Right after Servant is threatening them again, she stands up and snaps at him, telling him that she won’t let anything happen to Komaru, that she will protect her even by the cost of her life. She may not have a clear idea what exactly a friend is, but she’s trying. She wants to discuss stuff she heard friends normally discuss, she even wants to read Komaru’s future manga, despite hating that genre, if it makes Komaru happy. And Komaru is there for her also, she wants to call her with a friend suffix (Touko-chan) but she acknowledges that it makes her uncomfortable so she stops immediately and doesn’t insist on doing that again. When she tries to give a speech at the Haiji’s base and she fails miserably, being at the edge of bursting into tears, Fukawa doesn’t try to stop her or make fun of her. Even though she doesn’t have the clear idea of what Komaru is trying to do, the only thing she tells her is “Komaru, I’m here for you, so do your best!”. Whatever the hell is Komaru’s goal, she’s going to support her. Later on, Touko admits, that she actually admired Komaru’s speech. This is Touko freaking Fukawa. She doesn’t say that kind of things to just any person. No, she doesn’t say things like that at all, keeping them to herself even if she thought something like this. Yet here she is, complimenting the ordinary girl Komaru, shojo manga reading girl Komaru. But most important of it all, her real actual friend. Komaru.

Sign up for the Toukomaru ship today.


Okay, let me explain. Monaka basically says, that she chose Fukawa to take part in her plan, because she wouldn’t we “intrusive”, she wouldn’t bond with Komaru, she wouldn’t try to protect her. Which, in the end, was the exact opposite of what Fukawa did. She knows that Komaru is slowly falling into the deepest pit of despair, simply because she isn’t acting like herself. Because she isn’t acting like Komaru, the kindest, sweetest, nicest person Fukawa knows. And she’s going to protect her and the controler, because she knows that’s what Komaru wants, she’s her friend and this is her duty. Even though I was getting tired of Touko’s obsession with Togami, I was happy when she told Monaka to give her the key, because she isn’t giving up on any of them. This shows how strong this whole ordeal made her, she finally has important people to protect and she isn’t going to leave them behind, they’re going home as a whole, no exceptions. When they finally get away from the Big Bang Monokuma Fukawa, seeing the state Komaru’s in, slaps her and immediately regrets it. She doesn’t want to hurt her, she tells her to do the same thing to her, because that would be fair. Komaru does, but she doesn’t want to. She’s a mess, seeing devastated corpse of her parents brought her even more despair, she doesn’t know what to do. And that’s when Touko does something that Fukawa from the beginning of the game would never do - she embraces her, stroking her hair slowly and says “We’re in this together. When you’re in trouble, I’ll help you. And when I’m in trouble you’ll help me. Persevering as a pair like that… That’s what makes being together so great, right?”. She doesn’t hide her feelings anymore. She loves that girl, utterly and completely, she’s her precious friend she wants to keep safe. She isn’t going to let her pity herself now, now’s not the time.She doesn’t soften the edges, she understands what Komaru is going through, but she knows she has to help her keep moving forward. And yet, the one who finds the biggest support in the other girl is Touko. She’s not alone anymore. She doesn’t have to go around, throwing her feelings at anybody, even if they don’t return them and don’t want her presence (Togami). As she puts it, she’s finally found hope of her very own. Komaru is her hope, the ray of sunshine in her life. Just look at it, how after Komaru announcing her staying in the Towa City, for Touko leaving Komaru wasn’t even an option. She chooses Komaru over Togami in a heartbeat and there’s no way anyone would convince her to part with her. If she doesn’t go back with Komaru, there’s no point in going back at all.

Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari - Miyasaka Haruki

This series is an R18 drama CD (not meant for minors. There will be explicit terms used in this CD) by Apricot.
T/N: Here’s my translation to the 3rd volume of Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari. Please do not repost on tumblr or copy to any other site. If you want to share this translation please reblog or link to this post  

Summary: You meet a gentle kindergarten teacher when you were looking for your fallen button and the relationship between you two starts to develop.
CV: Shingaki Tarusuke

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“I don’t get jealous.”

Request: could you do one where someone from the gale is trying to flirt with you but newt (your boyfriend) sees and he comes over to you and just starts acting all cutesy and boyfriendy (are those even words lol?) in front of the guy and can it be really fluffy? Sorry if thats a little confusing or complicated aha

A/N: inspiration for this came from this cute ass gif. I hope you like it anon, I’m sorry it took me ten million years, but aye better late than never am i right? Any who, I’m slowly catching up to all my requests now, so if you’ve requested it will be up relatively soon! :) 

*3rd person POV*

“Alright, Greenie,” Newt says, greeting the stocky boy at his hammock “Now that you’ve settled in a little, are ya ready for the tour?”

The Greenie stands and looks up the older boy, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Newt says, clapping him on the back, “Now what’s the name again? Lawrence?”

“Uh no,” The boy shuffles uncomfortably, “It’s Liam.”

“Ah right, sorry Greenie, I got too many bloody names floatin’ around in this head of mine. Let’s get on with it shall we?”

Newt towered a good 6 inches over the boy, but what he lacked in height he made up for in his muscle. Newt was tall and slender, while Liam was shorter and bulkier. He seemed to be about a year or so younger than Newt, and his dark hair and piercing bright blue eyes were a stark contrast to Newt’s blonde hair and dark brown eyes.  

The more he took him around the Glade, the more Liam seemed to come out of his shell, which gave Newt a good feeling about him – most Greenies were still scared out of their wits at the tour. It was a good thing Alby wasn’t giving it because the kid asked lots of questions and he would’ve bit the poor kid’s head off.

“Okay, Greenbean, we’re back at the Box, I think that about sums up the tour for now.” Newt says. “Your training with the first keeper starts tomorrow at the Wake-Up. For now, why don’t you go get some food and maybe watch people work, get an idea of where you might want to fit in here.”

“Wait,” Liam says, clearly not getting a word of what Newt had just said, “Who is that?

Newt doesn’t need to look up to know who he’s talking about, though he does anyway and a small smile finds its way on his lips. Liam’s finger is pointing to a girl eating with Thomas in Fry’s kitchen, the delightful peals of her laughter easily heard from where the two stood.  

“That would be (Y/N),” Newt says, “She’s the only girl here. Nobody knows why she’s different, but she’s here and she’s one of us now. Bloody tougher than you are, that’s for sure.” Newt punches him in the arm.

The kid wouldn’t take his eyes off of her, “She’s super hot. Does she have a boyfriend?”

Newt internally groans, “Yeah, in fact, she does.”

“Damn,” Liam mutters, “Who is it?”

“Me,” Newt says, crossing his arms with a smirk on his face.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dude. I didn’t mean to–”

Newt cuts him off with a laugh, “Don’t worry about it. As long as you don’t try anything, there won’t be any problems. I don’t get jealous, she’s the only girl surround by at least sixty guys. If I got jealous every time someone looked at her, I’d go out of my buggin’ skull.”

“Yeah, yeah, dude, of course. I understand.”

However, the Greenie’s inability to take his eyes off of her, even as he said those words, left Newt with a feeling of unease.


*Your POV*

“Hey . . hey Thomas,” Minho says, trying to stifle a laugh, “Does my hair look pretty?”

You were sitting with Thomas and Minho at the greenie bonfire, a choice you were seriously starting to regret right about now. Hanging out with them was always fun until it passed a certain point in the night – when they had both consumed far too many cups of Gally’s recipe.

“Dude your hair amazes me half the time …”

“Okay, you’re both too drunk, that’s my cue.” You stand and brush the dirt off of your pants, tuning out the rest of Thomas’s speech about the state of Minho’s quiff. Your eyes search the ring of Gladers for your favorite blonde boy, and you spot him perched on a log next to Alby, the leader with a genuine smile on his face as he spoke to him. Newt was one of the few people who could still make Alby smile – he had a way of making people feel at ease.

They both smile at you as you approach, and you sit down on the log next to Newt.

“Hey, love,” He says, putting an arm around your shoulders and pulling you in to place a kiss on your temple. “Tommy and Minho get too out of control?”

You laugh and nod, “Minho started asking Thomas about his hair, I had to get out of there.”

He laughs too, “Well it’s safe over here, want me to get you a drink?”

“Sure,” You smile, “anything but Gally’s recipe, someone here needs to be sober in the morning.”

“You’re right,” Alby says, “I think I better head off to bed, sleep these shuck drinks off so I can function tomorrow.”

Alby heads off to sleep, and Newt to get your drink, so you patiently sit and wait for his return as you nonchalantly pick at your nails. However, after five minutes of waiting, he still hadn’t returned, and you stand to go figure out what was holding him up. You hardly get three steps away before the Greenie steps in.

“Hey, (Y/N), right? I’m Liam.”

Ironically, the party was dedicated to him, yet you hadn’t expected to talk to him. Usually Greenies were too shy to talk to anyone at this point – especially you, being the only girl.  

“Yeah, I’m (Y/N). Nice to meet you.” You smile.

He hands you a cup, “I noticed you were sitting alone, so I thought I’d bring you a drink.”

“Thank you, that was nice!” You say, a bit taken aback, “You didn’t have to do that, my boyfriend went off to get me one, but I don’t know where he ran off to.”  

He seemed to ignore your subtle hint, “No it’s okay, I wanted to.”

Seeing no other option, you take a small sip of the drink and have try your best not to spit it out and gag. Gally’s recipe. The only thing you didn’t want to drink. You just force a smile onto your face and lower the drink from your mouth.

“So, is it weird being the only girl here?” he asks after an awkward pause.

“I think everyone has gotten used to it by now. I’d say I fit in here just as much as the rest of them.”

“Yeah, but don’t you get hit on a lot?”

Man, you think to yourself. He really doesn’t beat around the bush.

You decided to do the same, “Never actually. The Gladers respect me and they respect Newt.” You’re hoping to get across the message that you weren’t interested. “Plus they know he would kick their ass if they tried anything.” You add as an afterthought.

He reaches out and brushes a strand of your hair behind your ear, “Well, I hope he knows what a catch he’s got.”

You stiffen and have to try hard not to flinch. You wanted nothing more than to get out of this uncomfortable conversation. You have no idea how to respond, and luckily you don’t have to. You can see Newt striding powerfully towards the two of you, an expression of fury etched onto his features.

“Excuse me,” Newt says, roughly pushing Liam out of the way and grabbing you in his arms. He leans down and kisses you hard and passionately, making a point to slowly slide his hands down your back and pull you in closer. You smile into the kiss, enjoying this aggressive side of Newt, and you drop the drink as your hands make their way around his neck, trailing up and into his hair.

When Newt finally breaks the kiss, you look around for the Greenie, but he has disappeared.

“That’ll show the buggin’ twat,” Newt says gruffly, “If he has any sense he won’t show his face to me for awhile. I’ll give him a bloody earful.” You smile up at him, a smirk playing at your lips. “What?” He asks innocently.

As cuddly and sweet as Newt was when you were alone, he was not one for PDA – especially in front of Greenies. Aside from the occasional peck or handhold, he wanted to keep his public image as clean and professional as possible. This was part of the reason the Gladers respected him so much.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were jealous,” You tease.

“Of course not, you know I don’t get jealous!”

You raise your eyebrows, “Newt,”

He sighs, “You should’ve heard the way he talked about you this morning and the way he wouldn’t stop looking at you and he’s got blue eyes and–”

You put your hands on his cheeks so he would look at you and listen, “And you should hear the way I’m sure every other Glader talks about me when we’re not around. Or looks at me when they think we won’t notice. It means nothing.” You say. “And I love your adorable brown eyes,” You add with a laugh.

“I guess so, but–”

“And you should hear the way you talk about me and see the way you look at me. It’s the only way I want someone to look at me. Like I’m not just some pretty face, like I’m a person that you love and care about. It’s the same way I look at you. And you’re the only one in here who I will ever look at like that.”

He smiles, accepting defeat “You’re right, as usual. I love you.”

“I love you too,” You smile, getting on your tiptoes and pecking him on the lips once more, “So can I get my drink now?”

He laughs and grabs your hand, “Yeah, yeah, of course, let’s go.”

Power Couple (Chato Santana)

words: 1,854

request:  El diablo X reader when their introducing everyone reader is polled in with chains all badass like and Diablos just all damn and they become a couple and later like the bar scene digger asks reader if she has any tattoos and she shows him one right under her bust and diablo gets super jelly

requested by: anon

tagging: @aya-fay

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booksandshowsandmovies-ohmy  asked:

If you're still doing the CS analysis requests, how about the scene where Killian shows Emma the horizon? It's probably my favorite CS scene. :)

Yass! This scene is so pretty!

Okay i’m going to be extremely cheesy here for a moment… but I love the way they’re positioned.

Emma facing the horizon. Killian facing Emma.

Killian’s brought Emma to watch the horizon because he thought it would calm her like it does him… but he doesn’t need the horizon anymore because he’s got her.

She’s his horizon now. She’s his calming sight that helps soothe his sorrows.

It’s probably not what the show was going for but i just saw it and couldn’t help the feels.

Look at her. Completely enjoying some alone time with her hubby dashing rapscallion, sharing one of his favourite past times.

She’s back, she righted a wrong and reunited Lily with Mal, there’s still issues looming but she’s savouring this quiet moment they have.

When Killian hesitates and prepares himself for what he’s about to say… you know a wonderful speech/lesson is about to come.

He’s not happy about her ignoring her parents. He can tell it’s eating her up as much as it is them.

She’s spent so long without a family, it’s not right that she turns her back on them now over a bad mistake so long in the past.

And he’s learnt to approach whatever subject he wishes to discuss with her with care.

Emma pulls the stubborn card again.

But Killian is becoming a pro at knowing Emma and he knows a gentle but firm approach is best. 

“Swan, I know you don’t want to hear it and I understand your frustrations, but we’re going to talk about this.”

He never lectures her. Never. 

You know what i love about this? He’s speaking from his own experiences.

He knows why her parents lied. It’s the same reasons he has.

Zelena’s curse, Gold’s deal, - he was ashamed, he wanted her to like him, he wanted to make her proud, he wanted to protect her. 

Just like her parents.

He’s helping her see it from their perspective rather than telling her that she’s wrong or being unreasonable.

I also love it when he says “I hope it’s my job to protect your heart.”

Because Emma closes her eyes and gets this little smile on her mouth at his words.

It’s like she’s thinking “Stupid Killian. You’re still doubting what you mean to me. Of course, you adorable idiot.”

And once again, his words and reasoning get through to her.

She gets it. She understands.

He’s right.

She knows how fate can be cruel, and why throw away all the progress and all the building she’s done with her parents, over a mistake they made and were ashamed of.

No one’s perfect.

And pushing them away is doing nothing but hurting them both.

Emma can’t pass up an opportunity to compliment him and flirt a little.

She’s in a good mood and he’s just proven why she loves cares for him so much.

She wants to remind him that he also has a good heart and he is a good man.

Blushing pirate.

Still can’t take a compliment to save his life.

Honestly, if you think this guy is genuinely arrogant and big headed, and all that cocky, ego fuelled banter isn’t a mask he’s perfected over the years… i’m afraid we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

And it closes the same way it opened.